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MEDIA ADVISORY: Vigils set for Feb 1 in support of access to education

MEDIA ADVISORY: Vigils in support of access to education spring up around the state
This Tuesday, the Adelante Education Coalition and supporters will hold vigils in Raleigh, Greensboro, Charlotte, Greenville and Asheville
Who: Community members who support access to education
What: State-wide vigils in defense of Education
Where: Raleigh, Greensboro, Charlotte, Greenville, Asheville
When: Afternoon and Evening, Feb. 1, 2011
RALEIGH (Feb. 1, 2011) – On Tuesday, Feb. 1, the Adelante Education Coalition and supporters will join together to hold vigils across North Carolina in defense of access to higher education for all.
The key to creating jobs, stimulating the economy and reducing the state deficit is to invest in educating all people of North Carolina. Exclusion and re-segregation would cost North Carolina dearly now, at a time when it can least afford to do so.
The Adelante Education Coalition will join with supporters and community members on the anniversary of the 1960 Greensboro sit-ins by NC A&T students to stand together for education for all. Vigils will be happening across the state, at the following locations:
* Raleigh, 7 p.m. in front of the NC General Assembly, Jones St.
Contact Bart Evans (919) 660-0704 or Nayely Perez-Huerta (919) 433-6055
* Greensboro, 7 p.m. at New Garden Friends Meeting, 801 New Garden Rd. (at Friendly Ave.)
Contact Eric Jonas (336) 379-0037, Lori Khamala (336) 491-0039 or Wooten Gough (336) 306-3252
* Charlotte, 6pm at Marshall Park MLK statue
Contact Lacey Williams (704) 879-1298
* Greenville, 6pm at New Covenant Community Church, 1212 North Greene St.
Contact Juvencio Rocha Peralta (252) 258-9967 or Dani Martinez-Moore (919) 533-9203
* Asheville, 4pm at the Vance Memorial at Pack Square, Downtown
Contact Diego Lop├ęz (828) 460-8112 or Molly Hemstreet (828) 230-8937
FOR MORE INFORMATION, CONTACT: Bart Evans (919) 660-0704, Nayely Perez-Huerta (919) 433-6055

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The Manufactured Controversy over Chick-fil-A

Recently Matt Comer of InterstateQ personally attacked me. Well, I’m a big boy and can take it. However I don’t think Matt could handle a full out attack on him.

I have been out since the age of 19, ousted by my sister after a fight with her.

During my high school years, we had guns and knives on campus, after all, this was the late eighty’s and early nineties: way before the Columbine shootings. I think I might have been called a faggot about four times, the rest of the time it was the usual, kids picking on kids, stuff happens. While everyone’s high school experience is different, I can only guess that Matt’s high schools days were a living hell for him.

Yes, sometimes it not wise to come out at 14, Matt.

Matt attacks me on my grammar and language skills. First of all , I know my grammar and language skills suck. That is one reason why I blog. To help correct these problems; I must work at it daily. My spelling and grammar has improved over the last two years since I started this blog. I chose this method because I can’t afford the twenty thousand plus cost to have a professional work with me on it.

When I was a child I was treated for the following: Speech sound disorders and Disorder of written expression, but I still have problems today. I had speech and writing specialists for nine years while in school, which were paid for by the school district. By the time I reached middle school , they had cut the funding for many different types of special programs which helped kids with learning disorders and grouped them into special education.  A group I refused to be a part of .  I entered middle school with the rest of my class and struggled through my English class each year after that. English class was the only class that I barely passed each year, while I passed the rest of my classes with A’s and B’s and a few C’s.

So being attacked on this matter, doesn’t upset me at all. I had twelve years of this type of harassment in school. It no longer bothers me at all. So Please Matt, attack on… After all, that is what school is for. To learn how to deal with these types of problems, where bulling sometimes helps kids, unlike today where school is a social standing type club.

Matt wrote a piece on his private blog, about the Manufactured Controversy matter concerning Chick-fil-A, by Jeremy Hooper at Good as You blog. I can only guess that Jeremy needs to see his name in headlines and needs another media 15 minutes of fame fix.

I won’t go into Chick-fil-A history, but please do feel free to research it for yourself.

BTW, for those whom might not know who Matt Hill Comer is, he is also one of the editors of North Carolinas only LGBT Newspapers called Qnotes. Also you can read about him in the book Called “CRISIS: 40 Stories Revealing the Personal, Religious and Social Pain and Trauma of Growing up Gay in America,” where he wrote an essay on his life and his experience with the anti-gay boy scouts.

Now Matt made sure he put in this little piece in his comment section after a few flamed comments were made.
QNotes has no affiliation with

"All opinions and commentaries are reflective only of individual authors and do not necessarily represent the official views, opinions or positions of individual bloggers’ employers or the community organizations with which they might be affiliated."About".

I guess he wanted to make sure he covered his ass with his boss over at Qnotes…

Throughout a comment flame war, I asked why he chose my blog to point out in this Controversy; this is what he said,

I like to keep a local and North Carolina spin on my blog. You were the only gay person in North Carolina I knew of making excuses for Chick-fil-A. Plus, your comment about LGBT people being "bullies" fit in with my discussion of freedom of speech vs. freedom from criticism. 

I found this shocking since I live in Eastern North Carolina, apart in which, as editor of Qnotes , he stated that it was a waste of time and resources for Qnotes to include my area. Meaning that those LGBT persons that live in Eastern NC don’t matter and aren’t a part of NC LGBT Community at all.

However, I do like this statement from Matt,

Free speech is a two-way street, folks. It’s not a hard concept to understand. If Chick-fil-A wants to sponsor anti-gay organizations and events, by all means they have every right to do so. Their only point of decision will come down to whether or not utilizing that right to speech is in their best, fiscal interest. Because, after all, consumers aren’t drones. We have our own thoughts and opinions, and every right to express them and organize around them.

