Saturday, January 31, 2009

Forum on UNC hate speech held by commission

Seven people who condemned comments proliferated at the tunnel, spoke at the forum saying that they were not in favor of creating a university policy to combat the situation. N.C.’s American Civil Liberties Union Legal Director Katie Parker said that the spray-painted statements were First Amendment free speech protected and would be a way to create censorship. She felt that those who rallied against the negative comments, thus creating a forum for dialogue, demonstrated a better approach to.
Welcome to the new small city of cities and state, your College. That's right now you have a whole new set of laws to go by, many of those laws will take some of your basic freedom away.

Lets there is the "Free Expression Tunnel" at N.C. State University, which allow any student to write what ever they wanted. Well,it would seem that was a lie. Well not exactly as long it not any hateful words. That right your free speech will now be limited to words that don't piss anyone off.

heard from its constituents who were mostly in support of adopting the policy in addition to the development of a University-wide requirement for diversity orientation for all first-time students.

Well will we stop letting them take our rights away. Now you can't say anything that might upset people. Please people get a fucking life and move on. Soon we will have no rights. we can't say this because someone might find it offensive.

Let see you can't tell a female co-worker that she looks great in her new dress, that is now sexual harassment. If you criticize the actions of a few of a race, or apply any stereotype phase, you are now a racist.

It seem that one care if we keep our free speech till its our (mine, yours) free speech under attack. Then we will stop passing new laws that effect our very freedoms that were giving to us by our founding fathers.

One day we will no longer have free speech or any other freedom what we have enjoyed.

Video Saturday

Bette Midler, Goldie Hawn, Diane Keaton - You don't own me
Hocus Pocus - I Put A Spell On You
The Rose - Bette Midler
Beaches - Otto Titsling

Friday, January 30, 2009

My Top I-tunes list

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Finally some truth about our community

Via the blog Style, The Wealth Myth
the common perception of gay men is they're rolling in disposable cash: spending thousands on designer threads, showing off fabulous homes in luxe interior-decor magazines, and toting their Louis Vuitton luggage onto first-class flights to Ibiza. Keeping up with these gay Joneses is no easy feat.

the idea all gay men are wealthy is a myth. My gay friends fill the economic-bracket spectrum

A very good article, it worth a read.

Do We Really need Hate Crimes laws

Do we really need this law? Does this law make us more of a victim?

Hate crimes (also known as bias motivated crimes) occur when a perpetrator targets a victim because of his or her membership in a certain social group, usually defined by racial group, religion, sexual orientation, disability, ethnicity, nationality, age, gender, gender identity, or political affiliation.

Hate crime can take many forms. Incidents may involve physical assault, damage to property, bullying, harassment, verbal abuse or insults, or offensive graffiti or letters.

I firmly believe that all crimes are base in hate, so why do we really need this law, I believe that we don’t. This type of law makes us more of a victim then we really are. By asking for and pushing for a passage of a law of this type we are telling others that we are weak that we need to be protect more than others.

These laws only add in many case five years to a sentence, it tells why a person was attack; however the real crime gets push in the background. All we hear it that a person was a victim of a hate crime, ok but what was the real crime, was the person attack with a knife, were they shot, hit with a blunt object. These are the crimes that really matters, not the motivation behind the attack.

Each of these crimes is covered under current laws already, it is these laws that need to be enforce and apply equally. These laws are the laws that we need to make sure that the local DA apply and enforce equally no matter who the victim is.

Asking for more so-call special laws to protect a class is just wrong.

from wiki,

The U.S. Supreme Court unanimously found that hate crime statutes which criminalize bias-motivated speech or symbolic speech conflict with free speech rights because they isolated certain words based on their content or viewpoint.

Some have argued hate crime laws bring the law into disrepute and further divide society, as groups apply to have their critics silenced. Some have argued that if it is true that all violent crimes are the result of the perpetrator's contempt for the victim, then all crimes are hate crimes. Thus, if there is no alternate rationale for prosecuting some people more harshly for the same crime based on who the victim is, then different defendants are treated unequally under the law, which violates the United States Constitution. To try to isolate motivation in cases such as rape and murder to fit into one of two categories is ridiculous. The victims in either case suffer the same result. To legislate different penalties based upon a changing definition of what constitutes hate criminalizes thought and not actions.

In a free society, one's thoughts and ideas should be protected even if they offend the sensitivities of other groups. It’s when a physical crime is perpetrated, regardless of the motivation, that the same punishment should be enforced.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Question of the Day?

There is something to be said about how one spends their day. Better yet, how one sees the world around them.

