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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Just what are these special needs that the LGBT Community need in Doctor?

LGBT news daily (@LGBTnewsdaily)
Doctors trained in LGBT health issues are hard to find - Fusion
Such bullshit 

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Trans PC has gone to fucking far now..

Knowing I will have a trans backlash,, I must say this is completely wrong.


Trans PC has gone to far now, the parent should be investigated, and DSS should be called in. I guess now

I'm not saying that gender identity issues aren't real or deserving of empathy and understanding. I'm saying that a five year old child cannot possibly make that decision for him or her self and that the parent that advocates that is off the rails.

This person is correct, no way a 5 year old can fully understand this decision, the parents are making this decision for him/her, I guess the parents want a boy so bad, that they decided one way or other they will have a boy in the family.

WNCN WNCNTV fref=ts1164

I love this one,

Chuck Kenney:: Just think back to when you were a kid or even now. Would you like to walk around with women's clothes on and have your nails polished, etc? The science is there and once this kid hits puberty, the transformation is harder to reverse. I had a hard time wrapping my brain around it as well. But now that I now the biology and having the same self-awareness as this child has, I know the parents made the right choice for their family. There are a lot more inter-sexed individuals around than anyone knows. It's time to educate people on the subject.

When I was a child I love running the road naked, you don’t see me doing it now. So now Trans or inter-sexed, and you wonder why People called Trans folk sick..

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

#Gay on #Str8 #hate

Just proves that gay men can hate on str8 men, and accuse them being gay simply because the way they dress and act.. Yet #gayinc is ok with this type of hate..

Austin a Str8 guy who post nudes photos of himself on tumblr, receive the following on his instagram account,


See, this type of hate gayinc is ok with.. one would have to ask why they are ok with this of hate.. Yet it Austin wrote back and said to the guy that he looks like a trans-sexual or sick lonely faggot, Gayinc would be all over it..

Saturday, March 14, 2015

The Kept Boy (goodasyou) picking on a working guy

First off i find it funny that Jeremy as block two of my twitter accounts. Hey kept-boy i have three more. Also, i can view your tweets by not logging in to my twitter account.

Now it funny how he is picking on/harassing a guy who makes the videos for NOW. so gayinc is now going after those who get a paycheck from NOW.

Jeremy just because you are kept-boy doesn't make you better then anyone else

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Wow, You won’t believe this, life returns to GetEqualNC..

GetEqual NC, might be coming back to life, after almost dying out.. for lack of community support and very bad leadership here in NC.

Recently a new post appeared on their Facebook page..


So just would is this Wooten Gough?

VIA from the GetEqual website,

Wooten was born in Winston-Salem, NC and grew up in very rural Yadkin County. In high school, Wooten made new friends that he later found out were undocumented. From there he went to UNC and created Students United for Immigrant Equality and ended up joining the Trail of Dreams, walking with them from Richmond, VA to Washington, DC. Wooten was hired by the Latin American Coalition in 2010 and it was then that El Cambio was formed at the annual Fourth of July Festival in downtown Yadkinville. He now focuses building power in rural communities at the intersection of LGBTQ equality and immigrant justice.

Here is his Facebook and Gplus, for more info.

My question is will they still hide behind Equality NC ?? Are, we they take center stage!