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5 Rocky Mount members of the NC4Marriage..

Contact the church office
  TEL: (252) 446-9113
   FAX: (252) 446-5025
Rev. Bill Grisham
Senior Pastor

Rev. Larry Curtis
Associate Pastor for Education & Administration

Rev. Jim Alley
Associate Pastor for Music & Worship

Rev. Mike Avery
Minster to Students

Rev. Tim Griffin
Minster to Children

NC Counter Protest, and Comment

Ok first off I was trying to be funny when I wrote the boxer comment, However I do welcome some help and every now and then, and thanks your comments and your Corrective Criticism.

With that, said let's talk about the NC4Marriage Rally that will be happening the 3rd of March. I wrote about this on face book and some blogs that we should do a counter protest, one person agree and wrote it on Queers United blog.

Please join/help SickNTired to mount a protest or counter-protest at the North Carolina state capitol building! "We" all around the world need your warm body and shoes in the streets to demonstrate that "we" are not afraid, and "we" will not be going back, and "we" will continue to move forward no matter what our self-declared enemies do or say. The point of no return has been passed, het supremacists and het exclusivists. "We're" not going to take it any more.
I have notice that our local leaders and community blogger are not supporting this protest; I would have to wonder why. Even our local LGBT papers are not supporting this Protest. I found out that I wasn't the first to post this event on Facebook, I was the second. Event one, event two. One community leader wrote that they felt we would not be able to get enough to make a impact, well how nice we did get enough to create an impact for Prop 8 in CA, but we can't here at home for something that will effect us… Once again proving my point if you don't live in CA, DC, FL, NY, WA you just don't matter to the rest of the LGBT Community, but they want you support on everything that effects them.

The Equality NC group wants up to show up for Action Day. Which is ok as well?

I feel that many local leaders wants this on the ballot for the voters to choose, so they can mount a campaign fund raisers, to help collect money for their groups and themselves..

I plan to be there, for one I want to photograph these bigots, but I hope that my LGBT family in Raleigh will show to protest..

Bigot Tammy Fitzgerald

This is the main bigot that we need to show what we will not just stand by and let this happen..

Counter protest of the NC4Marraige rally in Raleigh, NC

Dayton Mother Caught Breast Feeding and Driving - News Story - WHIO Dayton

Dayton Mother Caught Breast Feeding and Driving - News Story - WHIO Dayton

I can't believe this woman would do this. But then again what these women do these days would blow anyone's mind.. What she need to do was pull her damn ass over and then feed the child.. if the in question is the one with her on the couch, Yes there is a video interview with her, that child could have had a damn bottle.. this women need to spend 180 days in jail, maybe she would learn something.

Is HRC fleecing the LGBT Community??

Back on 11 of February, I wrote this Post on my blog concerning the NC HRC Gala Dinner. This really got a local activist's boxers in a bunch or his tighie whities stained, which lead to this post. This was about the cost to attend this event. Well After watching a few of the HRC videos on YouTube, I saw that they held an event in NY, well after watching the clip I went to NY HRC Page for their dinner info.

Here I'm bashing the Organizers of the NC HRC dinner for fleecing the local LGBT community, when the NY LGBT member were really getting fleeced to attend one of the many HRC events, I now have to wonder just how much these event cost in CA, or better yet in DC to attend.

In NC it was $175, while NY it was between $400 and $600 dollars to attend on two different levels, the NY had more speakers then NC.

However, I still stand by my statement that the cost is to keep most of the community out of these events. Where those whom are well off and flat out rich don't have to see anyone that is beneath them. For a community that wants unity it's practices a mid-evil hierarchy

Friday, February 27, 2009

Marraige equality poll on WRAL

Check out this link from WRAL (local news) and vote for marriage equality!!!

Currently, we are at 22%...!!!

Those of you that get Channel 9 news based in Greenville, NC, there will be a newscast on March 12 on gay rights in NC

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Glaad on Reality TV Wifes,

The season finale of Bravo’s The Real Housewives of Orange County last week upset many fans when it aired uncensored the slur “homo,” uttered by housewife Tamra Barney as an insult. Barney has now reached out to fans and the LGBT community with an apology: “I wish so badly that I could take it back.”

After hearing from constituents about the on-air defamatory comment the day after it aired, GLAAD contacted Bravo immediately. The cable network moved quickly and a spokesperson confirmed that day that the slur has been edited from future airings.

Oh my, Glaad is piss this time, a so-called Reality people use the word Homo, and the editor didn't edit it out completely. I guess Reality is just too much for GLAAD.. But I would like some clarification on something. Glaad said they responded after hearing from constituents.

