Thursday, December 29, 2011

The Best TV Shows with LGBT Characters: Shameless promotes, underage sex, pedophilia

Shameless (Showtime)
Gay son Ian (Cameron Monaghan) and grandma Nana (Chloe Webb) are part of the Gallagher clan around which this family dramedy is set. There are four supporting gay or bi characters, including one played by Persian-American actor Pej Vahdat and two black lesbians (portrayed by Carlease Burke and Miss Doty).

Yes this is a great show, where Ian a underage boy slut himself around town having sex.. Where his boss, and older man has sex with him, better where Ian tops his boss.. Which would land any man in jail for 10 to life, for having sex with an underage person..

This is where the fundie get that we want young boys to have sex with, to recruit them. Yet HBO and Advocate and other groups praise them.

I’m so glad that the fundies are making up this stuff..

Shameless promotes, underage sex, pedophilia, grand theft, child abandonment, drug use, check fraud, underage drinking, credit card fraud, possible incest, kidnapping, breaking and entering and the list goes on.

Yet this show praise by our community for its inclusive of the lgbt community. OMG what standards we have these days

Qnotes: Failure

frontpage_sm.jpghhEarly December Tariq Taylor went to Food lion in Wendell where his partner worked and open fired on the his partner and a few customer.


Police have identified the man who they said opened fire in a Food Lion and shot three people.

Investigators said Tariq Taylor was trying to shoot his boyfriend in Wendell Wednesday night but that he also shot two other Food Lion employees.

Witnesses said one person was shot in the back and is in critical condition.

However this story wasn’t important enough, here are some reason why Qnotes ignore this story,

  1. It didn’t happen in Charlotte
  2. it didn’t happen in a Gay Bar
  3. it wasn’t a str8 on gay  hate crime

So I have to wonder why this wasn’t even mention a blog post on Qnotes.

Here are all the posts written by Qnotes staff on the Bar Stabbing,

Community gathers after Uptown bar reopens

Hartigan's Irish Pub was scene of fatal stabbing on Sunday

by Matt Comer | Editor |
December 8, 2011

Woman charged in bar stabbing death

Updated: Woman stabbed at local gay bar Sunday morning

by Matt Comer | Editor |
December 4, 2011

Stabbing at Hartigan’s shakes community

Accused woman stabbed victim in neck, abdomen; Bar owners say allegations of wrongdoing are false

by Matt Comer | Editor |
December 24, 2011 |

Family: Stabbing victim denied first aid in uptown bar fight

Woman was kept from giving help that might have saved life after bar fight, she says

by The Charlotte Observer | via Charlotte News Alliance
December 6, 2011 |

Bar: Allegations of wrongdoing after stabbing incident ‘simply not true’

Hartigan's Irish Pub owner had been accused of preventing first aid to murder victim on Sunday

by Matt Comer | Editor |
December 7, 2011

Yet a gay man shot by is partner while at work, where others were shot too, the Current Editor and Staff of Qnotes doesn't thing this deserve any attention. I guess this type of crime is too straight in nature for a gay rag like Qnotes.

Yet if the Gay Food Lion employee was shot by a stranger while shout “faggot” “cocksucker”, and other hateful terms and the local PD did nothing about it. Matt Comer, the Editor of Qnotes would have been all over this story like Michael Cain on a white secretary.

Thanks to Gay Inc. and others a simple act of Vandalism is now a hate crime..

Via Gay INC Mag The Advocate,

Courtesy Claremont United Methodist Church

The display at Claremont United Methodist Church, located in a college town east of Los Angeles, featured silhouettes of three couples holding hands: one male couple, one female couple, and one male-female couple. Someone knocked over the figures of the gay couples sometime early Christmas morning, TV station KTLA reports.

The vandalism is classified as a hate crime “because of the content of the artwork that was damaged and the fact that it was on a place of worship or at a church,” Claremont police lieutenant Mike Ciszek told the station.

OMFG, what will be next, a simple case of Vandalism where one might get a few month of probation and will get 5 years, All thanks to the Gay Inc. and other sorry ass Gay and Lesbians.

So Gay Inc what can we expect from your sorry ass network in 2012???

Pic credit: Courtesy Claremont United Methodist Church

Campaign for Southern Equality, is it a NC group or SC group??

If CSE is a NC Group, if so then why are some many of their events in Greenville SC? Yes, a few have happen in their home City of Ashville NC.

This is who they are from, their site.



Based in the South, the Campaign for Southern Equality (CSE) is a national effort to assert the full humanity and equality of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people in American life and to increase public support for LGBT rights.

What We Do

CSE is based in Asheville, NC, and will be growing to other Southern communities. Our three-pronged approach involves:

  1. coordinated public actions that directly resist discriminatory laws;
  2. providing support and crisis response services to LGBT people as they take such action and in times of need; and
  3. telling a new story about LGBT lives to the American public, including those who oppose or are conflicted about our rights.

Starting in June 2011, we’ll be hosting monthly Family Dinners in the Asheville area that bring together LGBT folks and allies of all ages to share a home-cooked meal and connect to these actions.

Ethical Basis

CSE’s work is based upon Empathic Resistance, a new ethic which calls for 1) resisting persecuting systems by expressing the authentic self in persecuting environments; and 2) approaching those who oppose your rights with empathy.


CSE emerges from The Progressive Project’s work on political campaigns and on LGBT rights since 2004.

I yet to see them held any type fo action east of Ashville, NC

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Thanks for giving them other reason; you, Jurassic circuit ancient party queen.

Back in the Day one of widely know Gay man, made this statement, “I hear to recruit you”. Now that statement is used us almost everyday..

Thanks to Joe out anti-gay counterparts will now some who refer to us as Gay Snipers, who is willing to kill to get what we want..

Thanks a lot Joe, who thinks he a fucking god….

Joe. My. God._1325107521779

Thursday, December 22, 2011

What’s up with that,

QN2010_logo_web_greenaethe editor, once again proves that if you don’t actually live in Raleigh, and most importantly in Charlotte they simply don’t have the time to care about you/community..

They cover the stabbing of a lesbian in Charlotte bar but couldn’t waste time, ink or cyberspace on the Shooting of a gay food lion employee in Wendell, NC.

Yes, a Gay man partner shot him a another, could been a domestic issue, but Qnotes couldn’t be bother at all..

So you only matter to Qnotes if you live in Charlotte and if you are a lesbian.

I wrote a small piece, yes the writing wasn’t that great, but at least I did write about, Qnotes could be bother, unless it is in the up coming edition.. we will have to wait and see.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Word Pansies have pissed off one of the many fly by night Volunteer of Equality NC..

The billboard, which boasts an off-the-mark (no pun intended) joke reading "Pansies Converted Daily," has been erected outside Winston-Salem and is already the target (apologies, again) of community outrage.