I must confess that many things have change over my life span, some for the better and many for the worst.

I remember when AIDS came on the scene, I remember the Regan years in office, along with Bush and then Clinton just as it was yesterday. I also remember almost all of my high school days. I must say that things were much different when I went to School. Sure we had the usual issues that today's student has, with much less guns and knives but the same old tired teachers complaining about everything and not getting paid enough.

Even in my school we had our hierarchical as well. We all know what I'm talking about? There were the Jocks, Cheerleaders, normals, nerds, geeks, freaks, and snobs. For a few us we found ourselves in two classes in school didn't we.

Now days the same class system is still in place but with new class added "gays".

Now I'm not saying there wasn't any in my high school class, trust me there more than a few. Yes many stay in the closet but we did have a couple of guys that were out and proud before out and proud was in.

There was this one guy I remember well, even though he claimed that he wasn't even after being out by his own brother. The only other out gay guy didn't deny it at all, hell he was actually proud to be the only out gay student. We just didn't pay it much mind. I can only guess the reason why because it wasn't discussed at all.

I'm not saying that we didn't have problems at mine High School that need addressing, but that topic never arose at all. So I'm left to wonder if this subject wasn't force upon the staff and students would anti-gay bulling be a problem in today's schools.

So my thought is how different would our school be today if the subject of Homosexuality wasn't discuss. So what are your thoughts on this subject?

Question of the Day?

ensuring fair, accurate and inclusive representation
Now we all know that we act differently in public then we do in our private lives. What I want to know is if a person filmed;  let said 10 gay and lesbian couples and 10 single gay and lesbians for  two years and put together a one hour special showing how we really are in our private lives minus the sex. Showing the good and the bad, how we react to every daily situations, where we are not all fun loving individuals. Where our own bigotry is show? Where our hatred for our fellow lgbt members?  

How do you think Glaad would respond to a show of this? type?

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Someone in the Senate searching the internet "prayers for bobby"

Domain Name ? (U.S. Government)
IP Address 156.33.6.# (U.S. Senate Sergeant at Arms)
ISP U.S. Senate Sergeant at Arms
Continent : North America
Country : United States (Facts)
State : District of Columbia
City : Washington
Lat/Long : 38.9097, -77.0231 (Map)
Distance : 216 miles

Just for the fun of it..

News Reporter Pranked - video powered by Metacafe

Proof that Rent a cops are dumb and don't know the law

to read more click here

The war on cell phone cameras begin

If you live in New York you might want to read this blog post over at

Photography is Not a Crime

By Carlos Miller
The economy is in shambles. The war is costing billions. And the country is adjusting to a new president (thank God).
But what does a New York Congressman want to do?
Outlaw cell phone cameras that don’t make a clicking sound when you press the shutter.
The “Camera Phone Predator Alert Act” was introduced earlier this month by Pete King, a republican who believes too many children have been “exploited by photographs taken in dressing rooms and public places with the use of a camera phone”.
The bill makes no mention as to why children would be in a dressing with an adult stranger in the first place, but it would mean the children would hear a clicking sound when photographed by this stranger.
to read more click here or the title line of this post to read the full story...

Court: Christian school can expel lesbian students

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

RIVERSIDE, Calif. — A California appeals court has ruled that a Christian high school can expel students because of an alleged lesbian relationship.

The 4th District Court of Appeal in Riverside on Monday upheld California Lutheran High School's right as a private, religious organization to exclude students based on sexual orientation.

Two girls sued claiming they were discriminated against after they were expelled from the Wildomar school in 2005. A lower court said the school isn't bound by the same anti-discrimination laws as a business establishment.

John McKay, attorney for California Lutheran, says the school's goal is to educate based on Christian principles.

The attorney for the girls could not be immediately reached Tuesday.

Monday, January 26, 2009

I live here and still miss this one, How?

Pro-life group protests nixing global gag rule

Two days after President Barack Obama lifted a ban on U.S. funding for international health groups that offer counseling on terminating pregnancies, a group of 20 or so Rocky Mount residents stood in silent protest Sunday against abortion and any policy seeming to support the controversial procedure.

Braving temperatures that dipped into the lower 30s, men, women and children stood quietly along Sunset Avenue holding signs that read “Pray for the end of abortion” and “Adoption, the loving option.”

Life Chain, a nationwide movement in which anti-abortion advocates stand holding signs on public sidewalks, is a peaceful attempt to end abortions, Rocky Mount organizer Steve Oskiera said.

