Sunday, November 30, 2008

What is the difference between a Democrat and a Republican??

The difference is that the Republican tells you to your face that they hate you, the Democrats do it behind your back...

Over at Mr Wayne Besen blog, click here to visit, had this to say,

So, the Democrats in the New York State senate are thinking of backtracking on marriage. All I can say is, "go to Hell."

When they wanted our community's money and votes, they kissed our asses and made promises. It is essential that these promises are kept. It is unacceptable that they now hide behind the economy or political considerations and calculations.

What did you except, did you actually believe that the Democrats would do everything that they promise, if you did, then shame on you. The Democrats have been doing for decades, and act shock after each election.

SNT: Glaad this was a waste of money and time

Spanish Language Media: GLAAD Secures Spanish-Language Coverage of Proposed Chicago LGBT High School
GLAAD pitched and worked with producers to develop a segment about the proposed gay friendly high school in Chicago to the national news show Noticiero Azteca America. “Controversia por escuela gay” which featured an interview with a bisexual student and a lesbian mother aired on Azteca America on November 7. We also provided background information and a trained spokesperson for the local Telemundo news show En Contexto that is scheduled to air on November 25 at 10pm CST and will include a debate over the pros and cons of the proposed high school.
First off why should we as English speaking Americans have to provide the Latin/Spanish speak people with notices and papers in their language to communicate with them, if they are so hellbent getting to this country and want to live and work there then they should learn the damn language, if not then they need to go back where they came from, this also goes for the Chinese and Japanese as well. The last time I checked the national language of the US was and is English.

Just a thought about Mr Gay World

Country: Africa 1

Why only one delegate from Africa? Asia is getting four, America, Central & Caribbean is getting two, America, North is getting three, America, South is getting four, Europe, Russia and Middle East is getting seven, Oceania is getting two delegates, for a grand total of 22 delegates who have great bodies and/or a bit slutty, This almost remind me of a song,, you know the one where

One night in Bangkok and the world's your oyster
The bars are temples but the pearls ain't free
You'll find a god in every golden cloister
A little flesh, a little history
I can feel an angel sliding up to me

Hell I'm shock they aren't having it in Bangkok, when the boys love their temples and any and every thing goes..

Another Mr Gay delegate has been chosen

Country: Ireland
Name: Max Krizinowski
Age: 37

no statement yet, I would have to wonder why??

Kinda refreshing that this one doesn't have any hair, but still the same type of cookie entering this "look at me I'm better then you contest"

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Why aren't we protesting these Churches as well

From Rod 2.0

Although most of California’s black politicians opposed Proposition 8, many African-American pastors vociferously supported it. Why does black culture draw different lines on gay rights?

If this is true then why aren't we protesting these churches, Why, what makes them so special.. 

Two More Delegates for the Mr Gay World

Country: Bulgaria
Name: Deyan Kolev
Age: 28
Statement: First of all I come from Bulgaria, right? My country was 45 years in communism. People are not ready for gays yet!! I want to show the young guys and their mums that there's nothing wrong with homosexuality. I think it’s very important that nice guys can give an example on how gays can be nice too! I want to do this because media gives us wrong information. It’s not fair. We live in the 21st century! People need to live in a free country, with free minds and have respect for each other. I want to be a good example, nothing more, because Bulgarian guys are more beautiful when they're free.

Country: Australia
Name: Ben Edwards
Age: 28

(at the time of this post there was no statement from him)

Another two cookie cutter models, However I must said Ben Edwards does look a bit older then the others, I'm sure since he looks older then he is he won't be the winner.However Deyan Kolev is the type they want. Yes he maybe 28 as well but looks much younger...

Q-notes story Second Stonewall

I love the article that Matt has written over at Q-notes

There are a few points that I don't agree with.
If only we’d seen such a movement before the election. Or perhaps before the other 27 states in the union defined me as a second-class citizen. I guess now was the appointed time for the bubble to burst.
I don't feel like an a second class citizen. For one I don't make life around the fact that I'm gay. I have told some of my str8 friends that I not what many think what a gay guy is. Yes at times I'm a bit fem, however what I mean, most of the typical stereotype of a gay man and his life style I don't fit at all.

Yes I can cook, but then again I do live with a chef, I do keep my home clean, however it surely not spotless and everything at times are not in their place. I don't travel far away lands for a holiday, I do own my own home. I don't lunch with the boys or girls on a daily bases. I don't hang out at the bars. I do what I want when I want.

We have all the rights as str8, with the exception of Marriage, this is the only thing that separates us. Gays and Str8 have to take the same driving test, we have just about the same types of bills to pay each month, we eat and drink to stay alive. When we get sick we go doctors as well. We spend our money on just about the same items. We can even have kids too.

Yes many will claim till we have marriage we will never be fully equals. Well I hate to bust your bubble but we will never be equal, simply because life isn't equal nor fair. Hell, men and woman are not equals, in many cases, there are thing women can do better then men, and vice versus. Women can have give birth, men can't, even our bodies are different.
When my rights are put up to simple majority vote — everything has changed. 
Ok one thing that we forget is that every right we have today was voted on in some matter. Yes sadly this is true, every right we have was voted on, even the bill of rights were voted on and agree upon before they wrote it. The right to vote was even voted on. Most of our basic rights we never had the chance to vote on, they were voted on for us by people who must of us don't even know. Congress votes on our rights every year, what new rights will they give us and which ones will they take away. To think about even these judges in higher courts are basically voting went they decided to allow gay marriage in CA. One thing we must not forget is they We have to right to vote and the right to bring such proposition for a vote during election time.

If you think these rights that are written in our Constitution are forever, then you are wrong, felons have lost their rights to vote, to own guns, I don't see anyone fight for their rights to vote again. I agree that they shouldn't be allow to own guns. If you are convicted of a felony no matter what class of felony, if you are a Doctor, Lawyer, Accountant, Police Officer, and many other fields once convicted you also lose your job as well, since you can own a gun mean you can't be a cop, felons can't be bonded, so their goes your accountant job, if you are lawyer you are disbarred, and if you are a doctor you can no longer write scripts for meds. Did we the public get to vote on these rights, no they were voted on for us by our elected officials.

The only true second class citizens are those who have been convicted of a felony.. They are the one who have many of their rights taken away form them.

Some more point to make from this site
There are over 1000 legal protections that automatically come with marriage, which gays are not allowed to have (except for one state) and none are recognized federally. Even civil unions carry no weight on a federal level.

