Thursday, March 31, 2011

LBGT Resource Office- Transgender Speaker

Thursday, March 31st at 7:00pm in the Mendenhall Great Rooms the LGBT Resource Office will be hosting it's first campus event, co-sponsored with the GLBTSU, called "Not Your Average Southern Gentleman: Growing up Trans in the South".  Our guest speaker's name is Loren Lemmond and he is a female to male transperson.  Loren candidly tells his story of growing up in North Carolina, of realizing his gender identity, of coming out to his family, and of the struggles and triumphs along the way.  He shows pictures of himself growing up, and shares funny, sad, touching and ultimately inspiring descriptions of what his experience has been like coming to terms with his gender identity and the range of ways those around him have responded.  After the presentation he opens the floor for questions and is generally willing to answer almost anything as he tries to help people really understand and become more comfortable interacting with Trans people.  He has been a popular speaker in the Sociology department's classes and is excited to share with the whole campus.  I've attached the flier for the event and look forward to seeing everyone.

Summer Wisdom
LGBT Resource Office
Brewster B-103B
East Carolina University

Sunday, March 27, 2011

More GLAAD Bullshit… THE Two Face Org of Gay INC.


GLAAD to Train @WWE Announcer @MichaelCole After Twitter Incident #LGBT

Please these folks can’t even train a dog to shit..

They cause more problems then they solve.

We thank all of you who alerted us to this incident. We are taking this incident seriously, and we are looking forward to working together with WWE to send positive messages about respect and inclusion to its diverse audience.

Hey Glaad why no action or post about Ricky and Target deal, Well, you fuck wads, Better Yet, how about © 2010 HERE MEDIA, INC. , that right you don't get on those companies you get your money from do you,

Look for the downlow Target ad in this picture from
In the banner ads you see here (on above, and at right), a small Target "bullseye" is visible in the Converse One-Star ad; clicking on the ad takes you to

From Queerty,
Here Media, of course, is the sister company of Regent Entertainment, which along with its dozen of shell companies was sued by Bank of America and Merill Lynch for perpetrating an alleged $90 million fraud. Maybe getting a check from Target is a way to put a down payment on their settlement? Funnily enough The Advocate, which is also owned by Here Media, has even covered the company's anti-gay political donations. So it's not like Here Media's executives don't know what they're doing. In fact, it appears they know all too well what we're doing: We couldn't find any of these Target ads after clicking around on, perhaps because even Here Media's group of stupids are smart enough to keep their news-watching readers away from their anti-gay ad campaigns. If you spot 'em, let us know.

This is Gay Inc at work, they call out those companies who don't donate to them, while not saying a damn word about those companies who work against us as long they get Millions each year from..

So Cathy at Chick-fil-A if you want your gay problem to go away donate a few million to Glaad and HRC, and you will get a free pass to hate us.....

Saturday, March 26, 2011

WBC in NC today

Today I had five things plans. More or less five events I wanted to photograph, and the Protest that the WBC was to do in NC today was one of them.. However, they were no shows..

I call the local PD and ask if the WBC had received a permit to protest. The PD officer told no permit was issued and they knew nothing about this protest.. Meaning either they (WBC) was going to protest without a permit and with protection..

Since I could get confirmation I chose to go to another event.

here Is the Press release of the said event.

I tweet the many members of the WBC, this is what I got.
Fullscreen capture 3262011 83300 AM.bmp

I have to wonder what I tweet to her to block me.. I guess she didn’t like my truth.

then I got this one.. it will make you laugh..
Twitter - @Sara Phelps- @sickntired08 you guys bit ..._1301192839101

Wow someone with a heart in this bunch. NOT NOT!!!!

Fullscreen capture 3262011 103713 PM.bmp
They claim they were there, but we all know if they were,they would have made the local news. It did make the news…

here is the link, Please watch and here what the counter Protester was yelling to them.. and see the young Phelps bitches try to dance, a course on a American Flag, yes the same flag of the country they claim to love to much… I can only Guess Margie J Phelps lie when she said she was proud to be an American…

so I wonder why they didn’t answer the tweets seeking to confirm that they would be there.. I can only guess these cowards don’t really want the folks to know what they actually was going to show..

So I guess next time when they plan to come to NC and If I can get there I will be there.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Today’s items

todaysNewsTop.gifSarah Palin goes on offense against the lamestream media


Will Didier Jambart Win His 'Pills Turned Me Into A Raging Internet Sex Addict' Drugmaker Lawsuit?


WI Sup. Ct.: Judge who called fellow justice a 'bitch' says women judges 'ganged up' on him


More than 6 million people need food aid in North Korea: U.N.


Target Sues LGBT Grassroots Group: The retailer giant accuses solicitors from the San Diego-based group Canvass ...


Woman Sues Not-Gay Massage Therapist For Relieving The Tension In Her Breasts


James Dean was molested by his childhood priest, Elizabeth Taylor revealed in an unearthed interview.


Westboro's Sites Still Hacked: Infosec Island notes that Westboro Baptist Church's dozens of websi...

My Calendar for Saturday, what event should I attend

  1. 25th Daffordil Festival
  2. Goldsboro Harley Charity Ride
  3. 19th Annual ECU Native American POWWOW
  4. Flag of Hope
  5. WBC Picket a Funeral in Fayetteville

MMM Which one should I attend that is the question...

