Sunday, February 28, 2010

Throw open the Door

This is a nice little quote from pam,

I can tell you that the fundies have no problem getting on a bus and flooding the halls of the general assembly.
Boy this really pisses me off, wait there is more
If we could only get half of the gala attendees to show up along with past Day of Action attendees, it would probably triple the turnout, and impress the hell out of lawmakers
I re-posted a post  from Last year NC4 Marriage Rally, where the group did bus people in, yet only 17 LGBT's showed up to do a counter, and our local LGBT groups/and blogger  completely didn't talk about.. I'm sure many of these same people where at the Day of Action last year as well..

yes even Pam didn't mention that a local (her hometown) group organize this protest.. See this our problem even in our community we don't support each other, but we are so willing to kiss Joe's HRC Ass every year. What is the fucking deal...

HRC Gala Via Pams Houseblend

I would like to thanks Pam for her Coverage of the NC HRC Gala...

I had plans of bring in Raleigh to Photo those who attend this event but things didn't work out.

Pam post can be found here.

I so glad that Pam did highlight a good point about his event.

That the HRC is all about
financial clout

Yes, only those whom could afford to this event, since the Tickets were over $200 dollars and more if you attend the all the events.. Proving the organizers of this event only what those whom they can suck dry, money wise that is. Yes they need to suck up and kiss those fat cats fucking asss to money so they can paid their over paid mouth piece Joe.

Pam made a point to point this out
Did you know that the Carolinas gala is the second-largest fundraiser for HRC nationwide. When I see the room filled with so many people who clearly feel committed to LGBT equality at this gala, it is the kind of support that state and local organizations need to see as well.

So are we Second to New York or California, where most of the players who give to HRC are nothing more then a bunch self hating faggots and Dykes whom are in the fucking closet, for their fucking career, Like Ms Baxter, whom really come out, so late in life.. I wonder if the reason why she come out, was that someone was going to out her ass.

Its gets better Clay went back in the closet for Hollywood.. I sure he found some very interesting things while in CA...

I'm also willing to bet that many of these so-call fats cats don't do a dam thing for the community but writes checks,  while saying they can't do this with me, I'm the life line with out me nothing would get done..

Take this comment from a blender,
Yes, HRC does good work, but until back-stabber Joe is ousted from the leadership, and those galas are priced so more blue collar/service/retail workers can attend them, I'll have nothing to do with HRC.
I'm tired of HRC focusing on professionals and $75+/person tickets. Those of us who work for minimum wage and above who'd to be able to attend these functions too, y'know!
I've rarely if ever seen HRC focus on retail and service industry: hotels, retail chains (and not the giants like KMart and Wal-Mart), but the regionals like Kroger, Meijer, Piggly-Wiggly, etcetera.
I've also rarely seen any serious scholarly journals looking at the discrimination faced by folks like us who're in these fields as opposed to those in the upper middle class and above.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Pam's undies in a nut over a Micky D's commerical

Here is the ad

Now I see nothing wrong with this Ad, However Ms Pam seems to think McDonald's is only targetting Blacks for this Ad. And that their Food is fattening.

First off no one from McDonalds is forcing you to buy their nuggets, and other items. I see that she not after soft drinks companies, since their products also a cause of fattening people up. However the main thing about this ad that pissing her off is that its targeting black folks, by using black actors/Actress in and that it a chili sauce.

the serious issues of childhood obesity, heart health and high blood pressure that are devastating minority populations disproportionately is clearly not something McDonalds wants to touch with a ten-foot pole. Its cheap mostly unhealthy food (yeah, there are a few salads and grilled offerings) is readily available in most minority communities. Good luck finding any good grocery store, never mind a Whole Foods.

Now we see why she is piss, folks are not going to the grocery or a Whole Foods store and then going home and cooking for their families. I can bet that even she does eat out at some type of fast food store, Hell, most prepare foods you buy in Store have high level of salt in them.. Also You will find Micky D's in every community, not just the damn poor ones...

Wait, I miss it, here is the main reason why she hates it, no large people in it...
It's no mistake that those two chili sauce-loving people in that commercial are slim and attractive. A realistic portrayal would have some extra pounds carrying people bellying up to the counter for those McNuggets. But as we know, marketing isn't about reality.

Then I guess she hates all the ads for cloths, shoes, and make up..

Gays and Lesbians the New Bigots on the Streets.

