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The Best TV Shows with LGBT Characters: Shameless promotes, underage sex, pedophilia

Shameless (Showtime)
Gay son Ian (Cameron Monaghan) and grandma Nana (Chloe Webb) are part of the Gallagher clan around which this family dramedy is set. There are four supporting gay or bi characters, including one played by Persian-American actor Pej Vahdat and two black lesbians (portrayed by Carlease Burke and Miss Doty).Yes this is a great show, where Ian a underage boy slut himself around town having sex.. Where his boss, and older man has sex with him, better where Ian tops his boss.. Which would land any man in jail for 10 to life, for having sex with an underage person..This is where the fundie get that we want young boys to have sex with, to recruit them. Yet HBO and Advocate and other groups praise them. I’m so glad that the fundies are making up this stuff.. Shameless promotes, underage sex, pedophilia, grand theft, child abandonment, drug use, check fraud, underage drinking, credit card fraud, possible incest, kidnapping, breaking and entering and the list goes on.Y…

Qnotes: Failure

Early December Tariq Taylor went to Food lion in Wendell where his partner worked and open fired on the his partner and a few customer.WENDELL, N.C.Police have identified the man who they said opened fire in a Food Lion and shot three people.Investigators said Tariq Taylor was trying to shoot his boyfriend in Wendell Wednesday night but that he also shot two other Food Lion employees.Witnesses said one person was shot in the back and is in critical condition.However this story wasn’t important enough, here are some reason why Qnotes ignore this story,It didn’t happen in Charlotteit didn’t happen in a Gay Barit wasn’t a str8 on gay  hate crimeSo I have to wonder why this wasn’t even mention a blog post on Qnotes.Here are all the posts written by Qnotes staff on the Bar Stabbing,Community gathers after Uptown bar reopensHartigan's Irish Pub was scene of fatal stabbing on Sundayby Matt Comer | Editor |
December 8, 2011
Woman charged in bar stabbing deathUpd…

Thanks to Gay Inc. and others a simple act of Vandalism is now a hate crime..

Via Gay INC Mag The Advocate, The display at Claremont United Methodist Church, located in a college town east of Los Angeles, featured silhouettes of three couples holding hands: one male couple, one female couple, and one male-female couple. Someone knocked over the figures of the gay couples sometime early Christmas morning, TV station KTLA reports.The vandalism is classified as a hate crime “because of the content of the artwork that was damaged and the fact that it was on a place of worship or at a church,” Claremont police lieutenant Mike Ciszek told the station.OMFG, what will be next, a simple case of Vandalism where one might get a few month of probation and will get 5 years, All thanks to the Gay Inc. and other sorry ass Gay and Lesbians.So Gay Inc what can we expect from your sorry ass network in 2012???Pic credit: Courtesy Claremont United Methodist Church

Campaign for Southern Equality, is it a NC group or SC group??

If CSE is a NC Group, if so then why are some many of their events in Greenville SC? Yes, a few have happen in their home City of Ashville NC. This is who they are from, their site.AboutMissionBased in the South, the Campaign for Southern Equality (CSE) is a national effort to assert the full humanity and equality of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people in American life and to increase public support for LGBT rights.What We DoCSE is based in Asheville, NC, and will be growing to other Southern communities. Our three-pronged approach involves:coordinated public actions that directly resist discriminatory laws; providing support and crisis response services to LGBT people as they take such action and in times of need; and telling a new story about LGBT lives to the American public, including those who oppose or are conflicted about our rights. Starting in June 2011, we’ll be hosting monthly Family Dinners in the Asheville area that bring together LGBT folks and allies of…

Thanks for giving them other reason; you, Jurassic circuit ancient party queen.

Back in the Day one of widely know Gay man, made this statement, “I hear to recruit you”. Now that statement is used us almost everyday.. Thanks to Joe out anti-gay counterparts will now some who refer to us as Gay Snipers, who is willing to kill to get what we want.. Thanks a lot Joe, who thinks he a fucking god….

What’s up with that,

the editor, once again proves that if you don’t actually live in Raleigh, and most importantly in Charlotte they simply don’t have the time to care about you/community.. They cover the stabbing of a lesbian in Charlotte bar but couldn’t waste time, ink or cyberspace on the Shooting of a gay food lion employee in Wendell, NC. Yes, a Gay man partner shot him a another, could been a domestic issue, but Qnotes couldn’t be bother at all.. So you only matter to Qnotes if you live in Charlotte and if you are a lesbian. I wrote a small piece, yes the writing wasn’t that great, but at least I did write about, Qnotes could be bother, unless it is in the up coming edition.. we will have to wait and see.