Writes Kathy Clark of Equality NC: responds: (hard to prove if Kathy works for ENC, since its like a fucking revolving damn door over there. Here today, gone tomorrow.. )

"The Pansies Converted Daily billboard is quite possibly the most offensive advertisement I've ever seen. Congratulations. According to, the slang meaning of the word pansy is a) a male homosexual, b) a weak, effeminate, and often cowardly man." Either way, it is derogatory and designed to intimidate a certain population. Your billboard is an example of institutionalized bullying which incites violence towards homosexuals. Or do you actually have pots of pansies that people shoot, thus converting them to rubble? Please clarify your meaning. If I am incorrect in my assumption, I will promptly apologize and come to your range to destroy flower pots."

let see,

"pansy" is usually used to refer to a wimp not necessarily to a gay person...some straight men are definitely "pansies"

Kathy Clark

Just wanted to let everyone know that the billboard is coming down. My sister contacted the, who had given ProShots a grant to pay for things like advertising. The NSSF was not aware of the existence of this billboard and was genuinely appalled by it. They requested ProShots remove this billboard and ProShots will comply. It may even be down as I type this. The folks at ProShots say they did not intend to offend anyone - that all are welcome at their range - and apologize for doing so.

She bitch about it but is was sister who made the calls, while Kathy bitch and Whine on Facebook..

Tell you gay rights are killing our 1st Amendment rights…

Sunday, December 11, 2011

just for you bill

Internship is a system of on-the-job training for white-collar jobs, similar to an apprenticeship. Interns are usually college or university students, but they can also be high school students or post graduate adults seeking skills for a new career. They may also be as young as middle school or in some cases elementary students. Student internships provide opportunities for students to gain experience in their field, determine if they have an interest in a particular career, create a network of contacts, or gain school credit. Internships provide employers with cheap or free labor for (typically) low-level tasks. Some interns find permanent, paid employment with the companies in which they interned. Their value to the company may be increased by the fact that they need little to no training.

An internship may be paid, unpaid or partially paid (in the form of a stipend). Paid internships are most common in the medical, architecture, science, engineering, law, business (especially accounting and finance), technology and advertising fields. Internships in non-profit organizations such as charities and think tanks are often unpaid, volunteer positions. Internships may be part-time or full-time - typically they are part-time during the university year and full-time in the summer. They usually last 6–12 weeks, but can be shorter or longer, depending on the company involved. The act of job shadowing may also constitute interning.

United States

Many internships in the United States are career specific. Students often choose internships based on their major at the university/college level. It is not uncommon for former interns to acquire full-time employment at an organization once they have enough necessary experience. The challenging job market has made it essential for college students to gain real world experience prior to graduation. In the US, company internships are at the center of NIGMS funded biotechnology training programs[18] for science PhD students. One example is the Biotechnology Training Program - University of Virginia.

Not all internships are paid. Nearly all interns working in the United States must be paid, and at least the minimum wage, for their work in accordance with the Fair Labor Standards Act.[19] Many internships that are unpaid involve receiving college credit, especially if an internship is correlated with a specific class. The U.S. Department of Labor's Wage and Hour Division allows an employer not to pay a trainee if all of the following are true:[20]

  1. The training, even though it includes actual operation of the facilities of the employer, is similar to what would be given in a vocational school or academic educational instruction;[20]
  2. The training is for the benefit of the trainees;[20]
  3. The trainees do not displace regular employees, but work under their close observation;[20]
  4. The employer that provides the training derives no immediate advantage from the activities of the trainees, and on occasion the employer’s operations may actually be impeded;[20]
  5. The trainees are not necessarily entitled to a job at the conclusion of the training period; and[20]
  6. The employer and the trainees understand that the trainees are not entitled to wages for the time spent in training.[20]

An exception is allowed for individuals who volunteer their time, freely and without anticipation of compensation for religious, charitable, civic, or humanitarian purposes to non-profit organizations.[21] An exception is also allowed for work performed for a state or local government agency.[21]

Some states have their own laws on the subject.[19] Laws in the state of California, for example, require an employer to pay its interns working in California unless the intern receives college credit for the labor.[19]

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Same Sex Domestic Shooting in Wendell, NC


For reasons unknown as yet, Tariq Taylor went to the Food Lion in Wendell and shot his partner and three others..

Police say the shooter, Tariq James Taylor, 21, was aiming for his partner, Jason Jeffery, 20, who worked at the grocery store at 2837 Wendell Blvd. Jeffrey was shot multiple times and was hospitalized in critical condition.

This is a major tragedy with in our community and the local community of Wendell.

Then Tariq took his own life..

Jeffery called police around noon Wednesday, about six hours before the shooting at the grocery store, and told officers that Taylor had assaulted him and that he was afraid, according to a search warrant. Police advised him to get warrants and a domestic violence protective order.

This is why we need equal protection under the law. If this was a straight couple and Jeffery was the female she would have been able to get an emergency order of protection ASAP.

However my question is why hasn’t Qnote wrote about this tragedy. I can only guess the killing of the lesbian at the bar in Charlotte is more important than this one.. Or the shooting of a gay man far east of Charlotte just doesn’t matter.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Its that Time again: 2012 HRC North Carolina Gala

This February the 25th, HRC will host it 17th Annual Convention and Gala in Charlotte, NC. This Year also mark the end of Joe Solmonese piss poor management reign.

Over the year the LGBT community has make it clear that if you are anti-gay, we won’t support you and will do everything in our power to close you down. The most notable are Chick-fil a, and the Salvation Army just to name a few.

Yet No one is bitching about who is support this gala.

Here are a few of current and past sponsors,

American Express, Audi of America, Inc, Bank of America, BlueCross BlueShield of North Carolina, Compass Group, Duke Energy, Duke Medicine, Food Lion, IBM, Krispy Kreme, Lowe’s, McKinney, Progress Energy, RBC Bank, Sara Lee Corporation, TIAA-CREF, Time Warner Cable, Wachovia – a Wells Fargo Company and Whole Foods.

From the HRC-NC Facebook Page,

Join us for the 17th Annual HRC North Carolina Gala & Silent Auction to be held on Saturday, February 25, 2012 at the Charlotte Convention Center. This annual fundraising event brings together the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and straight ally communities while benefiting the Human Rights Campaign.
Presenting Sponsors:
Bank of America
Time Warner Cable
Wells Fargo

Now these companies may support our community base on sexual expression, but they are working together to destroy many of our freedoms and yet no one cares. Time Warner and many other cable internet companies would love to over turn Net Neutrality, Let not forget what the banks did..

Yet on their redesign site they don’t list of yet local NC companies that are sponsors this Gala, I have to wonder why.

