Saturday, November 28, 2009

LGBT invisibility? or LGBT just not talk about

Is the LGBT Community Invisible, or just not active in public??

Recently a blogger wrote about how it seem that his local LGBT community is invisible,

If XXXXXXXXX hopes to move forward on local LGBT equality, our community will have to step up our public visibility. After all, if our own community and its leadership doesn’t care enough to make a stink over our treatment, why would the general public? It isn’t as if LGBT rights are on the forefront of an average citizen’s mind, you know.

Well that quote could mean just about any local community in North Carolina. There seems to be a  lack of cohesiveness and public advocacy present in many of our LGBT communities. This is not a new problem that popped up over night, however its problem that has decide to hang around for a long time, and we have grown custom to it.

In many of our communities, the members are allowing our local LGBT businesses to fail, ie,our LGBT bookstores, simple because the community would rather shop online then in these bookstore, but once they close the same community bitches about not have such store or business in the community.

It seems to me that the only time our community comes together is after some event or action that effects us. Like losing the right to marriage in CA, or the death/murder of a LGBT person. It seems for those events we can come out in numbers, but after we do very little for our own community. So I ask what gives?? Why is it we can support other communities but not our owns? Do those communities matter more then ours?

Here in NC there is another problem as well, Its deal with our LGBT community leaders or the lack of. The lack of our local news publications to cover our events. When we do make such publications we stand only a 50/50chance the article will be a positive one.

Then there our LGBT publications, not just statewide but country wide. Many of these publication are no longer running, the lucky ones have merge with another LGBT publication. When that happens coverage in many areas do seem to pick up, while at other times coverage seems to die. Those citizens in those area often feel left out or simple fell they don't matter.

When many community members writes and share events it seem that the nearest publication either pick and choose which ones to run or simply just 86 them in the oval filing cabinets, or just hit the delete button. This is one reason why many LGBT community goes invisible, no coverage= no community to care about.

So beside sharing events and stories how do you get your local community paper to pay attention to the whole community of the selected state?? How do you get notice on a state publication in a positive way?

Monday, November 23, 2009

What is PETA's problem

The funny thing is that most of every Peta person will be having turkey and ham this season.

What about all the animals that peta has killed over the years and thrown in trash dumpers...

Here is my Peta, People eating tasty animals

so much for not being too gay

what a ass, don't want to appear tooo gay on the Cover of OUT, but don't mind acting like he is getting a blowjob on stage... What a fucking douche bag Adam Lambert

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Will this happen again this March 2010

Will this be repeated again this March, 2010 when the nutter from NC4Marriage holds their Rally in Raleigh, NC..
Yes i was there, many of our Local leaders didn't want us to hold a counter-protest.. I still have to wonder why???
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Saturday, November 21, 2009

10 Items of interest

  1. it would seem the Canada border police has a problem with a few PG films. 
  2. Ontario MPP reintroduces trans rights bill
  3. wow like many could care Boy George to Be Locked Up on Big Brother
  4. more high hope for with hiv, Have Doctors Found A Way To Kill HIV in it's Tracks?! 
  5. Right or wrong, what is your take, Outing Muslims
  6. He explains,Chaz Bono explains gender on GMA 
  7. Wow he sit doesn't get it Antonin Scalia is still homophobic, still thinks Lawrence is wrong
  8. When is gay too gay for some, Adam Lambert's Big Year is Just Getting Started
  9. For those with the need to see flesh, Playgirl Slowly Reveals the Ultimately Disappointing Levi Johnston Spread 
  10. Judy Shepard on Mercado Murder with passion

Comments before comments

I know my post on the NC Hrc Gala, will get a few comments via mail or comment page.. about the black tie comment.

These Gala are nothing more then a money machine, for HRC, who doesn't want us to win Equality, in marriage or in the military because if we do they (joe) will be out of a job..


WOW 2010 HRC Gala to be held in Raleigh, NC

Wow I can't believe this, it is in Raleigh, I guess I will be attending,  meaning I will be outside getting shots with my camera. I wonder who will be protesting and boycotting them this year..

I guess the local Adult Bookstore will be busy that weekend

The HRC Carolinas Gala committee announces a call for applications for its "Emerging Leader Dinner Scholarships" and "Dinner Fellowships.
One of these scholarships call for you to work off your ticket as a volunteer at the gala..

so how much will it cost this year?????