Workplace Discrimination
There are many places in this country where a homosexual can be fired simply for being gay, since homosexuality isn’t covered under the Employment Non-Discrimination Act. Currently, 33 states allow firing based on sexual orientation and 42 states allow firing bases on gender identity. The federal government doesn’t seem to care.

There is currently a bill in my state legislature that would prohibit public colleges from providing same-sex partner benefits to their employees, a reaction to one college deciding to offer them.

Foster Care & Adoption
Many states do not allow homosexuals to adopt or foster children.

Many gay couples are torn apart because they fall in love with someone that lives in another country. Since they can’t marry, the foreign partner can’t automatically become a citizen, which would be the case with a straight marriage.

Health Insurance Benefits
Since we can’t marry, our partners aren’t covered by our insurance plans at work. A few companies and states are beginning to offer benefits to same-sex couples, while the federal government turns a blind eye to the injustice.

Gay aren’t allowed to serve openly in the military, although studies have shown that countries that allow gays to serve don’t have problems with morale (the main reason given by our government).

The list goes on and on…
Military, true we can't serve while be openly out, but then agian we have serve in silent from years..
Health Insurance Benefits: sorry these are not really rights, but most insurance benefits depends on your company not the insurance company...
Immigration: this is a right either, there are many who are not allow to Immigrant there. so this a right at all.
Foster Care & Adoption: where is it written this is a right, many str8 single and couple can't adopt either so this really isn't a right at all.
Workplace Discrimination: please we all know you can be fire for any reason, just because we hae define a few reason why we can't be fired doesn't mean that a person isn't fire for them..
Marriage: well what can I say on this one.

So just remember the rights you have to day, may not be the rights you have tomorrow.

Video Saturday

Madonna - The Power Of Good-Bye
Hips Don't Lie by Shakira
Adele - Chasing Pavements
Forever Young

Friday, November 28, 2008

Just a shame Employee dies because of a damn sale...

(CBS/AP) A worker died after being trampled by a throng of unruly shoppers when a suburban Wal-Mart opened for the holiday sales rush Friday, authorities said.

At least three other people were injured.

Wal-Mart Stores Inc., in Bentonville, Ark., would not confirm the reports of a stampede but said a "medical emergency" had caused the company to close the store, which is in Valley Stream on Long Island.
How nice to die after Thanksgiving at Wal-mart.. Because we the people need to go to a damn sale....


The Washington Post reported last week that it could be as late as 2010, but the transition team spokesperson said: "These decisions will not be made before the full national security team is in place."

For at least the first year of the new administration the Secretary of Defense will be the present incumbent, Richard Gates.

Congressman Barney Frank, who is gay, has said he thinks there will not be an attempt to overturn the ban until after US troops have pulled out of Iraq.

Just when will this illegal war be over.

My great-nephew first Thanksgiving

this is my great nephew, only 6 months old and already on the computer. Well, not really I just thought it was a great shot to take.

This was his first Thanksgiving, and soon his first Christmas.

Since there our family has got smaller over the last few years. All that is left is My Sister and her two kids, one whom is the mother of this little package of joy, My self, and my son, whom I don't get to see, and haven't seen over the last four years,

I hope everyone had a great thanksgiving with thier families..

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Kathy Griffin- no record of a donation to no on 8

Ms Griffin did this video

But there is no record of her giving money. I wonder why

We Need to Boycott (Reichen Lehmkuhl) this company yes it a gay company but no support for Marriage

The Fly Naked with Reichen Collection made its debut here nearly two years ago - and has taken off as a true customer favorite. Take home your favorite titanium designs today - now with a few brand new pieces - and be sure to catch Reichen at his personal Fly Naked event at the upcoming Telluride Gay Ski Week.

Mr Reichen to my search didn't give  a dime to help no on 8 so should protest agaisnt him and boycott the company that sell Jewelry in his name..

I think they could have given more Out Gay actors no support either


Lance Bass= no support (out actor/singer)
Reichen Lehmkuhl= no support(out ex boyfriend of lance)
Ari Gold=No support (out gay singer)
Chad allen= no support (out gay actor)
Neil Patrick Harris= No support (out gay actor)
Sean Hayes no record of donation at all( not sure )
Rupert Everett no record of donation at all (out gay actor)

Little Ms Fag Hag knows she could have given more, WTF Cho, where is your total support. I guess you had a large tattoo bill you had to paid that month.
Ok first off Ms Barbra could have give no on 8 more than what she did, Please with out us she might not even have a career, damn after all she did married a gay guy, and isn't her son gay??

Ms Sykes, She came out to support but gave very little...

See not even those in our community really care if it pass or not..

Ok I found the list,

I found the list of no on 8 supporters, once i get all 50, 000+ names copy I will search to see how many of our so-called support gave money.. this might take all nit.

have a great Thanksgiving...

I wonder what the No on 8 is hiding





L.A. Film Fest Director Raddon Resigns Over Prop 8 Donation

Los Angeles Film Festival director Richard Raddon, a "devout" Mormon, has resigned from his position following revelations that he donated $1,500 to the campaign to write discrimination into California's constitution, Variety reports:

Raddon"After bloggers published his name, culled from public records of donors, Raddon tendered his first resignation on Nov. 13 to Film Independent's board of directors. It was not accepted, and Film Independent released a statement saying, 'Our organization does not police the personal, religious or political choices of any employee, member or filmmaker.' Yet Internet message boards and other published reports kept the issue at the center of a growing protest movement that has targeted 'Yes on 8' donors including the Mormon Church and Cinemark Theaters, whose CEO was a contributor. On Monday, Raddon submitted a second resignation. Those close to the org described Monday's conference call with the board of directors as emotional. While Raddon's contribution had caused some internal angst, he was well liked within the org. On Tuesday, Film Independent issued a statement saying, 'With great reluctance, Film Independent has accepted Richard Raddon's resignation. Rich's service to the independent film community and to Film Independent has been nothing less than extraordinary. He has always shown complete commitment to our core principles of equality and diversity during his long tenure.'"
A replacement for this bigot has not been named.

When will this shit end. I mean really, how many companies are we going ot force to fired or layoff those in those companies that gave money to yes on 8, the way we are acting I HOPE WE NEVER GET THE RIGHT OT MARRY IN CA, I HOPE THAT THE CA SUPREME COURT AGREES AND DECLARE THE PROP LEGAL. 

This crap we are doing is just wrong, by the way where IS THE LIST ON THOSE WHO GAVE TO NO ON 8. LET SEE JUST WHO GAVE TO ALLOW GAY MARRIAGE.... 