Ok, I don't watch this show, so what was exactly said, was it "that fucking homosexual, that fag,". If it was just homo or homosexual then just how is this really offensive, after all we are homosexuals.I have seen gay theme movies and tv shows that used the word faggot and other offensive language that Glaad have never said anything about. It seem to me that GLAAD picks and chose which tv show and movies they make a stink about.

If the Movie or Show is create by a LGBT member that is out they don't said a word. however if its done a person who is with one of the groups that support the far right then GLAAD is all over it like, white on rice.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

A Reply to a comment

I guess I've really did piss in someone's corn flakes this time.

When I said that we would soon to be enslave, I wasn't talking about our pass slavery type. I wasn't talking about forcing people to do manual labor. I was talking about economic class. There are three types of these class, Capitalism, socialism, and communism, we here in the US, work and play under the Capitalism flag, while Russia was once a Communism is more a Socialism country now while China is more a Communism country.

This is what I was talking about, when I said we would be enslaved. Those who are free shall be enslaved while those who are enslaved shall be free.

Let's look at these Classes shall we,

Capitalism is an economic system in which wealth, and the means of producing wealth, are privately owned and controlled rather than commonly, publicly, or state-owned and controlled. Through capitalism, the land, labor, and capital are owned, operated, and traded by private individuals or corporations, and investments, distribution, income, production, pricing and supply of goods, commodities and services are determined by voluntary private decision in a market economy. A distinguishing feature of capitalism is that each person owns his or her own labor and therefore is allowed to sell the use of it to employers. In a "capitalist state", private rights and property relations are protected by the rule of law of a limited regulatory framework. In the modern capitalist state, legislative action is confined to defining and enforcing the basic rules of the market, though the state may provide some public goods and infrastructure.

Socialism refers to a broad set of economic theories of social organization advocating public or state ownership and administration of the means of production and distribution of goods, and a society characterized by equal opportunities for all individuals, with a fair or egalitarian method of compensation. Modern socialism originated in the late 19th-century working class political movement that criticized the effects of industrialization and private ownership on society. Karl Marx posited that socialism would be achieved via class struggle and a proletarian revolution, and would represent a transitional stage between capitalism and communism.

Communism is a socioeconomic structure and political ideology that promotes the establishment of an egalitarian, classless, stateless society based on common ownership and control of the means of production and property in general. Karl Marx posited that communism would be the final stage in human society, which would be achieved through a proletarian revolution. "Pure communism" in the Marxian sense refers to a classless, stateless and oppression-free society where decisions on what to produce and what policies to pursue are made democratically, allowing every member of society to participate in the decision-making process in both the political and economic spheres of life.

So we are a Capital country whom is slowly becoming a Socialism one, yes our own government is taking more control of our businesses and personal rights. While a few communist countries have become socialism ones and a one or two is now capitalism ones.

This is what I was talking about, but since some have thought I was talking about a past version of slavery it could also fix in today's world as well, Since every race at some point in history as been slave to another race and it own race. This is true, but to be enslave have mean other things as well.

We need to more to a classless society where everyone is equal.

But since we live in world where everyone is judge on who there are, their name, looks, and social class it has become the norm that everyone play into these.

On the point of the blog post Hate crimes, I just want you to think of this,

The U.S. Supreme Court unanimously found that hate crime statutes, which criminalize bias-motivated speech or symbolic speech conflict with free speech rights because they isolated certain words based on their content or viewpoint. Some have argued hate crime laws bring the law into disrepute and further divide society, as groups apply to have their critics silenced. Some have argued that if it is true that all violent crimes are the result of the perpetrator's contempt for the victim, then all crimes are hate crimes. Thus, if there is no alternate rationale for prosecuting some people more harshly for the same crime based on who the victim is, then different defendants are treated unequally under the law, which violates the United States Constitution. To try to isolate motivation in cases such as rape and murder to fit into one of two categories is ridiculous. The victims in either case suffer the same result. To legislate different penalties based upon a changing definition of what constitutes hate criminalizes thought and not actions. In a free society, one's thoughts and ideas should be protected even if they offend the sensitivities of other groups. It's when a physical crime is perpetrated, regardless of the motivation, that the same punishment should be enforced.

SNT:WTF, Why don't we justmake every damn crime a fucking hate crime

Safer Communities Act Introduced in NC House Safer Communities Act Introduced in NC House

2/19/2009 - Rep. Pricey Harrison (D-Guilford) introduced the Safer Communities Act, House Bill 207, yesterday. The bill would expand North Carolina's existing hate crimes law to include age, gender, disability, sexual orientation and gender identity or expression. Equality NC is working with Rep. Harrison to support this bill.
Rep. Pricey Harrison is leading the effort for an inclusive hate crimes law.
"Lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender North Carolinians continue to be targeted for hate crimes, but our state law fails to provide the protection afforded to other classes for acts motivated by sexual orientation or gender identity," said Ian Palmquist. "It's time for the legislature to address this issue."