Now I do know that ENC and Qnotes are right up HRC’s Ass.. In there eyes HRC does no wrong.. Hell, lets not forget the year that many Trans-sexuals Advocates boycott and protest HRC’s Gala in Charlotte a few years back, for throwing them under the bus. In hopes to get EDNA passed..

Let not forget that Joe the President of HRC makes over 1/3 of a million dollars a year, and he only flies first class and must have limo service every time he leave DC for one of these Galas or any other HRC Business.

While many of there Gay Orgs Presidents/directors take the cheapest travel ways to save their Orgs money.. but for Joe it First Class only..

Joe Solmonese’s tenure at HRC in this position has been the subject of plenty of criticism by many.

Their Gala costs are completely different depending on location. The three most expensive Galas are DC, New York, and anywhere in CA.. Yet in almost every gala the speaker is a straight supporter. Very rare, are the Speakers them selves gay, and most of the Time like here in NC, the Key Note Speaker is from out of State.

The LA Gala is the kiss the asses of the actor/ess which many of in the close, the NY Gala is for Rich ass bastards and the DC is for Politicians. Rest of the Galas are for those whom can afford to make it; just for the mere chance of meeting someone famous.

So just donate your Gala money to a LGBT orgs that really needs it and actually works for the betterment of the community..

Monday, December 5, 2011

@ProtectNC: Video, doesn’t included the whole community, Why?

A Video was produce at NCSU, title why I’m voting against Amendment 1,in the May elections.. I have no problem with that. This bill need to be defeated, Period.. see tweet,

Most LGBT folks of color will tell you the LGBT rights are LGBT Rich White folks rights, and this Video rams that point across so clearly its not funny.

In the Video there is two white males and four or five white females.. I can only guess the day they made this video only white students were left/on campus at the time..

No trans-sexuals, no other races as well. That right, the maker of this video completely left our the Africa-America people. I hate to tell my follow fags and dykes, that we need our Africa-America brothers and sister to defeat this bill.

Also it would seem that our fight against this Bill will be fought out of Charlotte, NC and they have pick who will be leading this fight, which I’m sure they will not involve Eastern NC till late April if at all.

Twitter - @protectNC- What's your reason for vot ..._1323060356383.pngVideo link here


Head's Up Queen City- Meet the Man Leading the Campaign Against the Anti-LGBT Amendment!_1323060409408

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Job Announcement: Coalition to Protect NC Families - Field Director—love the last line

Coalition to Protect NC Families

JOB TITLE: Field Director


Manage all aspects of statewide Field programs to defeat a Constitutional Amendment seeking to define marriage between a man and a woman as the only domestic legal union that shall be valid or recognized in North Carolina. The amendment is scheduled to be on the ballot on May 8, 2012


  • Have at least 3 years of political campaign/organizing experience, including statewide field operations in a campaign where staff and volunteer-executed voter identification played a central role.
  • Have a proven track record in grassroots organizing, managing staff, and planning.
  • Have demonstrated ability to work with diverse communities, and in building a field effort across multiple constituencies.
  • Have demonstrated abilities as a problem solver and be a proactive, innovative organizer and team leader.
  • Work well in a fast-paced, team-focused organization; with ability to maintain a sense of humor.


  • Oversee all aspects of developing and carrying out a statewide Field Plan, including analysis of historical election data, modeling, and targeting.
  • Work with Campaign Manager to define roles and negotiate contracts with field staff.
  • Build broad, effective grassroots organization including, but not limited to, coalition building, voter contact and get-out-the-vote activities.


  • Competitive salary depending on experience.
  • To apply, send resume with cover letter and reference to:
  • LGBT people, women, people of color, and allies are encouraged to apply.

So I guess just a reg joe male need not to apply… 

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Another Marriage Event in NC…

from the NC Policy group site,

Please join NC Policy Watch and Equality NC for a special Crucial Conversation luncheon -

“What would the marriage amendment really mean for North Carolina?”

Featuring: Evan Wolfson, founder and President of the national nonprofit, Freedom to Marry — the campaign to win marriage nationwide. He is also the author of Why Marriage Matters: America, Equality, and Gay People’s Right to Marry.

Wolfson will be joined by two of North Carolina’s foremost constitutional scholars and experts on the proposed amendment, UNC Professors of Law, Maxine Eichner and Holning Lau as well as the Executive Director of Equality NC, Stuart Campbell.

When: Tuesday November 29 at 12:30 p.m. (Note special, later-than-usual time).

Where: Marbles Kids Museum, 210 E. Hargett St. in downtown Raleigh.
Click here for directions and information about convenient parking options.

Click here to register for this event.

Questions?? Contact Rob Schofield at 919-861-2065 or


it’s a one sided, and you must buy the lunch, well maybe not… it depends

Another Gay Coward on Facebook who can’t stand the truth..

this person,

Fullscreen capture 11162011 85548 PM.bmp

Wrote about not giving to the Salvation army, this year because they don’t support domestic partnership and gay right issues.

a Post was make by a gay man supporting the Organization, I can only guess Jess didn’t like it, so he deleted it.Fullscreen capture 11162011 84736 PM.bmpFullscreen capture 11162011 85100 PM.bmp

I guess he work with Gay Inc… Cause you know Gay folks must all agree with them.. if not you, well  you know??

Friday, November 4, 2011

It’s Shit like this, where they get it’s a choice…

Fellow frustrated heterosexual males: are you tired of being alone? Sick of hearing "there are plenty of fish in the sea"? Well, up to now, we’ve only ever considered half the fish that are even out there, haven't we? What about the other half? What about the fish that are gay? If there's a little gay in all of us, then here are nine good reasons why letting that flag fly could work if your hetero single life is in the dumps. Get ready to open your mind, among other things, to new horizons. Full story here!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

A Gay INC’er not getting paid by Gay INC anymore,,, so Sad,,,NOT

Here's your monthly reminder that I still need to pay the rent and eat, so any donations to Bilerico Project would be greatly appreciated. This is a full-time job for me and with advertising revenue dropping dramatically thanks to the el-sucko economy, I'm relying on y'all to help us through the rough patch.

If you think we provide a valuable service to the community, drop a few dollars in the bucket please. If you'd like to advertise on Bilerico, drop me a note and I'll shoot you an ad rate card.

Yes the Bilerico Project, owner is having money problems.. I guess he nolonger in the Gay INC Circle of ass kissers..any more

ENC: New Executive Director has started, Who Knew, Did you???

According the NC’s Main LGBT Rag of a Newspaper today they posted a piecestuartcampbell stating the New ENC Director who is not from NC, has started his new job at there, sometime last week..

I went though my emails from them, no mention that he had started, a lot damn talk about their Fucking Gala and who’s asses they are kissing this year. Plans concerning phone banking and holding workshops in Raleigh the the Western part of the State, while fucking over Eastern NC..

