Monday, August 22, 2011

Whatever, I just don't care..

Send those nasty little email, defending Matt and ENC, I don't care. I have the right to my Opinions, just like every one else.

However I see that most of you are using Gay Inc playbook..

Its ok to Attack me through my Partner of 15, while the attacker sleeps his ass around Charlotte.

Its Ok for a Str8 fucker who is running ENC to team up with Matt.. I have to wonder just how well they KNOW each other..

But Please do send me those emails and comments... Unlike the one who got his sorry ass kick out of BS for coming at 14, you made yourself a victim just to get attention at that age.. you use that every since... Give it a fucking rest, its old hat..

Sunday, August 21, 2011

ENC Past Campaigns..

prideimage (2)AmendmentPostcard2011

Ok, not really sure about the first card, but the other are tools that Equality NC used in past Campaigns

  1. Card 1 ????
  2. Card  2 anti-bully, safe schools
  3. Card 3 Anti-gay marriage Amendments…

Lets not forget this campaign that made us look a bunch of fools


Jan 1, 2011 – "Fruitloops" Campaign. After NC Representative Larry Brown sent an email calling LGBT people "queers" and "fruitloops,"

Comment Deny..

to the person who left that very nasty comment defending Matt and Alex..I don’t know where you got you info.. but you are so effing wrong.. But I’m sure you got you false shit from Matt..

I have only this for you..

f_c8d3b9bf71 (2)

Sorry to tell you, but you are Gay…

No matter what you tell yourself… you are gay, cause simply str8 men don’t go on craiglist missed connections and post the following, just to see whats up..

keith..rm piggly wiggly 8-14--11 - m4m_1313965195739

What will the % be in NC


If the anti-gay amendments passes both houses, and when it is voted on in Novemeber what will the % of voters whom voted in favor of this amendment?????

Also recently the new imbecile running ENC on the radio taking about these bills, (hb777&sb106).

It was great that he mention that there has never been any challenge to the NC State that defines what a marriage is.

Do you know why there never been a Challenge to the law here in NC, by any LGBT group, organization, or person.. Simply because the LGBT here in NC really don’t give a shit.. Period. They are pushing this just to piss of the right-wingers and the religious right… Period. Also to make money off the gay community..

They have to make those coins…

Equality NC Blocks me, and 6 of ? Vigils

The Vigils so far.. (updated 8/2/2011 @ 7:04pm) (update 8/21 @ 8:22 pm)(8/24 @ 11:03 am) (9/3/2011)
  1. SANDHILLS ALLIANCE Vigil for Equality (Fay-ville)
  2. UNCW PRIDE Vigil For Equality (Wilmington)
  3. Winston-Salem Vigil for Equality
  4. Greensboro Vigil For Equality
  5. Asheville Vigil for Equality
  6. Charlotte Vigil for Equality
  7. Raleigh Vigil for Equality
  8. Duke and Durham Vigil for Equality
  9. Vigil for Equality Greenville
so that leaves four more, going by there Tweet post.. below.
so that mean, Raleigh, Charlotte, Greensboro, and Ashville. Past experience tell me there won’t be one in Eastern NC at all.. ok, a very slim chance of one.. I hope the folks of Greenville will hold one..
As for as being block, please I can see their posts, and follow them,, I know they still see mentions that I post… Just like Matt of Q-note who has block, he still Trolling my twitter account too… Just like how he trolls the bookstore in Charlotte, if not there then it the parks and rest area..
Fullscreen capture 8212011 73450 AM.bmp

Saturday, August 20, 2011

BITCH Please: Matt Bitching about being Ban,

Matt is piss that he was banned from commenting on Facebook. What go around comes around Bitch...

So how you know how it feel, Just how many have you banned/block from commenting on Qnotes, your blog and webpages..

Also this Issue of Qnotes should have a Warning on it..

this issue should have adult contents warning, since this is free, and in sidewalks boxes, it should be report for wild porn.. graphic male images on Page Ten...
Now Serving Soft Porn... maybe one of our anti-gay folks will filed a complaint against Qnotes, for pushing porn on the streets of Charlotte... Since this is free available to under age kids...