Chick-fil-A did just that, and Gay Inc. throws everything they had at them for supporting a group that doesn’t support any LGBT causes. They aren’t the first company or private business to face this type of retaliation from our community. Look at those businesses/people the CA LGBT attacked after Prop8, The Photographer who said no to a photography job, the baker that declined to cater for a college group, and the list goes on and on.

When a Gay individual doesn’t agree with the status quo, they get labeled by the community, either as a self-hating gay, a right wing nut job, or whatever current slang term they are using at that time for the opposition.

So Matt, no matter what you may think of me or my views on the community, I simply ask that you go fuck yourself. Also remember I have more Gay life experience then you will ever have in your life. I have seen and heard, first hand, those actions that were done in the 70’s and 80’s while you only read about them.

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Twitter Post of the day

Egypt vigilantes defend homes as police disappear | Reuters via @reuters If they stick together The People can WIN!

Wikileaks controversy exposes wanton homophobia of those on the right

NC Attorneys Taking On Facebook Sex Offender Law: Two North Carolina attorneys are taking on a 2008 state law ba...

Take action! School prevents lesbian couple from entering school pep procession together:

VIDEO: Some 2nd graders meet technology from the 70s

govt red tape stops Native Americans from investing in clean energy: my latest piece with Jorge Madrid

Lesbian teens sue after blocked from entering pep rally as same-sex couple -

Protests still raging in Egypt; death toll now at 74. Mubarak appoints a Vice President. STORY:

What are the folks at HRC Smoking???

As many know that NC HRC Gala will be held this year again in Raleigh, NC. All LGBT demigods, fatcats, and a few of the Gay Inc. Country Club members will be there.
On the HRC Carolina Facebook page this was posted,

hrc-logoSpecial Appearance – Joe Solmonese
     Under Joe Solmonese’s leadership as President, the Human Rights Campaign has been an effective, strategic and creative force in lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender rights advocacy. Solmonese knows that to promote a better life for all of America’s LGBT people and their families, HRC must make inroads not only in legislatures, but in workplaces, communities, religious congregations, schools, universities and media outlets. HRC’s work reflects this vision: Solmonese has overseen electoral and legislative victories and successful outreach to new audiences. A dynamic speaker with a powerful message, Solmonese is one of the most sought-after political voices in progressive politics today. He appears frequently in the national media as a voice for equality.

Today, HRC has more than 750,000 members and supporters who not only contribute to its annual budget of more than $30 million, but are primed to take specific action, whether at the statehouse or the U.S. Capitol. In fact, over Solmonese’s tenure, HRC has seen a surge in small donors, with half its members contributing $5 or more in the last 24 months.

I have yet to see a Gala where Joe isn’t at, so just how is his appearance Special. He was here last year, and the year before when the Gala was in Charlotte, where the Trans-gender Community Protested the Gala. Because of Joe and the other jackass’s of HRC decide to throw them under the bus, if it would get ENDA pass in Congress faster. The Trans-Community was in their right to protest that Gala.
Each Year HRC honor folks with a nice dinner, music and nice little award. Many times few folks honor at these state events, are not even from that state. this Year a ward will be giving to someone whom might be gay and from out of state,

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Out of Focus, but Interesting

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HRC in NC is a SCAM…

Facebook page one, Facebook page two,
HRC North Carolina BREAKING NEWS: David Bromstad of HGTV's Design Star will be accepting the HRC Visibility Award at the 2011 HRC North Carolina Gala in February. Tickets are on sale now at
I commented how nice it was that an non-North Carolinian, would get a Visibility Award at the North Carolina Gala.  I also said that they only care about the money part of these gala. Well, I must have hit a nerve since my comments were delete after they reply to them.

It proves my point that HRC is all about the Money. I would like to see a GALA where Joe’s mug wasn’t about of it. He isn’t the only Person at Rip-you off Central.
Fullscreen capture 1282011 41436 PM

then they block me,

Fullscreen capture 1282011 40732 PM

The Birds are coming

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The Media Whore of 2010 speak, he claims MST... now

He wrote the President and CC copies of his letter to all Gay Inc., and Country Club members to get the word out.
Dan_Choi_at_Bryant_Park_NYC-235x300I refuse to pay your claim.
Dan Choi
Former Army First Lieutenant
West Point Class of 2003
DFAS Account Statement 12/20/2010 (2 pages)
Also published to twitter @ltdanchoi

He also mention that he has an appoint the VA to get his colon check. (I’m sure for some thing that one of his friends left up there)

Many claim he isn’t a media whore, well when you feel to need to let the all world know your medical problems you are seeking attention…

Fullscreen capture 1282011 94059 AM.bmp
So I got this letter in the mail… The Army is trying to collect a few thousand dollars from me for the DADT discharge. And then the US Marshals visited my gay Muslim friend’s NYC apartment looking for me (I used to couchsurf there.) And I have a colonoscopy tomorrow at the VA. It just gets better all the time, folks!
Yes he post this on his FB wall.

this is very interesting.
Military Sexual Trauma (MST) is the term that the Department of Veterans Affairs uses to refer to sexual assault or repeated, threatening sexual harassment that occurred while the Veteran was in the military. It includes any sexual activity where someone is involved against his or her will – he or she may have been pressured into sexual activities (for example, with threats of negative consequences for refusing to be sexually cooperative or with implied faster promotions or better treatment in exchange for sex), may have been unable to consent to sexual activities (for example, when intoxicated), or may have been physically forced into sexual activities. Other experiences that fall into the category of MST include unwanted sexual touching or grabbing; threatening, offensive remarks about a person’s body or sexual activities; and/or threatening or unwelcome sexual advances
Now he is claim this, forced in to having sex, please can’t do that to the willing… This is first time I heard or read this from Dan Choi, told you he is seeking attention..

So will the rich country club members come together and pay his debt, and hospitals bills too..

