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Nice Work Pam, are we on our ........ this week

Ok if the clothes we wear make us gay, then I guess the same could be said about all those young African America guys being thugs and drug dealers simply by the way they dress.. 
Pam this completely wrong, today you prove you our bias. 
Lets look at the comments on this story from PHB Readers
*[new] Sister should have gone with the little black dress would have been more tasteful and caused less speculation.
by: Smartypants @ Sat Jun 12, 2010 at 10:44:45 AM EDT [ Reply ]

Shooting Himself In The Foot
I don't know wh…

The Nerve to lie

For months now I had and have problem with my ISP (wildblue) after months of being piss off i have start to voice my opinion on twitter about my problems with WildBlue Satellite service. i got a message thru email and twitter from this person Noel who claim to work in the main offices of WB.. who claim that they don't use ATT worldnet for their isp,, So please see the pic below

if they don't use ATT then please explain this

This and That News from the web

British Columbia couple shut down B&B rather than have to serve gays. They are and were in their own rights
UK married policeman had secret gay sex life, used police computers to look up information on his conquests...WOW even Gay cops can't follow the law..
Iceland's parliament passed a marriage equality law today with no resistance: What, great news this is.
Obama is apparently siding with the International Whaling Commission and wants to lift a 24-year ban on commercial whaling: So Obama how much money did they promise you...under the table
Which Gay Celeb Will Fake His Way Through an Engagement for the Publicity?

What our community doesn't need

If the only way this company can sell it's ugly sun glasses then they need to crash and burn..
This ad make us out to sex addicts. That every thing we do must include a cock.


Sir Vaughn Releases “Gay Sex Sells” 2010 Ad Campaign.

[NYC, New York, June 7th, 2010] – Sir Vaughn, ( an online store dedicated to selling custom made sunglasses, and accessories, has released an ad campaign directed toward its target market: Gay men ages 18-35.

About the Ad Campaign: The “Gay Sex Sells” 2010 Ad Campaign features one man, performing oral sex on another man, while wearing “Rockstar Warrior” Sunglasses from the Summer 2010 Sir Vaughn Collection. “The idea behind the campaign is to remind the viewer that although they, and their partner may look attractive to one another naked, and during sex; they’d look much better with Sir Vaughn sunglasses on”, said Fashion Photographer Giana Evolee, who shot the Ad Campaign. Genitals were tastefully blurred out so …

What is Worst getting something wrong or ignoring a large group of your community

The twitter post has a point that is valid but the tweeter didn't name the paper I would have to wonder why?
yet nc very own LGBT paper does ignore a large part of the LGBT community, those that live in rural area where the LGBT community have small numbers.

it had been discuss that one can't report on the community if the community don't speak up, true. but when the paper does stories that effects the LGBT as a whole or in part, ie, foreclosures and housing market, vacations and other items, they seem only to talk about those that live in Charlotte, Asheville, Greensboro, Durham/Chapel Hill, and Raleigh and almost for got Wilmington.

Just when did the Eastern NC LGBT community become the unwanted child of the NC LGBT community

To this day I still haven't receive a good answer why..

Big Deal

Mitchell Gold at the white big deal, do i really need to read about all over the dame place

Some Restriction may apply

After reading a few blogs and events that are listed on Facebook I claim to report that today gay community of activist training are in good hands of discrimination. either age, or location. it seem our future are solely in the hands of those whom rather party then do anything right out.

So to be apart of today's LGBT activist community you must be young and must live in certain areas to take part.. But age discriminiation is on the rise in our community... if we don't have it bad enough now we face agism with in our community. But I'm not shock, just find it funny that for a community whom face so much discrimination that we are now discriminating among ourselves...


We do more damage to our community then any other person, Helms, Robertson, and so... we are our own worst enemy

Cops busted for fake dui cases

Yet I thought cops were to be so honest and good, what a bunch of shit

Link to story link to Injustice news on twitter