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

NAACP Sponsors Education Forum to Discuss Possible Legislative Impacts on Public Education


Immediate Release

March 21, 2011                                 


Contact:  Rev. Andre’ D. Knight, President, (252) 544-2949

Reuben Blackwell, NC NAACP Community Coordination Chair (252) 544-3343



NAACP Sponsors Education Forum to Discuss Possible Legislative Impacts on Public Education



Rocky Mount, NC – The Rocky Mount Branch of the NAACP, in conjunction with area ministers, will host a discussion with local and statewide leaders in education.  “The NC General Assembly is on a fast track to drastically change the face of public education,” Andre’ Knight, President of the Rocky Mount Branch said. “We want to make sure that our local legislators and the people they serve understand the full ramifications that Senate Bill 8 will have on public schools in the Nash/Rocky Mount and Edgecombe County Public Schools.”  This bill deals with lifting the cap on charter schools in North Carolina as well as their funding and governance.


The Education Forum will be held in the OIC Auditorium located at 402 E. Virginia Street at 6 p.m. on Thursday, March 24th.  Reuben Blackwell, NC NAACP Community Coordination Chair stated, “The North Carolina NAACP and the HKonJ coalition has made a clear call to all chapters throughout the state to support progressive legislation that helps every child in North Carolina receive a sound education.  We want to have a good dialogue that might help our legislators craft and support bills that will move our state forward, not cripple and destroy public education opportunities for every child.” 


Confirmed panelists to date are: Rick McMahon, Retiring Nash/Rocky Mount Public Schools Superintendent; Marvin Pittman, Education Consultant and former Associate Superintendent of NC Public Schools; Evelyn Wilson, Chair of the Edgecombe County Board of Education; Michael Pratt, Headmaster, Rocky Mount Preparatory School; Keith Sutton, Wake County School Board Member; and NC Rep. Angela Bryant.  The complete delegation of members of the NC General Assembly from the Twin Counties has been invited to attend and participate.


Andre’ Knight added, “This forum is for everyone. We want to be able to discuss issues related to charter schools, education tax credits and any other issue that is relevant to the education of our children and that will either help our eastern North Carolina economies grow or fail.  We need everyone to be concerned and to attend. ” 




Student’s Shirt gets her sent home.

somekidsaregayx390A Louisiana middle school student sent home by the principal for wearing a pro-equality t-shirt is receiving support from the American Civil Liberties Union. 


see more at the Advocate


I personally don’t think it was the word gay they had a problem, it was FCKH8.COM which was causing the problem.


However Gay INC has it’s bloggers and medial outlets pushing this story..

Its has been written and published (no others need to be submitted)

That is right Qnotes’s Editor Matt has written his piece about the Equality NC Town Hall Meeting concerning the anti-LGBT constitutional amendment, for which means that only one more will be written that will what the LGBT folks of Charlotte discuss at their Town Hall on the 24th of March.

He gave kudos to Pam on her piece that she wrote concerning the Town Hall in her area, on her blog.

Matt, did mention that there is a Greenville Town Hall Meeting set for April 6. However he didn’t give the address or location of the meeting.

So anyone whom might be interest in attending the Greenville Town Hall, now has to search the net for this info.

So what does Qnotes hate about Eastern NC, that they routinely ignore us as apart of the community.

Over at Pam’s Houseblend, She listing the ideals that were discussed at her Town Hall Meeting,
The Grassroots List of ideas to get the word out to boost involvement against the amendment.
- Neighborhood Association Listserv
- Social Networking
- Blogging/Vlogging
- Parents @ Kids' School
- Sharing your stories
- Speaking @ church
- Ad campaign
- Make it clear that when you "want us to leave" that our taxes go with us.
- Does the state want to lose its investment (for those educated in its system)?
- Make sure to do good PR
- Frame it as the "anti-family" "hate" "anti-business" amendment in discussions
- Postcards as conversation starters
- Talk to HR directors at work
- Focusing on people/non-participants (clubs, Drag Bingo events)
- Offer Swag.

Also there was a question concerning the current Governor of NC,

There was a question about whether Gov. Beverly Perdue has made a public statement about the amendment. She has not, but has told ENC privately that she opposes it. [Pam - well that sh*te has to end. She needs to stand up to the bigots, LGBT NC taxpayers are teachers, state workers; people she's spent time talking about how important they are].
While there Pam was there she Interview Ian Palmquist of Equality NC,

She did a great job, Kudos to Pam for her great Interview.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011



Wednesday, March 30 at 9:00pm - March 31 at 12:00am


Club Paradise- 209 E. 5th street. Greenville, nc

Created By

Paradise Gaynight, Aaron Lucier, Michelle Michaels

More Info

CLUB PARADISE CARES ABOUT THE COMMUNITY, DO YOU? We are raising money for PiCASO- The Pitt County Aids Service Organization. Doors open at 9pm, Someones Sister hits the stage @ 9:30. Two Drag King and Queen Shows. 11pm for those early birds and 12:00 for our late night people. Purina Chow will be coming to Paradise and starring in this fierce Event along with your house cast and a few surprises. $6 cover charge for this evening for everyone. Please come out help us raise money for this wonderful organization. Free HIV Testing will be provided this evening as well.


Monday, March 21, 2011

Equality NC Town Hall Meeting in Durham Hash Tags

Not in the #bullcity? Follow @equalitync's tweets from tomorrow night's EQUALITY IN ACTION Town Hall from #Durham: #fair4all.

I Hope they have a great turn out.. Can’t wait for the one in Greenville, NC

Will it be a crime to work at a nonprofit serving immigrant residents of NC?

747The most draconian proposed anti-immigrant legislation in the nation has now been introduced before the North Carolina General Assembly by Representatives Clevland, Blust and Hilton (all Republicans respectively from Onslow, Guilford, and Catawba counties).


Introduced as HB 343 and titled: "An Act to Enact the Support Our Law Enforcement and Safe Neighborhoods Act," this law would make it a state crime to be in North Carolina without posession (on one's person) of valid immigration documents. It also would not only permit but require law enforcement officers to question anyone they stop for any reason concerning their immigration status, and require them to detain anyone they suspect of not being in this country legally.