Ticket Options
Regular Price tickets $175  
Regular Price tickets (After February  10, 2010)
Federal Club Members -NC/SC $75
(limit two)
Federal Club Council / Major Donor  $0
Premium Tables (seats 10)    $2500

just about the same last year..

Oh, before i forget, this Gala is a black-tie ass kissing event..

find them on facebook, twitter.

I wonder just who will be the keynote speaker, the spirits are telling that it will be Joe ass again, who will be the guest of honor????

I wonder will big mouth i got myself kick out of the military Don Choi be there????

While you are there you might what to join the silent auction

so, who are the sponsor this year...

Comment reply

I'm sure your constructive criticism (or lack thereof) could be put to better use. 
Yes I guess it couldbe, like telling how as community we fucking everything up. We are not the true bigots, we are the new antti-hate everyone who doesn't agree with us, if you speak out against us, we will make sure you lose your job, the list goes on and on.

HRC is nothing more then a money making scheme Face it, he we would wake up tomorrow and have every right we always want, what would GLAAD, HRC and other groups do, it would mean they would be out of a job..

These Groups have turn us into nothing more then a FUCKING meal ticket..

Our LGBT community groups don't want Equality, or gay marriage, if this happens their meal ticket goes bye bye. just like true reporters....

thanks to these group, free speech as taken another hit, I wonder how much longer before that right is completely goes, freedom of press now means who is/will give us the most money to report what they want reported. freedom of religion is on life support, all in the name moral standards,

We bitch when religious group push there beliefs on us, but is ok for us to do to them and then tell them that they can't bitch/complain about it.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Gay Blog Site gets a pass using degrading word "Fag"

Notice the caption FAG FEUDS. Now if this was on any blog at wasn't a gay blog Glaad would be all over it...

Whatever happen too??? Lockdown..

Last year Q-notes published pieces from a inmate here in NC, who was doing time for have sex with an underage teenager, He admitted to his mistakes and was doing his time for those mistakes.

He wrote a few great pieces that Qnotes published over time, then someone had a problem with those pieces, so what did the staff do, their held a poll, well the poor fellow lose, the person who started the bitchfest claim we shouldn't give a Sexual Offender a platform, how nice..

Here is the ugly gay truth, How many gay males over their lifetime has had sex with a 16, 17, or under?? Hell many of those gay teenagers went after older men. How many 18 yo gay men had sex with their highschool boyfriend who happen to be 17, remember under current laws in many state this is a crime... I speak from experience, when I was 15, i went after a 30 yo guy, simply because i hear he was hung as a horse, at 16 it as a cute sales rep from the food service where my boss got her food from.. So if these two guys were charged today they just might find themselves in the same place where Joe is today. Also who was really in the wrong? 

Yet the good folks over at Q-note has decide either not to publish anymore pieces from Joseph, are he decide not to write anymore. If it was Q-notes decision that would mean that they give into the small minded bigots in our community.

[Ed. Note This column marks the last in Joseph Urbaniak s limited-run column. We hope our readers had a chance to read Urbaniak s writings with an open mind and eyes. We thank Joe for the chance to publish his columns.]

Ok look at this, and tell me what happen then..
The Q-Notes editorial team is standing by our original decision to publish Joseph Urbaniak’s limited-run column. We are well aware that 60 percent of those who participated in the online QPoll regarding the issue say we should stop publishing it. While we’re fortunate to be blessed by a readership unafraid to tell us what they think, we’ll hope our readers believe they’re fortunate to have a media presence that isn’t easily swayed by the ever-changing, volatile and emotionally-reactive whims of public opinion.
A principled news outlet that intends to publish with integrity, accuracy, honesty and responsibility can’t operate by majority vote. If Q-Notes were to stop publishing columns or writing on issues with which a small majority of readers disagreed or found uncomfortable, a lot of our very cherished, important content would disappear overnight.
So did Q-note stop???

So tell the truth, have you since becoming and adult (18+) had sex with a underage male??? However I bet you do take a good long look at those hot twinks when they are not looking????

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Gay rights on lockdown

An inmate details his ongoing court battle with the N.C. Dept. of Corrections
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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Holy cow shit WTF

It must be bad when you need to had women's equity to LGBT equity to get people to come to it...

