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What the hell is Matt Comer Problem

GAY ON GAY ATTACK, STARTED BY MATT,matt need to get his fucking head check, or out of GAY INC asses, those that he met at Netroots nation..


Saturday, June 18th, 2011


Stop by the HRC & Equality North Carolina Booth at the Juneteenth Festival, Elizabeth City, NC
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On April 7, 2011 House Bill 777 was introduced to amend the constitution in the "Defense of Marriage." NC State law already limits marriage to opposite-sex couples. If the constitution is amended in this regard it will deny gay and lesbian couples access to marriage or any same-sex unions or forms of recognition such as civil union or domestic partnership.

Let us call this for what it is: "the anti-LGBT amendment or "the anti-gay amendment and an attack North Carolina’s LGBTQ Community.
This movement has been used in other states to take away private benefits such as health insurance and survival rights for LGBT couples.  The amendment would not only write the current discriminatory marriage law into the constitution, it would actually take away rights and responsibilities that are currently available to some coup…

Qnotes Story of the week

Via Qcloset, Matt quoted the N&O editorial Called Disruption,the Quote from N&O,They also escalated a tactic that’s been used before in the current legislative session. Twice, protesters in the visitors galleries have interrupted business on the floor. One of those incidents, late last month, led to the arrest of the NAACP’s state president. Taking protests to the chamber floor intensifies the potential for confrontation. It vents anger and frustration but otherwise accomplishes nothing.There are countless reasons why many North Carolinians are upset with the current, Republican-controlled General Assembly. GOP-backed bills calling for a constitutional amendment to bar gay marriage or domestic partnerships certainly rank near the top of that list. Such an amendment, limiting citizens’ rights, would be unwise and unhelpful. But if it is to be defeated, it will have to be by winning arguments and gaining votes, not by outshouting people or shutting down the legislative process.N…

Gay Adoption/Marriage = lost of parents on 9/11

this is the sick comparison made by Renewing American Leadership chairman Jim Garlow at the recent Faith and Freedom conference in DC. I have to wonder what he was smoking or drinking right before the speech.. Cause we all know that kids are better in homes where mommy and daddy, beat, kick, burn, starve them to death. Where in Gay parents homes they better off,and receive the love they deserve.

This isn’t allow at the NCGA

That is right your 1st Amendment Rights don’t apply on the side of the NCGA in Raleigh, well that is it your words are on cardboard that is.

You can speak your mind but you can’t display them.

Right after I took this shot the Capital/NCGA Police told him that he would have the lay the signs down or leave or be arrested.

This is one way the State is making money by arresting folks and hoping they will just pay the fine in court..

The bigots at our Rally

I guess the guy above wish he had a v-8 before he came to the rally

See the religious bigots aren't too happy, the Capital Police made them put down their blow-horn pa device.. and if they wanted to stay they had to be peaceful and quite while we had our rally.. The Capital police told us they had the right to be there even though they didn't have a permit, yet a few weeks early these idiots police told us that we would have to leave the lawn are be arrest for trespassing while the Religious Bigots had their rally..

Candlelight Vigil Tonight at the NC General Assembly at 10pm to Protest Backwards Budget

The state House is voting on a state budget tonight that will take our state back decades.

Join the NC NAACP and HKonJ partners for a candlelight vigil tonight to SHINE A LIGHT ON THIS BAD BUDGET.

What: Candlelight vigil
When: Tonight, Friday, June 3 from 10:00pm-11:00pm
Where: Outside the NC Legislature, 16 West Jones Street, Raleigh, NC
Why: Inside, the NC House of Representatives will be voting on a budget that will cut 10,000 educator jobs, threaten community-based services, decimate early childhood education, slash $2 billion out of Medicaid over the next two years, and severly hinder our ability to maintain critical infrastructure like roads, water, and sewer. Let's show them we're watching them.

If you cannot attend the vigil, hold one in your own community and contact your legislators and the Governor. It's especially important for the five democrats who are planning to vote for this harmful budget to hear from you. The five represent more than 135,000 people of co…

Jimmy Creech on religion-based bigotry


Photos that MTV don’t want you to see or know of

Vai Queerty, Several blogs have received notices from Bryan J. Freedman, an attorney claiming to represent actor Colton Haynes, threatening legal action if they do not remove the “private, obscene, lewd and pornographic photographs” of Haynes kissing another guy—images he took as a minor for the March 2006 issue of gay photo mag XY. This wouldn’t have anything to do with the fact that Haynes’s new MTV show Teen Wolf is debuting this weekend, would it? We would say Haynes is pulling a Dustin Zito, except for the fact that Haynes’ pictures aren’t even remotely pornographic or private. The teen wolf has apparently hired a teen lawyer.

GetEqual NC, former U.S. Sen. candidate Jim Neal arrested at Gen Assembly


Marriage Rally Arrests inside the NCGA


Pam Spaulding at the Rally


Pam at the Rally Speaking

I miss most of her speak, I ran over with the other to clash with the young so-called straigh guys who were protesting our rally..

Thank you Pam for coming and Speaking and recording what happen inside the NCGA.. Thanks

The bigots at the Rally

these are the anti-gay bigots that got told off by many..