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Swat Team protecting their own, fucks up and raids the wrong home.

An unsecured wifi network triggered a SWAT team raid on the wrong home in Evansville, Indiana last week after officers began investigating specific threats made in an online forum. As it turns out, nobody inside the home made those threats, which apparently came from someone who simply accessed their network. But that didn’t stop police from gearing up for the raid blocks away and inviting a local reporter and cameraman to tag along. cause you know, why investigate when you can destroy someone’s home and create some fear.

Another High official Dyke making us look bad

The former head of a Bronx gay and lesbian center was busted for allegedly scamming $338,000 from the non-profit outfit to pay for vacations and a dog walker, authorities said Tuesday.Lisa Winters, 42, who was let go as head of the Bronx Community Pride Center in January 2010, used the dough to pay $25,751.74 to Eyes on Africa for a personal trip and $15,953 to a dog-walker, authorities said.She also paid thousands of dollars for trips to the United Kingdom, the Turks and Caicos Islands and the Carolinas, according to the criminal complaint.with stupid cunts like this you have to wonder what the fuck is Gay INC doing??? No wonder we don’t trust this folks.. how many homeless kids were turned away because she needed nice things and a fucking vacation.. this cunt need to go to jail for a few years

This and That from the LGBT Community…

Well I guess we sure start off with my favorite site, Q-notes. Qnotes every two week release it new Newspaper/e-paper or e-mag. Some time back they start releasing this paper on another site. They used to have a download link, where you could download a current issue as a pdf. However site the new editor and the returning editor could never get the link to work right on the day of the release it would seem that Matt the returning editor has decided to do away with the link.The GA Voice is reporting the following, LGBT activists say they are planning a protest of Sharon Needles' appearance in Atlanta on Wednesday, claiming the winner of "RuPaul's Drag Race" is guilty of racist and bigoted comments. But Needles has defended her work and the host of her Atlanta appearance said he has not been able to document instances of offensive behavior.God forbid is you don’t do as Gay Inc say or approve of you actions. They will send their minions to protest you and in general fuc…

WOW: Jen of ENC on Town Hall Meeting

While she was doing her little race to the ballot, she only found time for Rocky Mount and Greenville. Now during their last campaign They gave Greenville two day notice for their town hall meeting that was held at the Tipsy Teapot in Greenville while other location gets almost a whole month notice.These are where the LGBT community numbers are at their highest level in NC.Hell Greenville folks didn’t even get this email in time. I still have to wonder what ENC has against Eastern NC, they only visit Easter NC only after being called out for ignoring the east. That is why we lost Amendment 1 in the East, except for Dare County. The only place we won concerning Amendment one is those area they worked the hardest in,or had a college or a local ENC Office.FROM THE EDITORWe've missed you. We mean it. It's been a few months since Equality NC [literally] ran the RACE TO THE BALLOT campaign to inform and mobilize fair-minded North Carolinians from Cullowhee to Carteret, and now we…