Campbell spoke with Qnotes three days after starting work, in his first interview with North Carolina press. Fresh on the job and living in an apartment in Raleigh until he can fully move his partner and belongings from Austin, Texas, Campbell said he’d received a warm and embracing welcome.

Which mean he was met the little fucking worm who works for Qnotes.. I see Matt had to work hard to get that interview before the Editor of the Triangle other and much better LGBT paper in Raleigh did.. (proving that our sister can do it better)

The ENC email letters comes from two people in ENC, Jen Jones and Kay Flaminio. Jen write the main today to today emails for the group, while Kay focus on the Gala, however you can bet each email end with them asking for $$$$$…

Their most recently email didn’t even mention that Campbell had started either.

Join us on November 11th  as we continue to have educational conversations about the Anti-LGBT amendment with voters we know will turn out for the May 8th election.

We will be out talking to voters who exit their polling locations informing voters about the harms of the Anti-LGBT amendment and asking them to 'Take the Pledge' to vote against the amendment.  Nervous about talking to voters?  Don't be!  We will provide a full training on how to approach voters, how to politely ignore naysayers, and how to overall have a good time while doing important work against this amendment!  Join us!



  • 6:30am - 9am
  • 11:30am - 1:30pm
  • 4:30pm - 7pm


  • Each location is different -- please inquire with the lead contact listed above for additional information about the trainings!

Don't live in one of these locations but want to volunteer on Election Day? Great!  We'd love for you to go to your local polling location to talk to your neighbors about the amendment.  Email me at and I'll make sure that you receive not only the materials for election day but the training on how to do this important work!

In solidarity,

Sam Parker, Field Director

See nothing for the Eastern NC, I can only guess they agree with Matt Comer that the East is waste of time and money.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

ENC need your Help on Nov 8th, unless you live in the East,


Once again Eastern NC doesn’t matter nor count in the Fight… Why has ENC turn its Back on the EAST?????

Join us on November 8th  as we continue to have educational conversations about the Anti-LGBT amendment with voters we know will turn out for the May 8th election.

We will be out talking to voters who exit their polling locations informing voters about the harms of the Anti-LGBT amendment and asking them to 'Take the Pledge' to vote against the amendment.  Nervous about talking to voters?  Don't be!  We will provide a full training on how to approach voters, how to politely ignore naysayers, and how to overall have a good time while doing important work against this amendment!  Join us!


  • Asheville:  Contact Jennifer at
  • Wake County:  Contact Tucker at
  • Greensboro: Contact Chris at
  • Winston-Salem: Contact Katie at
  • Charlotte: Contact Scott at


  • 6:30am - 9am
  • 11:30am - 1:30pm
  • 4:30pm - 7pm


  • Each location is different -- please inquire with the lead contact listed above for additional information about the trainings!

Don't live in one of these locations but want to volunteer on Election Day? Great!  We'd love for you to go to your local polling location to talk to your neighbors about the amendment.  Email me at and I'll make sure that you recieve not only the materials for election day but the training on how to do this important work!

In solidarity,

Sam Parker, Field Director

Saturday, October 29, 2011

I wonder if Qnote will block Edward Jacobs after his comment??

I love this comment from and about Qnotes, it so true and right to the point. Matt Comer is driving Qnotes right in the dirt..

‘Trashy’ columnQN2010_logo_purple_4c

In response to columnist Leslie Robinson’s “Unreal: The Haggards on reality TV,” printed Oct. 15,
Why in the world did you waste space in the Q-Notes with this trashy article? Why would you even think we give one rat’s ass what the Haggards are doing? Do you actually think we care whether they are alive or dead? I’m just blown away by this total waste of time and energy. And putting words into someone’s mouth is a sign of a weak mind. That must be why we get this kind of garbage from the Q-Notes. This reminds me of the “great time to buy a home” article I read in the Q-Notes just before the housing collapse. It’s a shame the only “rag” queers in North Carolina have is such a (Santorum) “rag”.
— Edward Jacobs, Raleigh, Oct. 23, letter

There is no way I can top the Santorum comment….

Sunday, October 23, 2011


Taken from ActonPrinciples site,

In a shocking bit of news, it appears that the main LGBT organizations are blocking the inclusion of Title VI in the “Omnibus” equality bill being developed by Representative Polis for filing in January.

The outline shared by Polis’ office is sweeping, but clearly omits Title VI, which pertains to all federally funded programs, and marriage equality, which is not even on the table.

Title VI of the Civil Rights Act reads:

Sec. 2000d. Prohibition against exclusion from participation in, denial of benefits of, and discrimination under federally assisted programs on ground of race, color, or national origin.
No person in the United States shall, on the ground of race, color, or national origin, be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination under any program or activity receiving Federal financial assistance.

Including Title VI in a true omnibus would add “sexual orientation and gender identity” to this list, as has been proposed regularly since the omnibus idea first emerged in 2008, and would effectively end federally subsidized discrimination.

It appears, however, that a long-needed coalition of LGBT corporations has formed, and is now speaking with one voice against an inclusive omnibus.


The pro-offered argument is “pragmatism.” In other words, as the story goes, the Omnibus will be more viable legislatively if Title VI is not included.

Of course, this sounds immediately fishy. It would almost be better to hear them say: “We don’t want to put Title VI in play in 2012 because it will force Obama’s hand, and the opposition will be saying: ‘Look they want to force homosexuality on your community. Boo.’ So, since this is an election year, let’s file w/out Title VI, and then we’ll add it later, after the next election.”

It’s actually a convincing argument and we’ve heard ones like it before, like when they sought to leave transgendered people out of ENDA. It’s a politics of compromise whereby we negotiate against ourselves, before the game even starts, compromising principle, deflecting the call for equality.


If this is remotely true, filing an omnibus without TITLE VI sure doesn’t cut it.

Think about it. Title VI, by making it illegal to discriminate using federal money, enlists an enforcement army of thousands of contract managers, managing over $3,400 billion dollars, to stamp discrimination out. It is the mechanism by which our federal non-discrimination policy becomes a social norm via the vast economic power of the United States. This is how the money talks.

Of course, Gay Inc knows all of this. Representative Polis knows all of this. The DNC knows all of this.

So WHY does the outline Rep. Polis issued NOT INCLUDE TITLE VI?

Title VI, which has been in the Omnibus since 2008, and the American Equality Bill from the outset. Title VI which puts “non-discrimination based on race, color, and national origin,” on every contract to every school, to every homeless youth program, to every police department, state, city, town, hospital, etc.

Title VI, which gives the 1000s of lawyers in the Department of Justice’s offices the power to sue to stop discrimination everywhere in America.

To many, this is where “pragmatism” comes into the picture, not in defining the goal. Because there is a reason the various non-discrimination laws exist, and their benefits will be of equal value to our community, and their exclusion our equal loss.


Possibly, but is that the appropriate standard? What is pragmatism anyway?

