Wednesday, September 30, 2009

WOW, I'm a bigot's facebook wall,

wow I feel so honored to be on a NC4 Marriage bigot facebook wall,, let I can't see what is written because I'm not his friend, and don't plan to be anytime soon..

click here to visit facebook wall, btw he is on twitter as well click here

Does this mean I have arrived, to be talk about by people who thinks str8 should be on the only one to marry, those folks who want to keep their kids stupid when it comes to sex and sexual diseases.. I bet he is also a teabagger, which would make him a racist as well.. 

The funny thing is that I kinda met this jerk at the NC4Marriage Rally this past March in Raleigh or was  it February anyway, I feel very honor to be listed for ever on his Facebook Wall...

WOW, a very educational email these week.

A few days ago I post this post to my blog, where I talk about the GLBT History Month Icons, and what makes them our community icons, I also admitted that I only knew 7 out of those 31, for this year. Yes, I fail big time, I don't know my GLBT history, since knew items from the past are being added everyday..

The following day I received this very nice and thoughtful email from the Equality Forum Communications Director with information about all the Community Icon for this year. Yes 31 docs, with short bio's of each of these icons.

So lets see you is still with us, and those that have left us.

  1. Alfred Kinsey (Final) Sexual Researcher b. June 23, 1894 d. August 25, 1956 decease
  2. Alvin Ailey, Jr. Choreographer b. January 5, 1931 d. December 1, 1989 decease
  3. B. D. Wong Actor b. October 24, 1960 alive
  4. Tammy Baldwin Congresswoman b. February 11, 1962 alive
  5. John Cage Composer b. September 5, 1912 d. August 12, 1992 decease
  6. Cherry Jones (Final) Actress b. November 21, 1956 alive
  7. Christine Quinn New York City Council Speaker b. July 25, 1966 alive
  8. Ruth Ellis Activist b. July 23, 1899 d. October 5, 2000 decease
  9. Rainer Fassbinder Film Director b. May 31, 1945 d. June 10, 1982 decease
  10. Harry Hay Activist b. April 7, 1912 d. October 24, 2002 decease
  11. Gus Van Sant Film Director b. July 24, 1952 alive
  12. Magnus Hirschfeld Social Scientist b. May 14, 1868 d. May 14, 1935 decease
  13. Hilary Rosen Commentator b. October 22, 1958 alive
  14. k.d. lang (FINAL) Singer/Songwriter b. November 2, 1961alive
  15. Jasper Johns Painter b. May 15, 1930 alive
  16. Zora Neale Hurston Author & Folklorist b. January 7, 1891 d. January 28, 1960 decease
  17. John Amaechi Pro Basketball Player b. May 29, 1947 alive
  18. Jerome Robbins Choreographer b. October 11, 1918 d. July 29, 1998 decease
  19. Kate Kendell Attorney b. April 15, 1960 alive
  20. Deirdre McCloskey Economist and Economic Historian b. September 11, 1942 alive
  21. Michel Foucault. Philosopher b. October 15, 1926 d. June 25, 1984 decease
  22. Paul Monette Author and HIV/AIDS Activist b. October 16, 1945 d. February 10, 1995 decease
  23. Pauli Murray Attorney and Civil Rights Activist b. November 20, 1910 d. July 1, 1985 decease
  24. Joan Nestle Historian b. May 12, 1940 alive
  25. Todd Oldham Designer b. October 22, 1961 alive
  26. Suze Orman Financial Expert b. June 5, 1951 alive
  27. Rachel Maddow Commentator b. April 1, 1973 alive
  28. Robert Rauschenberg Artist b. October 22, 1925 d. May 12, 2008 decease
  29. Esera Tuaolo Pro Football Player b. July 11, 1968 alive
  30. Urvashi Vaid attorney, author, activist b. October 8, 1958 alive
  31. Yves St. Laurent Fashion Designer b. August 1, 1936 d. June 1, 2008 decease

So we have 14 decease, 17 alive icons. I won't spoil their list of why they are our Icons for this year. However I do have my opinion why a few shouldn't be on this list, I will post them in November after the Equality Forum release their reason why they are our icons..

I can only hope they add John Barrowman to next years list,, till then make sure you check out their site each day of the month of October to see why these icons are important to our community..

Click here to visit their site...

Sunday, September 27, 2009

The new GLBT History Month list

Well the folks over at Equality Forum has this years GLBT history list up for October. Once again there are many names on the list that I don't know who the hell they are, don't know if they are alive or dead.

MMMM, does this make me a bad gay guy, since I really don't know many of these so-called important gay icons of past and present.

Here is the list for this year, however here yoiu don't have to wait each day of month of October to see why they were selected,, thanks to Wikipedia
Alvin Ailey Jr., John Amaechi, Tammy Baldwin, John Cage, Ruth Ellis, Rainer Fassbinder, Michel Foucault, Harry Hay, Magnus Hirschfeld, Zora Neale Hurston, Jasper Johns, Cherry Jones, Kate Kendell, Alfred Kinsey, k.d. lang, Rachel Maddow, Deirdre McCloskey, Paul Monette, Pauli Murray, Joan Nestle, Todd Oldham, Suze Orman, Christine Quinn, Robert Rauschenberg, Jerome Robbins, Hilary Rosen, Yves St. Laurent, Esera Tuaolo, Urvashi Vaid, Gus Van Sant, B.D. Wong
Here are those that I do know, who they are, Wong, Vaid, Baldwin, Monette, lang, Maddow, Kinsey damn 7 out of 31, I guess I fail Gay History 101, this year big time..