Wednesday Political Day

Proposition Eight Protest
CNN: Lieberman Likely To Keep Chairmanship

Man Who Infected Ex-Wife With HIV Ordered to Pay $12.5 Million

A six-year legal battle may be coming to an end now that a Los Angeles County superior court judge has ordered a man to pay $12.5 million for infecting his former wife with HIV.

The Los Angeles couple, called "Bridget B." and "John B." in court documents, have been sparring in courtrooms for years over who infected whom first. In 2006 the case reached the California supreme court, which decided Bridget's case against John could go forward, and that a person would be held liable for failing to inform a new partner of previous risky sexual behavior.

In Friday's ruling Judge Rolf Treu said John B. acted with fraud and malice by lying about his past risky sexual behavior, and ordered him to pay his former wife $5 million for future loss of earnings and $7.5 million in general damages, according to the Los Angeles Times .

Two months after the couple's October 2000 honeymoon, Bridget B. tested positive for HIV and was guilt-ridden, believing she may have exposed her husband to the disease. But two years later Bridget B. discovered John. B. had visited sexually explicit gay websites and found e-mails showing he had unprotected sex with men he met online. In her testimony Bridget B. claimed John B. admitted to her he had sex with two men prior to their marriage.

John B. represented himself in the trial and argued that Bridget B. infected him first. (Neal Broverman, The Advocate)

What if he didn't know he was postive, these judge and juries in CA just love to make new law, I wonder how many lawsuit eill now be file against ex-lovers now. Just goes to show how f-up CA really is, no wonder the citizens of CA took Gay marraige back (away)

233,000 Americans May Unknowingly Have HIV
I guess that 233,000 lawsuits waiting to happen thanks to CA.....

SNT: No Milk for CineMark

Matt over @ InterstateQ had this to said,
It makes me sick to my stomach to think that a man (and company) who supported the passage of the worst anti-LGBT legislative measure in the history of the nation will now profit from the memory of one of America’s greatest LGBT heroes.
Why we hell bent on boycotting and protest Cinemark, how about protest Hollywood for making MILK and using STR8 Actors, ooops that is ok as long we are being represented in the Media right.. Both Actors are str8, Hollywood using us is ok, to make millions and millions, but what do they give us in return, not much.

While we are the damn subject, Why is it movies where Actors play gay gets awards, but movies where were actors are gay  in real life doesn't get shit. I don't see us beating the gates of Hollywood demanding our fair share. Since Hollywood have been covering up all those past gay actors for years. 

I would like to know just who in Hollywood support no on 8, but guess what that list can't be found. So what is No on 8 hiding. Make that list public, I want to see just who in Hollywood who claim to support us gave..

If No on 8 won't publish their list then we all need to LEAVE YES ON 8 PEOPLE THE HELL ALONE.. AND MOVE ON WITH OUR DAMN LIVES.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

GLAAD announces layoffs

Staff cuts ‘touched all departments’
By AMY CAVANAUGH, Washington Blade | Nov 25, 1:39 PM
As the nation’s economic crisis deepens, gay rights organizations are feeling the pinch. The Gay &Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation announced it eliminated some staff positions last Friday.

GLAAD President Neil G. Giuliano said that he has not seen actual numbers of positions eliminated, but that "the reduction in force touched all departments."

"We looked at the work we're doing and the mission we have and we had to make a strategic plan to make reductions," he said. "Fundraising has slowed dramatically and the non-profit sector is not immune to what's going on and sometimes we're impacted more."

Giuliano said the election impacted donations to GLAAD.

"People were donating to the candidates and also gave a historic amount to fight anti-gay ballot measures," he said.

He said the reduction in donations coupled with the financial crisis meant that GLAAD had to make job cuts in order to stay within budget and prepare for 2009.

The way I look at it is that it is the responsible thing to do to protect the long-term health of the organization, and be good stewards of the revenue that donors have provided," Giuliano said.

He added that he suspects GLAAD will be in a growth period again soon and could restore some jobs.

"Honestly, I don't think that's happening anytime soon," Giuliano said. "I think this economic slowdown and hit to non-profits is going to last for a good year or so. I'd love to be proven wrong, but everybody really stretched themselves this last year giving to candidates and causes."
I guess they need to save the money for those three high cost Gala they have coming up in 2009, after all they have to look good for the high class actors/actress they will be giving these awards to. If they didn't have to the highest prices food and drink and Conference hall maybe they wouldn't have to lay people off.


I wonder how many people can be hire for this amount of money

SNT: Lance Bass back in the news on Gawker

[Lance Bass, former NSYNCer and current Star with whom there is Dancing, on that show's set yesterday; image via INF]

The Title of the post was One of Them was on a Labber, what the fuck does that mean.

Unless this person was talking about Lance being a robe, and the two guys had a great view up between his damn legs. This is one Faggot I wish would have stayed in the Closet...

Three more Delegate for the Mr Gay World

For the Europe, Russia and Middle East group, with five openings click here to visit site,

Country: Spain
Name: Antonio Pedro Almijez
Age: 20

I would like to take part in this contest because I love the modeling world, photography, make contacts, meet people and make friends around the world, and I think this contest will open doors for my careers and studies. And over all to give a good viewpoint and show how the gay society is.

Country: Norway
Name: Kai Thomas Larsen
Age: 22

I would love to represent Norway in a good way in MGW. Last year I participated in The Mr. Gay Norway show as a dancer and by God this year I won! What a thrill! I have a couple of talents that I rely on and if needed I will bring them out in Canada. In short: I'd love to win this whole competition!

For: Oceania, one left in this group

Country: New Zealand
Name: Reece Karena
Age: 28
 (this one didn't even give a statement, i wonder why.)
updated info

I stand to represent the modern gay man and be a strong role model for younger gay men - someone who is proud, healthy, educated and career minded with a strong direction in life. I in no way see myself as a gay super hero, but more so someone that a lot of young gay men can relate too, and see that they needn't be anything other than themselves, at their best, to succeed in life.


Do you see a pattern here, I do, and it not good for the gay community, oops I forgot how my fellow fags are, only those with the Greek Gods type of Bodies are the only ones that matter.

Today's Quote

Some people say we’re just the same as straight people except for what we do in bed. I say what we do in bed is the only place where we’re the same.
-Harry Hay, Founder of the Mattachine Society.
Do you find this to be true?

Gay Community Unite

Cinemark, boycott of Milk and Twilight...

