Saturday, July 31, 2010

This Ass should step down ASAP

HRC President Joe Solmonese took a yearly salary last year of over $450,000.00
He makes quite a comfortable living keeping our community oppressed.
Joe knows that if we get our rights to marry, job protection and the right to service, we will no longer need HRC, he would be out of a job. Joe is using us to fatten his back accounts and to travel for free... JOE IS A MEDIA WHORE.......

Friday, July 30, 2010

As you know NOM is coming to Raleigh

Once I learn they were coming I set a Face Book Event to hold a counter-protest. A few individuals basically told me that we as a group didn't have what it takes to hold this protest against a national group.

I canceled my event to only learn later that others have created four events all with different names. How nice.

Anyway there was a face book discussion on this matter, basically it got to point that I had to delete, however the person whom I'm really talking about reply to another post on the matter.

It’s seemed to me that our LGBT community here in NC is for the most part are in the dark following blindly those whom appointed themselves as our leaders, who are support by the rich A ‘list Gays and a few Lesbians. The others who do thinks for themselves and goes against them are blackball and harass for their' beliefs.

So in our collective communities it seems that we must now get permission from this A'list of LGBT, before someone can hold and organize a protest against anti-gay, anti-marriage groups that might and will come to town.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Has the North Carolina LGBT Community lost it voice?

Once again an anti-gay, anti gay marriage group will be holding an anti-everything gay event in Raleigh this August. Once again our community leaders don’t want the local LGBT community to hold a counter protest; instead they want us to work with an out of state group. (freedom to marry)
Just when did we lose our voice and our right to hold our own events? Please can someone out there tell me this? What gives this group the right to act and speak on our behalf? Well, the answer to this question is very easy answered. We have allowed them to speak for us, because we no longer act for ourselves.
ENC is organizing a response for NC that works for NC; we are working with FTM to better understand what NOM is doing in the rallies around the country before they get to NC and learn from other organizers.
To better understand NOM, what a bunch of bullshit. Is NOM new to the scene, no? We have been dealing this group from some time now. We know what their tactics are and will be during these rallies.
"The NOM tour is a national event with national implications. It makes sense for Freedom to Marry to counter each NOM event.  I'm not saying let people speak for us but really come on now: isn't it smarter to work with each other instead of against? Why are you always so confrontational to friends and foes alike? "
So local groups and activist can’t handle a national group like NOM now, wow is there anything we can do.
Now I love this one about me,
You want unity? Maybe you can start by trying not to be such a divider.
This from our own statewide LGBT newspaper editor, whom a few months back wrote about the real estate crisis and only focus on Charlotte, Durham, and Raleigh. Like it was too hard from them to call or email real estate agents in the east to see how this was affecting our communities. I can only guess that day the phones were all down and computer were offline.
Theirs recent newspaper doesn’t even any business ads of businesses east of 95.(i don't count Wilmington part of the east)  I know in the east there are gay friendly businesses, from Greenville to the Outer Banks. However there is piece on ECU student union and their LGBT history calendar. I was shock to see that.
And, for the record, no one said you shouldn't plan a protest. It was just suggested you get in touch with a group that is already planning something.
Why should we (local groups) always have to team up with out of state groups whom have their own agenda? The last time I check we have our own equity group. Which didn’t even want the small protest that was held in Raleigh last year during the NC4Marriage rally, which was also completely ignore by every NC blogger and our own LGBT Paper? Our Equity leader basically didn’t do a damn thing but stood there with a blank expression on his face.

So Freedom to marry will most likely hold a rally in Raleigh this August, My question is how many of the 5000+ lgbt community members will be there? 

Currents Events for 7/14

Well we have Lt. Dan Choi and Capt. Pietrangelo on Trial Today for DADT Arrest. I wonder what will be the out come of this case.
Then we have Clay Aiken and 'The View' Ladies Discuss the DADT Survey talking about a subject he has nothing what so ever to talk on National TV, with the ladies of The View, Only current and ex-service personnel should be talking about. C.A media whore in the worst way.

Wow another not new action, German Soccer Agent Uses Antigay Slurs, like this is new in the sport field.

Pam and Glaad action of the week,Get ABC's The View to correct the record on gay black men

Gender-neutral pronoun usage

The folks over at Trans Issues Group at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology for the gender-neutral pronoun usage guide. You can download it at : : Must not like themselves to much, since they want to rewrite noun and pronoun, and the english language all together.

If the only way you can like yourself is my creating new terms then you are mentally off... please go and see a doctor.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Gay Couple holding hands at Kings Dominion

Monday I visit King Dominion with my sister and her family and my partner. Even though I thought that KD was ripping people off with their over price drinks and food, yes subway subs were over price, and I won't even talk about the prices at Chick-fil-a. Lets just say that if a store was selling 16oz bottle of water for 4 dollars after a major storm, they would be charged. The 2 dollar chicken sandwich at your local Chick-fil-a was 6 dollars at KD.

I spotted this nice young couple walking holding hands, not being to shy about either.. Yes I'm sure this was a male couple since both visited the same restroom at the same time..

May we need to hold a gay and Lesbian day at Kings Dominion in the future....
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Friday, July 9, 2010

Shocking news from Charlotte, not really

Recently I try to set up a counter protest against NOM marriage rally which will be in Raleigh this August, to said that certain parties/people didn't want this, but want to let Freedom to Marry speak for the whole LGBT community here in NC. Why you might ask?

Because NOM's rally hold national implications, this person thinks that we (the community) here in NC can't manage a simple protest. That, we don't even know how to set up a counter protest here in NC by ourselves.

Now over at Q-notes (which should change their name back to Queen city notes) have a piece on Operation Save America. Where they will be protesting in Charlotte, the editor notes that some groups have set up workshops and training sessions, but mention that the LGBT community hasn't done shit. This is shocking for Charlotte, where the editor of Qnotes make that community out as the best in the state... I can only guess the big fat cat gay money people haven't sent them the check yet so they can hold or even set up this protest.

What more shocking is the following?
ENC is organizing a response for NC that works for NC; we are working with FTM to better understand what NOM is doing in the rallies around the country before they get to NC and learn from other organizers.
So now we need another group to tell us all about NOM. Is NOM new on the scene, did they just pop up this week, no they have been around for a while now. We know what they are all about and what they will and might say at said rallies. If the folk at ENC need to learn about NOM from another group then they are not doing their jobs at all.

Children should't be subject to life long medical choices

Very interesting statement, which I'm sure the #transinc community will claim to be Transphobic.. in natural. There is nothing bias ...