What does the Gay Inc., have in store for Dan now? What cause will he go on hunger strike for, or handcuff himself to the fence once again?

The support he is getting
Good for Dan!
The government should be paying him restitution for the emotional harm they inflicted on him, not sending him bills.
Click HERE and sign up: Campaign For Military Partners.
Lurleen on Twitter.

by: Lurleen @ Thu Jan 27, 2011 at 14:49:25 PM EST
Please Lurleen, what emotional harm did they inflicted. They didn’t handcuff his ass to the fence did they. They didn’t force him to go on a hunger strike. They didn’t force him to give speech after speech, which he was being  pay for. They didn’t force him to come out of the closet.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Well, Gay Inc. has called for a full out war on Chick-fil-A

This just in from Project Q Atlanta,
Just to be clear: “We do not accept homosexual couples because of the statement in our contract.”
Chew on that the next time you want to wash down a Chick-fil-A sandwich with one of their tasty shakes. A portion of that money makes its way back to WinShape, which will use it to host anti-gay marriage activists and straight couples. In other words, not you.
And if you’re a slacktivist, is still pushing its online petition against the chicken king. More than 24,200 people had clicked to sign by Thursday morning.
There’s also this: Indiana University’s South Bend campus has dumped Chick-fil-A after gay students complained.
It would seem that Campus fags and dykes have managed to get Chick-fil-A kick off campus..  I wonder if the atheist on campus could us the same tactics to get the all religion banned from Campus?
The university decided to remove Chick-fil-A as a campus vendor after news that a Pennsylvania franchise will be donating food for an event hosted by a known anti-homosexual group.
News of the ban spread quickly, prompting Chick-fil-A's president to release an online statement defending his company.
"Providing food to these events or any event is not an endorsement of the mission, political stance or motives of this or any other organization,” said Chick-fil-A President Dan Cathy. “Any suggestion otherwise is just inaccurate."
Some IU South Bend students don't see things the same way.
"Providing food is equal to donating money,” said IU South Bend junior Erin Rempala. “So you must believe in the cause to donate the food."
I can only find one Erin Rempala on Facebook whom happen to be str8. must a supporter for any cause that will get her some attention.
another student had this to say,
"I think the university is OK with them,” said IU South Bend senior Justin Samson. “I just think people are just over-reacting with what Chick-fil-A stands for and I just think that they need to settle down and accept that everybody doesn't have to have the same belief."
Once again Gay Inc. Speak and drones goes off to work. 

However you must admit the LGBT Community really know how to play the victim don’t they. We are second class citizens, big brother won’t let us be us. This is such bull shit and they know it. The LGBT Community is becoming the Bullies now. They know it, but won’t admit it. They Claim they are standing up for their rights, While trying to deny and suppress the rights of businesses to do business they why they wish.
I’m waiting for a gay owned business to deny some str8 folk service, and then have the str8 folk sued the hell out of them, like we are doing to so many small business owners.

If any business or corporations don’t fully support same-sex marriage Gay Inc., will called out the drones to boycott, picket, sign petitions, and blog half truths about them. 

I wonder if the lgbt community found out that AT&T and Verzion was giving money to anti-gay groups would they give up their fucking I-phones?

Today’s twitter Posts of Interest

What Facebook's new security features mean for you

Yes, I was visited by 2 US Marshals at home for my civil disobedience over #DADT #LGBT #P2

VIDEO: Catapult to Fling Marijuana Found at Arizona-Mexico Border

Why men don't listen to women

We Don't Need A Sputnik Moment, We Need Spudnecks: No, I have no clue what a "spudne...

bitch, please–jeremy hooper, goodasyou: Jeremy Hooper [today], via Twitter: If you only knew…

Man convicted of aiding terrorists has sentence reduced by N.C. judge - Charlotte Observer

So Glad that the LGBT isn't forcing our Agenda on other

Gay Inc. Bloggers are all over the Chick-fil-A issue like a bunch of horny fucking dogs in heat…
It all started with Jeremy Hooper who thinks he’s shit don’t stink..

Everyone knew for years about Chick-Fil-A being a Christian owned business. That they support Christian base projects and so on.

However Big GAY INC. has gotten their bloggers to bitch and whine and complaint over the fact that Chick-Fil-A won’t bow don’t the so-call Gay INC. Right.

Every Gay Activist claim we are not forcing anything, What a lie that is. They bitch and whine, that ROTC off colleges Campus, and now they that Chick-fil-A banned. Yet we are not forcing anything on anyone.. Fucking liars..
The university decided to remove Chick-fil-A as a campus vendor after news that a Pennsylvania franchise will be donating food for an event hosted by a known anti-homosexual group.
"Chick-fil-A's already known as a Christian organization,” said IU South Bend senior Brian Jernigan. “So, I'm not really surprised that they would donate to an organization that's against homosexual values."
News of the ban spread quickly, prompting Chick-fil-A's president to release an online statement defending his company.
I love this bit,
"I think the university is OK with them,” said IU South Bend senior Justin Samson. “I just think people are just over-reacting with what Chick-fil-A stands for and I just think that they need to settle down and accept that everybody doesn't have to have the same belief."
Yes the LGBT community is over reacting as usual, just the way Gay Inc., train them too. And the sheep's will following these speaking head piece of the Gay Inc. to the bitter end.

I love this comment

Are we to the point, as a country, that if a big corporation does not support a specific cause actions are taken against them? So they don't support what? Seems as a lot of groups like this always rant about acceptance...can't they accept that not everybody agrees?? They don't want morals/beliefs imposed on them, why are they trying to impose theirs on others?