No Milk for Cinemark, No Twilight for Gays

Cinemark theatre chain CEO Alan Stock shelled out $9,999 to pass Prop. 8 in California, but will his theater chain profit from ticket sales for the forthcoming release of Milk. Not if a group of people on the Web have anything to say about it. is dedicated to convincing ticket buyers to see Milk at a competitor’s theater. The idea is that if the gay community agrees to buy tickets to see the movie somewhere else, Cinemark will lose revenue from what promises to be one of the most profitable pictures of the holiday season.

California’s Briggs initiative, which would have resulted in the firing of gay and lesbian teachers throughout the state in 1978, plays a prominent role in the film.

But LGBT moviegoers are faced with another tough decision this holiday season. Twilight, based on the best-selling novel by Stephanie Meyer, opened in theaters this weekend. And if Meyer is to be taken at her word, 10% of all monies she makes off the movie will go to the Mormon Church.

Meyer has made no public statement regarding her feelings on California's Prop. 8. (The Advocate)
Ok, I have a question for this sick ass community of mine. What if the following Movies Producers/owener/authors gave to yes on 8

Mommy dearest, The Broken Hearts Club, Stonewall, Go Fish, Brokeback Mountian. What if anyone who own any rights to the following gave moeny to Yes on 8 would we boycott and protest them.. This is really getting out of hand. We are sinking more and more to their levels..

Ok what about this one, David Nimmons who wrote the book The Soul beneath the Skin holds that we are a superior society,we are the social and moral leaders of humanity, , we are non-violent and fun loving. What if he gave money to yes on 8, What would we do then.

Its time to give this a rest and move on to other just as important issues our community is facing. 

Bill Maher On Religion

Gay activists focusing on rights issues other than marriage

Gay rights advocates are rethinking their political strategy after losing the right to marry in California.
"There will be some hard questions asked about where marriage ranks on the list of possibilities and priorities" gays should focus on, says Steve Ralls of Parents, Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays (PFLAG).
Votes in California, Florida and Arizona that bring to 29 the number of states whose constitutions ban same-sex marriage are likely to prompt more focus on passing legislation to include gays in laws covering hate crimes and discrimination, advocates say.
"Marriage is just an issue where the public is not there yet," says Clyde Wilcox, co-editor of The Politics of Gay Rights.
Many gays welcomed Barack Obama's victory. An Edison-Mitofsky survey at polling places found that 70% of gay voters chose Obama, compared with 53% of voters overall.
Finally someone is thinking right for change...

Monday, November 24, 2008

MrGay and TopGay model contest in Canada

In an email from Dean Nelson

Again, we the organizers of MGC, are looking for delegates that will be the best ambassador for our community and help break down the negative sterotypes the media continues to engage. It appears that the men that have the confidence to enter into this type of competition have similar looks. We hope that next year we will have more diverse applicants to choose from.this competition is indeed more than just physical appearance.

I don't know who Mr Nelson is trying to kid, but we all know that these contest at solely based on looks.

as seen in this youtube video, you will see that it's important that all the delegates look good in Aussie bum Undies. I'm sure this company has a said in the matter as well. I may not be sure but since they are doing a photo shoot in undies you can decide..

to proven that it was base on looks see the below photos, there were taken from their Face book, page

SNT: Another Damn GAY Contest—Gay top Model

Gay Top Model goes into second season Terry Costa, the producer of Gay Top Model proudly announces the kick-off to VNGTM2009 season. A casual event is happening on Sunday, November 30th from 7 to 9pm at Score on Davie. Special appearances include the first-ever winner of Gay Top Model, Aaron Ursacki; Peter Breeze will perform his catchy single "Boy" and GOGO Boy Star himself, Sergio, will treat the audience to a special dance. This event is a great opportunity for model contestants to ask all the questions, not only to the producer, but to last season's winner. At the event you may also sign up to be a future contestant. Announcements regards to partnerships and the new structure of the project will be sure to delight all senses.
It's that time again, where Mr. Costa hosts and produced another season of the Gay Top Model, Where only a selective group of gays gets to enter. Just proving that in the gay community only those with the perfect bodies matter.

We talk about Equality, when we don't even have equality in our community. Our Community practice discrimination everyday. We discriminate against members of our very own community with ease that we don't ever notice it anymore.

Please note only those with body as those above only need to apply......

What a hit my lost post was,, some of those listed visit.
SHARP HealthCare

some on craigslist post this, the link is no longer

7. Someone please post a list of No on 8 supporters so we can hit back

Someone please post a list of No on 8 supporters so we can hit back (Don't ... Location: Don't patronize any No on 8 orgs; it's NOT ok to contact this ... - Similar pages

Yes so where is this list. I want to see who really supported No on 8 in CA, I want to see just how many actor/actress who claim to be our friends if they donated.. 

It is only fair, that the folks over at Yes on 8 can call for boycotts on locally LGBT business and thier support. FAIR is only FAIR..

If we continue to boycott and protest in front of Yes on 8 business then its only fair for them to do the same to us. 

Very interesting 

No on Prop 8 supporters blacklist small donors who gave money to Yes on 8.

Submitted by La_Verdad on Fri, 2008-11-14 18:49.
Posted in Politics/Social Action | La_Verdad's blog » On one of my other blogs I wrote that a Mexican restaurant owner gave 1,000 dollars to the Yes on 8 campaign. I was wrong she gave ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS. That is correct 100 dollars. And because she did about 60 gay 'activists' went to her restaurant and strong armed her in a scene reminiscent to Nazi Germany. They went down a list of people who gave as little as 100 dollars to boycott,  harrass and attack them. They went there to 'confront' her for giving a measley hundred bucks based on her personal faith that she has had since childhood. They argued with her and it was reported by local news reporters was a "heated" confrontation.
So is this the America we want? Where if a private citizen wants to participate in the governmental process that they be harrassed and acosted. Their freedom of speech chilled by thugs.
In a blog Diane West calls this "the Death of the Grown Up". What a perfect title. Gay activists are acting like spoiled brats who attack other citizens for not getting their way. This traumitized the elderly owner of the Mexican restaurant:

HR List of Yes on 8 supporters

I found this on a blog called  on GayDads

Let’s look at some HR people in California that contributed to the “Yes on 8” campaign that striped rights away from gays and lesbians.

One of the most outrageous is the HR person at NetApp. Nancy Saunders lists her occupation as “HR Operations”. She made two donations. One was for $5,000 and another for $25,000. She gave away $30,000 to say YES to discriminate and take rights away from same-sex couples. She must really dislike gays.