“You can call it a protest if you want, but it’s more of a silent prayer,” said Oskiera, who is Catholic. “There are no loud noises, no microphones, no bullhorns. It’s just a peaceful way to let people know what we believe; to help them understand how horrible abortion is and about some of the potential government policies that are being discussed.”

I tell you I live here, and I still miss this one. I would have love to been there and photography these people. I read my local papers and I still miss it. I can only guess that I'm not on the right lists. What to Do What to Do..

What are they hiding??

I wonder why now after you vote you don't get the see result.. However I can tell you that Edson Lopez was in the lead by 252 votes while all other were under 60.. I still the winner have been chosen in advance. One was replaced by other why?

Comment Reply to a Deleted Post

Jude has left a new comment on your post "A Lesbian couple's complaint":

This is why Domestic Partnerships lacks the equalizer that Marriage would give us. This is why we need Marriage, nothing less will give us equal rights. The volunteer woman's spouse should have been able to go into the shopping area earlier without any questions or snotty remarks. This isn't a shopping bitch session, I think it's a real example of wrong doing on the Kids X side. Which they thought so too in the end since they've changed the policy. One little step at a time, even for used clothing.

I delete the said post after rethinking my opinion about that case. I have to say that this case is nothing new. I can also say that I feel that these two ladies had a mountain out of a mole hill.I'm willing to say I might have went to far in my post.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Question of the Day?

What does this mean LGBTQ?

Ok I'm not that stupid, however L=lesbains, G=Gays, B=Bisexual, T=Transsexual/Transgender, Q=Questioning.

What I want to know is when in hell did we chose to add Q to the list. Never mind that we can't make up our damn minds if its LGBT or GLBT, now we have to worry about the Damn Q people.

So where are we going to add DL, just for those who may not know what it means DL=Down low, slang for men who love to get it on with other men but still claim they are Straigh in the African-American Community.

So I guess we are now LGBTQDL, or better yet, LGBTQ-G4P. For those who might not know what G4P means Gay for Pay, those so-call straight boy who does gay porn for money. Please they are in the damn closet.

Questing call be included in the Bisexual group.

Better yet why not this? LGBTQSTR.

What is wrong with Twitter??

For the last week and half I have been trying ot change my profile pic, and this is what I get.

Is anyone else have this problem. However I was able to create a new account.

Is anyone else having these problems

Just for fun

Donald and Duffy with the Kids...
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Solid Black Duck in Rocky Mount, NC

This is one that the photos I took during the recently snow day in Rocky Mount. This is the first time I can remember ever seeing a complete black duck. I have to wonder if this a rare breed of duck.
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Monday, January 19, 2009

Not airing the inauguration concert invocation from openly gay Bishop Gene Robinson

via Towleroad

Last night a spokesperson for HBO blamed the Obama Presidential Inauguration Committee (PIC) for not airing the inauguration concert invocation from openly gay Bishop Gene Robinson. Today the PIC is pointing back at HBO.  Their message to John Aravois at AmericaBlog:
“We had always intended and planned for Rt. Rev. Robinson’s invocation to be included in the televised portion of yesterday’s program. We regret the error in executing this plan – but are gratified that hundreds of thousands of people who gathered on the mall heard his eloquent prayer for our nation that was a fitting start to our event.”
So it was HBO's "error in execution"? And it should be pointed out the "hundreds of thousands of people" didn't hear Robinson due to a sound system "malfunction."
UPDATE: AfterElton got a further statement from HBO: "It was not an HBO omission. We merely televised the show beginning at 2:30pm. Had the PIC told us upfront that this was to be part of the telecast, it would have been." According to AfterElton, HBO has given the PIC permission to post Robinson's speech on their website.

I with HBO one this one, Since HBO doesn't have a problem with gay content at all. First off Robinson was added after all the backlash Obama got for asking Rick Warren to give a Prayer at the inauguration. I beleive Obama is now giving in to the Right. I also believe that Obama used us to help Him to get into Office, Just like Clinton did.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

All 24 Delegates for Mr Gay World have been chosen.

Ok All 24 Delegate has been chosen, the last two are, NORTHERN IRELAND, no name at time of this post, but in the poll he will be unknown 2, Bhavin Shivji Gala, will be unknown 3..

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Video Saturday

Technotronic - Move It to the Rhythm
Technotronic - Pump Up The Jam [1989]
Technotronic - Get Up! (Before The Night Is Over)
Reel 2 Real - I Like To Move It

Charlotte day 2 part 2

Had very nice long walk around downtown/uptown whatever the term that is used here.

I found the local Starbucks, a very cute hottie behind the bar making the drinks for the cold masses that was in the shop. I over heard him said that he was over his time, but was still there because the others were late, It seem that no one call in late, they just not showing up at all.