Nov. 21 • Cullowhee
Equality festival

Western Carolina University’s UNITY presents Fight for Equal Rights 2009, a festival celebrating and supporting the continuation of equality and civil rights including women’s rights and LGBT rights. For more information, contact the group at or through their Facebook page at
Once again we have strange bedfellows in our mist. First off what the hell does Women Equality have to do with LGBT Equality?? Ooops that right most of LGBT equality does center around the Lesbians, so I guess it goes hand and hand. We talk about LGBT's being second class citizens, when in truth lately Men have become second class citizens...

Some problems heres

Women robbed at Battle Park

From Staff Reports

Monday, November 16, 2009
Two Rocky Mount women told police they were robbed at gunpoint late Saturday at Battle Park.
The 18- and 20-year-old victims said they were parked near the boat ramp at the park around 10:30 p.m. when a man wearing a bandana over his face and a red sweatshirt appeared from the wooded area next to the ramp. The victims said the man was carrying a long gun with a wooden stock.
The man pointed the gun at the driver, removed both victims from the car and ordered them to the ground.
A second man appeared and ransacked the women’s car, taking a Tinkerbell purse, money, a credit card and two cell phones.
The gunman fired a shot before fleeing the scene, the women said.
The victims left and reported the incident 15 minutes later from one of their homes.
The women said the gun-wielding suspect looked to be between 18 and 20 years old, and about 5-foot-9. They didn’t get a good look at the other man, the victims said.

First off, this park closes at sunset, so why was to women sitting in a park by the only boat ramp that late at nite. Now if this was to guys I would say that they were getting it on. So was these to ladies making out at the park at that time of nite??? so they left and went home to call for help, MMM, when leaving this park if they turn right there are business where they could seek help from, if they turn left they could have went downtown to the police station.. Something is a foot here.....

Today's Quote, and something to think about

If they can so easy pass laws to ban us from Marriage, none of our rights can be taken for granted.

If community standards are, reason enough to Legislate anti-anytype discrimination, the backside of our freedom as begun

I beg you to take a good look at the election result from around the country, get in touch with your anger, and put it to work.

If we do not, I promise our community will be attack by the fascist right in the name of decency and family values with unprecedented vigor, better to find your anger now then to wait for the next election and ask where are my rights.
by Harvey Fierstein

Relpy to commet

Matt Comer has commented on Blog Post
The message left:
SNT, it is a shame you could find nothing positive to say about the Out 100, as you fail to mention openly lesbian and gay North Carolina natives Pam Spaulding and Chris Hughes.
Spaulding, who is a native of and still lives in Durham, and Hughes, a native of Hickory, surely have contributed more than their fair share to not only the state and national LGBT community, but to the entire international community as well.
Spaulding operates the highly successful, must-read Hughes, co-founder of, was the mastermind behind Barack Obama's presidential campaign's social networking genius.
Q-Notes covered Spaulding's and Hughes' placement in the Out 100 briefly on our website on Tuesday morning:
First off I have never been a great fan of Out Mag, to me this mag is a complete waste of time, its buys into every sterotype our community have. It marginalize many in our community as well.

I'm glad that Pam got pick, great for her.. I can only wish her the very best.

As four Hughes, like I could care. Just because he help to get another backstabbing president in office doesn't mean I have to like him or write about him. If he didn't help with the Obama election I bet his ass wouldn't have been in Out's 100.

I will never understand why many LGBT groups and Mags do these type of lists. What purpose  do they really serve? Just another way to make so many with in our community feel like they are nothing, they don't matter or count, unless you are well known, and rich. Just as many of our LGBT Gala's serve to keep many out.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Out's100 so-called gay greats

let's look at those that on this because of something so fucking stupid that its not funny

Dan choi, he open his big mouth about being gay, then gets kick out of the military, then goes on national tv claiming hes a victim, please just a attention seeking   

Chaz Bono, all this list because who her mommy and daddy are,, now she decide to cut off her breasts.. wow what a reason to be on this list.

Adam Lambert, just because he is young semi in the closet singer who was on American Idol.

Many other are those who play gay, are those who have written many gay story lines, bands and so..
Most aren't even gay at all...

Friday, November 13, 2009

Block on twitter WHY???