Porn on Page 10, I know they will claim it art, but since it a drawing of a naked man

See the image
page 10 of Qnotes issue Aug 20-Sept 2, 2011 vol 26 no. 08

Just shamefull...

Qnote Q-Guide once again THE East is let out

Proving that Eastern NC is a complete waste of Time, Matt Comer the Editor of Qnote,proves, Their Q-Guide completely leave Eastern NC out… Then it easy when you didn’t even list the East at all..
Eastern NC was left out solely because we are not Charlotte,. (Image used under the Fair use laws)
Greenville,NC has gay frienly business, and night clubs, the area has Aids Services, and a Pflag chapter, Yet Matt just couldn't waste a bit of ink on us, Since we have no monetary Value for Qnotes..Well, what do you expect, they (Qnote staff) don't reach to the East, I guess if would cost them too much to do so... you know since it cost so much these day to send a email, what is the current cost of sending emails is it the same as 1st class mail ?????

I wonder just how much longer this rag will be around.. they might have one to two news peiece that have already been read via Web, before they published all the worked over news pieces,

Qnotes now has porn in it wow, now it just another slut-mag…

Check it out here

THE East gets a small piece in this bi-weekly issue

QN2010_logo_web_greenaeeven if it is a back stabbing fuck you piece you,,,

Friday, August 19, 2011

Equality NC so Called Eastern Dir, needs help… since he doesn’t live in the east at all…

Andrew Porter

Please help! I need possible outdoor locations in Fayetteville to hold a candlelight vigil. Festival Park is out. Please make suggestions!

Just for Equality NC, Qnotes, and Alex Miller

bitchslap1 (2)

Remember this

frontpage_smEastern NC Doesn’t matter to Qnotes nor Equality NC..mattcomer

Matt the Editor of the Q-notes said so.

Eastern NC is a waste of time and money, and yes I’m paraphrasing. They have limit resources and since Eastern NC is as large as Charlotte, Ashville, Greensboro, Durham, Raleigh or Chapel Hill, we are not worthy to be included in theirs newspaper.

However we might for the next two to three issues,, (more on that later), wait they did a few pieces on the first ever Outer Bank Pride fest.. Crumbs at best..

No at Qnotes goes out of their to do stories about the East, hell when the housing market failure, they make a lot of calls to real estate agents in Charlotte and the surrounding area, even Raleigh, but they just could bring themselves to call or email any Agents in the East. I can only guess that their computer crash, and the phones were cut, and their cell were being jammed..

Now Matty, attacks me thru my partner,, just how lame is that. He is to much a fucking coward that he couldn’t attack me directly..

49135_739060029_60629_nYes I went off after I found out that Equality Marriage Rally being held the following Day. Just who ideal was it, to hold it the very following day??

This douchebag, Alex Miller the new intern director which I’m the ENC Group will make give him the full job very soon..

Yes I said I hope that bills 777 and 106 passes and are voted into law.. Why, simple ENC and other group have fail LGBT Community in NC, not one fucking equality group ever try to sue to over turn the state law that states what marriage is and between who.. ENC sat around and did almost nothing for year, except give us galas, days of action, post cards and a stupid ass Fruit loop campaign..

Yes I said that I hope any car pools and buses get double flats  on their way there.. I hope that it will storm like hell..

I also hope that Every anti-gay person shows up too. Yes over all I hope the Rally and Vigils fail..

ENC is only trying to protect those jobs that are there.. ENC is now officially apart of GAY Inc..

(image used under fair use law)

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Double talk/standing of ENC

For a Group that claim they want equality for the LGBT, yet they won't speak at a Marriage Equality Rally. I would have to wonder why. Yet they can go clubbing for equality, why will be all the Pride Rallies for the year. They won't even twitter the event on their there. Its like they don't want us to have this Equality at all. ENC is being coming more like HRC, everyday they are only interested in keeping their jobs.

Children should't be subject to life long medical choices

Very interesting statement, which I'm sure the #transinc community will claim to be Transphobic.. in natural. There is nothing bias ...