Click here to read more

Hate Crimes Conference with the F.B.I

Time Wednesday, April 6 · 4:00pm - 7:00pm

Location Lumina Theater-Univeristy of North Carolina Wilmington

Created By OutReach, Amy Schlag

More Info

Enjoy us for a fascinating and timely discussion of Hate Crimes and Hate Crimes Legislation. This event is FREE AND OPEN TO THE PUBLIC.

INTRODUCTION: Keith H. Bethke Jr., FBI Resident Agencies Supervisor, Wilmington and Raleigh

PRESENTATION ON HATE CRIMES: The FBI's Civil Rights Program from Washington HQ will be conducting an unclassified presentation on Hate Crimes. It will include definitions of Federal Hate Crimes statutes (Ma......tthew Shepard and James Byrd, Jr. Hate Crimes Prevention Act of 2009), nationwide statistics on Federal Hate Crimes cases, and examples of Federal Hate Crimes Cases previously worked by the FBI and other agencies.

SERVICES: Victim Specialist Kory Williford, FBI Charlotte Division, Office for Victim Assistance Rapid Deployment Team. Kory Williford will discuss services provided by the FBI’s Raleigh Resident Agency program to victims of Hate Crimes.

HATE CRIMES INTELLIGENCE: Tom Kuhl will conduct a brief presentation on Southeastern North Carolina Hate Crimes statistics and how Hate Crimes affect our local community.

HATE CRIMES PANEL DISCUSSION: Moderator Buffy Ruffin, Coordinator of Multicultural Student Affairs.

SHOWING OF S.P.I.C. The Storyboard of My Life (27mins)



Saturday, March 19, 2011

Emails, twitter, and other items

A few days I create a Facebook event for the Town hall Meeting that Equality NC will be holding soon in Greenville, NC.

this is what I got on behalf of Qnotes,

Fullscreen capture 3182011 63848 PM.bmp

Ok then I reply with this, and the return reply, even though I think he was being a smart ass.
Matt Comer (interstateq) on Twitter_1300488106049

So I really thought about writing the piece, which would be a challenge for me... I have seen Qnotes guidelines for submissions. So I knew it might be hard for me to do.

Then out of the blue Friday morning just a bit pass 10 am I got a nice little email for Matt, the editor of Qnotes.

In this email, Matt basically told me, even if I wrote the piece on Equality NC Town Hall Meeting In Greenville, he wouldn’t used it till I made a public apology to all of his so-called colleagues in advocacy and in news-media both in the state and nationwide.

From Matt, on the behalf of Qnotes:
I think a sincere, public apology and retraction is in order. Until then, I see no reason why I should give you a platform on the sites and/or news organizations I manage or own to draw attention to those writings/statements.

So now to report on community event you must not upset the status quo. I really have to wonder how Matt got this Job in the first place considering his age at the time..

The Great Chick-fil-A debate still going on Now in NC

Haas-Jeremy-Hooper-and-Eden-James-This brouhaha began in February when this prissy kept boy, asshole blogger, whom has way too much time on his hands. Whom also has a very unhealthily obsession for Maggie and Brian over at NOM. Who visit their site and blogs every waking moment of the damn day.

He got his tightly whiteys in a knot when a Christian base company have millions to the WinShape Foundation.

The rest of Gay Inc., Bloggers and News outlets are pushing this so hard that it’s not funny. Gay Inc. and its minions won’t rest till Chick-fil-a files goes out of business. That is a main goal of Gay Inc., to get these Christian businesses out of business.

How Gay Inc. has got the colleges in their pockets as well. Gay Inc has now enlisting the LGBT college students in North Carolina to join in on this fight.

Duke University is now in the process of reviewing their relationship with Chick-fil-a, also the students over at NC State is also seeking to oust Chick-fil-a from their campus as well.

Also Gay Inc won’t rest till the freedom of religion is taken out of the 1st amendment.

“Providing food to these events or any event is not an endorsement of the mission, political stance or motives of this or any other organization,” stated Cathy.

Justine Hollingshead, director for N.C. State University’s GLBT Programs and Services, has indicated that there is talk among a variety of student groups on how the university should handle this situation. She feels that students, who have buying power, should have the last word on whether the establishment ought to be given the green light to stay or be asked to exit.
To Gay Inc. the only student who have buying power that matter is those LGBT students. All over Students whom don’t agree with Gay Inc. can take a walk..

Friday, March 18, 2011

Now we are Termites

I must say I didn’t see this one coming. I mean we have been call names for years.. but this one takes the cake.DanRamos

Dan Ramos, head of Texas’ Bexar County Democrats, last week likened gay people to termites, the Tea Party and Nazis. What a class act.

“They are all connected to the gay Democratic Party, the so-called Stonewall Democrats. Just like termites they managed to get some of their people in key positions,” Ramos said during a discussion with the ‘San Antonio Current’ about his poor electoral performance last November, which was clearly gay people’s fault.

According to him, gay Democrats like the Stonewall Democrats have hijacked the party, just like the Tea Party or the “fucking Nazi Party,” because Nazi and Hitler comparison are so effective.


At least he also pick on the Baggers as well,


“I liken them to the Tea Party — the Tea Party and the fucking Nazi Party — because they’re 90 percent white, blue-eyed, and Anglo, and I don’t give a fuck who knows that,” insisted Ramos. “Just like the blacks… They’re American, but you can’t get your way just because you’re black.”


So will this end his career?? Time will tell all.

Equality In Action


Please join Equality NC Executive Director Ian Palmquist for a discussion on LGBT rights in our state.