Well I try to niteto follow a fellow gay blogger on Twitter to nite only to find out I was block from following his f'ing ass. I wonder why..

Why this blogger is now living in NC...

Anywhoo, I really don't care, since i can see all his tweets by going to his twitter page..

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Foggy park

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Purdue Students Protest Librarian’s Anti-Gay Blog Post

From Big Gay News

Some Purdue University students have called for a faculty member to be fired after he posted comments online urging discussion on what he called the economic cost to society of homosexuality. Purdue officials said they would not discipline Bert Chapman, who is the university’s government information and political science librarian and does not have a classroom teaching assignment.
Read the full story from the Chicago Tribune.

No free speech against the gays, if you do we will act like a bunch of whining ass fucking babies and demand that you get fired, because you are being mean to us..

Yet the community is railroading free speech in the fucking ground, now step in Hate crime laws to protect us.

his comment
Chapman wrote last month on the Web site that money spent on AIDS would be better used for other health initiatives, such as cancer or heart disease research, and that the current health care debate needed to address "an economic case against homosexuality."
The student newspaper has published several letters urging the university to fire him. Chapman said he was surprised at the backlash.

"It is sad we live in a time when truly free and open debate on controversial issues is characterized by such virulence," he said. "If gay rights opponents advocate removing First Amendment rights of gay rights proponents, there would be justifiable outrage over attempts to abridge their constitutional rights."

Purdue history professor Yvonne Pitts, who is a lesbian, said she totally disagreed with everything Chapman wrote, but that if the university disciplined him for his views it could chill others in the academic community.

"I would be disturbed if he lost his job because I would fear that my job could be in jeopardy for my activism," she said. "It is really good for students to be having this debate. But you can't call for his job."

University spokeswoman Jeanne Norberg said Chapman acted within university policy by including a disclaimer on his blog that his viewpoints do not necessarily reflect those of the institution. 


See Don't piss off the dykes, they will try to get you fired.. I see we have learn alot from the anti-gay folks, since we are now acting liking them..


Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Q-notes wants your input!

What do you want to see in Q-Notes? Looking to 2010

Really, it is hard to believe Thanksgiving and Christmas are already upon us. But the Q-Notes staff is busy trying to put the final touches on our 2010 Editorial Calendar. When most sane people are concentrating on the here and now, our staff is looking into the future.
And this is where you come in: As we wrap up our next full year of features coverage, we want to hear your feedback on some of the issues and feature topics you’d like to see in Q-Notes. Maybe you want more travel features, or fashion tips, or entertaining and dining features. Whatever it is, let us know in the comments section below, or email us at
So they what their readers input, what they want more of in the year. This is very interesting to say.

I once criticize them for not including Eastern NC in their coverage, I now understand that they can only report and write about what is share with them. This mostly fall on the Eastern NC LGBT Community fault, for lack of a better word, cutting themselves off from the rest of the State.

This reader would still like to see more local coverage of area that are not normally talk or written about in Q-notes. I want to read about those members of our community who are not in the nation spotlight. Groups that are working on the local level that are try to create a more positive image. Groups that protest other groups that our so-called community leaders don't want us to protest, like last year went a small group protest the NC4Marriage rally in Raleigh. I know that in 2010 there will be another rally and an protest, I'm planning for that one.

More on gay parenting would also be great, not just from a LGBT couples but also from LGBT signals.

Over all more equal cover of the Carolinas. 

NC Equality Gala and Conference

Once again this Gala is being held at a high price venue, The Empire Room in Greensboro, NC

These are the ticket prices
Individual: $199 for both conference and gala, $150 for gala only, $60 for conference only.
Student: $115 for both conference and gala, $85 for gala only, $30 for conference only.
Limited Income: $40 for conference only.
source, q-note 

Yet if  you have did this you get in for free
Complimentary admission if you have donated $1,200 or more to Equality NC and Equality NC Foundation during calendar year 2009
 if you were able to buy you ticket in advance you got a discount, however
  • Conference & Gala reduced rate no longer available
  •  Gala only reduced rate no longer available after

this is what you are help to pay for beside over price food, and speakers fees

I knew there are cheap conference room or centers..
These gala only serve to keep those that they don't want there.

about the Gala
The Equality Gala brings people from across the state to celebrate all that we've accomplished together, and this is our biggest year yet! Equality NC Foundation's signature annual event, it provides critical operating funds to help us keep working for change in the Tar Heel State.
This year Equality NC Foundation will be honoring Sen. Julia Boseman (pictured at right) for her courageous leadership in getting the School Violence Prevention Act passed. Special recognition will also be given to Winston-Salem's young Kate Mabe for drawing statewide media attention to how it feels to be bullied and to the strength of character our young people need to move forward in a tough world.