I could believe that there was so many closed shops. I would have thought with all the events that was going on in Charlotte. Well tonite we ate at The Pita Pit on College st. Which I twisted my ankle but stepping in a small pot-hole.

Have one more event tomorrow at the Center then its back to RMT. I will have to try to come back to Charlotte in the Summer.. I'm sure there will be some event that I can attend..

Madonna Photos

Via a Twitter post

A nude photo of Madonna, circa 1979, from photographer Lee Friedlander is going up for auction at Christie's with an expected $10-$15,000 pricetag. Warning: This photo is both NSFW and NSF-2009, where pubic hair is disallowed. [Christie's]
I take it that its not one that was in Playboy back in the 80's then.. Why buysomeithing that you might be able to get for free..

Charlotte day 2

Well, everyone is sick except me, I guess when I get home the sickness will hit me.

Today was a funny day, a group of out of towners like me, was Leaving the Convention Center, They wasn't too sure how to get back using the rail to our hotel, yes this group is staying at the same hotel I have been back to the hotel once that morning so I knew I was on the right side of the rail way, how every this local took it upon hersetf to help this group.

Ok the Lady was going in to Stonewall street, the group and I was heading to 6th street, well the local lady told them they was heading the wrong way. I decide not to get into this at all. I knew I was right, once we got to 6th street the group was happy but the local lady was be bit upset, that she went in the wrong direction.

However I couldn't beleive that the CVS was closed today, What is the deal, do they keep bankers hours???

I did find the local starbucks, that has been one high light today.

more to come later..

Friday, January 16, 2009

My Trip to Charlotte, NC, what a trip it was.

This trip as been very interesting to say. I thought I would never see a place that would have a street where you can't make right or left turns off the street. I guess, if you really to make a right or left turn you have to break a traffic law.

We found our Hotel but was in the wrong lane, ok just a simple ride around the block right, NO not is this city, we turn right had to go six blocks, turn left had to go three block, ok cross over the street where our hotel is located had to go one more block turn left and had to drive way pass the Convention Center we cut through a parking lot and finally got back on the right road, back down all ten blocks.

The Hotel staff was very friendly, nice hotel, the only problem is all the girls from the cheer leading teams. In all the hall ways, in the way.

We had pizza from Fuel, nice place a few hotties too, however I don't think theme of a old gas station really works for me. It really need a good cleaning and dusting.

However when you are new to a city and need to find a drug store, as the staff of the hotel you are at, don't ask the local PD, they just might send you to a drug that isn't open yet, but in being stocked...

My Partner Kitty

This is Pywocket, was name after the cat to be put to death for witchcraft, in Salem, MA

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Barney's Wish List for 2009

Via twitter, click here
We’re going to do three things in Congress…First, a hate-crimes bill–that shouldn’t be too hard. Next, employment discrimination. We almost got that through before, but now we can win even if we add transgender protections, which we are going to do. And, finally, after the troops get home from Iraq, gays in the military. The time has come.”

Well I won't hold my breath at all on those. I'm sure that it will be a uphill fight to pass a federal hate crime bill, and we all know that the Employment Discrimination won't pass and if it does it would be by a slim vote, and DADT will still be here to stay.

I hope that Obama will do away with DADT but we all know that Congress will do what those who put congress in office wants.

I hope that true change will come to DC under Obama, but then again we all know that DC is DC and nothing really ever changes in DC except the seasons.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Weekend in Charlotte

it seem that I will be spending time in Charlotte this weekend, I my niece has a Cheerleading Competition.

This is a three day National Cheerleading Competition offering your teams, and individuals, an affordable opportunity to compete and win. Come see first hand, the Universal Spirit philosophy of providing innovative and creative competitions that promote a positive experience for everyone involved.

The 2009 'Spirit of Hope' Cheerleading Nationals will take place at the 850,000 square foot Charlotte Convention Center. The Charlotte Convention Center, built in 1995, is in the center of Charlotte and within walking distance of 4,100 hotel rooms. Click here to check out the facility and general Charlotte information.
Universal Spirit has dedicated our Nationals towards helping to support The March Forth With Hope Foundation. The mission and history of this organization is one that has touched our hearts, and it all begins with the story of a young lady named Hope. Click here for more information about our involvement with the March Forth With Hope Foundation and how you can get involved.
I look forward to this trip. I also hope her team will win in her group class. 

Delegate 22, for the MRW..

