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Foot Prints in the Snow


The Christmas that is Five weeks old

yes my sister cat had kittens on Christmas day, six little devils

This Week Currents Events

Maggie Maggie is still trying to make something out of nothing. Wow a Straight bar reaching out to the LGBT Community holds NOH8 Photo shoot e-harmany to cater to gays, Now I thinks time for a few str8 women to sue Manhunt for the same option. Florida courts allows another gay adoption to go forward.. Now will lay EDNA to rest, so long great legal bill, Rest in Peace... And the investigation goes on and on, on will it ever end for NOM..I hope not.. The President gives Lip service on DADT..

Todays Sunset


Photographers protest UK terror law

Photographby Oil Scarff/Getty Images

STORY HIGHLIGHTS Photographers say they have been unduly targeted by portion of actSection 44 of Terrorism Act 2000 allows police to stop and search without suspicionCourt ruled that stop-and-search powers were breach of human rightsBritish government is appealing decision
More than two thousand photographersdescended upon London’s Trafalgar Square this weekend to protest section 44 of the Terrorism Act 2000, which was ruled unlawful by the European Court of Human Rights earlier this month.
As was predicted, UK police were on their best behavior during the protest as participants were able to photograph the square and themselves without incident. However, despite photographers having just one day free from harassment and the European Court of Human Rights’ ruling, Chief Constable Craig Mackey of the Association of Chief Police Officers said officers would continue to use stop and search powers while the court’s decision was appealed.
Be it here, in Amer…

Who is Adam Lambert trying to be in this

just who is trying to be
no he wants to be
jeff stryker.

Wow, talking about channeling someone.. next stop, Porn!!!!where he will be no doubt the bottom

Someone theHuffington Post need glasses..

Ok, first off I know I make spelling and grammar mistakes.. However I never misspelling a person name while looking at it on their Photos

Ok notice the black box with Adams Bouska name spelled wrong, then look at the photo that has his name clearly on it.. I know some time c can be a k, and some time k can be c, but come on, his name is right there... I guess they forgot to spell check be posting....

Adam Bouska can do wonders in Photoshop

Cindy Lou Hensley McCain (born May 20, 1954) is an American businesswoman, and philanthropist, and the wife of United States Senator and 2000 and 2008 presidential candidate John McCain of Arizona.

Cindy McCain, the wife of 2008 Republican presidential nominee John McCain, has posed for an ad endorsing pro-gay marriage forces in California.

this photo was taken 2008, you can see facial lines and loose skins

now for Ms Cain NOo8 photo

either she had a great face lift or Adam and his crew is wizs at Photoshop... thinner face, no lines baby powder perfect.... for a 56 year old who looks like she in her 30's... some type of work had to be done... and she has the money for the best....

Something I found online..

Over at Joe McNally's Blog he has this picture on it. Also it should be noted he has a very good story that goes with.. However I have a difference take on this one..
There is nothing wrong with the Picture at all. Its a great shot..

How my take.. Yes these steps are made of some type class. I'm sure it all safe if not it would not be there. However I would never trust these type of steps.. also it should be noted that these are frosted glass,

Whats i want to know is now much pressure and force can these Steps take??

This is what happens when someones plays around with your camera

Yesterday I want to take a few shots of my great nephew playing in his ball pit, It would have seem that one of my nieces was messing around with my camera with out me knowing it.

The day before I was photographing outdoors and was trying out new setting and a new filter. After my shoot, I removed the filter and return my setting on my camera back to auto.

So when I took the shot, I notice that the timing was off, then I look at the picture, then I look at my setting to find out that the setting was move to low lighting setting. which I never use.

However I learn or should I say I relearned a important lesson, to check your setting before you photograph your subject. Like those lessons you learn in your first of Photography school or workshop.

A Photographer is never without his/her cameraA photographer also has extra film and batteries on handHowever in today's (The digital age) it means that you make sure you have enough space on your media card and or extra cards, and that your bat…

WBC-God hates Haiti,,, What is with these nutters...

Where is “God Hates Haiti?

Where is your message? You do not even have it up on God hates the World. Apparently GOD is very angry- and Haiti is fag infested and paying for their sins. Have you seen the Haitian’s? They are very very gay.

7.0 earthquake and you have not covered it? Please do it!


First off I'm shock to see they have supporters out there on their side beside their own sick blood pool..

Yet these self proclaim speakers of Gods couldn't even make to Haiti for this photo op. So what did they do, they Photoshoped their' Haiti photos, which I think they have been doing a lot of lately.

Q-note "hrc damned both ways"

Matt over at Q-notes has a great little piece on HRC Gala that will be held in Raleigh this year.

It seems HRC is always the recipient of some sort of criticism. It’s natural, really. Being such a big target leaves plenty of room for folks with darts. And you can always expect anti-HRC sentiment or other criticisms to be taken up a notch with their national or local fundraising dinners roll around.