Pragmatism is the obstacle of choice in politics. It lives within the now, or even the past, but not the future. It says: yes your equality may be what you want, but do not seek it. It is the voice of the impossible blocking change.

From 1974 to 1994, LGBT organizations backed a Civil Rights Bill. In 1994, weary from a decade of AIDS, we made the pragmatic decision to drop an equality bill, and thereby, separated ourselves from our Civil Rights heritage. We decided to seek only an end to employment discrimination in a deal with potential allies, and for 17 years, have fought that pragmatic fight, unbeknownst to society at large.

Meanwhile, the world has passed us by. Marriage is legal in Argentina and South Africa where “sexual orientation” is protected in the Constitution. Our plight is recognized by the United Nations Human Rights Council and the Organization of American States, which has made explicit the duty under international law to “prevent, punish and eradicate” discrimination based on SO&GI.

The United States pushed those international resolutions under President Obama and Secretary Clinton, and is bound by them. They know that Title VI is the fulfillment of this duty. Everyone does. Surely pragmatism cannot dictate that we not seek its protection. The protection of human rights, under a clear duty to act, but not for us?


Because HRC, the NGLTF, NCLR, and a confidential list of others, led by an invisible hand, managed behind closed doors in secret and in concert, like only corporations can, have decided that it is not “pragmatic” to even file a bill for Equal Civil Rights protections. That we should not seek equal protection under the law, not now, not yet. That we should wait, and follow, with no public open conversation about the entire matter.

Of course it does depend on WHY WE ARE EVEN FILING AN OMNIBUS BILL?

NO ONE THINKS we are filing this bill to pass in this Congress. That is not the point.

The point of the omnibus, like the AEB, is to put EQUALITY on the table. To take OUR stance. To reflect OUR dignity. Not as a statement of the possible, but as a statement of collective intention to manifest our liberation.

It is an opportunity to be the change we seek. It is the chance to make our equality a major issue in the 2012 race, by giving our own people a beacon.

This is the “intangible” that pragmatic legislative or corporate analysis fails to grasp: The power of Collective Intention to manifest change beyond the possible in today’s terms. The power of a shared dream.


Our movement is ultimately about love. And two-spirited people have long been the shamans and visionaries, still dancing among us today. When Richard Noble takes to walking across country for Equal Civil Rights, he points the way. When the Mayor of West Hollywood and the City Council, as duly elected officials of a city that is 40% LGBT, issue a Resolution for the AEB, they declare it. When the Mayor of Salt Lake City calls upon the U.S. government for Equal Civil Rights for LGBT Americans, the way is clear.

Like this, we need Congressman Polis to be a representative visionary. As a rather pragmatic truth, the LGBT community has no directly elected representatives, neither among its organizations nor in Congress. So as a community and people, we rely on surrogates, custodians of the public trust to do the community bidding.

In this spirit, the call for the Omnibus has repeatedly come from the community. When eQualityGiving put forth the original draft in 2008, and The Dallas Principles spoke the truth of unity. When the National Equality Marchers demanded “Full Federal Equality.” When The American Equality Bill Project encamped for 37 days, and activists fasted. When hundreds chanted “CIVIL RIGHTS NOW” in Grand Central Terminal.

The community has spoken. When the Mayors of Oakland, Reno, Boulder, Salt Lake City and West Hollywood issue Proclamations. When the LGBT Community Centers in Denver & Boulder – the Congressman’s own district – issue Resolutions explicitly calling for Title VI and EQUAL Civil Rights.

When the Wall Street Occupiers say no more corporate control of politics and take to the street for the voice of the people, they speak for our movement as well. The legitimacy of our movement depends on it, and our destiny is tied to it. Corporations cannot set the dreams for all of us.

Our movement is spiritual. We seek to free people from discrimination that binds their very being, denying their soul’s journey on earth and the safe haven to become their authentic self. We are liberating all of society by securing the acknowledgement by this Government of its primary duty: to protect us as we are, not as someone else would have us be.

Ultimately our cause is a focal point of today’s holy wars, calling the ultimate question of love or anger, compassion or judgment.  And we should no longer hide from this responsibility or avoid this role.

When we INCLUDE TITLE VI we start a macro conversation about WHY LGBT PEOPLE ARE NOT ALREADY COVERED EQUALLY by federal non-discrimination laws, WHY we are not treated with dignity, and WHY discrimination is wrong.

When we INCLUDE TITLE VI we announce what we intend to accomplish, and that YES we are speaking to everyone, everywhere in this Country.

When we INCLUDE TITLE VI we are saying we are equal, and we expect our POLITICIANS to say so too.

We have had decades of pragmatism, while societal acceptance has over shot our own organizational expectations.

We’ve bowed to allies and other minorities, denying our own dignity in the process.

We’ve seen more and more teenagers taking their lives because we won’t force the macro conversation we need to have to address a societal wide illness of homophobia and transphobia, cultivated by our own Government and propagated by its laws, that leads to barbaric acts like parents rejecting their own offspring or people tied to fences and beaten to death.

We see exponential mental illnesses among our people, spiking under anti-gay referendum, police abuse, killings, political ostracizing, families torn apart, and the generalized rejection of an entire segment of society by their own community, not as a group, but individually in a forced emotional isolation born of fear.

The Civil Rights Act can’t change this. But the debate over our Equal Inclusion can. And then, after we win the legislative battle, after we build a chorus so loud we can no longer be ignored. Title VI will push that conversation deeply into every corner of this country, leaving no child behind and no dream deferred.

We’ve seen a sea change in public opinion ushered in by television programming, but not by a mass movement.

It’s time to find our common intention to liberate ourselves as a matter of entitlement.

It’s time to find our voice as a community entitled to respect as a matter of consciousness.

It’s time to file a bill for equality that says: WE ARE EQUAL & WE ARE NEXT.

For AN INCLUSIVE OMNIBUS, email: Your input is invited.

Share it!

Friday, October 14, 2011

Some Truth from Gay INC Flunky, MATT COMER..

Matt Comer_1318615089265

WOW, You help to destroy another person Marriage Rally and you get rewarded for it..

From the Back Stabbing assholes of Equality NC email newsletter, who also couldn’t choose a Local (in state) person to Running ENC fulltime, no this one is from Texas.. Gay Inc at its best..

mattcomerMatt Comer has provided superb coverage of the anti-LGBT amendment for QNotes, often working hand in hand with Pam Spaulding of Pam's House Blend to elevate coverage of LGBT news in North Carolina to an art form. We're so honored to have a reporter like Matt Comer in our midst, and to have someone so young speak so eloquently for his peers. We know he'll do big things but always stay true to the LGBT movement in his beloved home state.

