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GayINC Cry Babies win case in Kentucky over fucking T-Shirts that they got for free from another company

Stolen From JOE MY GOD, Earlier this year anti-gay groups raised a stink when a Kentucky gay pride group filed a complaint because their t-shirt order had been refused by a local printing company. Get ready for more screaming. The Lexington-Fayette Urban County Human Rights Commission has sided with the Gay and Lesbian Services Organization in its discrimination complaint against T-shirt printer Hands On Originals, setting up a potential public hearing between the groups.In a document released by both the GLSO and Hands On Originals, the commission found the company violated the city's fairness ordinance, part of which prohibits businesses open to the public from discriminating against people based on sexual orientation. The commission also noted the company should stop "discriminating because of sexual orientation."The GSLO ended up getting their shirts for free from a Cincinnati company. Both sides will now appear at a hearing at which compensatory (but not punitive) …

One Reason why they (str*) hate us,

we have to put Gay into everything..’

Qnotes Poll: Would you read a Qnotes App?? even if you have to Paid???

Yes the folks over at Qnotes are brain storming on new ways to get Qnotes out the masses.. I really don’t know why since here lately Qnotes is only about Charlotte NC with a bit here and there of other parts of NC and national news.. They want to know if you would us a app for your Ipad, Iphone, Ipod, droid and tablet and if you are willing to pay a small nominal fee, per issue or as a in app subscription, wait a minute, who else has a  paid subscription thing for their blog. That right Bill over that the Bilerico Project. Why paid when you can on those very items read it all for free online.. Hell Qnotes once allow folks to download a copy of the paper via PDF download, then they stop that, and now are using ISSUU, which you can view online but can’t download. They claim it was so they could better track their readers, bullshit.. see this, Click here to vote in our poll question on Facebook and let us know your thoughts! O by the way its on Facebook,, here a screen shot of the questi…

Please, Morgan Freeman's marriage equality message

Human Rights Campaign