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Very Close Called for a Photographer..


Photographer Warning Codes

Photo via Boywithgrenade,

This just In, Breaking News From Durham

It would seem that Durham Very Own national Blogger has found the time to actually attend a marriage in Raleigh, She won’t just be attending, she will also be speaking. NC Getequal is get desperate for speakers. a Side note, I would like to know why EqualityNC turn them down when they were ask to speak at this event????this from Angel Chandler of GetEqual NC, Rep. Susan Fisher sent a message of regret that she won't be able to make the rally as planned to be our opening speaker, but she will send a message of support we will read at the rally.
Pam Spaulding of Pam's Houseblend, a major LGBT blog based in North Carolina, will be attending and speaking!
Jim Neal, 2008 openly gay US Senate candidate from North Carolina will be speaking!
Someone will be recording the event so we will be able to upload it on YouTube so bring your best posters :)
There are rumors of counter protests, which is to be expected. Lets be civil, calm, and courageous. And let's…

Qnotes Shame,, if it not Charlotte it’s a waste of our time….

AS many know there was Marriage Rally in Raleigh on the 17th of May, were Return American Buses many if not all their supporters in. They were met by a small counter-protest group once again. Just like in 2007, 2009, and this year. Still our leaders don’t want us to protest these bigots, but we did it anyway.

In this piece by Qnotes, this is how important these protester were to Qnotes, only a paragraph, and link and nothing more then that..

See this screen shot of the post.

I guess if the video didn’t exist Qnotes would never ever mention there was a counter protest. However I’m sure if this happen in Charlotte, Greensboro, or Winston Salem they would have gotten full court press coverage,with pictures and comments and reactions from those that were there.

Hell even some of the staff would have been present..

see this post for slideshow of the protest.

A local group has set up are very own Marriage Equality Rally, see this post.

Teen Suicide on the Shore, School Superintend Responds

At this Time its unknown what type of bullying was involve. If the student was bullied because he might be gay, I can say that on the Shore there is no support system for LGBT KIDS at all. NO lgbt groups at all exist on the Shore of VA to my knowledge.. Even to this day the Shore is still very Homophobic..

There is an Obit for a teen in this paper as well, since I’m not sure if he is the one I will not post it… Here is the link to the post pdf file if its paper.. teen suicide on page 7 the might be Obit is on page 10. The cause of Death is not publish..

Via The Eastern Shore Post of Virginia

By Dr. Richard J. Bow master Superintendent of Northampton County Public Schools

This week, one of our high school students committed suicide. It is never easy to accept death, and even more difficult when it is a child or adolescent. Often we want to blame someone or something for the suicide. It is our human nature to want an answer to help us cope with such a tragic event.

During the week, I hav…


Rally in Raleigh Against SB106! Thursday, June 2, 12:00 – 2:00 PM Grounds of the North Carolina General Assembly 16 W. Jones Street Raleigh, NC - Unite to fight SB106 (the North Carolina anti-gay super-DOMA)!   The proposed legislation would not only put an anti-gay marriage amendment on the 2012 ballot, it would also prevent private businesses and municipalities in NC from offering domestic partnership insurance benefits and make null and void Domestic Partnership Registries in the three cities in NC that offer them (Chapel Hill, Asheville and Carrboro); basically, it would end all relationship recognition outside of heterosexual marriage.
You’ve heard the saying “If you are not outraged you’re not paying attention”.  Outrage is easy, action is hard.  Are you willing to take action?  You’ve sent in postcards, signed petitions, sent emails to your representatives, now it is time to join together, united, and make a stand.  Will you stand with us to let our North Carolina lawmakers know that …

Do you see the problem

When the Local Bigot groups (NC anti-gay folks) comes to town (well buses in from all over NC), this is what the community look like at a counter protest of these bigots, in 2009, and 2011

However when NOM come to town this is the community at the counter protest.

Now the one where the community all come out for NOM, members for Equality NC showed, even our local national Blogger Pam make it there.. Yet they come find the time when the local bigots come to town to join in the protest..

but wait,

Here is the community coming to rally to support two lesbians who were ask to leave Cameron Village because the security guard didn’t like them kissing on the sidewalk.