Employer, Donor Name, City, Occupation, Amount
Blue Coat Systems, Alyssa Lunny, Sunnyvale, HR, $250
Cannon Fabrication, Wayne Munyer, Riverside, HR, $300
Chevron, Justin Hutzley, San Ramon, HR Business Partner, $300, No gas for our cars in CA....
City of Livermore, Kaylin Larson, Livermore, HR Technician, $2,500 so i guess we are not going to lights bill in Livermore anymore.
City of San Clemente, Sam Penrod, Oceanside, HR, $1,000
Coca-Cola, Tara Dominguez, Kerman, HR, $250 I guess there will be no more mixed drinks at the bars and I guess we will boycott coke across the US.
Eli Lilly & Co., Lara Johnson, Ladera Ranch, HR, $250
Gen-Probe Inc, Gary Peck, Encinitas, HR Dir, $1,000
Graphtec America, Eileen Rose, Cypress, HR Mgr, $500
Home Depot, Richard Reep, Shingle Springs, HR Mgr, $5, 000, I guess all those home repair and remodeling will now be on hold for ever....
Imax, Rachel Lathy, Beverly Hills, HR Dir, $550, I guess no more movies for a while.
Infogain, Roxane Mortensen, Saratoga, HR Mgr, $500
Irvine Scientific, Allison Snow, Huntington Beach, HR Mgr, $500
Kaiser Permanente, Patty Freitas, Castro Valley, HR Analyst, $300
Kakimoto & Nagashima LLP, Sondra Christensen, Long Beach, HR Mgr, $250
Kyocera Wireless Corp, Sean Ristine, Escondido, HR Dir, $500, I guess we will be switching to another wirless company now.. all that money paid to break those contacts early...$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ to them....
Life Generations Healthcare, Leann Hansen, San Diego, HR, $500, I guess we will be switching our health care insureance now.
LSI Corp., Jeanne Wright, Los Altos, HR Rep, $3, 500
Mindspeed Tech, Jared Baker, Huntington Beach, HR Dir, $300
Moreno Valley Unified, Denise Gibson, Moreno Valley, HR, $500
Newport Corporation, Brandon Borland, Huntington Beach, HR Rep, $1,000
Northgate Gonzalez Market, Alan Bagley, Tustin, HR Executive, $2,500
Orange County, Lafayette Bartlett, Irvine, HR Mgr, $700
Rogers Poultry Co, Terry Carter, Whittier, HR Mgr, $800, I guess we out in CA won't be having Turkey this season for Thanksgiving
Sharp Healthcare, Steven Stagnaro, San Diego, HR, $280
Shell Oil, Rulon Mc Kay, Danville, HR Manager, $500, i guess we will be giving up our cars now RIGHT
Sheraton Hotel, Roxanna Brassfield, Buena Park, HR Mgr, $1,000, I guess we will be finding other hotel for our one-two hour affairs now....
St. Jude Medical, Beverly Van Scoyk, Thousand Oaks, HR Mgmt, $1,000
UPS, Steve Nielson, Laguna Niguel, HR Mgr, $2,500 I guess this year we won't be using them to send our Christmas gifts
USA Presort, Melissa Rawlins, Stockton, Employee Relations, $295
Whole Foods Market, Joshua Webster, Fresno, HR, $1,000, Well I bet there will be a lot of us losing weight this season while we are boycott this food market..

Don't forget to check the database ( to see if your accountant, insurance agent, Realtor, dentist, or lawyer is on the list of supporters of “Yes on H8”.

See how this just get stupid by the minute boycotts and protests. But who is willing winning in these events...

These people had the right to give money to any campaign that want too. So Just get the F-Over and more.  

When in the Hell did we add Q to the list...

When did we find it necessary to add Q to LGBT?
Q=is now for questioning.. what is the deal here.

so I guess in a few years will add F


Please can can't even agree to call ourselves LGBT or GLBT, I guess it depends on who is speaking at the time or what group we will want to talk about. I have notice we are never BTGL or TBGL or BGLT and so on.

Now we are adding Questioning, I feel questioning is the same as Bi so what is next?????

Sunday, November 23, 2008

political self

You are a

Social Liberal
(68% permissive)

and an...

Economic Liberal
(18% permissive)

You are best described as a:


Link: The Politics Test on Ok Cupid
Also : The OkCupid Dating Persona Test

Just for those who needs one

I'm serving these to all you need a weekend pick me uper.

For all My lost Friends

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Happy Birthday Bruce Vilanch

Happy Birthday Bruce V.
Hope its a great one...
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Devil advocate, Phylliss Burgess

Via Joe.My.God: There's more to the story of Phylliss Burgess, 69, the "Styrofoam Cross Lady" that is currently the darling of Christianist websites after her cross was ripped from her hands and stomped during a Prop 8 rally in Palm Springs. If you buy the story being told on right-wing sites, Burgesss is a frail, elderly, innocent victim of "gay fascists."

Whatever. No but lets just agree to disagree on this one.Ms Burgess might went about that she did the wrong way, but over all she was in her rights as well. Just we has the right to protest too. However what and who she is doesn't really matter much to me.

We were there protesting an event that happen in CA.

If she did what we did to her we would be screaming HATE CRIME from here to Timbuktu. Yes yelling at her was one thing but to physically to attack her was just right down wrong no matter how you want to look at it. 

Mc Donalds sue again

McDonald's sued over nude photos

McDonald's golden arches - file photo
McDonald's has so far refused to comment on the case
A US couple is suing McDonald's for $3m (£2m) after nude photos of the woman, which were on her husband's mobile phone, ended up on the internet.
Phillip Sherman says he accidentally left his phone, with the photos, at a McDonald's in Fayetteville, Arkansas.
He says staff promised to secure the phone until he could retrieve it.
The Shermans claim they had to move to a new home after the womans's name, address, and phone number appeared online along with the photos.
Tina Sherman says she began receiving offensive calls and text messages about the pictures from her husband's mobile phone after he left it at the McDonald's on 5 July.
The couple then discovered that the nude pictures she had sent to her husband's phone had been posted online.
The Shermans are suing McDonald's Corporation, the owner of the franchise involved and the restaurant's manager, saying they have suffered emotional distress, embarrassment and damage to their reputations.
They also allege loss of earnings and want to recover the cost of moving to a new home.
McDonald's Corp, the franchise owner and the manager have so far refused to comment on the case.
The nude pictures have been removed from the website that had posted them.