Now let see what Jeremy had to say on the matter, that move Joe to post a piece ,which is the first piece of Gay Inc., then each blogger who is apart of the Country Club Inc will have a piece very soon on their blogs and sites..
So why are we bringing up more Chick-Fil-A stuff here and now? Well, we honestly didn't want to. But to be perfectly honest: We're pretty tired of the disingenuous way the company and its defenders keep acting like we were wacky and out-of-line for simply letting people know about the company's ties to anti-gay advocacy. And we're also getting annoyed with the way they keep making it all about the one Pennsylvania Family Institute sponsorship that started this ball rolling, when we brought out soooooooooo much more than just that in subsequent days (and have also clearly shown why even that particular sponsorship does have demonstrable anti-gay advocacy attached to it via both its local and national parents).
Please Jeremy who the hell are you kidding. He also point this out,
Evidence that makes it even more abundantly clear that our loves, our lives, our families, and our marriages are not part of this particular company's vision:
Please show me where it is law that every company must bow down to us, Please show me this law.



Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Taste of bigotry in your mouth

Over at the blend they have a nice big pot of double standard French Roast of Bigotry brewing.

All over the fact, that the  Christian owned Chick-fil-A support anti-gay groups with their money. The first clue that Chick-fil-A is owned by a Religious group is that they are close every Sunday.

From site,
sidebar_cow_eatmoreBet Chick-fil-A wishes this month would end. Over the past few weeks, the restaurant chain's deep ties to the anti-gay movement have been exposed and uncovered by a number of activists,most notably Jeremy Hooper at Good As You. Whether it's Focus on the Family, the National Organization for Marriage, the Pennsylvania Family Institute, or Exodus International, Chick-fil-A ties run deep.
Of course, the President of Chick-fil-A wants gay people to share no hard feelings. The restaurant will gladly feed homosexuals gobs of chicken sandwiches, after all. But when it comes to marriage, Chick-fil-A believes strongly that same-sex couples just don't deserve equal rights.
As we wrote about a few weeks ago, Chick-fil-A's charitable arm, the WinShape Foundation, has been particularly active in the fight against marriage equality. They've hosted conferences with some of the leading opponents of gay marriage in this country. A higher up at WinShape has even praised the efforts of anti-gay activist David Blankenhorn for working against marriage equality, and for articulating a solid reason why American culture should reject same-sex couples.
Now comes some email correspondence that Good As You has shared on their blog, where the WinShape Foundation's Retreat Center -- a center run by the charitable arm of Chick-fil-A -- admits that they have a severe distaste for LGBT people.
The email correspondence goes a little something like this. Someone writes WinShape an easy question about whether their retreat center is open to LGBT people. WinShape's response:
However Pam added this line, which I completely disagree with,
They sure like homos to contribute to the bottom line, but no marriage for you...
Here we go again forcing our agenda on others, while bitching to anyone whom will listen.

However they also said the follow, which a few blogs have left out, I can only assume that Gay Inc. ask them to leave this part out.

Change org, is I’m sure apart of Gay Inc., too
Yet the President of Chick-fil-A still says that all people, including LGBT people, are treated with respect by the restaurant?
However the writer Michael Jones felt that he need to add this comment to the line,
Huh, what a funny definition of respect.
So they don’t respect us simply because they don’t believe in same-sex marriage. Yet when we visit their restaurants we are greeted just like everyone else. I don’t think I have ever heard them say Sorry faggot, we don’t serve your kind here, or please use the back door.

What Change Org, and other blogs like the blend does tell you, but I will. I know a Chick-fil-A owner, and She is an Out and Proud Lesbian, she hire LGBT folks too. I guess the community will call her a turn coat or a self hating, loathing Lesbian. Surely would boycott her the Country Club, simply because she a Chick-Fil-A owner.

See even in our own community we have double standards on judging our members. We don’t even have equality within our community..

Email from Equality NC


The 2011 Session of the North Carolina General Assembly began at noon today, and Equality North Carolina is there fighting for our values of freedom, family, and fairness.

I have to be honest with you: we have a tough year ahead of us.

The composition of the legislature has changed dramatically, and the leaders we have counted on to help us stop anti-equality bills are no longer in power. This makes the threat of an anti-LGBT constitutional amendment on marriage very real. There are right-wing legislators who want to write bigotry and discrimination into our state constitution, and it will be harder than ever to hold them at bay.

Here are two things you can count on:

1. Equality NC will fight the marriage discrimination amendment and other attacks on LGBT North Carolinians as hard as we can, with every smart strategy we believe will make a real difference. At the same time, we will continue to shepherd our resources wisely.
2. We can't do it without you.
Fighting the amendment and attempts to roll back our victories means we have to do things in new ways. We have to engage new partners. And we have to organize our fellow North Carolinians like never before.

Here are two ways you can help today:

1. Please make your most generous contribution to Equality NC. We need to raise $2,000 by January 31. If you can become a monthly donor, all the better. We need to be armed for the fight every day.

2. Register to attend this year's early Day of Action on Tuesday, February 15, and show your legislators that our state won't stand for discrimination.

It won't be easy. But if we stand together—if you stand with us today and in the months ahead—we can fight bigotry in the halls of the North Carolina General Assembly and at the ballot box and keep making our state better for all its people.

For equality,
Ian Palmquist, Executive Director

P.S. This fight will cost real money. Won't you please make your contribution to Equality NC today?

I agree this year will be a Year to remember… That is if the bigots that we elected to legislature get their way to have the citizens of North Carolina to vote on an Marriage Amendment to the State’s Constitution.

For Years this action has been block, as I have told both by the actions of ENC and The House Speaker. So much that this has almost been a non-issue for ENC. They want us to attend their day of Action, alright fine. We all know you can talk to these bigots till the damn cows come home it won’t change their minds on this issue.

Back in March of 2009, our local bigot group NC4Marriage held a Marriage Rally in Raleigh (where they bus them in by the hundreds), a very small group of local activist held a counter-protest (15 members). ENC was aware of this Rally and that there would be a counter-protest, they (ENC) didn’t want the community to attend this rally. However Ian and couple of members of ENC did show up at the Rally and had a nice little chat with a few of the NC4Marriage group..