The ad in question was not about sexuality. It featured a father holding his son and the words, "All I want for my son is for him to grow up knowing how to do the right thing." Like the Tebow ad, it included the address of Focus on the Family's Web site and the slogan, "Celebrate Family. Celebrate Life."

Now nice, I would have thought after what Miller did to Jerkins, it would mean that many of us would see what signal fathers goes through in after divorce, no being able to see or be apart of their kids lives. Now we go and bitch and whine about this ad, just because whom produced it.

We have become nothing more then the bigots what we hate. I can only said that we have come full circle. We have now become the bullies, the bigots, and teachers of hate..

And I agree with this,

Focus on the Family spokesman Gary Schneeberger said that if such material were "all of a sudden labeled hate speech, we have deeper problems in our country than we even know."

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

More Anti-Photography Stories

See there all the fuck up things England cops do to Photographers,,, BTW, It happens here too...

A quick-thinking police officer spotted a 49-year-old man taking photos of Christmas lights and busted him on the spot for not having a camera license. When the photographer failed to produce a license (which would have been a neat trick, since there's no such thing as a camera license in England or any other free nation) the officer kept the world safe from terror by making the man delete all the photos in the camera.

Photographing your child = you are a paedophile

Click here to read more,

Remember what ever happen in Fucking England will happen here soon, In England if you photograph your child on a coin operated horse you are now a Paedophile.. If i was the father I would sue the hell out of the mall on and so-call rent a cop for every he fucking own...

this is the photo, then again we only have a bunch of fucked up parents for this crap...

Outside of the mall, Kevin was stopped by a police constable who had received a complaint from mall security that a suspicious potential paedophile had been taking pictures on its premises. The PC threatened to arrest Kevin "for creating a public disturbance" and ordered him to delete the photo of his son. The PC also averred that the Bridges Shopping Centre is a hotbed of paedophile assaults. 

Who is the real Paedo.. and all those whom watch their fellow citizens on those CCTV's

Monday, February 22, 2010

Details sir, your Photography is anti-social, WTF England, F- section 44

another stop and harassment under Section 44 in England.. how can photography be anti-social, please explain this me, you have to be some what sociable don't you, when taking photographs...

See more and learn more here
May I have your details sir, you are photographing the square.. DETAILS SIR.. we need then to make sure you are not a terrorist...
Sir your Details sir, your photography is anti-social, PLEASE don't FILM me,, Yet these basters have CCTV's on every street to watch and record you, follow you if they want.. But Please don't Film the Cows why they harass you on public street, because she agrees with the first cow that you photography is ANTI-SOCIAL...
Ok sir your details under section 44 and Section 2 or off to jail we go..Get the Van really we have another

See even in England Cops are just as stupid and nothing more then bullies just like those here in the US..

Sunday, February 14, 2010

No Matter what this isn't how you get rid of a TV

I just don't understand why people allow this to happen

I will never understand why people allow good homes to go down the tubes.. But this one take the cake.

The house in these photos were taking on a Cattle farm, they let the house go down, but they make sure the Barn is in great shape..Why???????????

If you had the money for the upkeep of the barn and the grounds why not the house.
As you can see the barn is in great condition

There are many of these types of homes all around NC, left to slowly rot and return to the earth...

Friday, February 12, 2010

Its just about that time for the bus to hit the road

why what year, the bus has it riders, where only one whom is over 28 is allow, a nice little group who advocate for equality practicing ageism,,, how nice.. why don't they just say to the LGBT community that if you are over 29 you are no good to us, expect for you wallets...

Yes it a young adult thing, however they should never turn away member of the community who have been there and done that and seen it first hand as well...

Are we what they say we Are????

Shit like this and you wonder why they claim we are after children, that we are predators.. Thanks alot to Towleroad for add some gas to the fire..

The Snow is Falling

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(Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Intersex, Queer and Questioning)

What a bunch of shit, let see we didn't want to be call Queers but we are adding to our list, and Question should fall under being bisexual.. I guess we ill never be happy, so let just keep adding terms and new fucking names to describe us.. 