You watch and see that 12 people will give her millions for her own dumb ass mistake. She send took them and send to her husband cell phone. Then he let the phone and someone at Mc Donalds finds the phone. I personally would love to see how she is going to prove that an employee of Mc Donalds actually posted the pic on line.

Persoally I'm getting sick of these dumbasses sueing companies for thier stupidity. When will this crap ends. However you know that Mc Donalds will settle out of court. If I owned the store where this happen I would fight this all the way.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

A return to High School...

What do you member the Most from your High School Days.....

There are a lot of good memories for me.

Most of the time it was the usual hell,, Even in the late 80's and very early 90's

Yes I was a normal type of guy who had many crushes on some of my fellow high schoolers. There is only one that I want the most of all, and I was never able to have.

At lunch time he sit three rows down and two to the left from where I sat everyday. We would stare at each other for awhile than act like we weren't. The most funny thing that we were once childhood friends.

There were many chances, that was never acted upon, missed opportunities that are un-recoverable. After I move from the area, I heard form some friends that he got married, but I also heard the rumors about him and his neighbor grand son, and the boy down the street who was in my class.

I can only dream and wish...........

Community Events

Don't you just love local community events, I took this pic during Down East Festival in Rocky Mount. I took over 1000 photographs, mostly of the bmx bike stunts. A few of Kay Hagan son, and many others.

There was two band stands, at this stand these were the only ones dancing. I call them the line dancing Grannies..
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Video Saturday

Cher - Gypsies, Tramps & Thieves
Cher - If I Could Turn Back Time
Aqua - Barbie Girl
aqua -lollipop-

Gay activists cave on Don't ask repeal, Why?

from the Washington Blade,
Gay ‘activists’ cave on ‘Don’t Ask’ repeal

Right on cue, our gay rights “activists” have begun backpedaling and lowering expectations regarding the incoming Obama administration.

Today’s Washington Times features an interview with Aubrey Sarvis of the Servicemembers Legal Defense Network. Rather than aggressively advocating for an immediate repeal of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,” he is instead advising Obama’s transition team to wait until 2010.

That doesn’t sound like activism – it sounds like spineless appeasement. If John McCain had won the election and told gay rights advocates to wait a couple of years before addressing the military’s gay ban, we’d howl with derision at his homophobia. But because Obama is a Democrat, our supposed advocates give him cover. Obama promised to repeal the discriminatory gay ban, a position endorsed by scores of retired generals and admirals and supported by a majority of Americans according to recent opinion polls.

It’s 2008, not 1993. Times have changed since President Clinton caved to pressure and enacted “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.” We will never experience the change that was promised if our activists accede to every demand of the Democratic Party. More than 12,000 careers have been destroyed because of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.” Why should brave service members have to wait years longer to simply serve their country openly?

There is no rational justification for prolonging the repeal effort any longer. No more waiting, no more excuses and no more cover for duplicitous, squeamish politicians from our timid activist groups.

What else did you expect would happen, there no GOP Ass in office to yell at and to make demands on. I wonder why they did back down? I guess they felt this issue isn't important for Obama to handle in his first two years.

In turn it will be forgotten in those two years..

Things to know

I must said that I'm not a typical Fag, While watching Love!Valour!Compassion. Very great movie by the way. I made the mistake of saying who the hell was Barbara Cook and
Gertrude Lawrence. The look I got from my better half was I can't believe you just said that.

Well excuse the hell out of me, I didn't know a member of the LGBT community there was a list of people whom I must know about. Where is this crap written at. Is there a book on the subject. I guess there a list of fashion designers as well. I'm sorry I just don't think I need to know every actor/actress from the turn of the century to now.

So is there this unwritten rule that I must know everyone that has ever been in the theater?

Please I have enough trouble remembering those I went to school with....

Video Saturday for the Ladies

Benny Benassi - Satisfaction
Benny Benassi - Who's Your Daddy

Friday, November 21, 2008

After this I think we should do away with turkeys for Thanksgiving

My Take on GLAAD

The 20th Annual GLAAD Media Awards honoring individuals and projects in the media and entertainment industries for their fair, accurate and inclusive representations of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community and the issues that affect their lives.
 My problem with Glaad is that they only concern themselves with A+ List of the GLBT Community, and all other members of the GLBT community doesn't matter then a high press coverage of some type of murder or bashing of a young GLBT member. Then they want to play with the C and D Listers.

When they hold their little events its always in the same places, NY City, South Florida, San Francisco and Los Angeles where only the high and Rich A listers live. They really don't care for the others in our community at all. GLAAD is nothing more than a PR Campaign Group. Only supporting those in the community that can give large amount of money to them in turn to make them look good.
“Thank GLAAD It’s Friday”, is heading back to South Florida this Friday, November 21st for our third and final event in 2008. Continually introducing new audiences to GLAAD’s work, TGIF creates informal social environments, great for networking and mingling with like-minded individuals.

TGIF South Florida Series Passes are $35 and grant access to the final South Florida event, including 2 hours of cocktails from our ABSOLUT® hosted bar, chances to win one of our nightly prizes, meet our special guests, entitle you to a one-year membership with GLAAD and you’ll also be entered into our grand prize drawing for 2 VIP tickets to the 21st Annual GLAAD Media Awards!
I can understand holding a event for a good cause, but a social networking, is a cause that I would want to pay $35 to attend, just to get some free drinks. Why not a open event where the drinks cost.

Lets talk about their awards:
  1. Davidson/Valentini Award
  2. Golden Gate Award
  3. Pioneer Award
  4. Excellence in Media Award
  5. Vito Russo Award
  6. Stephen F. Kolzak Award
  7. Vanguard Award
  8. Valentia Award
  9. Visibilidad Award
Each one of these Award have been won mostly by Actors/Actress.  Most of who have play gay roles. Wow giving str8 people award for playing gay.

It would seem that the only award the Pioneer Award is where true members of our community has won.

SNT: Another Damn Mr Gay Contest, really getting sick of these types of contests

Rhode Island native Abel Lima, above, was voted the winner of's America's Gay Bachelor 2008 over the weekend at San Diego Pride. One of 51 contestants from around the country, Lima impressed the judges in the "mind," "body," and "soul" categories. Making the decision were Work Out's Jesse Brune (whom Mr. Sardonic fondly remembers from when he was waiting tables at EatWell in West Hollywood), HGTV's David Bromstad, and Patrick H. Perrine, founder and CEO of said in a statement, "There's no question that each of the contestants in this year's America's Gay Bachelor contest is a great catch. ... They're living proof that there are great guys out there, just looking for their perfect partner."
Once again another contest only proves our obsession we are with the prefect body in our community. Where those who have this type of body rule and others just don't count. Just like Harvey said in Torch Song, a ugly person who goes after a pretty person gets nothing but trouble, but a pretty person who goes after a ugly person at least get cab fair.