Instead they (ENC) wanted us to Attend the Day of Action, for that year. Note that at the NC4Marriage Rally they ask their members to attend (action of day) as well. So we had those for and against marriage speaking to their Representatives the same day. So what was really accomplished that day, we may never know.

Now its 2011 and the GOP is in Charge in Raleigh, they are aiming to but Marriage Amendment to a vote by the citizens of NC.

The only problem I have with the Email that ENC sent out is that solicitation of funds should have been the second way to help, and register to attend the Day of Action should have been first.

Today’s Twitter


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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Todays Items


Not Every Gay Teen Who Dies Is A Bullycide Victim. So Why Do We Rush To Claim Them?:
House GOPers 'will pursue legislation that would ban gay marriage' in DC
NC: Asheville clergy ask City Council for full equality for all Asheville citizens.
Perry's Texas depended on stimulus "bailout" more than any other state
Obama to call for 5-year spending freeze in State of the Union address:
Sarah Palin Favorability (NC): Favorable 39.0% Unfavorable 55.0% (Jan. 23 - PPP (D))
Merrill Lynch to pay $10 million to settle SEC charges that regarding misuse of customer information
Watch: Caught on Tape: Monster Wave Slams Surfers:
“thanks for being a curmudgeon and calling out shit, lol”: First things, first. Warren Throckmorton is an associ...
MARYLAND: Majority Support Marriage: A just-released poll reveals that a slim majority of Maryland...
Three Supreme Court Justices to miss State of the Union address
A Dinosaur That Gave the World the Finger

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Marriage Issues in the News Quotes

Meanwhile, opponents in North Carolina and Indiana are looking at amending the state Constitution – which would also involve going to the ballot. So far, in no state have voters supported full marriage equality.

General Assembly preview: Who, what to look for in North Carolina politics,

Though Republicans in North Carolina haven’t been the only threat to equality and progress — there are plenty of anti-LGBT Democrats to be found — the GOP has nonetheless been home to some of the most ardent anti-equality proponents this state has ever seen. Year-after-year, Republicans in the state House and Senate have led the push for an anti-LGBT, anti-family constitutional amendment that would ban recognition of same-sex marriage. Leading Republicans, like former House Minority Leader Paul Stam (R-Wake) stood firmly opposed to landmark legislation like 2009’s School Violence Prevention Act (SVPA) and Healthy Youth Act (HYA), going so far as to insinuate a connection between LGBT people and pedophilia and denouncing gays as a danger to children while in the presence of Sen. Julia Boseman (D-Hanover), at the time the state’s first and only openly gay or lesbian member of the General Assembly.

Forrester said he has introduced a bill to ban same-sex marriage in North Carolina for as long as he can remember. But this year, he’s decided to put it off because of the pressing economic and redistricting issues that will be tackled.

Ian Palmquist, executive director of Equality North Carolina, said his organization is “fully expecting” that a constitutional amendment banning both same-sex marriage and marriage-like unions will advance this year.

Latest News and Announcement

Activists Fight Wyoming Anti-Gay Marriage Bill: Marriage advocates rallied over the weekend to protest a s...
New From JMG: HomoQuotable- Dan Savage: "I’m not an idiot: Now that the Republicans hold the House, only wishful...
Key Democrat warns on healthcare repeal bid
House Majority Leader Eric Cantor Opposes Strategy of Further Government Spending
IRS tax change for DPs causes headaches
Are you transgender and have experienced discrimination? @transequality and @thetaskforce want your story.
Did the government waste our money?
Illinois: You'll Get Your Civil Unions At The End Of The Month

NCLR'S Kate Kendell in Raleigh talks Prop 8 and its impact on NC

14177Ok first off I didn’t make it to this event, Which if I did I might have been ask to leave. However Prop8 only effect us here in NC through our wallets.

Now I’ve watch the minute and half video taken by Pam, I love the part that Kate claim these Large National Groups, Organizations would have our back in our time of need.. I guess we will have to wait and see if this happens.

Kate claims we can do this by the following;
But we can, as Kate underscored, stave off an amendment by speaking directly to our legislators, a chance every LGBT has at the upcoming Day of Action, sponsored by Equality NC logo(Feb 15, 2011 from 9:00 AM-4:00 PM). They need to see that they have LGBT constituents, taxpayers who should not have their civil rights put before the people for a vote. As I've said before, North Carolina LGBTs can turn out in the thousands for NC Pride, but it's pitiful that we cannot muster more than 300 to show up and speak with the very lawmakers who profoundly affect their rights.
MMM, the almighty day of Action, Please, these guys will sit and talk with us and in the end will still screw us while we are standing, and face it we all know it. My trust and faith in the Equality NC is not as strong as it once was, after the damn “fruit loop” event. Which made us look like a bunch of kids on the play ground fighting for attention from our parents.

Well I’ve found out after there was a update on PHB blog, that Kate only spoke for 7 min, wow, where did she find the time. Also, there was no Q&A session, then what the fuck was the point of her coming to NC and holding this little coffee house chat.
UPDATE: Here's the transcript...Kate spoke for about 7 min  and this was the meat of the message. There was no public Q&A; Kate went around to speak with attendees individually and in small groups since the restaurant was a bit noisy.
Also remember this too why debating this.
for the first time since Reconstruction, is completely under the control of the Republicans. Dem control has been the only thing that has protected us from a marriage amendment getting on the ballot.
She then talk to folks in small group, cause the shop got noisy, I thought we had a LGBT Center in Raleigh, couldn’t they held the meeting there, or found another place where there wouldn’t have been so noisy where 1) Kate could have talk longer, 2) and most importantly where a Q&A session could’ve taken place.
I love the main reason why Kate said was the reason they lost.
we lost Prop 8 for all sorts of reasons. "Yeah we should have had different ads for the campaign" and "I wish we had money sooner"... but the main reason we lost was complacency.
So what does COMPLACENCY means,

1. A feeling of contentment or self-satisfaction, especially when coupled with an unawareness of danger, trouble, or controversy.
2. An instance of contented self-satisfaction.
Pam said that we can’t let people like this to decide our future,
518"I'm not opposed to helping a child born with HIV or something, but I don't condone spending taxpayers' money to help people living in perverted lifestyles."
-- Rep. Larry Brown (R-Forsyth) who ran unopposed in the November election to win a fourth term.