Rep. Harrison is joined by Representatives Verla Insko (D-Orange), Tricia Cotham (D-Mecklenburg) and Rick Glazier (D-Cumberland) as primary sponsors along with 12 co-sponsors.
The bill was referred to the Judicary I Committee.

hell I'm shock this $%^&*(@#$% didn't add domestic violence as a damn hate crime, a course that is, as they claim, it done out of love..

What is this damn world coming to.. I guess next up will be free speech as a hate crimes,,ooops i forget it is now isn't it. Boy we are being a nation of laws and government control the rights and freedoms given to us by our founding father will soon be nothing more then a damn memory...

I remember being told in World History class that every things changes, those that were enslave shall be free, adn those that are free shall be enslaved.. I guess its time for the US to be next nation to enslave it people.

Monday, February 23, 2009

SNT:first Correction, but not complete

The reply that will lead to correction and another complaint.
Sick... Turn your attention to and look under Scholarships and Dinner Fellowships.

And I expect a clarification and correction to your past inaccurate reporting. You know I'd do the same if I had reported something wrong.

Yes I did find where they do give reduce tickets

HRC Carolinas also offers those with limited income to apply for the "Dinner Fellowship" to attend the Gala. The Gala committee strives to involve populations in this annual HRC fundraiser, regardless of level of income and other differences, and offers a limited number of fellowships to those individuals that demonstrate need and would not otherwise be able to attend the dinner without financial assistance. Those receiving the fellowship can attend the Gala dinner at a reduced dinner ticket price.

However I feel if this was true they would have located this information on the ticket page. I can only guess that NC HRC doesn't want people to know that they would give a LIMITED NUMBER OF these tickets out.

Then there is this,
The "Emerging Leader Dinner Scholarship" provides dedicated monies from the 2009 Gala committee to encourage 18-25 year-old North Carolina and South Carolina residents to attend the dinner as guests of HRC. HRC Carolinas desires to involve individuals from this age group to encourage their participation as supporters and leaders of future HRC events in NC and SC. As a scholarship recipient, you will receive a free ticket to the dinner and you are asked to provide volunteer support at the Convention Center the day of the Gala dinner. Also, you will be eligible for an opportunity to attend training at HRC national headquarters.

Holy shit, if you are a scholarship recipient you get a free ticket, and you are ask to work as a volunteer, at the the Gala, I can only guess they need a lot of cater-waiters..Better yet maybe then need more hat and coat checkers. Ok I would volunteer for that so I could try on their Fur coats while they are eating

All I can say is when Equality NC Held their Gala they put all ticket prices information on the ticket page. Unlike NC HRC where they hid it on a scholarship page where most would think you would find information on applying for a Scholarship, not reduce tickets. This is call being organize not sneaky.

This is why they need so much money, that damn overhead..
Gas, hotel rooms, food, drink, dinner tickets, tuxedos, taxi fares, limo and executive car rentals. The Gala committee spends plenty of cash on the Gala production itself, decorations and convention center and hotel fees.
Ok Why would they need limos for, please they can rent about three cars for the price of one limo.

Also why keep going to a city where the Mayor won't even welcome you to the city.
Every year the Human Rights Campaign rolls into Charlotte for its annual Gala dinner. With the more than 1,000 dinner attendees (one year it topped 1,400), comes an exchange of, literally, millions of dollars.
Why Can't the NC HRC hold this Gala in other cities around NC? This could explain why the LGBT community east of 95 feels so left out and not apart of the NC LGBT community. I know I was shock to heard that Equality NC was holding an Event in my town Rocky Mount, even though it's on school Bullying.

What about the rest of the state, those who live in rural towns east of Rocky Mount. I can only guess those LGBT member who live in cities and town like Greenville, Elizabeth City, the Outer Banks, and all point in between doesn't matter, only those who live Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill, Statesville, Greenboro, and Charlotte, which is where the well off live and work. Those who can give those very large donations.

Stained Glass

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GLAAD on the NY Post cartoonist

"Sean Delonas has a history of defamatory work and we stand with those who decry this recent cartoon as unacceptable and a vicious portrayal that neither enlightens nor entertains. It's unacceptable that the New York Post continues to provide a platform for such instances of hateful defamation."

-- GLAAD President Neil G. Giuliano. The organization launched a Call to Action yesterday around the cartoonist's history of homophobic strips to parallel the racist "chimpanzee" toon he's currently in trouble for.

Yet if this was about any other group Glaad wouldn't have said a damn word.. Glaad just need something to bitch about and get their sorry ass name in the paper..

If you don't like it, then fine, just don't view this artist's work then or don't read the Post.. Then you won't be offended at all..

