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SNT: Gay Coummunity Groups

The Queens
Here we have the Drag Queens, Which most every body loves.
The term "drag queen" usually refers to people who dress in drag for the purpose of performing, whether singing or lip-synching, dancing, participating in events such as gay pride parades, drag pageants, or at venues such as cabarets and discotheques. In the United Kingdom, alongside traditional drag work such as shows and performances, many drag queens engage in 'mix-and-mingle' or hosting work at night clubs or at private parties/events. Drag is a part of Western gay culture; it is often noted that the Stonewall riots on June 27, 1969 in New York City were inspired and led by drag queens, and, in part for this reason, drag queens remain a tradition at pride events. Prominent drag queens in the gay community of a city often serve as official or unofficial spokespersons, hosts or emcees, fund-raisers, chroniclers and community leaders.

The Jocks

The Jocks, these are the that everyone wants to have, …

SNT: NY Poster in the Subways ADS

A campaign by the New York City Transit Authority to address a very real problem has been shelved, at least temporarily, for fear it might encourage the very behavior it's warning against.

Anyone female (and yes, many male) regularly riding New York's subways can testify that rush-hour groping is a very real problem. Even if you're trying not to touch someone's backside or privates, it frequently is impossible in the sardine can-like conditions. So if you're someone who gets off on it, it becomes a golden opportunity.

The TA had ads that announced, "Rub up against me and I'll expose you," but put them because, reports The N.Y. Post, they fear they'd provoke deviant behavior.

But were they also afraid of the ads becoming the subject of ridicule? Worth asking.
No matter what this as and campaign are for women only, so they will feel free to report any male that accidently touch them while riding in a very pack full subway train. I'm willy to be …

SNT: Golf Tour’s Rule: Speak English to Stay in Play

Published: August 26, 2008 Concerned about its appeal to sponsors, the women’s professional golf tour, which in recent years has been dominated by foreign-born players, has warned its members that they must become conversant in English by 2009 or face suspension.
“We live in a sports-entertainment environment,” said Libba Galloway, the deputy commissioner of the tour, the Ladies Professional Golf Association. “For an athlete to be successful today in the sports entertainment world we live in, they need to be great performers on and off the course, and being able to communicate effectively with sponsors and fans is a big part of this.
“Being a U.S.-based tour, and with the majority of our fan base, pro-am contestants, sponsors and participants being English speaking, we think it is important for our players to effectively communicate in English.”I love this article, for one reason they aren't afraid to say if you play in American who must Speak the Language. At time…

SNT: Rent -A-Cops

By Douglas Morino Staff Writer
Article Last Updated: 08/26/2008 12:11:15 AM

VAN NUYS - A routine trip to the Social Security office Monday turned into 30 minutes of shock, disbelief and irritation for Lapriss Gilbert, who was forced to leave the federal building by a guard who objected to her “” T-shirt.
As she headed for a line to pick up a Social Security card for her son, Gilbert was stopped by a guard who said her T-shirt, naming an educational and resource Web site for gay women, was offensive.
She said the guard, who works for a private company hired by the Department of Homeland Security, demanded that she leave the building or face arrest. “As an African-American and a lesbian, I haven’t been through one day without facing some sort of discrimination … but this is just shocking,” said Gilbert, 31
Lori Haley, a federal spokeswoman for the office of Immigration and Customs Enforcement - which is under the Homeland Security umbrella - said the guard was out of line. “W…

Obama on King's Day

On the 45th anniversary of Martin Luther King's I Have A Dream speech at the 1963 March On Washington, many are hoping that tonight Barack Obama can somehow recapture the excitement and optimism of that day.
I see another congress-asshole riding the tailwinds of yet another famous person, in his hope of being the Number 1 Asshole in the US.

I firmly believe no matter who is elected in the Dumbhouse, not much will change for our community, He is just using us like Clinton did.