A native of Winston-Salem, Matt Comer has served as editor of QNotes since October 2007. Established in 1986, QNotes is the premier arts, entertainment, and news publication serving the Carolinas’ LGBT communities. Prior to moving to Charlotte, Comer worked and volunteered with a variety of local, state, and national LGBT organizations. He was a participant in the 2007 Soulforce Equality Ride, which visited 24 Christian colleges and universities across the country that openly discriminate against LGBT students and faculty. Comer’s essay on his upbringing in a conservative Baptist home and church was first published in 2008 and republished this fall in Mitchell Gold's and Mindy Drucker's anthology, Youth in Crisis: 40 Stories on Why Religion-Based Bigotry Against Gay People Must End Now. Comer attended the University of North Carolina at Greensboro and is currently enrolled at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte where he is studying American history and politics.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

ENC is in the pocket of Gay Inc…

yes Equality NC is in the pockets of Gay INC, Hard to believe, but true.

Its almost Gala time too,

This year the Prices are all over the place, I sure if you donated over a certain amount, you get in for free, This Year Students in College gets a big break, however everyday people still have to pay the most, but wait, this year they are comp-ing some 20 or more tickets.. yes a small selection of people will get in for free. It seem they need more Trans and people of color to show up.

to get those you must know one of their college student ambassador, ie free labor…

. I guess just to prove that Equality here in nc isn’t just a white rich man thing…

Twitter - @followjenjones- OK, so recruitment for the ..._1317858424102Twitter - @followjenjones- preference for the four fr ..._1317858401211

Yes the Rich Donors get in for free, Student for almost nothing, and these folks. Just like everything else Equality is acting just like Congress, protecting the Rich donors..

don’t’ just take my word for it,

This year thanks to generous grants from a number of wonderful foundations, Equality NC Foundation is pleased to be able to provide a 50% discount on student admission fees for a limited time only based on demand. To ensure fairness, learning institutions purchasing bulk admissions for students will each be limited to five discounted admissions. To purchase bulk admissions for students, please contact Devin at or 919.829.0343 x 112.

This year's conference admission fees are as follows:

  • Complimentary admission for each donor who has made gifts totaling $1,200 or more during 2011

  • $50 regular admission ($65 after October 21)

  • $12.50 for students for a limited time only! | $25 for students ($35 after October 21)

  • $35 for people with income challenges (reduced rate not available after October 21)

  • Sorry, no refunds!

This year's gala admission fees are:

  • Complimentary admission for each donor who has made gifts totaling $1,200 or more during 2011
  • $145 regular admission ($175 after October 21)
  • $37.50 for students for a limited time only! | $75 for students ($95 after October 21)
  • $85 for people with income challenges (reduced rate not available after October 21)
  • Sorry, no refunds!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The End of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell in North Carolina and the Nation..

frontpage_smThis is great news for all those LGBT’s service members, that can finally be free to be who they truly are.. Lets Party…..

However here in NC, one of our only two LGBT News Papers like to think that only the LGBT’s in one certain city, is all that matters..

On September 15th of 2011, this piece “House GOP seeks to halt DADT repeal”, written by the Staff of the Paper (Qnotes)..

As community members across the nation, and even here in Charlotte, prepare to celebrate the repeal of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,” Washington Blade political reporter Chris Johnson reveals new plans by Congressional Republicans to slow or even halt the policy’s repeal. Read more:

I made a Comment, about it, which has been delete since I’m not allow to comment on Qnotes via Matt Comer…(EQC = editing queen in charge).  Which said “you just could say “here in North Carolina” No you had to single out Charlotte”. it was left on the 15th @ 3:05 pm…

To Qnotes its all about Charlotte, Charlotte, CHARLOTTE

On 19th of September, Qnotes editor Matt wrote another piece about DADT,  Charlotte is listed as first as usual, since it all about Charlotte with Qnotes.. then SC’s Columbia then NC State in Raleigh, last it Fayetteville. However these other cities wouldn’t be listed if it wasn’t for the Service members legal Defense Network.

I feel it time for Jim Yarbrough to rename Qnotes once again.. or at least make it known that Charlotte interests are first.. Maybe he could rename it Charlotte’s Notes, or Queen’s City Notes.

At least when The Front Page was in print their paper was balanced, its wasn’t just Raleigh, Raleigh with them..


(image and text used under fair use act)(photo credited to Qnotes)

This award it awarded to Matt Comer, enjoy it ..


Monday, September 19, 2011


3:09-cv-02292 #812

Qnotes Tweets some truth

This is the most truth you will ever see from Qnotes.. Concerning Matt Comer..


Yes Matt is intolerant to all those whom don’t shame his ideology.. Matt doesn’t like to be wrong…

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Qnotes, all that matters is Charlotte…

As community members across the nation, and even here in Charlotte, prepare to celebrate the repeal of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,” Washington Blade political reporter Chris Johnson reveals new plans by Congressional Republicans to slow or even halt the policy’s repeal.

Wow, it’s Charlotte, Charlotte, CHARLOTTE.. and nothing else..

Charlotte which doesn’t have any really military base at all… seems to think it matter more in Charlotte then anywhere else in NC.. I bet those in Elizabeth City, Fayetteville, Goldsboro, Jacksonville, and Havelock would disagree..

Once again Qnotes proves only Charlotte’s LGBT citizens matter…


Monday, September 12, 2011

So what now Matt

I would like to thank you for shooting down my partner David, scheduled rally, which was to be today. He had planned a very supportive gathering, but because of your biased opinion of me, you put your journalistic integrity aside and destroyed his ideas with an opinionated and slanderously unsupported writing.


Just think it could have been our voices that Rep. Marcus Brandon would have heard inside the chambers today’s. Instead it was the collective hateful speeches of the anti-marriage supporters. I hope you are happy with yourself. Good looking out for our so-called community.


I guess, thanks to you, ENC vigils and rallies will now be nothing more than a funeral processions for gay marriage in NC. Stay in Charlotte tomorrow – now you have a reason to not to come to Raleigh. We don’t need any more pallbearers. Beside I was taught at a young age that it is bad karma/respect for the person who causes another’s death to show up at their funeral. We will be attending in black mourning attire.


Now that all is said and done I will be calling for a ban on Qnotes, HRC, and mostly ENC for as much good as they did or more likely didn’t do for any of our causes. They are all useless and did nothing to support our community unless it benefits them in any way. Why would any self respecting gay person in North Carolina support any group that didn’t support them for anything by for monetary gains?


From now to May let the filling of the HRC and ENC other Groups Coffers began. After it was all about the money $$$$$$$$

Tweet forwarded by @sickntired08

qnotescarolinas: @sickntired08 Our editor @interstateq has returned to school-has classes he cant miss that day Back to issues that  matter please @ngblog

Original Tweet:

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Sent from my Verizon Wireless Phone

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Interstateq the Douche bag of the week

After he basically destroyed my partner marriage rally, this jerk won’t event be showing up for the one he push on other.. what a douche bag.. (being nice)


I guess he couldn’t give up his after spot at the Adult Bookstore, servicing those in need.. who knows why.. I know that my partner and I will be, even if I have to bring my two nephews with me, if I can’t find someone to watch for the day..