If this was about the Pope, Glaad take would be completely different wouldn't it.

Video Saturday

I Walk Alone - Tarja Turunen
Tarja - Die Alive
Tarja Turunen... Memory
Nightwish - Sleeping Sun (old sound, new video)

reply to comment on NC HRC Gala

Sick -- HRC Carolians gala also offers reduced pricing for those who need it. They also offer free entry to college students.
However please note that on this page there say nothing about reduce tickets, except for the Federal club member, 100 off, limit two tickets,

Notice how much more you have to paid for a Premium table for ten, $2500.00 yet at $175 per person that would be $1750.00, so to get this table you have to pay additional $750.00, what do you get for this, better coffee, big shrimp cocktail dish?

This Gala is nothing more then a way to rip off the LGBT community. This is Event is only a money making scheme by the HRC..

by the way

CHARLOTTE — With a star-studded attendee list including some of the most well-known movers and shakers in the Carolinas LGBT community, the 2009 Human Rights Campaign Gala returns to Charlotte once more before heading to North Carolina’s capital city in 2010.

Just who are this star-studded people, I guess to find out you will have to cough up that $175, travel cost, hotel cost and other items to find out.. We know that Ms-can't speak lgbt words Hagan will be there, and Suzanne Westenhoefer and a member from the main HRC will be there, but who else.. Also I wonder just how much the over head for this event is...

Friday, February 20, 2009

Tyra Bank show

I would like to thanks Joe MY God, Good As You, and the Towleroad for showing just how petty we are as a community. The Tyra Bank show only showed that we have the same problems as the Heterosexuals do.

This is why I feel our community is fuck up it's not funny. We want the fucking world to see as happy care free people whom have lots of money so we can travel, buy high cost, but low quality clothes and shoes, who can attend these sorry ass high cost Galas and events.

When we know that we have the same damn problems as everyone else. We talk a good game, but face it, we would rather have the rest of the country to feel sorry for us, and see us a victims then who we are, just average every day people who have problems just like everyone else. 

Hell at times I don't even want to be gay, but this is who I am, each one of us at sometime in our life has to decide what is right and best for us. For some of us, that could mean coming out of the closet and live their lives out in the open, for others it mean to be safe in the closet, while other are in the closet and marry with kids, who have fun on the side. 

To Joe my god,

Let's all thank Tyra Banks for finding these seriously damaged young men and giving the wingnuts around the nation a collective "I knew it!" moment.
What about our own fucking wingnuts, mmmm, I'm for one trying be told that if I don' t know every gay theme movie ,play and song that I'm not really a part of the community, also If I don't travel, buy expense clothes by asshole who names I can't remember or pronounce. If my home couldn't make in any home type magazine then my home is no good. 

How nice to be able to bash your own community, without being called a bigot.. However If one of those wingnuts called them damage you would be outrage. 

Yesterday Tyra Banks hosted a handful of homo sad sacks on her show where the subjects derided their fellow gays for being effeminate, disgusting, weak, terrifying, shameful, preying pedophiles.

I guess this is hard for us to hear some truth about our community from our own community, however, I don't think we are the preying pedophiles, however many in our community to seek out the young one, most time barely legal. By our own action we tell the world that we are week and effeminate.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

The first American novel that touch on a gay theme

The Poet Bayard Taylor, publish a novel called Joseph and his Friend, that was publish in 1870. Though the novel was dedicated "to those who believe in the truth and tenderness of man's love for man, as of man's love for woman, its homosexual elements were so subtle that a heterosexual reader could easily miss them.

Geese in the Park

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My take on SVPA

As I set at my computer wondering if I should attend the PFLAG Rocky Mount Meeting on the SVPA that will be held at the Edgecombe Community College here in Rocky Mount. I wonder and have to ask myself will I be able to be objective and listen to Ms Rebecca Man discuss this issue. 

It is true that I have not been in high school for a long time. Yes even when I went to school there was some type of bullying going on, Name calling is what most bullying is. Yes at times it can get physical and a fight would break out. All in all it was name calling, four-eyes to those whom wore glass, geek and nerd to those who love to study and actually love going to school. Wimps for those who would never fight back at all, let's not forget the other name we would call some of the female student. 

But we never brought a gun to school, yes there were a few knives, mostly pocket knives but they were never use against anyone in school.

I would say yes my school wasn't one of those city type schools, my school was a typical county school, and even back in my time our teachers were over work and under paid. We had our problems then again which school doesn't. We had those that were trouble makers, the class clowns, the jocks who thought they ruled the school, and the cheerleaders who thought they were the hottest things at school.

It seem that all today's school trouble can be trace back at least three decades, When parents groups ask for laws to protect children from abuse, since that time our kids are getting more out of control, simply because the parents are failing to parent, they are failing to raise their kids, simply because they don't want to be label an abuser, or simply because they rather be at work then raising their kids. 