SNT: Gay for Pay

What is Gay for Pay? This is what Wikipedia has to say on the subject

Gay-for-pay is an insinuative term used more commonly with male (and, less frequently, female) actors, pornographic stars, or sex workers that identify as heterosexual but are paid to act or perform gay professionally. The term has also applied to other professions and even companies with the same core concerns and criticism in place. The stigma of being gay or labeled as such has steadily eroded since the Stonewall riots began the modern gay rights movement in 1969. Through the 1990s, mainstream movie and television actors have been more willing to portray homosexuality, as the threat of any backlash against their careers has lessened and society's acceptance of gay and lesbian people has increased
In the gay pornography industry, which uses amateurs as well as professional actors, gay-for-pay refers to actors labeled or believed to be straight who do gay sex scenes. Some actors who are actually gay or bisexual w…

Congressman attacks gays who support McCain

A gay politician has claimed that gay men who are planning to vote for the Republican nominee for President of the United States "personally don’t experience much gay discrimination."
Yes those are the ones who wants the "OUT" gays to fights for their rights while hiding in the fucking closet. Sneaking out to be with their boyfriends, boy toys and other behind their wife's back. Those that hide in the shadows getting their dicks sucks at adult bookstores, alleys, public parks and public rest area along the interstates.

Where is our anger?

Harvey Fierstein dead right on the point

EX-Lesbian still deny Child visitation with ex

Visitation denial in same-sex case dismissed again A Va. judge rules to send the case back to juvenile court
Tuesday, Aug 19, 2008 - 01:00 AM Updated: 01:28 AM
WINCHESTER -- A judge has dismissed a woman's latest attempt to deny visitation rights to her former lesbian partner.
Judge John R. Prosser of Frederick County Circuit Court yesterday dismissed Lisa Miller's request to halt efforts to enforce a Vermont court's orders granting Janet Jenkins visitation with the daughter born to she and Miller in April 2002. Prosser agreed with lawyers for the American Civil Liberties Union, who argued that lower courts and the Virginia Supreme Court already had ruled in Jenkins' favor.
Prosser remanded the case to the county juvenile and domestic relations court for enforcement of the Vermont orders.
ACLU attorney Rebecca Glenberg said Miller's lawyers were trying unsuccessfully to relitigate the case, attempting an "end run" around the state Supreme C…

More on the NBC from GLAAD

However, when it came time to broadcast the diving finals, watched by millions of people during prime time, NBC did not show or mention Mitcham’s family – namely, his partner and his mom. Given Mitcham’s unique story, and his amazing late-in-the-game victory (he scored four 10s in his final dive), NBC should have highlighted his partner and mom in the way that they’ve shown the families and stories of other medaling athletes. I’m not the only one who noticed that NBC missed the mark here. Yahoo Sports, Think Progress,Sporting News and other outlets are questioning NBC’s glaring omission.GLAAD is reaching out to NBC to find out why they chose to leave out his partner and mother during the broadcast. Check back here for updates.Sometime I believe Glaad does more damage then good. Face it they don't have a great track record, in my opinion. In most cases Glaad is just as two-faced as any Congressman.

Matthew Mitcham victory is ignored by NBC

This came from Towleroad,

More outrage that the Peacock Network ignored gay diver Matthew Mitcham's gold-medal victory because it wasn't compelling or historical enough. I'm sick and tired of every LGBT community bitching about the press when they fail to mention a gay athlete's sexuality. I'm sure there are more important points and subject to talk about then his sexuality and his boyfriend kissing him.

I would like to know more about him, what are his likes and dislikes? How offer does he practice and workout.

It seem in our community to be apart of you must proclaim yourself as a Gay Actor instead of an Actor, Gay Singer, A Gay Comic, and A Gay Author, instead of Singer, Comic, and Author. But we don't stop there do we, No if we are in Congress they we must be Openly Out Congressman or Congresswoman.

So what if NBC doesn't what to talk about his sexuality or show a gay kiss on tv, all you have to do then is turn the channel.