There's so much going on with the NC Legislature these days that Equality NC is hitting the road to tell you all about it, and to enlist your help in what may be the largest campaign for LGBT rights in our state's history! We'll talk about the anti-LGBT constitutional amendment, as well as other policy that will potentially impact all of us who care about equal rights, and what you can do about it.

It's all happening on Wednesday, April 6th at 7pm at the Tipsy Teapot (409 South Evans Street, Greenville, 27858).

Please join us for this informative and empowering evening.


I’m so glad that I will be able to attend this event in Greenville. I don’t know who from Equality NC will be Speaking at the Event, it could be Rebecca Mann or Ian Palmquist or both, however I just can’t wait.


To do my part I had created a Facebook Event page for this Meeting, (click here to see). As of today there are 15 attending and 19 maybe’s. I hope for this event we can Pack the Tipsy Teapot.. I can only hope.  I can only hope that ENC will plan one of these event in Elizabeth City or closer to the OBX.. Where there is a small but very great groups LGBT’s that live in that area.. Their voices need to be heard as well.. AmendmentPostcard2011


Cause in this fight NC LGBTQA will need each and everyone of else.. to help to block these amendment from passing.

See this post to get your Post cards


I have been told all the Townhall Meeting will be lived tweeted with this hash tag #respect4all, for those who wishes to follow on Twitter..


So Eastern NC lets make this meeting count… Share repost everywhere…

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Sarah Palin to address Liberty U. conference

I can’t believe this one, I wonder how much they will paid her, and in turn how much is she paying her speech writer??..



Sarah Palin will speak later this year at a women's conference at Liberty University.

Liberty's chancellor, Jerry Falwell Jr., wrote in an e-mail to The News & Advance of Lynchburg on Tuesday that the event will be broadcast to more than 1,000 churches.

Palin will address the Extraordinary Women Conference when it meets in October at Liberty. The conference web page says its mission is to bring women closer to "the heart of God."

Falwell said Palin is widely admired by Liberty faculty, staff and students despite what he called "vicious and unrelenting" attacks on her and her

Assistant Principal brings Gun to School

An assistant principal who unknowingly brought a gun to Princeton High School in the glove box of her car was suspended for three days but will not be charged, according to Johnston County Sheriff's officials.

Catherine Bennett, an assistant principal at the Johnston County school, did not realize the handgun was in the car, which she had brought to school to be worked on by the auto mechanics class, said Tammy Amaon, spokeswoman for the Johnston County Sheriff's Office.

The gun had been misplaced, Amaon said, and Bennett and her husband had been searching for it at home.

Read more: Click Here


Three days, wow, what a double standard, if this was a student they would have beenkick out for the year and arrested and charged.. the same should apply..

Letter From Equality NC

Dear Friend,

Hi!  My name is Josh Wynne and I’m one of Equality NC’s new organizers working against the anti-LGBT constitutional amendment.

During the past few weeks, we’ve shared scary news of the anti-LGBT amendment that was filed in the NC Senate. 
Here’s something you can do about it.  We’ve also learned encouraging news about polling that says many North Carolinians are in favor of some form of same-sex relationship recognition.  With your help, we can mobilize fair-minded North Carolinians against this mean-spirited amendment. 

Whether you’re new to Equality NC or have been involved with us for years, we know you care about this issue and are dedicated to this cause.  You know the damage this amendment would do to LGBT individuals, youth, families, and allies. 
Getting postcards signed by your friends, neighbors, family, and coworkers is a great way to both bring the issue to light and to let NC senators and representatives know that voters in their district care about equal rights. 

In order to make a bigger impact, we're asking that each of you
gather at least 25 postcards from your social circles, families, friends, co-workers, organizations, and faith communities.  Collect the postcards as they are signed, and we'll include a return envelope with postage for you to send them back to us.  We will duplicate each postcard so that each person's representative and senator receives one.

When we provide legislators with a stack of our postcards urging them not to vote for the anti-LGBT amendment, it not only makes a powerful statement but also proves there are fair-minded North Carolinians in their district. 

Won't you help us make that statement?
Additionally, we need volunteers in our Raleigh office to help us process postcard requests, track outstanding postcard kits, do data entry as we receive completed postcards, duplicate postcards in order to reach the signer's representative and senator, and organize postcards by legislative districts!  
SIGN UP HERE to join this campaign!  Remember how much our collective voices can make a huge impact in North Carolina! 
Thank you for all that you do every day to make North Carolina a better place for LGBT people!
In solidarity,
Josh Wynne
PS:  Support Equality NC financially in our campaign against the Anti-LGBT Amendment!

NCGA tweets

Conservative former NC Supreme Court justice questions constitutionality of Voter ID proposal.

Find NC laws and bills at the NC General Assembly site #sunshineweek #ncga More info:

#ncga House J A: Cleveland's bill would also ban use of MC for ID for auto insurance. Jackson says will lead to more uninsured drivers.

#ncga Cleveland says FBI doesn't accept MC, says "tied to the terrorist problem we have today." Hall: did SBI ask for this? No.

#ncga House J A staff atty says it IS constitutional for state to limit local laws re ID. H33

NC health exchange/marketplace coalition launches new website #ncga #ncpol

Salisbury hired fmr NCGOP Chair Tom Fetzer to lobby #NCGA to fight proposed law restricting municipal broadband #NCPOL

#HarnettCounty caught between spending cuts and tax increases, in part due to sales tax law change by #ncga

Interesting... RT @NCHouseGOP: An expired NC driver's license is still a form of a valid Photo ID #voterid #ncga #ncpol

i've noted this before, summary of Poli Sci research on #voterid laws from WCU's Public Policy Inst. #NCGA #NCPOL

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

To Swag or Not To Swag, That is the question

Wow over that JMG, there is a Swag contest, for those whom need or would like to go a very large sex party were every type of drug will be available, if you know how to find the dealers..

