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The Kept Boy (goodasyou) picking on a working guy

First off i find it funny that Jeremy as block two of my twitter accounts. Hey kept-boy i have three more. Also, i can view your tweets by not logging in to my twitter account.

Now it funny how he is picking on/harassing a guy who makes the videos for NOW. so gayinc is now going after those who get a paycheck from NOW.

Jeremy just because you are kept-boy doesn't make you better then anyone else

Wow, You won’t believe this, life returns to GetEqualNC..

GetEqual NC, might be coming back to life, after almost dying out.. for lack of community support and very bad leadership here in NC. Recently a new post appeared on their Facebook page..So just would is this Wooten Gough? VIA from the GetEqual website, Wooten was born in Winston-Salem, NC and grew up in very rural Yadkin County. In high school, Wooten made new friends that he later found out were undocumented. From there he went to UNC and created Students United for Immigrant Equality and ended up joining the Trail of Dreams, walking with them from Richmond, VA to Washington, DC. Wooten was hired by the Latin American Coalition in 2010 and it was then that El Cambio was formed at the annual Fourth of July Festival in downtown Yadkinville. He now focuses building power in rural communities at the intersection of LGBTQ equality and immigrant justice.Here is his Facebook and Gplus, for more info. My question is will they still hide behind Equality NC ?? Are, we they take center stage!

Gayinc Calling for Phone Harassment

This Past Monday Charlotte City Council meet to debate a LGBT protection measure bill, which would protect all LGBT from discrimination in Public accommodations. Which a course brought the fundies out. VIA Qnotes, “Charlotte rejects LGBT-Inclusive ordinances after more than five hour public comment and debate.” The vote was very close, but failed by a 6-5 vote , this was the second time in two decades that Charlotte has rejected this type of ordinance.. If it did pass Charlotte would have been the first city in NC to pass LGBT-inclusive public accommodations and other protections. Which would meant that LGBT people couldn’t be deny service in businesses open the public, like restaurants, hotels, bars or movie theaters. Afterward on FB Tami Fitzgerald (NC Values Coalition) praise God, that it failed, Now Janice Covington Allison, who is a Transgender person is calling for the LGBT and it allies to harass one the loudest fundie that was here. How you might ask, she public post his phone…