Well, you know the truth does hurt, doesn’t it. The fact is that we are in our 30th year of Aids, which we all know how to control the spread of it by now. Yet many LGBT positive folks still have unprotected sex with their partners, and one nite stands, and those 15 min quickies in the Adult books, and in park cars.

I remember that actions done by Act-up and Larry K. in the early days/years of Aids. Groups and LGBT folks took control of the information, passed condoms by the handfuls. Held many public talks and the HIV rate went down in our community, while it slowly inched up in the straight community. Somewhere in the 90’s bareback sex come back in to fashion, and the rate went back up.

So if your recklessly go out and have unprotected sex and get HIV, why should the state pay for your mistakes, that RIGHT YOUR MISTAKES. WHEN YOU KNEW HOW TO STOP IT FROM GETTING SOMETHING.

Just because Larry Brown is an elected official doesn’t mean he lost his freedom of speech. If we don’t like what he is saying and selling to all the other elected officials then vote him out of office.

So the Question is, are we ready for this fight if it comes? 
Also just which National Organizations have our backs? 
Which rich fat cats will step up and support our fight in this state? 
Which Companies and local business will stand with us?

Friday, January 21, 2011

Photography Items for the day

for all whom on a budget, Photo Studio On a Budget

Outdoor Photography Canada Cover

Real Estate Photography Tips on doing it right Video:

Photography: Nikon P7000 offers lots of options almost in your pocket

The photos taken by students in Dr. Drew Crain’s “Wildlife Photography” J-term class are quite impressive. Take a look:

40 Outstanding Examples of Conceptual Photography -

Exhibition of photographer David Goldblatt ,master of the South-African photography, born in 1930,in HCB foundation

The Double Standard LGBT use to define hate Speech

Is Jeebus a hate speech term, to most LGBT member the answer is no, Yet maybe to Christians it is.

So with that; why is ok for LGBT use anti-Christian term and hate speech, while demanding Christians stop using hate terms against us..

See the example below.. from FaceBook and from a Nation Blogger whom is among the first to be Nominated from a GLAAD AWARD.


Pam Spaulding: He's @PeterLaBarbera. He was tweeting from his Jeebus Blackberry.

Rachel Blair Perrone Jeebus is a hate term? Uh... what?

Rebecca Kell How do we define the term "hate speech?" Not how do they define it, but is there a definition that we use that can be applied to all speech to define if it's hate or not?

Carlos J. Rivera
There is no good definition of hate speech that satisfies everyone. There is a book called Speaking back: the free speech versus hate speech debate By Katharine Gelber that goes through the arguments. This is what I found on Ha...te speech is a communication that carries no meaning other than the expression of hatred for some group, especially in circumstances in which the communication is likely to provoke violence. It is an incitement to hatred primarily against a group of persons defined in terms of race, ethnicity, national origin, gender, religion, sexual orientation, and the like. Hate speech can be any form of expression regarded as offensive to racial, ethnic and religious groups and other discrete minorities or to women.
LaBarbera is full of hate b/c of his family situation. He needs a shrink.

Tina Ciampa name calling is a form of violence. i wish everyone would knock it off.

Yet, each of these folks define hate speech differently.

so what does Jeebus means, A name used on progressive blogs to deride intolerant religious rightwingers ("fundies") who use the Christian faith as a flag and front for every one of their nastiest motivations, statements and actions, hiding hate behind professed faith. Basically "jeebus" is a code word for lefties permitting them to mock self-annointed religious frothing biters / ultraconservatives of the social or financial right who advocate selfishness and cruelty (via nutty religious errors) without actually deriding Jesus or Christianity itself which they don't have a problem with. Put alternatively, a person who follows the New Testament loves Jesus; a person who can't wait to take away sick benefits from a dying lesbian because God Hates Fags loves Jeebus. Get the diff?

So GayINC has said its ok for gays, lesbians and Transgenders folks to use hateful speech against those who used hate speech against us.  This makes us no better than them.

Twitter Posts of interest

Gibbs: ENDA Still a Priority: Robert Gibbs says the White House is working to "make progress" on making it...

Need to Know: Kristian Hoffman: The legendary musician chats how he's seen gay culture change over the last 40 y...

President Obama: Two More Major Milestones

Another “World’s Greatest Dad” arrested on child endangerment, narcotics charges:

Disgruntled Copy Editor Strikes Back

Expert: Mob Takedown Shines Light on Fading, Aging, 'Pathetic' Mafia:

Fox and Friends wastes no time in launching attacks on new Obama appointee Immelt

get a clue:   During a brief follow-up discussion on the PHB/Autumn Sandeen/Lurleen controversy, Becky Juro  sa...

Long Island Students Stand Up to Principal for Banning Gay-Straight Alliance

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Hate to say it but I agree with NOM on this one

HRC is denouncing the Catholic Church in Colorado for offering a group support program for gay men and women who wish to live in accordance with Catholic teachings on sex.

Joe, so now running HRC--and Congress, and the U.S. Constitution--is not enough? You want to run Catholic parishes in Colorado too? click here to visit site.

hrc-logoOk Joe the following is like the pot calling the kettle black..

"The diocese should be ashamed for selling this snake-oil therapy that mental health professionals have denounced," said HRC President Joe Solmonese.  "Programs like this say they offer hope but in reality they demean and denigrate LGBT people’s sense of self-worth."

What about the crap you have been pushing over the last few years,, in order to stuff HRC coffers with $$$$$. 