The Word Pansies have pissed off one of the many fly by night Volunteer of Equality NC..

The billboard, which boasts an off-the-mark (no pun intended) joke reading "Pansies Converted Daily," has been erected outside Winston-Salem and is already the target (apologies, again) of community outrage. Writes Kathy Clark of Equality NC: responds: (hard to prove if Kathy works for ENC, since its like a fucking revolving damn door over there. Here today, gone tomorrow.. )"The Pansies Converted Daily billboard is quite possibly the most offensive advertisement I've ever seen. Congratulations. According to, the slang meaning of the word pansy is a) a male homosexual, b) a weak, effeminate, and often cowardly man." Either way, it is derogatory and designed to intimidate a certain population. Your billboard is an example of institutionalized bullying which incites violence towards homosexuals. Or do you actually have pots of pansies that people shoot, thus converting them to rubble? Please clarify your meaning. If I am incorrect in my assumption,…

just for you bill

Internship is a system of on-the-job training for white-collar jobs, similar to an apprenticeship. Interns are usually college or university students, but they can also be high school students or post graduate adults seeking skills for a new career. They may also be as young as middle school or in some cases elementary students. Student internships provide opportunities for students to gain experience in their field, determine if they have an interest in a particular career, create a network of contacts, or gain school credit. Internships provide employers with cheap or free labor for (typically) low-level tasks. Some interns find permanent, paid employment with the companies in which they interned. Their value to the company may be increased by the fact that they need little to no training.An internship may be paid, unpaid or partially paid (in the form of a stipend). Paid internships are most common in the medical, architecture, science, engineering, law, business (especially accoun…

Same Sex Domestic Shooting in Wendell, NC

For reasons unknown as yet, Tariq Taylor went to the Food Lion in Wendell and shot his partner and three others..Police say the shooter, Tariq James Taylor, 21, was aiming for his partner, Jason Jeffery, 20, who worked at the grocery store at 2837 Wendell Blvd. Jeffrey was shot multiple times and was hospitalized in critical condition.This is a major tragedy with in our community and the local community of Wendell. Then Tariq took his own life.. Jeffery called police around noon Wednesday, about six hours before the shooting at the grocery store, and told officers that Taylor had assaulted him and that he was afraid, according to a search warrant. Police advised him to get warrants and a domestic violence protective order. This is why we need equal protection under the law. If this was a straight couple and Jeffery was the female she would have been able to get an emergency order of protection ASAP. However my question is why hasn’t Qnote wrote about this tragedy. I can only guess the…

Its that Time again: 2012 HRC North Carolina Gala

This February the 25th, HRC will host it 17th Annual Convention and Gala in Charlotte, NC. This Year also mark the end of Joe Solmonese piss poor management reign. Over the year the LGBT community has make it clear that if you are anti-gay, we won’t support you and will do everything in our power to close you down. The most notable are Chick-fil a, and the Salvation Army just to name a few. Yet No one is bitching about who is support this gala. Here are a few of current and past sponsors, American Express, Audi of America, Inc, Bank of America, BlueCross BlueShield of North Carolina, Compass Group, Duke Energy, Duke Medicine, Food Lion, IBM, Krispy Kreme, Lowe’s, McKinney, Progress Energy, RBC Bank, Sara Lee Corporation, TIAA-CREF, Time Warner Cable, Wachovia – a Wells Fargo Company and Whole Foods.From the HRC-NC Facebook Page, Join us for the 17th Annual HRC North Carolina Gala & Silent Auction to be held on Saturday, February 25, 2012 at the Charlotte Convention Center. This an…

@ProtectNC: Video, doesn’t included the whole community, Why?

A Video was produce at NCSU, title why I’m voting against Amendment 1,in the May elections.. I have no problem with that. This bill need to be defeated, Period.. see tweet,Most LGBT folks of color will tell you the LGBT rights are LGBT Rich White folks rights, and this Video rams that point across so clearly its not funny.In the Video there is two white males and four or five white females.. I can only guess the day they made this video only white students were left/on campus at the time.. No trans-sexuals, no other races as well. That right, the maker of this video completely left our the Africa-America people. I hate to tell my follow fags and dykes, that we need our Africa-America brothers and sister to defeat this bill. Also it would seem that our fight against this Bill will be fought out of Charlotte, NC and they have pick who will be leading this fight, which I’m sure they will not involve Eastern NC till late April if at all.Video link here