Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Suspended from twitter

New Account I suspended cause I criticize the wrong bitch actress. Yes the holy trifecta the person was a black person, female, and a lesbian.
Yes Jack Dorsey CEO of Twitter is being Leslie White Knight
 Who allows ISIS to post their hate and images of killing poeple, Who allow BlacklivesMatter call for the killing of Cops and other people, but to say leslie Jones is a hack actress and comedian is just not allow..

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Please the Str8 guys knew

PinacNews.com (@PINACnews)
#Missouri male cop guilty of using "glory hole" to make gay porn, duped 60 men into oral sex bit.ly/1NlB2TM pic.twitter.com/Fxg6bUQ8Ps

Yes arrest him for what he did to the minors. But the giving  straight men a blowjob via a gloryhole he shouldn't be charged. 

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Friday, September 11, 2015

Really, #ThinkProgress, should change it name to Think Kim Davis page

Have you been to ThinkProgress site lately, its Kim Davis every where, just how many stories can one write about a religionist bigot?? Really..

Once again, via #Qnotes, Only Charlotte NC matter to LGBT life.

QList—Best of LGBT Charlotte 2015 QNotes goqnotes.com 36554 qlist-best-of-lgbt-charlotte-2015 The Best of Charlotte have been named for 2015. The Rest of the NC, remember  you don’t really matter to the Staff of Qnotes, cause the only LGBT life worth writing about is that of Charlotte, well till the Pride events roll in towns..

Just Shameful..

One would think after Qnotes and The FrontPage merged it would completely include the whole state..

A legal Double Standard


If one can’t consent because they are drunk then the other can’t either..

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Really, what the fuck is SEXUALLY FLUID?

I guess this is the new turn for i will fuck anyone as long it benefits me. Gayinc has fucked us all.
Sharing my opinions on many subjects, also I play the Devil's Advocate in my community. I see both side of the coin. I also believe in Free Speech (all types)