We are a community that is soley does day base on sex and sex only. 

Emails and Comments about Ms Burgess

Ok, lets get this started. I was raise to respect my elders, ok more or less my female elders. This is the was I was raise.

I was told in the many emails and those few comments that were posted that  I didn't have all the facts when it come to Ms Burgess. Click here for the Comments.
The little old lady with the Cross, Phyllis Burgess, wasn't just an innocent bystander,
true maybe she wasn't so innocent, maybe she is the long lost sister of Jessie Helms, beside that, how we as a group attacked her while the cameras were rolling is unexcusable. The attack on her makes us look bad in the eyes of those who already hate us. I wouldn't be surprise if Bill O'Reilly or any other religious groups use that footage to describe us in the future. I'm sure there is money hungry lawyer trying to get MS Burgess to sue those who was involved.

If this was reverse we would have been outrage and calling for hate crimes laws to be enforce.. and those involved arrested on the spot.... WE CAN'T HAVE IT BOTH WAYS...

Thursday, November 20, 2008

The WBC is photoshopping their protest now

I'm sorry but this pic looks like it been photoshop.

Field Report; Honolulu, Hawaii; 11/14/2008
I think they have to photoshop these events, there is noway they can personal show up to all those protest site they listed on their site.

Talking about lying big time. I guess its ok for them but no one else.

There is no way they can make all these protests.

11/20/2008 7:00 PM - 8:00 PM Riverside, CA
11/21/2008 09:00 AM - 10:30 AM Papillion, NE
11/21/2008 1:30 PM - 2:00 PM Omaha, NE
11/21/2008 2:05 PM - 2:35 PM Omaha, NE
11/21/2008 2:40 PM - 3:20 PM Omaha, NE
11/21/2008 3:00 PM - 3:30 PM Grosse Pointe Farms, MI
11/21/2008 4:00 PM - 4:30 PM Detroit, MI
11/21/2008 7:00 PM - 8:00 PM La Jolla, CA
11/22/2008 1:15 PM - 2:00 PM Mountain Home, AR
11/22/2008 6:45 PM - 7:30 PM Glendale, AZ
11/22/2008 7:00 PM - 8:00 PM Newton NSW, AU
11/22/2008 7:15 PM - 8:15 PM Fairbanks, AK
11/24/2008 07:30 AM - 08:30 AM Portland, OR
11/24/2008 08:45 AM - 09:15 AM Portland, OR
11/24/2008 09:30 AM - 10:00 AM Portland, OR
11/24/2008 11:30 AM - 12:00 PM Silverton, OR
11/24/2008 12:05 PM - 12:35 PM Silverton, OR
11/24/2008 2:45 PM - 3:15 PM Tigard, OR
11/25/2008 07:45 AM - 08:15 AM Pittsburgh, PA
11/25/2008 08:30 AM - 09:00 AM Pittsburgh, PA
11/25/2008 10:30 AM - 12:00 PM Pittsburgh, PA
11/25/2008 10:30 AM - 12:00 PM Pittsburgh, PA
11/25/2008 10:30 AM - 12:00 PM Pittsburgh, PA
11/25/2008 12:15 PM - 12:45 PM Pittsburgh, PA
11/28/2008 7:00 PM - 8:00 PM Vancouver, British Columbia, CA
12/01/2008 5:15 PM - 5:45 PM Virginia Beach, VA
12/02/2008 4:30 PM - 5:30 PM Richmond, VA
12/03/2008 07:30 AM - 08:00 AM Virginia Beach, VA
12/03/2008 08:45 AM - 09:15 AM Norfolk, VA
12/03/2008 09:15 AM - 09:45 AM Virginia Beach, VA
12/03/2008 10:15 AM - 10:45 AM Portsmouth, VA
12/03/2008 12:45 PM - 1:15 PM Yorktown, VA
12/04/2008 10:15 AM - 10:45 AM Chicago, IL
12/04/2008 10:45 AM - 11:15 AM Chicago, IL
12/04/2008 11:15 AM - 11:45 AM Chicago, IL
12/04/2008 11:50 AM - 12:20 PM Chicago, IL
12/05/2008 6:30 PM - 7:30 PM Longview, WA
12/08/2008 10:15 AM - 10:45 AM Chicago, IL
12/08/2008 10:45 AM - 11:15 AM Chicago, IL
12/08/2008 11:15 AM - 11:45 AM Chicago, IL
12/08/2008 11:45 AM - 12:30 PM Chicago, IL
12/08/2008 2:55 PM - 4:00 PM Chicago, IL
12/12/2008 2:15 PM - 3:00 PM Manchester, NH
12/12/2008 5:00 PM - 5:45 PM Cambridge, MA
12/12/2008 7:15 PM - 8:00 PM Boston, MA
12/13/2008 10:30 AM - 11:00 AM Chicago, IL
12/13/2008 10:30 AM - 11:00 AM Chicago, IL
12/13/2008 11:05 AM - 11:35 AM Chicago, IL
12/13/2008 11:30 AM - 12:15 PM Chicago, IL
12/16/2008 10:15 AM - 10:45 AM Chicago, IL
12/16/2008 11:00 AM - 11:30 AM Chicago, IL
12/16/2008 11:30 AM - 12:00 PM Chicago, IL
12/16/2008 11:30 AM - 12:00 PM Chicago, IL
12/16/2008 11:30 AM - 12:15 PM Chicago, IL
12/16/2008 12:30 PM - 1:00 PM Chicago, IL
12/16/2008 1:15 PM - 2:00 PM Chicago, IL
01/20/2009 10:00 AM - 1:00 PM Washington, DC
01/30/2009 11:00 AM - 11:30 AM Phoenix, AZ
01/30/2009 12:00 PM - 12:30 PM Scottsdale, AZ
01/30/2009 12:50 PM - 1:20 PM Paradise Valley, AZ
01/30/2009 2:30 PM - 3:30 PM Scottsdale, AZ
01/30/2009 7:15 PM - 8:00 PM Scottsdale, AZ
01/31/2009 08:15 AM - 09:00 AM Glendale, AZ
03/01/2009 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM Chicago, IL

SNT: Why take from the Schools

Thursday, November 20, 2008

The state is ordering school districts throughout North Carolina to return $58 million to help cover its growing budget shortfall.