What the critics often fail to recognize is all the hard work and dedication put into organizing local and state dinners by community members who really are making a difference at home. Dinner and state HRC steering committee members are involved in a plethora of other organizations and contribute to good and effective local and state groups.
 Well to be fair, he is correct, those whom plan, make the calls, and set up the gala are the true heros of this event, however the criticism that HRC has received in the past is truely deserved. Last year, HRC gala in Charlotte was protest by members of…

Current Events 1.17.10

Rosie add her 2 cent in the late night mess,
The first even Gay China pageant shut down by the Police
South Beach Fl, nolonger gay-friendly, what happen?
Another non-bio mother fights for her child
The ex of the ex NJ governor is against gay marriage, wow really!
Two are charge in hate crime in New York
Gay marriage opponents denied referendum in DC, you go Judge

Cross post, Newlgbt blog

Eastern Rising continues to Rise..

A small group met today at the local teahouse social hangout called the Tipsy Teapot in Greenville, NC. These individuals met to discuss the need of a LGBT Community Center and starting a local pride event. Although the group was small, many great ideals came forth.

The main issue was what type of community center it would be. Would it be an Advocacy center, an educational center, or a social event center?

It was decided that it wouldn’t be a full out state Advocacy center, since we had a great Statewide Advocate group already in place. Equality NC is one of our greatest Organizations in our community. The work and progress they have made over the years are untouchable by any group.

This Center would be a combination of an Educational, and local advocacy center. Focusing on the needs of the local community first. While providing educational outreach and other services that are needed on the local level.

The Center will provide a local voice for t…

Self-centered couple makes a splash

From the Towleroad,

Black gay couple walk out of Mount Calvary Holy Church during anti-gay sermon: "Mack and Garrett, 32, contacted DC Agenda about their decision to walk out on Owens’ sermon and are believed to be the first gays to publicly disclose their departure from a church that activists say has a large number of closeted gay members, mostly black."

yet they knew about the this church before hand,

Mack and Garrett said they were aware of reports that Owens had previously made anti-gay remarks during his sermons at Greater Mount Calvary, which boasts a membership of more than 6,000 people. But the two noted they were attracted to the church’s charismatic, highly animated services, which include performances by several different choirs
 So I guess they shouldn't ready be that shock then should they..

Phobia, racism, hate, What the F'k

Something to think about , if the following photo was on a white person blog with the follwoing headline how fast would the african-americans be calling for its removal?

A Black Gay's Guide on how to deal with the white community for Dummies.

So if it is wrong for white to be racist and then why do we give the African Americans a free pass.

If a man did this to a woman would get the same sentence

CHILTON, WISCONSIN – Two Wisconsin women accused of seeking revenge on a cheating lover by gluing his penis to his stomach have reached plea deals.`
Forty-eight-year-old Therese Ziemann, of Menasha, was accused of doing the actual gluing. She pleaded no contest Monday to reduced charges of disorderly conduct and misdemeanor battery.
Her sister, 43-year-old Michelle Belliveau, of Neenah, pleaded no contest to disorderly conduct.
District attorney Ken Kratz agreed not to seek jail time for either one.
The women allegedly lured the 37-year-old Fond du Lac man to a motel and tied him to a bed in July.
A third defendant pleaded not guilty last month to false imprisonment. A false-imprisonment charge against the man’s wife was dropped earlier.
from The Associated Press

So, If a man lured a woman to hotel and glued some her of body parts together, I can bet you he would haven't that sentence at all, instead he would be facing years in prison, kidnapping, false imprisonment, assault and m…

Britain war of Photography under section 44

read what section 44 is here. more on the problem here, story here, even here is more

What I don't understand is why they acting like everyone with a camera or video camera is a damn terrorist or working for one. Hell even the press is harass under this law, the Queen is trying to use it to stop the paparazzi to stop photographing her fmaily when there are doing un-royal like things in public...

Yet they enact these laws in 2000, not in the 70's or 80's when the IRA was bombing the hell out of them. It would made sense to enact these laws back then, may be then many of the bombs that place around the city would be found before the went off.. They wait till 200 to enact this law, and many others...

They enact this law a year before 9/11, I would have to wonder what did they know and when did they know it.

As we know what ever happens in the queen's land finds it way over here in a few years it has been 10 years since they enact their laws, 9 years since we enacted our…

Currents Events 1.10.10

Prop 8 trial starts tomorrow,,, Lets wish them the very best,,,
Hundreds are protesting Manchester Grant Hyatt for their role in Prop8
Lesbian lawmaker carries baby for two gay guys, how nice of her...
Cougargate is really taking on a life of it own, first the son and now the daddy.
Tiger Wood, just might be outed as bi or just a complete sex freak
NOM doesn't plan to win Prop 8 case

Question of the Day?

Today's Question concern Pam's House Blend blogger Pam, herself.

I'm many already know who and what Pam's Houseblend is and who Pam is.