Name: Arturas Vipas Burnickis
Age: 21
Hobbies: My hobbies are singing and dancing. I am a big fan of bowling. My favorite writers are Karl Marx, Feodyr Dostoevsky and John Irving. I am the biggest party organizer in East Europe!
Profession: Marketing manager
Zodiac: Libra

Statement: The gay world has many problems. Out of the 195 countries of the world homosexuality is illegal in over 90 of them. A scant few countries provide gays with complete rights.

The Pope recently announced that curing homosexuality is more important than saving the rain forests. The UN recently has been unable to decriminalize homosexuality with the major powers as United States, Russia and China voting against such a resolution. I would like to make a difference and I think that this is a perfect chance to do it.

Two more to go 

A Day at the Park

Yes I need to get a few more shot for my Interview at a Photography in NC on Thursday. I can only hope I get in.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Bernhard Prince von Bulow, Who? was Outed!

Adolf Brand (1874-1945) outed the imperial chancellor of Germany in 1907. Brand, the editor of the homosexual periodical Der Eigene, was working to repeal the anti-homosexual Paragraph 175 of the German penal code when the Eulenburg scandal broke in 1906. (Eulenburg was a German diplomat whose homosexual involvements had led to a security breach during the Morocco crisis 1906. Because of his closeness to Kaiser Wilhelm II, the exposure of his homosexuality sent shock waves throughout the republic.) Learning that the chancellor, Bernhard Prince von Bulow, a member of Eulenburg's circle, was romantically involved with his secretary, Brand wrote and distributed a leaflet exposing Bulow as a homosexual. Bulow sued for libel. Because of the political climate, Brand was railroaded--convicted and sentenced to eighteen months in prison. Brand's motivation in exposing Bulow foreshadowed the current justifications given for outing. In Brand's own words: "When someone-as teacher, priest, representative or statesman- would like to set in the most damaging way the intimate love contact of others ... in that moment his own love life ceases to be a private matter."

Gotta Love Them, don't you.

It's just amazing how they can sleep, like all day then when you go to sleep they wake up and decide to have their own party.

The First Gay Postmark

Sweden, in 1983, was the first country to use a gay slogan to cancel stamps. The Cancellation read "Gay Pride Week" and showed the Lambda symbol. In the United States, members of GLAAD (Gays and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation), using Keith Haring's  "Gay Pride" drawing, designed a cancellation that was used June 25, 1989, Gay Pride Day, In New York. The U.S. Postal Service set up a table on Christopher Street and canceled thousands of pieces of mail that day with the Message "Stonewall Sta., 20 years 1969-1989, Lesbian and Gay Pride, June 25, 1989, New York, NY 10199

Monday, January 12, 2009

Local group protests Proposition 8

The Daily Reflector

Saturday, January 10, 2009
About a dozen people gathered near the corner of Evans Street and Greenville Boulevard to protest legislative actions that have reversed gay marriages in some states, most recently in California, a rally leader said.
“It's not a gay or straight issue; it's a constitutional issue,” said Georgia Winfree, rally leader and a singer with local band Someone's Sister.
In 2008, California passed Proposition 8 that reversed recognition of gay marriages in that state's constitution. In 1996, the federal Defense of Marriage Act instituted a ban on federal recognition of gay marriages in individual states and allowed states to ignore gay marriages from other states.
“We just want people to think about how they would feel if they woke up and found that the marriage they had to someone they loved was no longer valid,” Winfree said.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Stonewall 2.0 -- sizzle or fizzle NC DOMA Protests

VIA Pam's Houseblend,

I suppose one thing to consider when thinking of Stonewall 2.0 sizzle or fizzle, is whether it is succeeding country-wide, or only in mostly LGBT-friendly enclaves where a good crowd can be amassed. Obviously you're going to see more people well-organized in NY, LA, San Francisco, etc. than you would, say, here in NC. So it's a matter of whether size and fervor is the sole determinant of success.

That said, the one that was planned for Raleigh had to be called off/rescheduled because the time and location conflicted with the inaugural celebration for the incoming governor Bev Purdue; the rally will certainly have a reduced turnout when it is rescheduled since it will no longer coincide with the national action. I don't know how many other planned JTI events weren't able to be pulled off on Sat. It's hard to say since there aren't reports out from places in the hinterlands where people need to see these sorts of demonstrations to show the visibility and importance of the issues at hand.

This Protest in Raleigh shouldn't have be cancel. Can you Imagine the type of press we would have gotten. Headlines, "As Perdue was being sworn in as the first Female Governor of NC , just blocks away there was a DOMA Protest."

Why can't we be just as Organized as NY, San Francisco, and LA?