Current Event 2.12.10

Will Glaad is at it again trying to force people to bend to their will.
A small group got themselves arrested in NY for Marriage Equality
The world just don't know what to do, another Fashion Designer gone to styleheaven...
More Gays meet on line than straight, why????
Attitude magazine loses major distributor.
Another Gay Bookstore may close, in the UK,, 
Holy shit gay people at the Olympic stop the presses....
Adam Lambert performing in a secret NYC show this Monday,

Will these types of clouds bring us Snow again

Photo taken last year.
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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Is Lt Choi a sell out

Yes Dan Choi has been ask back to work, how nice for him,but what about all the others who weren't ask to come back, whom have been kick out under DADT..

If Dan Choi was a true advocate to end DADT he would have made another stand and refused to return till DADT was Repeal and all LGBT people were allowed to serve openly.. I guess he was only thinking of himself... Since it was his big mouth that got him almost thrown out in the first place.

Playing the Devil Advocate "Miami Beach case"

Yes the cops in Miami may be in the wrong for the attack on the witness and for using such language, but however the men the cops were orginially arresting in the park, what were they doing.

I bet they were trying to have sex in the Park.

If we would stop acting like a bunch of horny dogs and stop trying to fucking every guy we meet at the park maybe these things would not happen so often...

Could this be Ghost???

This Photo is untouch... Could this be a Ghost,
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Cho back at work under DADT

Dan Choi himself writes: "I was never fully discharged and have been substituting drills because of my schedule of lobbying and pushing for repeal. I attended national guard duty this past weekend beacuse we needed to train on critical skills for a possible upcoming deployment. My discharge is still pending, but I have returned to work  - and there are no instances of decreased good order or discipline. I sleep in an open bay with little privacy. No issues. Good to be back with my unit! - although I can still be fired at any moment for DADT."

How nice, he outs himself on National TV and then whine and Bitch about being run out of the National Guard under DADT. I guess in some cases bitching and whining does pay off...

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Why no LGBT people Speakers At HRC Galas

Another HRC Gala Where a Straight person speak about Equality for the LGBT Community..

However, this prove that HRC doesn't represent the whole community,, Black tie event only those who can afford the 400 dollar ticket can dine with us..

Gay Org's Selling out the Community they serving for personal gains

From the NG BLOG,

Charles Lynn Frost is an award-winning playwright and businessman. He has served as board member for the Utah Pride Center and Equality Utah. He's also better known to many as Sister Dottie Dixon.

In an opinion piece printed or posted at the Salt Lake Tribune, Mr. Frost is none too happy with a compromise between Utah State Republicans and Democrats not to bring up gay rights legislation until 2011. Equality Utah apparently supports the compromise.

According to one blogger, "Equality Utah's year long moratorium LGBT on introducing legislation in exchange for no right wing attack is a sell out."

Shocker huh? Gay activists selling out others for personal or professional gain. It's not like it's happenned before you know...

Remember last Year HRC was Protested by the Trans Community for selling them out in DC... Why do we keeping giving them money???? 

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Bi-Weekly disappointment, why do I even bother reading it.

The bi-weekly issue of Q-notes is out and as usual a complete total let down. I don’t know why when they change their logo and web address why didn’t they just go ahead and bring back their old name, Queen City Notes. Since most of the news and ads in it pretend to Charlotte only.

This issue is theirs 2nd annual sex issue, which in my book they don’t need, but then again sex does sell more than slice bread. I really don’t care about foursome that was paraded in the lost issue and on MTV.

This issue’s big buzz is Mitchell Gold Book “Crisis” I have read and found it very interesting to say the least. I miss my chance to see Mr. Gold when he was in Nashville last year talking about his book and the stories with in it. Yes, I had a very direct question I want to ask him about it. Which I hope I will be able to do one of these days. For those whom haven’t read it yet, you should and do it soon.

Then there the usual posts on Marriage and don’t ask don’t tell. Like there aren’t enough posts on these subjects across the web.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

She can marry but knows she may never will marry cause of the family business

What to do,what to do.;

Its a shame that this young bright girl can't find a man to marry because of her family business. What business this you ask, the business of hate, not just any hate, but a complete stupid hate...

That is right. Whom in their right mind would marry into the most hated family in the US. She doesn't want you to blame this on her family, because they are doing God's Work. I never knew God was in the hate business, damn you learn something everyday..

I often wonder why this family doesn't come to NC alot,, I guess we are just to redneck for them. They know they might not make it back out of NC in the same order as they were coming in..

Children should't be subject to life long medical choices

Very interesting statement, which I'm sure the #transinc community will claim to be Transphobic.. in natural. There is nothing bias ...