Local administrators notified of the cuts Tuesday said they will begin working this week to slash already tight spending plans.

The Nash-Rocky Mount school system is required to return nearly $700,000 – or roughly three-fourths of 1 percent of the state money it received this year. Edgecombe County Public Schools will have to return about $380,000.

The education funding recall – the first of its kind since a 2002 state budget shortfall – is part of across-the-board cuts being ordered by Gov. Mike Easley. The outgoing governor is asking all state agencies to tighten spending to help fill a budget gap that some financial experts say could surpass $1.6 billion.

Easley’s office told the N.C. Department of Public Instruction earlier this month to trim $119 million from its budget, and education officials found about half that at the state level.
Please tell me why when teh state can't budget the budget and they come up short, they always take from the schools the most. It seems to me that the state doesn't care at all about education. You never hear of them taking a paid cut to help out do you.

What if??

After Prop8 pass and the list of those who supported Yes on 8 was posted on line and we started to boycott those business, churches and people who gave money to Yes on 8. I wonder what if one of those person was the person in the picture below. Who you boycott him? I mean since most of the glbt community want him to be gay so they think they could and stand a chance of getting him. What if he gave money to Yes on 8 would you still want him. The answer is Yes.. and you know it...

SNT: Ms Open Air Market drop another Boytoy

Despite her repeated public pronouncements of devotion, it will come as no huge shock to anyone anywhere that Paris Hilton just broke up with her boyfriend of nine months, musician Benji Madden.

To me this is really news. Now serving Number 100098

SNT: as Devil Advocate on Subway and Prop8

Subway, the popular sandwich chain, responded to demands by blogger Mike Rogers that they redress a Yes on 8 contribution one of their franchisee's made today.Rogers sent a letter to the company making three demands: That it repudiate the gift, that it add sexual orientation and gender identity to the corporation's non-discrimination policy and that it give an equal gift to the opposing side.

This is just wrong, it was a private donation nothing more than that. This is really getting old fast. I could understand if it was the main Company who did, but a franchisee's owner has the right to do, The only Thing Mr Jack Ass Rogers manage to do is to get the The Doctor's Group to rewrite it polices and to force their (oops our political views) on all Subways Franchisee owners.

I can say that not all owner are anti-gay. I once work for subway as Asst manager and the owner knew I was gay and the owner was a Mormon, and yes this was before legal protection in the work place for gays. I work there for a year before I move to back home for a three years.

So get Over it and move on, The CA Supreme Court has agree to heard the case, Lets hope they will over turn Prop 8.

2nd Delegate for Mr Gay World

Country: Venezuela
Name: Juan Brancho
Juan Branch, 33, candidate of Venezuela, stayed in second place in the competition, besides having been chosen for the award for Mr. Speedo.

Mister Swim Wear was again Juan Brancho.

No personal info yet.. will have to be a later update..

I bet the other 22 delegate will have the same built.

Just proving once again if you don't have this body type you don't count in the gay community

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

A day at the park

I took this picture of this Crane in Rocky Mount, NC over the weekend.
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SNT: More complaining about the Freedom Tunnel @ NCSU

The Devil Advocate
RALEIGH, N.C. - Two weeks ago, four N.C. State students painted racist remarks in the university's Free Expression Tunnel.

After the Nov. 4 elections, the four students-- whose names have not been released -- wrote racist death threats in the tunnel against President-elect Barack Obama.

Upon further investigation, the university says federal and local authorities concluded what they did was not a crime so no charges were filed.

Now student leaders are debating whether to recommend punishment for the four.
"Even though it is freedom of speech, you know, hate speech should never be tolerated. And this university needs to make sure we send out a message that we don't tolerate it," said senior Zenobia Drammeh.
But no disciplinary action was taken against the students because the university says the words were written in the Free Expression Tunnel.
"Free expression is one thing and just deliberate hatred is another thing," according to Tyler Hawn, a junior.
The North Carolina chapter of the NAACP describes the university's response as "tepid," and is calling for the expulsion of the students.

Last week, student government leaders failed to pass a bill calling for the expulsion of the four students.
"Personally I really don't feel that whoever did it, they should be expelled from the university indefinitely. I just think that they should possibly be suspended," said first year graduate student Samuel Scott.
Now student leaders are pushing another bill, this time calling on the university to punish the students.

"We encourage them in the midst of determining that punishment to think of creative options like having them do community service in the African American Cultural Center," according to Student Senate President Greg Doucette.

First off I don't agree with them on this. What are we back to grade school, when they will force you to like someone. Please, racism and hate will always exist no matter what you do. Now here come the NAACP bitching that the NCSU didn't kick the four out of school for using the N-word, Well if that the case then almost every African-American would need to be kick out as well.

If the NAACP want to do something very useful for their community, then get your own to stop using the word "Nigger" that one be one step in the right direction.

Then again if the four were black who wrote racism remarks on the wall and treated same way as these four white students the NAACP would have gotten involved.

The NAACP pick their fights. They decide what issues they will go public about.

So let all stop using the word Nigger, and move on and in time the word it self will become just a memory.

SNT: Fall November

SNT: E-harmony lawsuit settlement,

Dating site eHarmony to allow gay matchmaking in settlement deal: "The California-based company will begin providing same-sex matches under as part of a settlement with New Jersey's Civil Rights Division. Garden State resident Eric McKinley filed a complaint against the online matchmaker in 2005. Under terms of the settlement, the company can create a new or differently named Web site for same-sex singles. The company can also post a disclaimer saying its compatibility-based matching system was developed from research of married heterosexual couples. Neither the company nor its founder, Neil Clark Warren, admit any liability. In addition, eHarmony will pay the division $50,000 to cover administrative costs. It will pay McKinley $5,000 and give him a free one-year membership to its new service."

Why do we do this? Why do we force these companies that we know are own by the religious right to cater to us. Why? We bitch and complain when they try to force their beliefs on us, and in turn we do the same, by suing them and to force to accept us.This is counter productive isn't it. What would happen if one of our gay gyms were sue by them. What if they sue us to force us to cater to them?

So when will our lesbian sister sue Manhunt to be included on their site.. Better yet when will str8 men sue manhunt for their rights to find a female for a quickie. 

Children should't be subject to life long medical choices

Very interesting statement, which I'm sure the #transinc community will claim to be Transphobic.. in natural. There is nothing bias ...