If we truly want the end school bullying then it must start at home, today's teachers have enough on their plates as it is. Today's teacher must be all of the following, teacher, doctors, babysitters, counselors, and at times parents to today's students. Facing it, we as a society is just asking too much of our teachers. 

Over all do we really need another state law to force the school district to force school policies? No we don't, if these principals can't control the school staff and students that they were entrusted to oversee then you simply get another that can do it. Though out my school life I had the same principal in grammar school and middle school, my high school principal didn't pull any bunches at all. Also in my high school we had one mean ass hall monitor who keep things in halls in order, she made sure we were not hang to long in the halls between classes. 

So let's work on fixing school policies and getting the right people in were they needed to be. Before we ask our lawmakers to pass another law that we might not need..

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

You got Postit!!

I heard of keying a car when you are mad at the owner, but I never heard of using postit notes to do the same thing.

What was written on these notes, LOSER and YOU SUCK. I guess this person piss someone off over the V-day Weekend...
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Monday, February 16, 2009

What a conundrum we have created??

From Joe. My. God
Los Angeles City College is being sued for religious discrimination after a public speaking professor refused to allow a student to complete his speech in support of traditional marriage. The lawsuit also seeks to overturn university rules on offensive speech by students.

A classroom dispute at Los Angeles City College in the emotional aftermath of Proposition 8 has given rise to a lawsuit testing the balance between 1st Amendment rights and school codes on offensive speech. Student Jonathan Lopez says his professor called him a "fascist bastard" and refused to let him finish his speech against same-sex marriage during a public speaking class last November, weeks after California voters approved the ban on such unions. When Lopez tried to find out his mark for the speech, the professor, John Matteson, allegedly told him to "ask God what your grade is," the suit says. Lopez also said the teacher threatened to have him expelled when he complained to higher-ups.

So are we Happy now, we truly don't have free speech any more in this county, mostly thanks to hate crimes laws and our bitching and whining that we find any language against us, as offensive speech that these colleges will not let anyone have free speech if it is against us. How nice!!! Just like in NC when those whom wrote racism remarks in the so-called freedom expression tunnel..

so what is next LGBTQIA, community what right so you want us to lose, Get a fucking life and a fucking back bone, and stop acting like a bunch of whining ass babies. If you can't handle being call a fag or dyke then stay the hell home and don't come out side at all.

Whenwill this crap end. Offensive language is still free speech, event the christian right has the right to speak against gay marriage if they wish. So get the fuck over it, no matter what they have the same rights to free speech as well they have the right to protest as we, just because we don't like it doesn't mean that its should be against any laws or codes of conducts in colleges, there are more serious problems on colleges grounds then someones fucking emotions being hurt over the following words..



The LGBT and QAI community is becoming a bunch of whining ass babies.. Grow the fuck up words are just words, we controlled how we will let them effect us

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

HRC Carolina Gala "not all are welcome"

About the 2009 Carolinas GALA

Imagination. It’s a word that conjures thoughts of chasing fire flies in an open field, of floating bubbles in the wind, of a pinwheel in a summer breeze. Imagination also stirs thoughts of equality, of a community free of barriers, of a community free of fear.  Imagination is a trait that we all share as humans. You could call it a “human right.”

Last year, the celebration was about WE. The inclusive community of WE. WE as the power of a dedicated group of individuals moving forward toward a common goal. A goal that was once imagined by a single individual.

This year WE ask you to Imagine. Imagine the possibilities of our community. Imagine a community free of barriers. Imagine what can happen as others share the Imagination. Share your imagination on equality, human rights and fairness to all of WE. Your imagination may spark another to dream, to imagine and to act. And, just imagine how it could grow…

Our symbol for the 2009 Gala is a pinwheel -- a symbol of the imagination of our youth. A time when our imagination conjures thoughts of fighting pirates, dancing, flying, being President, marrying the person we fell in love with and not being afraid of showing our true selves. And, we were encouraged to dream because we could do anything.

We ask you to help us imagine a wonderful evening at the 2009 HRC Carolinas Gala on Saturday, February 21, 2009.

Sign up today to be a Table Captain for the 2009 HRC Carolinas Gala and motivate 9 friends to join you at your table. As a Table Captain, you’re only responsible for influencing your friends to buy their tickets and choose your table to enjoy the festivities. Click on Table Captains link to the left.
Imagination. Share it. Live it. Achieve it.

Here we go again, another gala where those under a certain income are not welcome, They archive this by  choosing a venue far away, the cost of tickets, they make sure their over head for the Gala is high to justify the high price tickets. They plan for a week long event, which are held at high cost bars, and hotels where if you truly want to attend this event you are force to spent between one thousand to 5 thousand; dollars. Then they make it a Black Tie affair when means more money, so those LGBT member who are not able to afford the hotel, travel cost and tuxes rents won't be there.