The Marriage Rally in Raleigh, NC

Tueday’s morning of the 17th was a very interesting day in Raleigh, NC to say the least. You see, a group called Return America, and others, held a Marriage Rally on the greens of the Halifax Mall. They did this in 2007, 2009, and again this year. Each year another anti-gay group takes the reigns, this year was no different. They blame activist judges for giving Gays civil rights and making new laws from the bench, yet they forget that these judges also help minorities as well, in the past and in the present.

I attended the Rally in 2009 that was hosted by NC4Marriage, as well as this one. I was there as a photographer and a supporter for my LGBT community. At each of these events there was a small counter-protest, which was neither approved nor even acknowledged by our local LGBT Community leaders or local Equality groups. Hell not even our local nationally known blogger could even be bothered attending much less assemble any sort of community support.

See slideshow of each year.


State Capital Police try to intimidate peaceful LGBTQ protestors at anti-LGBTQ rally


Rally in Raleigh date change

After reviewing the date and time of the rally we decided to change it to Thursday, June 2nd from 3:00 pm - 5:00 pm. The legislature is out on Fridays and we felt it important to hold the rally when our representatives are present.

Please pass the information along and help get the word out.

Several anti-equality, "pro-marriage" groups gathered in Raleigh this week for a rally of their own. They had several thousand people show up to demand passage of SB106. It is our time to gather in unison for equality.

You've heard the saying "If you are not outraged you're not paying attention". Outrage is easy, action is hard. Are you willing to take action? You've sent in postcards, signed petitions, sent emails to your representatives, now it is time to join together, united, and make a stand. Will you stand with us to let our North Carolina lawmakers know that we refuse to be even further alienated from and discriminated by our government? We are a…

Slideshow the counter-protesters


The Few and Proud (the counter rally)

In total it was over 30 local LGBT members who showed up to counter protest the bigots. Lets hear it for these brave Equality Supporters.

Equality NC at the Anti-marriage Rally

I didn't even notice Ian and the Rest of the EQuality Group when I took this shot.

Marriage Equality Supporters behind enemies lines


The Christian Double Standard

When we take our kids to our rally, they call it indoctrination, yet when they bring their kids its call a family outing.. or family Support.

Marriage Equality supporters harass at Rally


BAM BAM LaBarbera In NC for Marriage Rally


One Marriage Bigot who can't spell

Let make sure you spell check before making your signs.. for a Marriage Protest...

Counter Protest Call for

Let's turn it out and show them there's more than bigotry in NC!
~See you in the streets,eddy

What: *URGENT!*-*Counter Protest of "Return America"s Anti Gay Rally
When: Tuesday, May 17, 2011 10:00 AMWhere: Halifax Mall
16 W. Jones St., Raleigh, NC, 27601
Raleigh, NC 27601Why: Return America and the North Carolina Family Poliocy Council, two religiously based anti gay groups, will be rallying for the proposed constitutional amendment to ban same sex marriage in NC. Come out to counter protest.Return America and the North Carolina Family Policy Council will be rallying in support of the proposed constituional amendment SB106 to ban same sex marriages in NC. Please show your support for equality by counterprotesting. From Return Americas website:"Return America is urging pastors to bring their congregations, schools to bring their students, and citizens to bring as many family members and friends as possible to Raleigh for the 'Marriage Amendment Rall…

Dream Act

For Immediate ReleaseSenators Reintroduce the DREAM ActMay 11, 2011Washington, D.C. - Today,
Senators Richard Durbin, Harry Reid, and Robert Menendez re-introduced the Development, Relief, and Education for Alien Minors (DREAM) Act. Last fall, the DREAM Act passed the House of Representatives, and garnered the support of a majority in the Senate, but was ultimately defeated when the Senate failed to invoke cloture and proceed to debate. The sponsors of the DREAM Act hope to build on last year's momentum and continue to highlight the importance of fully utilizing the talent and potential of thousands of young people who are Americans in every way but their birth certificates.First introduced in 2001, the DREAM Act would address the plight of young immigrants who have been raised in the U.S. and managed to succeed despite the challenges of being brought here without proper documentation. The proposal would offer a path to legal status to those who have graduated from high school, st…

Anti-gay groups plan marriage rally

Matt over at Qnotes has posted a story on the up and coming bigot marriage rally, that is set to take place the 17 of May of 2011.