Anyway, there was at once one DOMA Protest in NC on January 10th that was in Greenville, NC. This Protest was set up and Angie Williams, Nykole Hotaling, and Georgie Winfree, who is member of Someone's Sister. Though it was a small group that show up, they were there with their signs and a Gay Pride Flag. At this event there was at least one LGBT Family, Two fathers with thier Daughter and Son.

It seem to me that all we are doing is giving lip service. What will it take to get us moving again.
What will it take,
Another Matthew Shepard?
Another Stonewall?
Another Anti-Gay Law to pass? 

The LGBT Community in NC need a Damn Wake up call.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

DOMA Protest in Greenville Photos

DOMA Protest in Greenville

Today’s DOMA Protest in Greenville was small but full of Equality Power. About 20 LGBT’s and some of their supports showed up today in front of Chili’s on Evan St.

This Event was organized by Angie Williams, Nykole Hotaling and Georgia Winfree all of Greenville. Georgia Winfree is also with the music group Someone’s Sister.

While they held their signs for the passing by traffic to see, they received many looks and many honks from supporters in the local community. However there was a few of favorite words that is used against us yell out and one even gave us the unauthorized hand gesture.

Though this protest was a small it serves to show the local community that we are here and we are not going anywhere and we are no longer going to sit by why our rights are taken away for us.

At this event there were two gay fathers with their children, protesting as a group and as a family.

Video Saturday

Vengaboys - Boom, Boom, Boom, Boom!!
ATC (A Touch of Class) - Around the World (La La La La La)
Toni Basil - Mickey (1982)

Friday, January 9, 2009

NC DOMA Protest/Call to Action for Obama Administration/Greenville Protest

This Protest was set up by a friend on Facebook for the following date.

Causes - Protest
Time and Place
Saturday, January 10, 2009
1:30pm - 3:00pm
NC State Capital Building
Raleigh, NC

It was cancel and was turn into a letter campaign instead of a protest.

I received this to day in my email account.

Tomorrow morning Bev Perdue will become North Carolina’s 73rd governor. The swearing-in ceremony beings at 10:30am with Bev taking the oath of office around 11. Please join in the celebration!

If you can participate in person, the inaugural ceremonies are open to the public. The pre-ceremony concert begins at 10am. Join us in front of the State Library Building on East Jones Street in downtown Raleigh. At 12:30pm the inaugural parade will be held on Fayetteville Street.

If you can’t join us in person, there are still options for you. UNC-TV, WRAL and many other local stations will be broadcasting the inaugural events beginning at 10am. UNC-TV and the WRAL News-Channel will also broadcast the inaugural parade beginning at 12:30pm.

We hope to see you tomorrow!

So was this the reason why the Protest was change into a letter campaign. If it about getting attention would this be the best time to hold a protest. That way we could send a complete message to Obama and the New Governor all at the same time.

I often wonder when NC will become a battle ground state for Marriage Equality.

However a new friends of my, Angie and Nykole has plan another protest in Greenville for Saturday 10, 2009

here is the details

Event Info
Angie and Nykole
Time and Place
Saturday, January 10, 2009
1:30pm - 4:30pm
The grass in front of Chili's
Corner of Evans and Greenville Blvd
Greenville, NC

These two great gals are hard at work as I write this piece at the Tipsy Teapot in Greenville making up posters and signs for this event in front of Chili's tomorrow.

We need to stop being flakes and do what we all have talk about ever since November the 4th and the 15th.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Lifetime Movie Prayers for Bobby, a Personal thought.

As I wait for the 24th of January to watch this Movie, I really had to wonder, just how a mother and/or a father could drive one of their children to a backward fall off a bridge into on coming traffic, then to ask the same Lord that they pray to, to cure their son, to help them to come to term with his death.

I guess each coming out case is different. I know for one I didn't come out to my mother, I couldn't come out to my father since he die when I was nine. However I was outing by my sister. Yes my own sister outed me to my mother when I was 19. Even at that time we really didn't talk about it. All she said at the time was that she wasn't happy with my choice, but it was my life and no matter what she still love me.

Like I said I guess my views of coming out is completely different them many others in our community.Some might ever said that I had it easy.

I'm glad that today Ms Griffin, has come to turns with the pain that she caused to her son, that made him take his own life. However I can't find any room to feel sympathy for her are any other parent who have done this to their kids. That would be like a gay couple rejecting their child because he or she is straight.Which I hope hasn't happen yet.