This is how they make sure they only get those who are able to give those large gifts, don't have to see those who are beneath them. So they can feel superior. Nice to know even in our little community those with the cash rule. At least when the NC Equality held their gala they offer afford price reductions for those who need it.

I find it funny that Ms Hagan who really didn't speak our name while campaign but can now that she is in office is the key note speake, and I'm sure ms Westenhoefer is getting something for her time.

Something I Wrote as a Comment on Q-notes

I wrote the following on a this Post at Q-notes

This is what the post was about

On March 3, churches across the state will bring busloads of rally participants to Halifax Mall, the green park behind the building where state legislators meet daily for legislative work. The rally, expected to draw thousands, is being organized by the Winston-Salem-based Return America. Berean Baptist Church pastor Ron Baity is the organizer.

After the CA lost their right to marry we took to the street, we held many protests and rallies across the US, Now NC is a becoming a battle ground state.

Though I don't want to marry and that marriage isn't a big issue with me, I know that many in our community want this, and as part of the community I will support this fight. I attend the first Prop8 protest in NC, by attending the one that was held in Greenville, NC. I took pictures of this event; I have shared these photos with many, not asking for anything in return but just the credit line. I then attended the second Protest that was set up by Georgia Winfree of Someone's Sister, a local band in Greenville. The first Protest drew about 50, why the other one drew only 15, and one of those was my niece who drove me there because my partner need our car that day.

It seems to me that we started out strong then we just basically gave up.

Now we have this group who will be buses in protesters who will stand before our Capital building bashing us why we do nothing. I asked a few who live around and in Raleigh, if we should hold a counter protest. To show them that we will not back down that we are willing to fight this. The response I’ve gotten; wasn’t encouraging at all. One guy believe we should hold a counter protest, another wants all of us to attend the NC Equality Lobby day, and other reply that we might not be able to “muster a crowd large enough to make an impact.”

Yet we want a large crowd for the Lobby day. It's funny that we could muster enough LGBT people in NC to show support for our brothers and sisters in CA, but we can't do it here at home when we need to. This is just right down sickening, sad. Yet if we need numbers to make an impact then please tell me why when only 5 to 9 of the Phelps clan show up they make an impact, please tell me how they do this.

Here we have a group that feels the need to bus people in to make their impact, while we, who live in the area just can't find the damn time to make an our impact. I can only guess this would cut into our time at the damn mall, or time at the damn adult bookstores or bars. It seem that we are becoming a group are whining ass babies, who is expecting Obama to come to our rescue.

This is just sickening and fucking unbelievable, if they succeed this year we have only ourselves to blame just because we were too damn busy to fight. However we weren’t too busy to fight for CA. I would have to wonder if they would have done the same for us.

SNT: Rocky Mount FAcebook protest Cancel

Its sad that I must say that I have cancel this event. Mostly due to lack of interest, It seem that we can gather  in number to show our support for our sisters and brothers in CA, but we can't manage to do this our own back yard. So I guess this year if the folks/bigots of NC4Marriage win, then I guess we will find our anger and do some thing about.
So we will allow this group to bus in protesters while we do thing at all. I contact to people in the Raleigh area, One said that we should have a counter protest, one another thinks we would not be able to to get the numbers need to make it a success. Yet we got the numbers to show support for LGBT community in CA, we get the numbers for a yearly pride marches, but now it seem when the Marriage is now in our own state we are doing nothing.

Instead we are ask to show up on March the 24th for the NC Lobby day in Raleigh, to educate our lawmakers, who still have the mind set of Jessie Helms.

So since I cancel my protest I will be there for a while just to see if any one will show.

However I do plan to be in Raleigh on the 3rd to watch this group trash and bash us as Pedophiles, and etc..

Monday, February 9, 2009

CMF 2009 Bachelor/Bachelorette Auction

Sunday, Feb 15, 2009,
Doors open at 6 p.m.
Auction starts at 7:30pm

The Mint
1 Exchange Plz
Raleigh, NC 27601
(919) 821-0011

I'm all for benefits that help the community out, but this type of benefits only proves how far some will go to have a date no matter how short with someone that they find attractive, and that under normal circumstance wouldn't stand a chance getting a date with.

Well the males any way, I have only time realize that Lesbians don't have the same hang ups as gay men do. Lesbians are more accepting of each other more then gay men are.

With that said, let get to my main point, why is it that when these group have these type of benefits and galas, why do they always pick the most expense venue.