I have notice that Pam seem to be more focus on national LGBT rights and activism then those that happen in her own backyard, unless it deals with Durham the city where she lives.

So, why would a national known blogger ignore parts of her own community?? (instate community)

Is her present to help or to raise Money

As Florida’s LGBT activists continue to await a court decision that could eventually negate the state’s gay adoption ban, the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) of Florida has turned up the heat on the debate as it is set to launch a three-year campaign in coalition with a number of national, state and local organizations.

Actress Cynthia Nixon will be among the many activists scheduled to attend the campaign’s official kick-off at the Shore Club in Miami Beach on Saturday. Congresswoman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, state Sen. Nan Rich [D-Sunrise] and state Rep. Mary Brandenburg [D-West Palm Beach] will also be among those in attendance.
 Don't get me wrong, I glad that she is willing to lean her support, but in truth do these actors/actress really help us in the long run or are they just a cash cow item?

Currents Events 1/5/10

Who is hotter, John or Neil?
Strange bedfellows Elton and Eminem
Christian Anti-Defamation Commission Releases Top 10 Instances of Christian-Bashing in 2009
Sally Kern is back in the news, 
Ex-gay Lesbian mother is on the run with daughter
Better Death than Gays Donating Blood.

Lara please stop smoking whatever you are smoking

From this post
2) Avatar ignores the fact of Evolution. Humans are evolving to be being Transgender, NOT heterosexual,

Ok let me see if I have this sick shit straight..

In the future men will be running to doctors to have their penis cuts off and turn into a fake vagina, and getting breast in plants, while women will be having their breast cut-off and having their vagina turn into a penis. so please tell how we are to reproduce please Lara...

So I guess our future will have sex change swap shops, "I will you mine for yours" "nice tits do you want my dick"

The most stupidest protest ever...

I want to thank everyone again who took part in the 12/18 protest against Avatar.  You made a difference and I thank for your continued interest and support.   Just so you know, there WILL BE more protests on March 7, 2010 if Avatar is nominated for any Oscar awards.   The details are being worked out to coordinate an effective campaign that will result with the progressive change that we seek.   I will keep you updated on the 3/7/10 protest plans.  In the meantime, please feel free to share your ideas and thoughts on what effective means of protest against the Oscars can be used.

Yes this Person, whom i used the term loosely , is completely off her rocker or she is doing why to many shrooms

However this reply I completely agree with,, And you wonder why they said Trans are sick..

Anonymous said... Ok you are attacking a great movie with major breakthroughs in movie making and film technology just because it has a hetrosexual love interest and because you think the future is transgend…

SNT: Big brother on your boats.... WTF

Fishermen are being coerced into carrying CCTV on their boatsCourtesy of new EU rules, British fishermen are being bullied into having CCTV on their boats.  They will be permitted to take fewer catches if they don't.  It's to save the fish stocks, they say.  The cameras are to monitor stocks, and also to spot fishermen illegally dumping fish.
So the environmental movement is driving the furtherance of our surveillance society.  That's the first time I've made that connection and put it directly - I doubt that it will be the last.
By Alex Deane

The Queen is got her knicker in a bunch

The Queen is have a hissy fit over people taking photographs of her and her sorry family. She wants a complete lock-down on those pesty paparazzi using the zoom lens to catch all the bad stuff her family is doing..

By Carlos Miller
The crackdown against photographers in the United Kingdom reached royal levels last week when police confiscated dozen of cameras from people trying to photograph the queen and her family as they walked down a public street.
It was the first time in decades this occurred.
Norfolk police later admitted it was a misunderstanding, claiming the royal family had nothing to do with the confiscation of cameras.

this is from the Mail Online,
For decades, supporters of the royals have turned out to greet them as they go about their duties.
But those hoping for a memento of the Queen and her family yesterday were stunned after police seized their cameras.
It is the first time that visitors watching the Queen, Prince Charles and Princes William and Harry make their …

A look back, will this happen in 2010?

March the 3rd of 2009, the local anti-gay marriage group NC4Marriage held a rally in Raleigh, NC My partner and I attend this event. I search the web, local lgbt blogs and local lgbt org's site to see if a counter protest was going to be held. I found nothing, I sent emails, those whom reply simply said that a counter protest would do nothing for our cause. Yet we held supportive protest for those events in CA and other Major cities, Yet they didn't one a protest for anti-gay actions being held in our own State. Why is that? It was suggest just to attend the NC Equality Day of Action at the Capital instead. Which many of these same bigots also attended.

Once we arrive there was a small group holding a protest. Why my partner stay with them I walk among those who would deny us many rights that we should have. I took over 500 pictures of the group. I was only ask to leave after photographing a group of young ladies who was display some very questionable actions.

I when back to t…

SNT: is there anything REAL in our Sports today

In the world of bodybuilding is a dark bronze tan really a necessary, Today even the tans on these guys and most holiday actors/actresses are fake, 

just where can i get a roll on tan???????????????