These Swag Gifts are the work of Gay Inc, to keep it herd of young LGBT in its control…

so stop by JMG if you like this type of crap.. or that you are just so horny that you just need??


Courtesy of the Saint-At-Large (NSFW) this week's Swag Tuesday prize is two tickets to the 32nd annual Black Party

Debate over Internet bill in NC General Assembly

nc-state-budget-now-in-the-hands-of-general-assembThe bill, which is now working its way through both the state House and Senate, is a detailed piece of legislation that supporters argue is needed to limit governments from competing with private companies that also offer Internet service.

“The bill that’s been proposed is so broad and has so many overlapping restrictions, it might well prevent us even from providing free Internet to low-income housing people,” Raleigh Mayor Charles Meeker said.

Town Hall Meeting host by Equality NC

Please join Equality NC Executive Director Ian Palmquist for a discussion on LGBT rights in our state.


  • Advocacy Event
  • Community Meeting
  • Educational Program


Apr 06, 2011
from 07:00 PM to 09:00 PM



Add event to calendar

There's so much going on with the NC Legislature these days that Equality NC is hitting the road to tell you all about it, and to enlist your help in what may be the largest campaign for LGBT rights in our state's history! We'll talk about the anti-LGBT constitutional amendment, as well as other policy that will potentially impact all of us who care about equal rights, and what you can do about it.

It's all happening on Wednesday, April 6th at 7pm at the Tipsy Teapot (409 South Evans Street, Greenville, 27858).

Please join us for this informative and empowering evening.



From the Net,  


In theory, a Freedom of Information Act request should be the "Free Space" on the bingo card of political journalism (just hear us out). If fully enforced, the 1966 law -- compelling the government to produce information about nearly any aspect of its operation if asked -- could allow a reporter, no matter how green, to gain access to previously undisclosed documents and information. While seasoned D.C. journalists might have a stable of sources thanks to years of meeting people at book parties or dating people who room with Financial Services staffers (or whatever qualifies as pavement-pounding in this city), a FOIA request could, if properly exploited, provide a young D.C. journalist with a much-needed starter-scoop (See?! It's the space that everyone gets! NAILED. IT.). However, a new report from George Washington University's National Security Archive indicates that the law continues to be haphazardly enforced, despite an executive order from President Obama on his first full day in office to streamline its implementation. Writes Time's Adam Sorensen: "The review of the 28 government agencies that handle most FOIA requests showed only 4 releasing more information, 5 are withholding even more data, and another 18 have showed "mixed" results. Only 13 of 90 agencies across the government produced documentation proving changes to FOIA practices since Obama signed his order in 2009."

EDITORIAL: Big government in your browser

Administration officials are determined to grab hold of the Internet - for your protection. The latest scheme will be the subject of a Senate Commerce Committee hearing Wednesday on "The State of Online Consumer Privacy." Regulators claim various online nuisances such as spam, identity theft and other privacy invasions cry out for government intervention. It's a classic Washington power grab for the digital era.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

My thoughts on the Haas11 Conference in SF

I'm convening a gathering of 30-some top LGBT bloggers, journalists, and newspaper editors to talk about major issues facing our community that currently don't get nearly the amount of ink as some of our more sexy and popular problems. The focus this time will be on immigration issues and teen homelessness and bullying. This is the second year in a row for the convening.
The good folks at the Haas Foundation are paying for everyone's travel expenses because they believe in the power of spreading knowledge. Quite a few bloggers would never have this experience or be able to sit and speak to some of the folks shaping our movement, so I'm really proud to be playing my part in selecting attendees and facilitating the trip. Plus, everyone invited can live-tweet, blog, Facebook, whatever they'd like; it's all on the record and there's no secret information!
The Haas Foundation and The Bilerico Project are holding a “convening” to also discuss anti-gay bulling and other LGBT issues.

 the speakers,
Joe Jervis_1300032395791Joe Jervis_1300032382618Joe Jervis_1300032363536Joe Jervis_1300032350900Joe Jervis_1300032337574

Saturday, March 12, 2011

SF Blogger Haas Conference

ReallyPhilReese Phil Reese
The hashtag for the #LGBTQ #LGBT blogger summit is #Haas11. We'll be discussing #CIR #marriage #youth #suicide #bullying & #homelessness
ZackFord Zack Ford
Joining in with so many fab LGBT bloggers/publishers at #Haas11. Follow this hash for all our brilliant tweets! ;)
bilerico Bil Browning
The gang of lgbt bloggers & journalists gathered in SF to talk about queer homelessness & suicide #Haas11

This issue of Qnotes: Cruising the Parks for Sex.

In this issue of Qnotes which can be found here, there are two very interesting stories. The first one is “Game on” in Tar heal marriage fight, and the other is a more a of a rant by Matt Comer, the Editor. The story is named Correcting the Record: WBTV’s anti-gay and sensationalistic Tabloidism.

Ok the first story one can guest what is it all about. More are least the marriage fight is now coming to NC..

The WBTV story is all about gay sex in Public places.. He didn’t like the story was told, claiming they left important facts, and blame the community as a whole. So what is the story about.

It was report that a web site design for guys to find gay-cruising listing in their cities or states. The site had a listing for a Charlotte area park. Yes, a Park where guys can meet up and get their rocks off.

Now men having sex is parks are nothing new, it be going on for a very long time, a very long time. Also this is the first park in NC to get a write up in the local paper, nor on the local TV Station. Hell, most of these parks can be found in the Gay cruising international book called Damron, that list all the place where gay men can met other gay men for some hot male on male action, and/or group action.