Children are a gift, ok if you believe in god, from god. They didn't asked to be here. We need to love them and stand by them in their time of need. To turn your back on your child in their darkest moments is wrong and selfish. I speak of this as a parent myself. Yes I have son whom I don't get to see for many reasons. Even though I don't get to see him I love him and accept him for who he is or will be.

I can only hope that this movie will help other parents to see the error of their ways, and to show them what could happen as a result of their bigotry.

Mr Gay Canada on Safe Sex???

i remember being told it wasn't about looks, right, ok then please tell why is it that we, oops Mr Gay Darren Bruce couldn't talk about safe sex without showing off his body, also why did the makers of the ad have to focus a few times on his crotch area, Well. I guess the Mr Gay Canada Contest was about sex appeal after all.

GLAAD's Worst Anti-Gay Voices Of 2008

Bill O'Reilly (Host, The O'Reilly Factor, FOX News Channel)

Bill O'Reilly, who frequently appears on GLAAD's monthly "Best and Worst of National News," led a one-sided and inaccurate discussion of marriage equality on May 15 with Fox News Channel's Megyn Kelly, who compared marriage for same-sex couples with polygamy and incest. Earlier this year, O'Reilly said Americans don't want to see "homosexual behavior legitimized" in reference to Whoopi Goldberg briefly kissing Katy Perry on The View on July 31, and he criticized Heinz for a TV commercial that included a kiss between two men on June 20. Most recently on December 10, he referred to the staff of the Los Angeles Times as "pinheads" for endorsing the Day Without a Gay protest against Proposition 8.

I'm not surprise by this all. Bill O need to really to get a life or at least a damn blow job form some, I sure he can find a 25 dollar hooker somewhere in NY.I can only hope that in time one if not both of his children turn out to be gay or/and lesbian. Then just then he might find his pea size heart or is rice size brain

New MRG Delegate to Replace another

Name: Pico Michel Velasco
Age: 34
Hobbies: Work out at the gym, water sports, social activism.
Architect CEO of my own construction company
Zodiac: Pisces

Statement: I trully beleive in the organization's goal, I want to make a difference with my work and example, try to bring some education to the rest of society about the gay community, make them understand that we are no diferent, we too have dreams, goals, expectations, we too have success and failures, we are family members, we work hard and provide other people with work, and at the end we are all human beings.

He replace Daniel Flores from Mexico

From Mr Gay World Delegates

Two new delegates for Mr Gay World, with one as a replacement for another. I wonder why? What happen to Daniel Flores, why was he replaced..


Do you knew of a song that every time you hear that make you cry???

Well this is one of my

Childhood memories

Do you remember this one??

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

A clip from West Wing "Think homosexuality is "wrong"?"

SNT: is all forgotten??

via fey friends, via Joe..
Aww, as if to pacify us about the Rick Warren Invocation, Barack Obama has named cute, aggressively gay-faced gay Brad Kiley as director of the Office of Management and Administration. This non-Cabinet level nomination is the result of the work done by the GLLI's Presidential Appointments Project.

So, are we ready to forgive and forget, to do as Rick Hertzberg* suggests in this week's New Yorker and place our trust (once again) in Obama's magical, always-two-steps-ahead-of-us skill at creating SWEET BEAUTIFUL U.N.I.T.Y.?

Yes, it seem that we will forgive and forget in time, but for the present I still believe that Obama is doing to us what Clinton has done. I really hope that I'm wrong, and only time will time will time, if Obama is truly our friend. lets not forget Clinton place us in his white house too. But it was Clinton who sign Doma in to law, and it was he who created Don't ask Don't tell.

Obsessed, who me, I might be

A recent email for an email buddy has informed me that I’m getting a bit obsessed over the Mr. Gay World contest in Canada.

He could be right, maybe I am, however when you bill an event where you are looking for a representative for the gay community, then I truly believe that those who are choose to participate in the said event should represent the whole community, not just the pretty section of the community.

If their goal it to have someone to be a role model for the community then please show me where it is written that you must well built and almost perfect in appearance.

If I was to choose a person who I thought would be a good role model for the community it would be those that have been out in the public eyes for a while, one who has their own style and personality. A person whom have been there and done that. I know my choices would be for those that are well known in the community.

To have a modeling company to say it about style and appearance is just completely wrong.

I’m willing to bet the winner of this event will have to perform many events where style and fashion will be at the center of the event.

We as a community are more than our fashion style and skills, more than who looks the best in a tuxedo or a damn swim suit.

I’m sure we all know someone who can do this job to the letter and beyond with complete perfection, that would not even make the application with photo screen part of this contest.