Finally an ENC Event in Rocky Mount

PFLAG Rocky Mount hosts Equality North Carolina for a community discussion on the School Violence Prevention Act
  • Community Meeting
  • Educational Program
When Feb 24, 2009
from 07:00 pm to 08:00 pm
Where Rocky Mount
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Join the discussion on bullying and harassment in North Carolina's schools and find out what you can do to end it! This meeting, hosted by PFLAG Rocky Mount, will focus on the School Violence Prevention Act (also known as the "Anti-Bullying Bill") and on how a diverse coalition of organizations and individuals are working together to make sure all children are safe at school.
Equality NC's Community Organizer, Rebecca Mann, will get the ball rolling with a discussion on bullying and harassment in North Carolina's schools, including the School Violence Prevention Act's history and current status. Equality NC interns Greer Cook and Wes Nemenz will also be on hand to collect stories from participants about school bullying to present to state legislators.
Please RSVP here to let us know you'll attend.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

The Winner of Mr Gay World, I'm shock

Yes it is true this is the winner of the Mr Gay World contest. Shocking isn't it, I mean I am shock.

Mr. Gay Ireland, Max Krzyzanowski, becomes Mr. Gay World 2009 in front of a sold-out audience at the grand finale in Whistler, Canada.

I see over the man hunt voting page they don't letting their votes poll result out yet, I would have to why.

My blog poll has Arturas Vipas Burnickis as the winner, the last time when i was able the result at manhunt , Edson Lopes was in the lead..

Also Max is only one of the few that didn't keep changing his photo at the Delegate page. 

However is pic on his face book page is way hotter, 

Do we really need to know this

Jai Rodriguez Finds His Pearly White Partner Nearly forgotten about Queer Eye Jai Rodriguez has a new boyfriend. And this is news because … it's Saturday, and we're supposed to have the day off.

Do we really need to know every time one of our LGBT actors or TV Star gets a new boytoy, really Isn't this just throwing our sex life in other people faces. Inmost case this only proves that we can't keep it our pants, just look how many Lance's boytoys there have been in the last few years..

Yasmin Nair post over at The Bilerico Project

I think Jacobs and Potter put it best: "...when it comes to crime, all victims are a protected group. Why should some victims be considered more protected than others?" We could also extend that, as they do, and ask: Does hate crimes legislation do anything more than punish ideology? Again, from Jacobs and Potter, "Hate Crime" is a social construct. ... it focuses on the psyche of the criminal rather than on the criminal's conduct. It attempts to extend the civil rights paradigm into the world of crime and criminal law.

Which brings me to the issue of how utterly ineffectual hate crimes legislation is in terms of addressing the very real violence against the very bodies it claims to protect. Sure, we can find more ways to document harassment and violence against transgender bodies and to put people away forever for the same.
So stop by the Bilerico Project and read this post for yourself, Click here to read more., 

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Freedom to Marry Week 2009 (passing on this email

Dear Blogger:

This Monday, February 9, bloggers in the LGBT community and their allies will be participating in "The Only Agenda Is Love," a blogswarm in support of Freedom to Marry Week. By being a part of this effort, you will help contribute to a blogsphere-wide education campaign about ways your readers can help promote fair legislation and rescind anti-equality measures.

We hope you will take a moment to blog on this important issue. Several states, including New York and New Jersey, are poised to consider marriage equality this year. The California Supreme Court will consider the legality of Prop 8 on March 5.
We expect several hundred bloggers to participate. Please help us spread the word by putting up a short post in advance just to tell readers that the event is coming up. We're also offering some exciting prizes. For each post you write, up to a maximum of 4, we'll enter you into a contest for a $250 prize or one of three $100 prizes*.

Once you've posted on February 9, visit Mombian to submit the link to your post(s). We'll be sure to link it from our master list of participating blogs.

When posting, please try to include the blogswarm graphic to the above right or one of the exciting graphics created for Freedom To Marry's weeklong program, 7 Conversations in 7 Days. (Graphics for the blogswarm may also be seen here.)

When blogging, please include a link to:
If you prefer, this link will work also:
Thanks and happy posting!

Dana Rudolph

Mike Rogers

PS: Don't don't forget, each post enters you to win up to $250. (Prizes will be awarded in online gift certificates.)

PS: A separate four-day blogging event for Freedom to Marry Week will run February 10-13. Bloggers are asked to write posts on the themes: something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue. Visit The Other Mother for details.

So Glad that Q-note s will conutine to publish Joseph Urbaniak column

Yes, the staff of Q-notes has decided to conutine the Joseph Urbaniak column.

I'm so glad, and proud of the staff to stand up for another person rights.