Till  you take the so-called 12 step program that they are offering then SHUT THE FUCK UP..

UN demands investigation into photographer death

The United Nations has demanded that every possible effort be made to 'shed full light' on the death of a French photographer who died during the violence in Tunisia.
Photographer Lucas Mebrouk Dolega died on Monday from a head injury he sustained while covering street protests in Tunis on 14 January, according to press freedom organisation Reporters Without Borders.
Lucas, a photojournalist for the European Pressphoto Agency, was reportedly hit by a police teargas canister. 

Click here to read more

To those whom think being a Photographer is a safe job, that would depend on what field of Photography you go  into, just to let you know when you choose to be a photojournalist your life could be on the line with every story you do. 

Today’s News and Announcements

Well, Glaad has out themselves this time. This year GLAAD introduced a new category to recognize independent blogs, in recognition of the growing role of online media in shaping today's culture.  The first nominees in this category are
All five are great blogs, However I had to wonder why only these five were selected out of the hundreds of LGBT’s Blogs on the web. Then again many of us already know why. These blogs, although they won’t admit to it, is apart the Gay Inc., and the internet County Club. At least two shouldn’t be on the list since they are community blogs with many writes, Pam’s House, and the Bilerico Project. Then again they do carry all of GLAAD str8 bulling 100% with out question.

Facebook co-founder seeks gay marriage for New York 

Chris Hughes, co-founder of Facebook, and his partner Sean Eldridge, a director of Freedom to Marry, announced their engagement and intention to push for gay marriage in the state.
News from the GAY INC., and County Club,

When The Country Club Bloggers And LGBT Press Report Reader Beware What’s Reported

Yes it’s happened again boys and girls.
First on Tuesday when everyone jumped on the band wagon and posted a story about an upper Midwest teenager committing suicide because of anti-gay bullying when in fact as was reported on Wednesday from KSAX-TV, Lance’s father called KSAX and said he received a call from the coroner saying Lance had an enlarged heart and died of a coronary edema. He said he believed it was not a suicide.
He also believed there were no signs of drugs or alcohol in his son’s system, but the toxicology report has not been finished according the medical examiner’s office. The medical examiner’s office also said they had no comment about the phone call to Lance’s father.

Click to read more, about there hypocrisy on this matter

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Free speech vs Hate Speech..

People just don't get it, even Hate speech is free speech.. OOps I forgot the year 2000 saw the LGBT community become a bunch of whining babies.. whom need to be protected from bad words...

Friday, January 21 · 3:00pm - 5:00pm

LocationBragaw Activity Room

Created By

More InfoCome listen to the director of The National Center for Lesbian Rights (NCLR), Kate Kendell, talk about Hate Speech vs Free Speech. Bound to be an interesting discussion you won't want to miss.

Check out their website here:

Marriage Talks in Raleigh this Month

UPDATE: This meeting was set up by the NC State University GLBT Center, Kate is just an invite speaker, since NC folk can't even speak about our marriage issue, that we need to heard the issue from some from CA, Just like we didn't read or follow Prop8 for months and years while it was going through the courts..

Call you believe this one..

Join NCLR Executive Director Kate Kendell in Raleigh, NC this Saturday, January 22nd for a discussion on how Proposition 8—the 2008 ballot measure that stripped the freedom to marry from same-sex couples in California—impacts everyone. What if a similar marriage amendment is proposed in North Carolina? We all need to strategize and talk about the future of marriage for the LGBT community in North Carolina and beyond.

Kate will be joined by event organizers from North Carolina State University’s GLBT Center.

The discussion will begin at 7 p.m.

For more information, please contact GLBT Center Director Justine Hollingshead at

The Borough Restaurant
317 West Morgan St # 117
Raleigh, North Carolina

Well I just have to wonder just how many will show up for this event. Which I'm sure will be more Lesbians then gay men..

Kate wants to talk about Prop8 of CA, and what it would look like here..

Well unless NOM is involve most of the lgbt folks won't care. However If NOM comes to Town then the local Bloggers (phb) and LGBT newspaper (qnotes) and our only Equality group will sound the horn for the attack..

This is a loaded topic here in NC. Its would seem that many of our groups haven't really done much on this issue lately, and this year could be the battle year. Since they rather attend the HRC GALA and kiss a bunch of fatCats asses. Suck up to Joe ass. Then after the GALA the guys will go down to Hargett St. for the clubs and the Adult bookstore, to get their rocks off.

In the pass two years there has been two Marriage Rallies, NC4Marriage and NOM. The community only attended the NOM rally because GayInc only approve that one.. Rally was set up by Get Equal and NC Equality, since GayInc claim that only a national Groups can set these type of Rallies up, that local LGBT folk don't have the skills to set one up.

I wish Kate the best...

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

HRC need 50 slaves/participants for the NC Gala's

The Emerging Leaders program is in conjunction with the HRC Carolinas Gala Weekend, February 25 - 26, 2011. This program is for highschool and college students who identify as members of the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender, or Ally community. The experience will be interactive and allow participants selected to network, share ideas, participate in a leadership experience, learn about HRC and grassroots community involvemen...t, and attend one of the country's most successful HRC gala fundraising events. By submitting your application you agree to participate in the full weekend (Friday February 25 - Saturday February 26) if selected. If you are under the age of 18 we will need a parent or legal guardian's permission to participate (see below).

The deadline for application submission is 11:59pm on Sunday February 13, 2011. We are accepting 50 individuals to participate in this year's event and those selected will be notified by Thursday February 17th. We are not able to provide reimbursement for travel or lodging expenses. All meals and activities as a part of the program, including attendance at the HRC Carolinas Gala (Saturday February 26th in the evening) are included.

All information submitted will be kept confidential. If you have any questions, please email Justine Hollingshead, HRC Emerging Leader Chairperson, at

Also Please note they want High School or College students which mean 17-26, so HRC is Age resisticing the participants in this event.. AGEISM...


