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Fred Phelps near death via (@tlrd)

Towleroad (@tlrd)16 Mar 2014 11:57 AM EDT Westboro Baptist Church Pastor Fred Phelps 'on the Edge of Death' According to Son Forwarded via UberSocial

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Do you know any Gayinc’ers, you just might


ICYMI: LGBT so-called Journalist Convene in Washington DC..

This weekend a group of top LGBT bloggers and journalists (decide by Bill of the Bilerico Project) from across the US are converging on Washington, D.C. for this year's LGBT Media Journalists Convening, sponsored by the Haas, Jr. Fund and hosted by the National Lesbian & Gay Journalists Association. Yes Bill has managed to get more Funds from the Crypt Keepers at Haas Jr. Foundation. This Year it’s all about Bi-inclusive and touring the White House, Let’s hope no one will be taking a selfies of themselves giving the Nation the middle finger again like last time.. They will have panels on everything from debunking Anti-LGBT attacks to increasing diversity in queer journalism.. Then the usual everyone for themselves after panel cocktail party at some local bar, within walking distance of the Hotel.. However these freeloaders decide to talk about Aaron Schock Sex life, claiming that bisexual folks are mostly abuse individuals. And that most Bi-women are survivors of sexual abu…