The list is made up from actors, dancers, activists, authors, politicians, fashion figures,sport figures who came out either while still playing or after retirement. Many at one time work for LGBT organizations across the land.

My question is what make them our community icons? Please just because they were gay doesn't count..

Friday, September 25, 2009

I was there, but left before this happen

On Sept 11, I went to Smithfield, NC to photograph those wacky racist teabagger. After I got some great shots within a hour, I decide to leave. A couple of day later while reading one of my fav photo issue blog, click here to visit, I read this on his blog,

The North Carolina protesters had applied for a permit in July but were told they didn’t need one. But days before the event, that all changed and they were told they needed a permit, but by then, it was too late to apply.
In July, Stemler appeared before the Smithfield Town Council and informed the Board of her intentions.  On July 14, Stemler filed a Temporary Use Permit Application with Smithfield Planning Director Paul Embler, but was reportedly told by Embler the permit application was not needed.  Days before the event, Stemler said she learned from Embler a permit was in fact needed but it was too late to receive Council approval.
Now the town of Smithfield is up in arms over the incident.
Smithfield Town Manager Eric Williams tells WTSB he would like to see changes made after police shut down a peaceful 9-11 Patriots Day Rally on the steps of the Johnston County Courthouse Friday afternoon.  Williams also voiced his displeasure with a comment made by a Smithfield police officer on Monday who stated, “Those tea baggers, they got what was coming.”  Williams said, “It is not a comment that makes me very happy.”
Read all about it on the WTSB radio station. You may have to scroll down to find the stories because it doesn’t allow you to link to the individual articles.

These photo belong to WTSB,

I know for the hour I was there the good ole boys weren't there, However as usual they think just because they have the badge they can be complete assholes. I do know a Sheriff did pass by, nothing happen, serval county officials also walked thorough the crown and nothing was said. No raise the issue of a PA system even while they were plugging  it in inside the courthouse.. No one knew nothing which is common place here in NC.. They Love to play stupid..
Damn I wish I had stay now till the end of the rally..

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Those Wacky Nutter at the Christian Action League

Rev. Markk Creech is all upset that he had to fire/layoff a friend who he cherish, because his little group of wacko isn't taking in much money lately.

The Christian Action League is currently under severe financial stress. The economic downturn in our nation is now profoundly affecting our ministry. The matter is so serious that we have been operating simply from week to week and it’s been difficult to may payroll for our staff. Only recently, I was forced to let a staff member go whose service I treasured and I fear that we will be forced to let others go in the near future without swift assistance.

He mad because those group that they fight agaiinst has more money then they do,,, ooh please go cry me a river...
But we must depend upon the Lord and a few faithful warriors for victory. That’s why we are just asking for a commitment of 300, whether persons or churches, to give us $100 right away. A gift of $100 by 300 will clear out our current debt and with the gifts we are currently receiving (conservatively speaking), it should buy us the remainder of this year.

I wonder if those wacky nutter who work in his office, and himself, if they took a pay cut. I wonder.. he isn't asking for help for everyday people, but from churches too,

It is our thinking that this campaign would be an easy way for most churches to participate. We are well-aware that we are not the only ministry struggling. We understand the churches are struggling too. But we thought this approach would be the best way to garner the necessary funds and at the same time keep us from becoming a burden to our brethren. Most churches can assist with a gift of $100. And most can respond quickly to provide a $100 gift without having to get an “act of Congress” approved to send it. Such a gift may be pulled from the benevolence fund, or given by a Sunday School class, or expedited with relative speed by a missions organization in the church.

 I say it go down, let this group crash and burn....

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Community Letdown,, What a Surprise.

Well another LGBT event west of 95, I would have to wonder why. Does all the Gays and Lesbians live in west parts of the states, a course not, but it seems that way.

Now I know why, I raked Matt at Q-notes over the coals, for not including the East, or covering the east for Q-notes. Recently I had to apology to Matt; I see why the East wasn’t getting much cover at all.

It was reported in Q-notes that I was hoping to form a LGBT Community Center in the area. I start an event notice on Facebook, and the place of the meeting place a notice of this meeting on their site of events.

So the day of meeting comes and no one but two people shows, both said they found out about meeting for event site of the business that was hosting (provide the space for the meeting). Many people RSVP for this event, yet no one showed, not even the other community member who was hoping to start a Young LGBT center.

It’s amazing that the community can come out to support national protest and cause, but can’t make it when it’s their community is in need or an event for their community. I knew going into this project it wouldn’t be a piece of cake, however I did expect more than two people.

I did get a few emails, claiming that it would never work, because the community in the said city was too self-centered.. They would rather party then do anything for the community. Other emails offer suggestion on programs and funding outlets.

Over all, I must confess that I piss off at my community…

Children should't be subject to life long medical choices

Very interesting statement, which I'm sure the #transinc community will claim to be Transphobic.. in natural. There is nothing bias ...