We all know that these Gala's are nothing more then a fund raiser. The Cost of NC HRC Gala is over $175, However there is another part of this Scam..

Table Captain

Table Captains
Table Captains are key to helping us reach our attendance goal, and with your help, we'll top 1000 attendees in 2011. To become a Table Captain, select that option when you purchase your ticket – and then try to recruit nine other table mates to join you. You are not responsible for filling your table, and you have no financial commitment other than buying your own ticket.

Make sure you check out the cost of tickets and tables..

I will guess Major Donor mean those whom gave over $100,000 to HRC each year

Acourse if you don't have the funds there is another way to attend, basically   you have to become unpaid help.

2011 HRC North Carolina Gala Fellowship

HRC Carolinas remains committed to the involvement of a broadly representative population of our lesbian, gay bisexual and transgender community of North Carolina. The 2011 HRC Carolinas Gala Committee invites those with limited income to apply for a Gala Fellowship to attend the gala. HRC Carolinas strives to involve populations in the annual HRC fundraiser, regardless of level of income and other differences, and offers a limited number of fellowships to those individuals that demonstrate need and would not otherwise be able to attend the dinner without financial assistance.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Whats the Deal, no invite the LGBT County Club

Could be that I don't play by the same rulebook...

I feel I'm being let out simply because I call the LGBT community out on its bullshit.

Knock knock ….. don’t even try to get through this door boys and girls.

A door which sources have told this writer leads to an elite room where among others, are LGBT bloggers who hold LGBT country club status to discuss what is best for you and who shall be or not be a part of this secretive fraternity and sorority of LGBT bloggers with all the mystery of The Masons.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Another Today's Quote

Homosexals can effectively demand respect from others only if we first respect ourselves that we are homosexuals; that we affirm it, understand it, realize it in all its implications.I am a homosexual. Say it! aloud; "I am a Homosexual." Shout it, whisper it. Laugh it, cry it. State it, proclaim it, confess it in sobs, but say it... Not "Leonardo da Vinci was homosexual." but "I am Homosexual."

- Craig Schoonmaker, founder of Homosexuals Intransigent

Today's Quote

If Society can be said to be on the defensive, then it must follow that the forces of the homosexual minority are consolidating for the exploration and exploitation of that defense.

-Donald Webster Cory and John LeRoy
The homosexual and his society: a View from Within, 1963

Monday, January 10, 2011

More Sarah Palin Politic Cartoons

Hey we can cuss in the streets Now

RALEIGH — Cursing in public may not be seemly, but it is protected by the Constitution, a North Carolina judge ruled in striking down a 98-year-old state ban on public profanity.

So remember this for future......
The site called Back2Stonewall has a great piece on the Shooting in AZ,

Enter on the scene whackjob  and right wing "lesbian" Tammy Bruce. Bruce who describes her as a "gay, pro-choice, gun owning, pro-death penalty, Tea Party Independent Conservative" (or in other words a stark raving loon) presented a podcast last night featuring Rebecca Mansour, of SarahPAC who had a very busy 36 hours scrubbing Palin's Twitter and Facebook account clean of all "targeting" images and mentions.  Bruce and Mansour spent the 36 minutes defending Palin and, insisting the ex-governor is also a victim in the Tucson shooting tragedy. Just reading the comments left on Tammy Bruce's website gives one a glimpse into the diseased minds of these people and the deep seeded anger, anti-socialism, and borderline psychosis of the right and Tea Party who are so deluded and blind that they can't even see that inciting to violence in and form by anyone is highly irresponsible and dangerous

You can listen to Tammy Bruce's insane podcast by clicking here. 

Sunday, January 9, 2011

I might owe an apology to Autumn

Autumn retweet the following tweet. I see that it is marked as a retweet, however I couldn't find the original one on twitter.. So I not fully sure who added the SHEROES. If Autumn didn't added it and only retweet, them I apology for my tweet to you, However if you did add the SHEROES, then you deserve my tweet...
This was my reply
This is what pisses me off about the Trans-community, The need to genderize words that have no gender attach to them, Hero for example and change/making new words/term for she/he and him/her.

Faux news Take on AZ Shooting

How the Tea Party Got Started

Today's Quote

Over the course of my travels, it began to occur to me that the dogmas of sexual "communities" must necessarily be mercurial, for they do not so much declare any broad commonality among us as answer repression, whose substance and form mutate with each generation and from person to person.

-- Darrell Yates Rist, Heartlands:
A gay man's odyssey across America, 1992

Something from Pam's Houseblend

NOTE: Blender Brad Smith has been feverishly capturing Free Republic posts before they were yanked. You can read them here. Brad:

Keith Olbermann's Special Comment:

Fox News Abunch of Cowards

The Fox News Channel abruptly cut to commercial after a mourner attending a Tuscon, Arizona vigil for those killed in Saturday's shootings mentioned Fox employee Sarah Palin as one of the culprits behind a rising tide of violent rhetoric in US politics and media.

As they awaited the beginning of a Pima County Sheriff's Department press conference, Fox News host Shep Smith cued a live video from the vigil for Rep. Gabrielle Giffords (D-AZ), who sustained a bullet wound to the head and was among a total of 19 shot in a sudden attack outside a grocery store.

At the vigil, which was carried live by some -- including CNN's website -- a man stepped up to the microphone holding a candle and implored those in power to ask themselves why they actually want to be in such a position.

"And I say to you, Sarah Palin," he began, just before Fox News abruptly cut the feed.

What wrong Fox, Can't take the Heat for Palin, What to protect her sorry moose-ass. You can cut and paste, but there are to many Standup stations that will show what you tired to hide. They we report what you don't want to report. Everyone have known for years that your station is full of Bigots and racists.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Children should't be subject to life long medical choices

Very interesting statement, which I'm sure the #transinc community will claim to be Transphobic.. in natural. There is nothing bias ...