I'm also glad that Matt wrote the following,

The LGBT community says it wants equality. We should have enough conviction to stand by our words. Urbaniak committed a crime, has almost finished paying for that crime and is a member of the LGBT community. We don’t have to endorse his crime in order for him to be a part of our community. I’m constantly surrounded by people whose actions and decisions I don’t like or can’t stand (sometimes even my co-workers and best friends). Being an asshole, immoral degenerate, liar or all-around scumbag doesn’t get you tossed out of the LGBT community. Why does committing a crime automatically mean you no longer matter?
enough said on that point.

Video Saturday

Pet Shop Boys West End Girls
Pet Shop Boys - Opportunities - (Let's make lots of money)
Pet Shop Boys - Absolutely Fabulous
Pet Shop Boys Home And Dry

MGW, bait and switch, I wonder

What is the deal? I mean, really is the Mr Gay World Group doing a bait and switch in their delegates. 
Yes these two pictures are of the same guy, but look how different he looks in them. 
I mean its like placing a personal ad and using a old photo that show you cuter and younger then you currently are. 
In the first photo, Wilbert Tolentino, who is 33 looks much younger then he does in the second photo. 

Friday, February 6, 2009

My niece car crash

This morning my niece was taking her sister school and her son to day care when she lost control of her of car. Also was the day that they decide not wear a seat belt, Lucky enough all three are doing. The baby was nice and safe in his car seat, My niece who was driving was knock out of the car by the air bag, she has a broken rib, my other niece has some minor cuts and will soon have on hell of a black eye, since she hit in the face by the air bag on her side..

However at times I don't wear my seat belt, mostly because when I was 18, I was in a crash where I was told if I had my seat belt on I wouldn't be writing this post now.

All is well, they are home and safe, in pain but doing good.

Why do we even listern to this crack pot.

Holy shit this crack pot has claim to have found the long lost Gay Agenda, Ok guys who lost their's agenda. It's clearly states on page one not to take the agenda out of your home under any circumstance, not even if your house is on fire.

Now this crack pot has a copy, ok its time to rewrite it and completely change our course.

“You know, I’ve done a lot of reading on this,” Kern said. “I wish I could describe to you their behavior. I will not because I would be redder than this suit. It’s their behavior that we oppose.

“This theme of equality and freedom is the approach that the homosexuals are using today -- totally perverting the true intention of what our Constitution meant,” she continued. “The homosexuals get it -- it’s a struggle between our religious freedoms and their right to do what they want to do.”
Ok, in the words of the late George Carlin, Keep thou religion to thou self.

What a day it has been

Well, I'm almost done with reinstalling all my programs and files on my computer, which need a new hard drive. However this leave me very uneasy.. since this is it second hard drive in 6 months. The OEM drive had to be replace after ten days I got it. I knew then I should have just took the managers offer at best buy to get another one still in the box.

I can only hope that this Western Digital Scorpio will last longer then last one.

However this drive is bigger than the replace one, When I got my computer it come with a 180 G drive, when they replace it, the new one was a 250g drive, now I have a 500g drive.

All I have to install now is my photoshop and other camera software, then I will be done. Now I have to find a place that I can get my data from my other drive.

Yes I do back up every month, however this happen a day before the back was to take place.

What to do, what to do!!!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

My computer is out of service again.

I'm really getting piss of at dell and hard drives makers.

When I go tmy new dell, I had it for 10 days when the hard drive went up. Now five months later my new drive goes bye bye, My last back up was last month, but I forgot to back up my document file, so that is a complete last also is all my photos that I have taken since January the 3rd.

Now I could send my had drive out to a private company and buy between $500 and $1500,00 dollar for data recovery services.

However if you own a Dell don't expect dell to help you out, however I did find out that dell is now offering in country service for an up front fee of $150, you get to talk to some one in the US, not over sea, when you can't understand them at all.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

What about us

Guess we been talking too long
We know what we need
You say the honeymoon's over
I don't wanna push
But what about us?
It's ringing in my head
It's not what you say
It's what you haven't said
So, What about us?
What about love?
What about saying
That we'll never give up?
Don't want to blame ya
But we're in danger
So... What about us?
Guess we been trying too hard
We misunderstood
What's good for us
I'm tired emotionally inside
Night after night
We fight till we cry
I don't know what's wrong or right?
Is every word you say
What's really on your mind?
So... What about us?
What about love?
What about saying
That we'll never give up?
Don't want to blame ya
But we're in danger
So... What about us?
When we love... we lie
When we talk... we hide
Maybe I'm searching blind
I'm worn out
What are we to you?
What do we doing... ?
What do we doing?
What about us?
What about love?
What about saying
That we'll never give up?
Don't want to blame ya
But we're in danger
So... What about us?
What about love?
That's the one thing we never discussed
Don't want to blame ya
But we're in danger
So... What about us?
Sung by John Barrowman

Children should't be subject to life long medical choices

Very interesting statement, which I'm sure the #transinc community will claim to be Transphobic.. in natural. There is nothing bias ...