Return America, a Wallburg, N.C.-based group headed by Dr. Ron Beaty of Davidson County’s Berean Baptist Church, is planning the event. It will be held on Hallifax Mall at the North Carolina Legislative Building on May 17. Attorney and Christian Law Association founder David Gibbs, Jr. is scheduled to speak at the rally.

The Davidson County religious advocacy group will be encouraging congregations across the state to attend.

“We are also asking every individual who believes in traditional Biblical marriage to make May 17th a priority day,” Return America states on its website. “The future of our children and grand children may be determined by the outcome of this Rally.”
The North Carolina Family Policy Council, a state affiliate of the Washington, D.C.-based Family Research Center, is also promoting the event.
Yes this is their first time here. They were…

Tonight's Tweets Bitch Session

After reading this tweet,

I tweet the following,

Which Pam Reply with this

Ok then I tweet back this

and Pam tweet back

So its OK for us to Rally to show support for CA, when Prop8 happen, It was OK for us to rally against NOM when they came to town. Yet, We can't rally against a bunch of local bigots from our own state. Our Local LGBT leaders and Community Activists only want us to visit our state Rep in Raleigh, and talk what this anti-marriage bill would do to us.

Where the GOP is in power and trying hardness to return us back the fifties.

I want to know why we can’t have a Marriage Equality Rally, or a Rally to protest this Anti-marriage bill??

Yes we should speak with our elected officials in Raleigh, but if your elected  official is one of the many co-signer of this bill, what good will it do.

Equality NC whom have been leading this fight for the last 7 or 8 years now, is doing a post card campaign which I hope will do a lot of good. If we can gather 30, 000 thousand signat…

Color me NOT Surprise at all

NC4Marriage will be back in Raleigh this 17th, the question will there be a large counter Protest....

Racist Tricks of Extreme Ultra-Conservative Republican Tea Party

Immediate Release5 May 2011Contact:  Rev. Dr. William J. Barber, II, President, 919-394-8137                Mrs. Amina J. Turner, Executive Director, 919-682-4700                Atty.  Al McSurely, Communications Chair, lawyers@mcsurely.comRE-SEGREGATE THE BLACK VOTERacist Tricks of Extreme Ultra-Conservative Republican Tea Party Politicians Exposed"The extreme right-wing, ultra-conservative tea party that has apparently captured the North Carolina Republican Party has gotten so cocky, it now brags in public about its plans to use tactics rooted in racism and political segregation in order to gain and control political power," said Rev. Dr. William J. Barber, II, President of the NC NAACP. Rep. Patrick McHenry (R-N.C.), recently bragged to the Washington media:"It's politically probable that there will be a new minority influence district.  Republicans should pick up three seats under any fair and legal [redistricting] map. That is huge. No other state in the nation…

QList, Best of LGBT Carolina "Eastern NC"not included,

Qnotes's third annual QList, Best of LGBT Carolina — Readers’ Pick for the best of LGBT Carolina’s nightlife, dining, retail, community and more!

That Right Qnotes has intentionally has left Eastern NC out, more to the point, Greenville, NC. Greenville has all the following for the Local Ballot section Yet as you can see the local Ballot is for Charlotte, Raleigh/Triangle,and the Triad (Greensboro area).

Proving once again that the Owner of Qnotes and the Editor truly do believe we are a waste of time and resources..

Email about my opinion of Qnotes

Recently in my other and main email account, beside my sickntired one I receive an email from a now deleted account on yahoo from a person defending Qnotes and Matt. Over my opinion that Eastern NC doesn't matter to those whom work at Qnotes.Sent this email account is close now I first thought it might be Matt or someone else from Qnotes defending themselves on this matter. I had a friend to a trace for me, by providing him the header info from the email. He told me that email was from yahoo, and that it came from the DC metro area. That it was also from a public wifi service.

For those few whom have read my opinion about Qnotes already know what I'm talking about. Those, whom don't let me tell you what it is all about.North Carolina LGBT community back in the 90's had three LGBT papers, two being Qnotes, and the FrontPage, for some reason I can't remember the third to save my life. Then in 2000 Qnotes and FrontPage merged. Since the merge I personally fell that Qn…