I guess this is my soap box issue. I’m tired and sick being told that I don’t count or matter in our community unless I can fit in with the so-called 9’s and 10’s of our community. Cause in our community the 5’s, 6’s and 7’s do the most for our community why the 9’s and 10’s reap in all the benefits.

NC DOMA Protest/Call to Action for Obama Administration

How nice you make plans to go to a protest to show your support for your community and what happens the protest organizers cancels the event. I guess why not, when you can sit at home and write a letter instead of meeting group for few hours outside. I can only guess that many thought it was just too cold or it might be wet and cold that day.

Wait, could I have had read this wrong from the beginning. 

Will sent you a message.

Re: Change of plans - PLEASE read entire message.

There's no actual rally anymore. Sorry - I'll try to make it more clear. Instead we're just asking people to get signatures and we'll have several drop off locations that are listed.


If we want change we have to show up and demand it. No one will give it to us. If we didn't realize that before we certainly should now.

We've change to game plan and now we're working towards getting 50,000 signatures from North Carolina to support the nationwide 1,000,000 signatures needed in our Open Letter to Barack Obama.

Just like he'll really will read it, Please everyone knows that the President doesn't read his own mail. Well, after someone else does it first.

So now there will be no rally or protest, just a letter writing campaign.

but watch knowing my luck there still just might a protest, well since I don't live in Raleigh, I guess I can't take that chance , so if the protest does process, I wish them the best.. 

Rachel Maddow Youtude Videos

Maddow: Oh Canada...
{Rachel Maddow} Lame Duck Watch: Iraq Fell Short of Our Hopes & Bath Tub Gin
Who's Really To Blame For Prop 8 Passing
{Rachel Maddow} No Torture President

Guess what you can get a Penis pump on Medicare.

First I'm not making fun of those men who can't get it, but, penis pumps have been around since the 70's and now this company has find a way to get the Government to pay for them.. at a cost of
$146.00 for a manual, it you want the power pack one then its $189.00.
Ok the last one is a pump you can buy on line, but I'm sure your insurance and medicare won't get you your money back.

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Rejoyn Medical is pleased to offer our clients the ability to learn about and purchase our products from the privacy of their home. Hear from the president of Pos-T-Vac Medical, the Manufacturer of Rejoyn Vacuum Systems

The Government will believe just about anything won't they. I mean really this type of gizmo can be brought at just about every adult bookstore in the country.

By the way the reason for this post is I just couldn't believe it when I saw in on tv to nite.. Really

Monday, January 5, 2009

Ok, Leave Melissa Etheridge Alone.

Via The Bilerico Project, 

I know it is not my place to tell Melissa Etheridge when she can and cannot speak, but when she continues to make excuses for Rick Warren's anti-gay bigotry, I have to say to her: shut up and sing.
If Ms Etheridge like Rick Warren then that is her right, its not like she was defending Jessie Helms or Jerry Falwell. It's her right, just like those who gave money to Yes on 8, face even we have bigots in our community.

The Most Publicized Lesbian Palimony Suit.

This was when Ms King was in the Closet..

Marilyn Barnett's against tennis pro Billie Jean King, filed in April 1981. The former Beverly Hills hairdresser who had served as secretary to King claimed that she and King had had a lesbain relationship for seven years and that she was therefore entitle to half of King's earning's from that time as well as King's Malibu beach house. At first dismissing Barnett's claims King later acknowledged their relationship. In November 1982, the case was thrown out of court.

once she came out of the Closet we welcome her with open arms...

MR Gay World

Mr Gay World is a nothing more the a modeling contest. Since a modeling company is also producing it. But really we know that these type of contests are solely based on looks and body. Since they aren't holding open casting calls. I'm sure they are doing by face and body shots with a essay attach.

Now what if the three below was entering this contest, who they stand a chance. I think not. However to be fair about this the three below are on the Board of MGW. But face it, they would file any entry for any man that would fall in with them, on the way they look, age, and built. Yes they application would be filed in the oval filing cabinet, then taken out with the rest of the office trash.

No matter what they say, I still won't believe this isn't a beauty contest. Well, actually they do said on the Who is MGW page, that its a 21st contest where the delegates represent their nation as the best spokesperson and embody the spirit of their nation.

That would be like Janice Dickinson hiring a guy with over 8% of body fat.. not going to happen at all is. At least Ms Dickinson tells it the way it is.

If this is truly a community type contest, then it should represent the whole community not just one part of it. It's funny how in this age we talk about equality, when we don't even had equality within our own community.

Children should't be subject to life long medical choices

Very interesting statement, which I'm sure the #transinc community will claim to be Transphobic.. in natural. There is nothing bias ...