Back in the mid 90’s Rocky Mount’s Battle Park, made it self in the papers and on TV. Yes, men were meeting other men for sex in this park, even today it still goes on. Even after the city clear most of the sex spot out, but up signs that claim the park is under video surveillance. These signs have not stop it from happening. Ok, straight couple go there to sex as well in the parking lots.

So I don’t understand why Matt lost his load on this story. 

Friday, March 11, 2011

Gay Inc., Happy Marriage Bill Fail in MD

GayInc.jpg (JPEG Image, 655x849 pixels)_1299884203799Word is that marriage equality in Maryland is DOA, at least for the forseseable future.


GayINC is happy. They're already fundraising.


That’s right they get to hold more Fundraisers, to fill their coffers. THis is how GAY Inc., Works…

SF bilerico bullying conference

Yes another special invite conference for bloggers in SF,

The Evelyn and Walter Haas, Jr. Fund is a private family foundation established in 1953 by Evelyn D. Haas and Walter A. Haas, Jr. that has awarded nearly $390 million in grants to date. The Fund is located in San Francisco, California.

Heading this event will be Bil Browning. Apparently, he’s been endowed by some rich donor activist of the requisite skills in selecting attendees to this event.
From Bilerico,
Jerame and I are headed to San Francisco for the weekend. I'm convening a gathering of 30-some top LGBT bloggers, journalists, and newspaper editors to talk about major issues facing our community that currently don't get nearly the amount of ink as some of our more sexy and popular problems. The focus this time will be on immigration issues and teen homelessness and bullying. This is the second year in a row for the convening.
Thankfully, I don't have to pay for all those travel expenses. The good folks at the Haas Foundation are paying for everyone's travel expenses because they believe in the power of spreading knowledge. Quite a few bloggers would never have this experience or be able to sit and speak to some of the folks shaping our movement, so I'm really proud to be playing my part in selecting attendees and facilitating the trip. Plus, everyone invited can live-tweet, blog, Facebook, whatever they'd like; it's all on the record and there's no secret information!

While I’m glad this event was announced, and those whom might be attending can blog and twitter about it, unlike the Outgiving 2011 Conference that was held in Miami a few weeks ago..  However Bil is apart of Gay Inc., so the guest list won’t be made public till sometime after the event.

However just who are these lucky 30 people, Let see if we can find out.

However please note that these events mostly happen on the weekend, that is when most of these bloggers don’t blog unless something major happens, I guess its in their Gay Inc., and the Country Club, and insidersout manual and rules book.

These are the folks that I think that might there. tweeter hash tag is #haas11

  1. GetEqual’s Robin,
  2. lostinmiami,
  3. goodasyou,
  4. bilerico,
  5. rod 2.0 
  6. joemygod
  7. uppityfag
  8. jerame
  9. ThatQueerMonkey
  10. chrisgeidner 
  11. michaelrogersdc 
  12. interstateq/qnotescarolinas- editor of Qnotes 
  13. jostruitt
  14. chrisjohnson82
  15. reallyphilreese
  16. ameriqueer
  17. sunnivie
  18. queerjohnpa
  19. adamjbink
  20. hispanicpanic79
  21. blabbeando
  22. zackford
  23. lizzwinstead


    When it comes to bullying, I’m really interested in knowing what all these paragons of equality are doing about it.
    So, I’m  looking forward to Bil Browning and the The Haas, Jr. Fund’s transparency in this regard.
    While I wait, I do have a question for the Haas Foundation, though:
    Are they aware that Bil Browning has engaged in online bullying himself, that he has violated another gay blogger’s privacy and used his closet as a weapon,  and that he has sourced and or cited an anti-gay activist whose organization was recently cited by The Southern Poverty Law Center as a hate group?
    So is Bil Browning the the right person to handle this event. Yes he does have a history of online Bullying, to see this just go through some of his reply to comments that he doesn’t like. I see he is very glad that this trip to SF isn’t costing him a thing. I sure his after meeting events will cost him while he is in SF..

    Note: unnamed blogger claims this is just another circle jerk with Bil’s Blogroll..

    Driving back to Wisconsin

    This is Wisconsin State Senator Chris Larson -- and today, I'm heading home to Wisconsin to join the fight in person.
    The last three weeks have shown what progressive strength and worker solidarity look like. 

    My fellow senators and I know that thousands of PCCC members in Wisconsin and across the nation have been fighting right alongside us -- attending rallies, making phone calls, donating to some great TV ads, and telling your friends about the Republican war on workers.

    I want to say thank you. I also want to let you know that the fight's not over. 

    Republicans need to learn what accountability feels like. It's time for Republican senators to be recalled from office.
    The PCCC just opened up an official Recall Committee in Wisconsin -- which will mobilize volunteers and run new ads against vulnerable Republicans. Please chip in $3 to help fund this vital work.

    Wisconsin Republicans brazenly stampeded over the will of the people as they engaged in their right-wing attack on workers.  

    They shut down the public hearings, they shut down the legislative hotline, they shut down debate in the Assembly in the middle of the night, and they tried to lock citizens out of the Capitol. And on Wednesday night, when they had their last chance at redemption, Republican senators chose to bend the rules and join Governor Walker's war on working families.
    The citizens of Wisconsin are rising up and engaging in the democratic process like never before. Recalls of the Republicans are kicking into high gear as clipboards begin to replace protest signs in neighborhoods across the state.

    Governor Walker and Republican senators refused to listen to the public -- but now the people will be heard all across the state at the ballot box. 

    Please help us win this fight by chipping in $3 to the PCCC's Recall Committee. Click here.