I wonder just how Ms Sen Julia will be honor, (at what $$$$)

Why Won't HRC Jump On Board the DNC Boycott?

this is from Queerty's blog, click here to visit
Often viewed, accurately, as an extension of the Democratic party, the Human Rights Campaign has gone back and forth with how much criticism it's willing to levy on the White House and members of Congress. But now that members of the indie (read: non-Gay Inc.) activist scene are boycotting the Democratic National Committee, where will HRC's chips fall?

HRC's Joe Solmonese, who claims to represent the entire LGBT community but completely bails out on certain gay issues, claims to enjoy special power brokering relationships in Washington. Supporters might see lots of handshakes between Solmonese and lawmakers; actual action and influence, however, is harder to spot.

It's eerily difficult to tell just how hard HRC is pressuring Democrats on its own. Some might say HRC merely "advises" them.

One minute, the organization is demanding action from Obama; the next, it's giving him a seven-year pass.

But now that somebody else (initially, it's Americablog's John Aravosis and Joe Sudbay) is actually calling for the closing of LGBT coffers — the "gayTM," if you will — will HRC get on board?

I tell you why,, they don't want to bit the hand that feed them, and Joe needs to stop sucking their cocks and kissing their fucking asses...better yet Joe need to completely fuck off and step down.... and find something else to do instead of throwing us under the bus when he need to, (when $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$) is involve..

Another Question of the night..

So add LE to Fag (make it sound french) makes this ok, I guess it does, we are allow to use the word but please don't allow any other group to use it...

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Who said the following???

is charged by God to inspect the fruits of those among whom we live.

Leave  you guess in the comments, please

Sunday, November 1, 2009

SNT: Being call a Fag from a Community Member

I once wrote that we do far more damage to ourselves and group then any outside force..That what is below as an example..

James Seabolt, recent Facebook comment,

Jamie Seabolt Why does the fags of West Virginia insist on being so third-world, backword, TRASHY!?!

Now this is from a person who wanted to be Mr Gay.Com, Where he was a silver finalist, community leader
jamie Seabolt
about me & why I’d like to be mr 2008
You could call me ambitious or someone with a flame lit under him, but I have always loved to help others. As a teen, I won grants to improve my West Virginia high school and logged the most community service hours in WV schools history. In my early 20s, I started two gay newspapers to fill much-needed gaps and gave me a top five spot in their first "Entrepreneur of the Year" contest. Since then, I left gay media to expand my horizons as a positive gay male in corporate and federal government work. Now, I have moved into the Bible belt to Myrtle Beach where organizers fought for gay pride for over a decade against a narrow-minded city government. Here, I have continued my involvement with nonprofits and revived my gay media skills with a fresh-faced gay magazine. I am proud of our Southern gay culture, and with a minimum 5% of profits donated to gay charities, I work to bring equality and pride to gay life, which can successfully incorporate with our communities both large and small without sacrificing identity. With over 1,000 new people a week joining my new media venture, my initiative is infectious, inspiring all generations of LGBTIQ Carolinians to do the same.

he also a works/writes for a gay news group,

Stereotypd business and artistic director Porscha Yount, OnQ’s Jamie Seabolt and Stereotypd editor Lin Orndorf distributed a press release announcing the merger. In it, Seabolt is identified as the Asheville paper’s new publisher and Stereotypd is identified as “part of the OnQ Network.” A few days later, the new OnQ team announced a merger with the Charleston, S.C.-based Drag Magazine.

So will the gay community demand a apology from him for that comment???? or is a matter of free speech..Wow what a change, it would seem those in West Va has gone from being second class to third worlders, what is next..

Update, I wonder what Glaad has to say on this matter.. 

Children should't be subject to life long medical choices

Very interesting statement, which I'm sure the #transinc community will claim to be Transphobic.. in natural. There is nothing bias ...