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Qnotes getting Just like HRC

Why are you endorsing candidates who do not support trans civil rights?

David Howard, Edwin Peacock III, Curtis Watkins, and Dennis Peterson have all indicated they do not support civil rights protections based on gender identity, yet they are listed here presumably endorsed by QNotes.

How are these candidates “LGBT-friendly” if they seek to politically divide our community by only extending rights to some?

Comment by Chelsea Sayre — September 5, 2011 @ 8:05 pm

Chelsea Sayre, Qnotes really don’t care about that, as long they support the L.G.B, Qnotes is just like HRC, they will throw the T,under the bus just as fast.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

The anti-ssm folks has plan their second Marriage for the year..

North Carolina Values Coalition

Marriage Rally! 10:30 am on September 12, Halifax Mall (behind the Legislative Bldg.). Bring a sign and take a stand for marriage! #ncprotectmarriage

Just stop and think,, If the Marriage Rally that was plan for the 12th went as plan this group would have to clear out by noon, but since it was cancel, they have till 2 pm unless another group got it..

also there are still rumors that these amendments will be heard on that day..

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Vigil for Equality - Greenville


Monday, September 12 · 7:00pm - 8:00pm


Pitt County Court House

100 W 3rd St.

Greenville, NC

Created By

Rich Elkins, Ann Marie Alderman, Aaron LucierShow all (5)

More Info

On the evening before the NC General Assembly returns for a special session devoted to consideration of Constitutional Amendments, supporters of equality across the state will gather in opposition to efforts to write discrimination into our State Constitution.
In Greenville, we will gather at the steps of the Pitt County Courthouse (tentative location).
These statewide vigils will be followed by a rally the next day on Halifax Mall (outside the General Assembly Building) in Raleigh.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Whatever, I just don't care..

Send those nasty little email, defending Matt and ENC, I don't care. I have the right to my Opinions, just like every one else.

However I see that most of you are using Gay Inc playbook..

Its ok to Attack me through my Partner of 15, while the attacker sleeps his ass around Charlotte.

Its Ok for a Str8 fucker who is running ENC to team up with Matt.. I have to wonder just how well they KNOW each other..

But Please do send me those emails and comments... Unlike the one who got his sorry ass kick out of BS for coming at 14, you made yourself a victim just to get attention at that age.. you use that every since... Give it a fucking rest, its old hat..

Sunday, August 21, 2011

ENC Past Campaigns..

prideimage (2)AmendmentPostcard2011

Ok, not really sure about the first card, but the other are tools that Equality NC used in past Campaigns

  1. Card 1 ????
  2. Card  2 anti-bully, safe schools
  3. Card 3 Anti-gay marriage Amendments…

Lets not forget this campaign that made us look a bunch of fools


Jan 1, 2011 – "Fruitloops" Campaign. After NC Representative Larry Brown sent an email calling LGBT people "queers" and "fruitloops,"

Comment Deny..

to the person who left that very nasty comment defending Matt and Alex..I don’t know where you got you info.. but you are so effing wrong.. But I’m sure you got you false shit from Matt..

I have only this for you..

f_c8d3b9bf71 (2)

Sorry to tell you, but you are Gay…

No matter what you tell yourself… you are gay, cause simply str8 men don’t go on craiglist missed connections and post the following, just to see whats up..

keith..rm piggly wiggly 8-14--11 - m4m_1313965195739

What will the % be in NC


If the anti-gay amendments passes both houses, and when it is voted on in Novemeber what will the % of voters whom voted in favor of this amendment?????

Also recently the new imbecile running ENC on the radio taking about these bills, (hb777&sb106).

It was great that he mention that there has never been any challenge to the NC State that defines what a marriage is.

Do you know why there never been a Challenge to the law here in NC, by any LGBT group, organization, or person.. Simply because the LGBT here in NC really don’t give a shit.. Period. They are pushing this just to piss of the right-wingers and the religious right… Period. Also to make money off the gay community..

They have to make those coins…

Equality NC Blocks me, and 6 of ? Vigils

The Vigils so far.. (updated 8/2/2011 @ 7:04pm) (update 8/21 @ 8:22 pm)(8/24 @ 11:03 am) (9/3/2011)
  1. SANDHILLS ALLIANCE Vigil for Equality (Fay-ville)
  2. UNCW PRIDE Vigil For Equality (Wilmington)
  3. Winston-Salem Vigil for Equality
  4. Greensboro Vigil For Equality
  5. Asheville Vigil for Equality
  6. Charlotte Vigil for Equality
  7. Raleigh Vigil for Equality
  8. Duke and Durham Vigil for Equality
  9. Vigil for Equality Greenville
so that leaves four more, going by there Tweet post.. below.
so that mean, Raleigh, Charlotte, Greensboro, and Ashville. Past experience tell me there won’t be one in Eastern NC at all.. ok, a very slim chance of one.. I hope the folks of Greenville will hold one..
As for as being block, please I can see their posts, and follow them,, I know they still see mentions that I post… Just like Matt of Q-note who has block, he still Trolling my twitter account too… Just like how he trolls the bookstore in Charlotte, if not there then it the parks and rest area..
Fullscreen capture 8212011 73450 AM.bmp

Saturday, August 20, 2011

BITCH Please: Matt Bitching about being Ban,

Matt is piss that he was banned from commenting on Facebook. What go around comes around Bitch...

So how you know how it feel, Just how many have you banned/block from commenting on Qnotes, your blog and webpages..

Also this Issue of Qnotes should have a Warning on it..

this issue should have adult contents warning, since this is free, and in sidewalks boxes, it should be report for wild porn.. graphic male images on Page Ten...
Now Serving Soft Porn... maybe one of our anti-gay folks will filed a complaint against Qnotes, for pushing porn on the streets of Charlotte... Since this is free available to under age kids...

Porn on Page 10, I know they will claim it art, but since it a drawing of a naked man

See the image
page 10 of Qnotes issue Aug 20-Sept 2, 2011 vol 26 no. 08

Just shamefull...

Qnote Q-Guide once again THE East is let out

Proving that Eastern NC is a complete waste of Time, Matt Comer the Editor of Qnote,proves, Their Q-Guide completely leave Eastern NC out… Then it easy when you didn’t even list the East at all..
Eastern NC was left out solely because we are not Charlotte,. (Image used under the Fair use laws)
Greenville,NC has gay frienly business, and night clubs, the area has Aids Services, and a Pflag chapter, Yet Matt just couldn't waste a bit of ink on us, Since we have no monetary Value for Qnotes..Well, what do you expect, they (Qnote staff) don't reach to the East, I guess if would cost them too much to do so... you know since it cost so much these day to send a email, what is the current cost of sending emails is it the same as 1st class mail ?????