    Thanks again for standing with us in solidarity, and for being a bold progressive.
    -- Senator Chris Larson, Wisconsin's 7th District (

    Day’s Twitters

    Federal judge denies bid of three linked to Wikileaks to keep Twitter information secret

    Gay City News - Maryland, For Now, Steps Back From Marriage Equality

    Doctor says @Rep_Giffords making "tremendous progress" w/ treatment. @jessicalbrady reports:

    Our thoughts are with all those impacted by the devastating earthquake/tsunami in Japan. Learn how you can help:

    Fighting Gay Couple ‘Sparked Heathrow Terror Alert with Hoax Bomb Call’:

    @theadvocatemag Fred Phelps's Hate Is Real, Son Says #esf #lgbt

    Of course the Tea Party wants to destroy the educational system. Good education n teachers equals less idiots to join their band of morons.

    Md. House effectively kills same-sex marriage bill

    The Maryland House of Delegates has voted to effectively kill a bill for the year that would have allowed same-sex marriage in Maryland.

    The House approved on voice vote a motion to send the bill back to the Judiciary Committee, an acknowledgment by supporters that it did not have sufficient votes to pass on the floor.

    The bill cleared the Senate two weeks ago on a 25-to-21 vote, and Gov. Martin O'Malley (D) had pledged to sign it.

    Advocates for the bill had hoped Maryland would join five other states and the District in allowing same-sex marriages. The bill had significant momentum coming out of the Senate but ran into resistance in the Democat-led House from African-American lawmakers from Prince George's County, who cited religious opposition in their districts, and conservative Democrats in Southern Maryland and the Baltimore suburbs.

    Wednesday, March 9, 2011

    GOP likely needs more Democrats for veto override

    7585817-1299670119-220x165RALEIGH, N.C. — North Carolina House Republicans likely must persuade a few more Democrats if they want to cancel Gov. Bev Perdue's veto blocking a GOP effort to challenge a provision in the federal health care overhaul requiring people to get health insurance.
    House leaders scheduled an override vote for Wednesday, but Speaker Thom Tillis of Mecklenburg County said it could be delayed.
    Two Democrats joined Republicans in voting for the final measure on the House floor two weeks ago.
    They have to ask for the help of the Dem’s, yet if the Dem’s need help from them, the answer would be no.

    Today’s Twitter items

    TwitterBird-thumb-200x138-16429California is N.C. gov's trade trip destination , Gov. Beverly Perdue says she believes it's a good time to try to lure California-based companies to build or expand in North Carolina.

    US war veteran sacked for gay slur while defending gay soldiers: A US war veteran has been sacked for using the ... , I hope Gay Inc is happy about this one.

    Transgender Woman Murdered in Arkansas: Marcal Camero Tye was found brutally murdered Tuesday in what a fr... when will these killing STOP…

    7 children die in #Pennsylvania farmhouse fire ,mmm what a shame, However I’msure today we will hear some about this from those Wack Jobs of the WBC

    Warner Bros. to offer movie rentals on Facebook, beginning with "The Dark Knight."  Well, more privacy concern will now be on everyone’s minds,

    Republicans don't want to see young people vote - Asheville Citizen-Times , just like they don’t what African-american to vote as well.

    Historical Watershed For Marriage Equality

    Tuesday, March 8, 2011

    Press Release Criminalization of Gay and Lesbian Kansans


    Jon Powell, Chapter Chair
    Kansas Equality Coalition, Hutchinson Area Chapter

    Thomas Witt, State Chair
    Kansas Equality Coalition


    Topeka, Kans, March 8, 2011 -

    State Representatives Jan Pauls (D, Hutchinson), and Lance Kinzer (R, Olathe) said yesterday that being gay or lesbian should remain a crime in Kansas. Pauls made, with Kinzer’s support, the successful motion in the Kansas Legislature’s Corrections and Juvenile Justice Committee to keep the criminalization of gay and lesbian relationships on the books. Their action removed key language from HB2321, proposed by the Kansas Judicial Council, which would have resolved inconsistencies in Kansas criminal code, as well as remove unconstitutional laws.

    “Jan Pauls was trusted to be a judge before becoming a state representative, and should know better than to support unconstitutional laws, breaking her oath to defend the Constitution,” said Jon Powell, Chair of the Hutchinson Area chapter of the Kansas Equality Coalition. “We are fed up with her obvious support of harassment of gays and lesbians. We will not be bullied.”

    Although one remains on Kansas’ books, all state laws criminalizing gay and lesbian relationships were struck down by the United States Supreme Court in 2003. Writing for the majority in the case of Lawrence v. Texas, Justice Anthony Kennedy said “if protected conduct is made criminal and the law which does so remains unexamined for its substantive validity, its stigma might remain even if it were not enforceable as drawn for equal protection reasons. When homosexual conduct is made criminal by the law of the State, that declaration in and of itself is an invitation to subject homosexual persons to discrimination both in the public and in the private spheres.”

    Disregarding the US Supreme Court, the President of the Kansas County and District Attorneys Association, John Wheeler, said in 2008 that “even to this day, homosexuality is a crime in Kansas." His warning, made to a group of adult college students and caught on video, raised questions about the ability of gay and lesbian Kansans to live free from arrest, and to receive fair trials in our courts.

    “Representatives Pauls’ endorsement of an unconstitutional statute that’s used to threaten and discriminate against law-abiding Kansas citizens is an outrage,” said Thomas Witt, state Chairman for the Kansas Equality Coalition. “She took an oath as both judge and state representative to uphold the Constitution. We insist that Representative Kinzer and she be immediately removed as Chair and Ranking Minority from the House Judiciary Committee. Legislators who willfully ignore the Constitution should never be in positions of leadership and responsibility.”

