Thursday, November 12, 2009

Purdue Students Protest Librarian’s Anti-Gay Blog Post

From Big Gay News

Some Purdue University students have called for a faculty member to be fired after he posted comments online urging discussion on what he called the economic cost to society of homosexuality. Purdue officials said they would not discipline Bert Chapman, who is the university’s government information and political science librarian and does not have a classroom teaching assignment.
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No free speech against the gays, if you do we will act like a bunch of whining ass fucking babies and demand that you get fired, because you are being mean to us..

Yet the community is railroading free speech in the fucking ground, now step in Hate crime laws to protect us.

his comment
Chapman wrote last month on the Web site that money spent on AIDS would be better used for other health initiatives, such as cancer or heart disease research, and that the current health care debate needed to address "an economic case against homosexuality."
The student newspaper has published several letters urging the university to fire him. Chapman said he was surprised at the backlash.

"It is sad we live in a time when truly free and open debate on controversial issues is characterized by such virulence," he said. "If gay rights opponents advocate removing First Amendment rights of gay rights proponents, there would be justifiable outrage over attempts to abridge their constitutional rights."

Purdue history professor Yvonne Pitts, who is a lesbian, said she totally disagreed with everything Chapman wrote, but that if the university disciplined him for his views it could chill others in the academic community.

"I would be disturbed if he lost his job because I would fear that my job could be in jeopardy for my activism," she said. "It is really good for students to be having this debate. But you can't call for his job."

University spokeswoman Jeanne Norberg said Chapman acted within university policy by including a disclaimer on his blog that his viewpoints do not necessarily reflect those of the institution. 


See Don't piss off the dykes, they will try to get you fired.. I see we have learn alot from the anti-gay folks, since we are now acting liking them..


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