I wonder just how much longer this rag will be around.. they might have one to two news peiece that have already been read via Web, before they published all the worked over news pieces,

Qnotes now has porn in it wow, now it just another slut-mag…

Check it out here

THE East gets a small piece in this bi-weekly issue

QN2010_logo_web_greenaeeven if it is a back stabbing fuck you piece you,,,

Friday, August 19, 2011

Equality NC so Called Eastern Dir, needs help… since he doesn’t live in the east at all…

Andrew Porter

Please help! I need possible outdoor locations in Fayetteville to hold a candlelight vigil. Festival Park is out. Please make suggestions!

Just for Equality NC, Qnotes, and Alex Miller

bitchslap1 (2)

Remember this

frontpage_smEastern NC Doesn’t matter to Qnotes nor Equality NC..mattcomer

Matt the Editor of the Q-notes said so.

Eastern NC is a waste of time and money, and yes I’m paraphrasing. They have limit resources and since Eastern NC is as large as Charlotte, Ashville, Greensboro, Durham, Raleigh or Chapel Hill, we are not worthy to be included in theirs newspaper.

However we might for the next two to three issues,, (more on that later), wait they did a few pieces on the first ever Outer Bank Pride fest.. Crumbs at best..

No at Qnotes goes out of their to do stories about the East, hell when the housing market failure, they make a lot of calls to real estate agents in Charlotte and the surrounding area, even Raleigh, but they just could bring themselves to call or email any Agents in the East. I can only guess that their computer crash, and the phones were cut, and their cell were being jammed..

Now Matty, attacks me thru my partner,, just how lame is that. He is to much a fucking coward that he couldn’t attack me directly..

49135_739060029_60629_nYes I went off after I found out that Equality Marriage Rally being held the following Day. Just who ideal was it, to hold it the very following day??

This douchebag, Alex Miller the new intern director which I’m the ENC Group will make give him the full job very soon..

Yes I said I hope that bills 777 and 106 passes and are voted into law.. Why, simple ENC and other group have fail LGBT Community in NC, not one fucking equality group ever try to sue to over turn the state law that states what marriage is and between who.. ENC sat around and did almost nothing for year, except give us galas, days of action, post cards and a stupid ass Fruit loop campaign..

Yes I said that I hope any car pools and buses get double flats  on their way there.. I hope that it will storm like hell..

I also hope that Every anti-gay person shows up too. Yes over all I hope the Rally and Vigils fail..

ENC is only trying to protect those jobs that are there.. ENC is now officially apart of GAY Inc..

(image used under fair use law)

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Double talk/standing of ENC

For a Group that claim they want equality for the LGBT, yet they won't speak at a Marriage Equality Rally. I would have to wonder why. Yet they can go clubbing for equality, why will be all the Pride Rallies for the year. They won't even twitter the event on their there. Its like they don't want us to have this Equality at all. ENC is being coming more like HRC, everyday they are only interested in keeping their jobs.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

ENC Too busy to speak at marriage rally again

Just shameful, I see the str/married Alex doing a great job, NOT!!


Thank you for reaching out to us. I'm sorry to say that, while we appreciate your passion and work on the issue, we won't be able to participate in this rally. Equality NC is currently focusing on our legislative campaign to stop the constitutional amendment through our grassroots field campaign and direct lobbying efforts, which require all of our energy, time and resources. Like GetEqual, we will have upcoming opportunities for direct action and will keep the entire community updated on ways to get involved.

All the best,


Alexander C. Miller, MSW
Sent via BlackBerry from T-Mobile

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Once again Eastern NC is left out..

Attention LGBT supporters in Western NC, Triad & Triangle! With news that North Carolina lawmakers may take up a constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage as soon as Thursday, July 28, we're mobilizing volunteers in all parts of the state RIGHT NOW to participate in all day phone banks today to activate constituents, reach out to key legislators, and stop the amendment.


To be fair, we did get a small line in this announcement,


Attn: Eastern NC; phone banks will be set up tomorrow in your region, as needed. In the meantime, you can make a difference RIGHT NOW:


Was told EasterNC has a EqualityNC Rep, must be a part timer, what have ENC done Recently for Eastern NC, not a damn thing…I can see.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

What the hell is Matt Comer Problem


Twitter - @interstateq- @JNealNC Has nothing to do ..._1308766941125

matt need to get his fucking head check, or out of GAY INC asses, those that he met at Netroots nation..

Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Saturday, June 18th, 2011


Stop by the HRC & Equality North Carolina Booth at the Juneteenth Festival, Elizabeth City, NC
click to view flyer

On April 7, 2011 House Bill 777 was introduced to amend the constitution in the "Defense of Marriage." NC State law already limits marriage to opposite-sex couples. If the constitution is amended in this regard it will deny gay and lesbian couples access to marriage or any same-sex unions or forms of recognition such as civil union or domestic partnership.

Let us call this for what it is: "the anti-LGBT amendment or "the anti-gay amendment and an attack North Carolina’s LGBTQ Community.
This movement has been used in other states to take away private benefits such as health insurance and survival rights for LGBT couples.  The amendment would not only write the current discriminatory marriage law into the constitution, it would actually take away rights and responsibilities that are currently available to some couples. 
This anti-gay amendment is a distraction from the voters' priorities. The legislature was sent to Raleigh to tackle jobs, the economy, and the state budget, not to advance a divisive social agenda.

What are the key arguments against the amendment?

  • Marriage is already denied same-sex couples by state law. The amendment doesn't change marriage in any way. It simply attacks LGBT North Carolinians and puts their basic rights up for a vote
  • Amending the constitution is an extreme act, not a conservative one. Constitutions are designed to protect rights and not to take them away. The rights of a minority should never be put to a majority vote.
  • The anti-gay amendment causes real harm. It harms couples who will be denied even the most basic protections and it harms vulnerable LGBT young people by sending a terrible message that their state and their neighbors consider them second-class citizens unworthy of basic dignity and fair treatment, a message which exacerbates the epidemic of LGBT young people committing suicide.

What can YOU do?
Help us send a message to the people in your community to complete postcards and write letters to their legislators in opposition to the anti-gay amendment. These post cards will be available at the ENC booth, it only takes 5 minutes to complete one or 10 minutes to write a letter – templates will be provided to assist you.

NC LGBTQ Community and Allies, can you assist in hosting letter writing parties in Bertie, Gates, Hertford, Perquimans, Northampton, Vance or Warren County? Let us know.



Children should't be subject to life long medical choices

Very interesting statement, which I'm sure the #transinc community will claim to be Transphobic.. in natural. There is nothing bias ...