    The Hutchinson Chapter of the Kansas Equality Coalition is organizing a peaceful demonstration to raise awareness of Representative Pauls’ actions, to take place Thursday, March 17, in downtown Hutchinson. The demonstration will begin at 6pm, and will take place at the intersections of Main and Avenues A and B.


    PFlag Meeting Set up

    PFLAG Meeting - (Parents, Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays) meets Tuesday, Mar 15,. For meeting details, contact, call 252-443-0345, or visit

    NC Senate leader faces April speeding court date

    I didn’t know the speed has changed… What a lie… however I’m sure the DA or the judge will drop the case for this Rep. asshole…


    6693291_600x338RALEIGH -- A court date is set for Sen. Phil Berger after being accused of speeding the week before being elected leader of the North Carolina Senate.


    Berger's office said Monday he was cited Jan. 19 for traveling 77 mph in a 55 mph zone on Interstate 85 in Rowan County. Berger said he was traveling from Charlotte to Eden when a trooper gave him a ticket. He said he hadn't noticed the speed limit had changed from 65 mph to 55 when he was stopped.


    His case was supposed to be heard in court last week, but Berger said it was continued. A court calendar now says it's April 8.


    Berger said he didn't tell the trooper he was a senator and expected to be treated like others accused of speeding.

    Monday, March 7, 2011

    I have been ban/block from Commenting at????

    Sad, but True that the editor of NC only LGBT newspaper has block me from commenting , after a comment flame war over at his person blog.


    I recently stop being such a negative Nancy when commenting. I post two comments on this post, as to date they have not been approve.


    ‘Game on’ in Tar Heel marriage fight « qnotes - north carolina south carolina lgbt arts entertainment news views_1299334122936 - Copy.pngthen after I check WRAL Marriage Poll, I post another comment stating maybe things in NC are getting better, that more folk have voted no for the Amendment against same-sex marriage.


    I know he knows about, since the post was update to correct an error, that he made. 


    I really don’t care one way are another,it just gives me something to rag on Qnotes and him about.

    Sunday, March 6, 2011

    March 8 Call-in Day: Stop the Grand Jury Witch Hunt


    to Fitzgerald, Holder and Obama

    Tuesday, March 8, 2011

    The Grand Jury is still on its witch-hunt and the FBI is still harassing activists. This must stop.

    Please make these calls:
    1. Call U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald at 312-353-5300. Then dial 0 (zero) for operator and ask to leave a message with the Duty Clerk.
    2. Call U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder 202-353-1555
    3. Call President Obama at 202-456-1111 
    Suggested text: “My name is __________, I am from _______(city), in ______(state). I am calling _____ to demand he call off the Grand Jury and stop FBI repression against the anti-war and Palestine solidarity movements. I oppose U.S. government political repression and support the right to free speech and the right to assembly of the 23 activists subpoenaed. We will not be criminalized. Tell him to stop this McCarthy-type witch hunt against international solidarity activists!” 

    If your call doesn’t go through, try again later.

    Update: 800 anti-war and international solidarity activists participated in four regional conferences, in Chicago, IL; Oakland, CA; Chapel Hill, NC and New York City to stop U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald’s Grand Jury repression. 

    Still, in the last few weeks, the FBI has continued to call and harass anti-war organizers, repressing free speech and the right to organize. However, all of their intimidation tactics are bringing a movement closer together to stop war and demand peace.

    We demand:
    • Call Off the Grand Jury Witch-hunt Against International Solidarity Activists!
    • Support Free Speech!
    • Support the Right to Organize!
    • Stop FBI Repression!
    • International Solidarity Is Not a Crime!
    • Stop the Criminalization of Arab and Muslim Communities!
    Background: Fitzgerald ordered FBI raids on anti-war and solidarity activists' homes and subpoenaed fourteen activists in Chicago, Minneapolis, and Michigan on September 24, 2010. All 14 refused to speak before the Grand Jury in October. Then, 9 more Palestine solidarity activists, most Arab-Americans, were subpoenaed to appear at the Grand Jury on January 25, 2011, launching renewed protests. There are now 23 who assert their right to not participate in Fitzgerald’s witch-hunt. 

    The Grand Jury is a secret and closed inquisition, with no judge, and no press. The U.S. Attorney controls the entire proceedings and hand picks the jurors, and the solidarity activists are not allowed a lawyer. Even the date when the Grand Jury ends is a secret.

    So please make these calls to those in charge of the repression aimed against anti-war leaders and the growing Palestine solidarity movement.

    Email us to let us know your results. Send to

    **Please sign and circulate our 2011 petition at

    In Struggle,
    Tom Burke,
    for the Committee to Stop FBI Repression
    FFI: Visit or email or call 612-379-3585.

    Outgiving 2011 is now over, what is to come…

    Yes the two day event where the cost to attend was $1400.00 per person is now over.

    Yet still nothing is being said. What was talked about, who was there, and what new policies were created?

    Will our NC blogger over at the Pams houseblend report what was going on at this very secretive meeting, or will be kept in the dark.

    other blogger had this to say about Outgiving 2011;

    10 Questions about the Mysterious Event called OutGiving 2011

    this was said about the last Outgiving;

    here’s where #OutGiving secrecy does a disservice to the movement at large: Real progress won’t come as long as politicians, particularly Democrats, can rely on big gay money even after doing nothing to earn it.

    what about this question;

    No press allowed? If Obama or HRC did this, there would a haterade for the next 3 months from certain bloggers and activists. Where is the transparency?

    I know one blogger who would made it her mission to find out why. Yet she is now apart of this group, so I doubt we will see anything from her…

    Children should't be subject to life long medical choices

    Very interesting statement, which I'm sure the #transinc community will claim to be Transphobic.. in natural. There is nothing bias ...