Monday, January 30, 2012

A $-raising Reception to Defeat the Amendment. Its RGWF-Rich Gay White Folks)..

yes it is really.. this fundraising is being held in a private home, with the low end is $50 bucks.. but they really are seeking the very high end.. Just like HRC and Equality NC Galas, they only want a certain class of folks.. and if you are not in the field they don’t have time for  you..

(1) A Fundraising Reception to Defeat the Amendment_1327941750912

This fight is all about those with the means. They don’t care for the lower class people in NC.. Nothing is being plan of Eastern NC, expect in Greenville, NC.

Equality NC is behind Protect NC families which is doing race to the ballot..

They care more for their corporate donator then the people they claim to work for.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Race to the Ballot: another fleecing Event item

Pic one the items they want you to donate too.

Race to the Ballot_1326066354188.png

Now once in the R2B group, with is tied to ENC.. as added another item, a $500 dollar item..

Race to the Ballot_1327799549121.png

wow $500 dollars to help to make a documentary film..  I guess they need profession help to join all those clips they are filming everyday..

this is what Gay Inc want. a way to make money.. and they are using this Ballet amendment to do just that.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

the Rules one must play by in the LGBT Community..

Rules, rules, rules.

So many things you must do or mustn’t do. All the hidden rules of being marginalized, the hoops you have to jump through, the constant checking and second-guessing.

gay incThis is Gay Inc. at work, they have rules book, and if you don’t play by their rules you are black balled..

Gay Inc is now going after

Cynthia Nixon:

because she stated that for her being a Lesbian is a choice.. Gay Inc lost their  hard on after hearing and reading it..

here is a piece of a recently interview,

Sessums asks about Nixon's previous relationship with a man, and her current relationship with Christine Marinoni:

 I’m a bit confused. Were you a lesbian in a heterosexual relationship? Or are you now a heterosexual in a lesbian relationship? That quote seemed like you were fudging a bit.

It’s so not fudging. It’s so not. I think for gay people who feel 100 percent gay, it doesn’t make any sense. And for straight people who feel 100 percent straight, it doesn’t make any sense. I don’t pull out the “bisexual” word because nobody likes the bisexuals. Everybody likes to dump on the bisexuals.

But it is the “B” in LGBT.

I know. But we get no respect.

You just said “we,” so you must self-identify as one.

I just don’t like to pull out that word. But I do completely feel that when I was in relationships with men, I was in love and in lust with those men. And then I met Christine and I fell in love and lust with her. I am completely the same person and I was not walking around in some kind of fog. I just responded to the people in front of me the way I truly felt.

Nixon then repeats the assertion that it's fine to say homosexuality is her choice, because to say it's not a choice would be "caving to the bigots":

I understand for political reasons why some people want to kind of squelch this idea that being gay might be a choice, because a lot of the rights we want are posited on the supposition that why are you denying me my rights any more than if I were created a different color? But I don’t feel the need to cede the definition of what a gay person is to the bigots. They don’t get to define who I am.

Check out more of Sessums' interview over at The Daily Beast.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Model or Photographer making fun of Obese People

So over at the Socialite life, their male Model Monday, maybe a hottie, but a few shots are in very bad taste..

Now I would not find those same images in bad taste if the model was once that big (obese.) That they lost all the weight and they were showing that they once wore a shorts waist size 68 inches or more.


Really, does this model look like he was ever Obese. No.

I don’t blame the model, he is only modeling the clothes that was set out for him, either by the clothes company or the Photographer.

In this case I believe the shot to your left was the Photographer ideal. No Designer would ever do this( I hope they wouldn’t), it could give them a bad name.. I also think it was the Photographer since site didn’t list  (in the image meta file no photographer or copyright info)

You would never seen female doing this I bet..

Saturday, January 14, 2012

The NC Marriage Fight is turning into a Fund raiser scam event.

I have no problem support the fund raiser to fight this anti-gay marriage bill, but it seem that the groups that are leading the way is also doing a bit of scamming too..

Race to the Ballot,

Race to the Ballot_1326066908434

I guess we have to buy these runners socks and shoes too. Just who gets the stickers and decals and posters, just how many sound amplification devices do they really need?

Ok, everyone  had a smart phones with web access, so what is the 30 buck really for..

I can support the gas, sponsor a mile or day price/donation..


Now they want to have dinner at nice place in Chapel Hill where you can buy a weeks worth of dinners for two for $100 dollars..


$85/person, $150/couple. really, please this is for one or more reason, one they don’t want every day folks there at this dinner, they want those who have large amount of funds, ie think black tie. They don’t want the type of folks that work at min wage jobs..

One again these orgs are loosely apart of Gay INC..

I hate to see the other fund raiser groups they will think of next..

Sunday, January 8, 2012

WOW, Race to the Ballot supplies list prices, Really a rip off..

Race to the Ballot_1326066812182

I thought you donate/contribute what you could afford to, but these folks have a price list.. Yes a list.

Race to the Ballot_1326066908434

First I thought the shirts, stickers, decals and posters was for us to buy and show off.

Mobile wed access,please almost everyone that will be riding along with this folk have smart phones.. I know each ride don’t need a Sound Amplification, I can understand the food, but please shoes and socks,what these folks can’t buy their own.

NC marriage fight in turing into a damn joke, all thanks to HRC, Qnotes, ENC, and Those groups Gay INC is helping..

ENC Post-card Campaign was a huge failure,, they delivered the cards on the day of the they were basically worthless.. a waste of time and money..

so just who is ripping off the LGBT community and its allies.

Race to the Ballot_1326067304790

Saturday, January 7, 2012

So, Who get to say which communities in NC are more important for May 8th election.

Yes, which communities are better than others here in NC. I have often said that if you live east of 95, you simple don’t exist to many LGBT groups or org’s. Yes, Wilmington gets attention, and many consider it a part of Eastern NC, which it not. It’s more southern then eastern..

However, Eastern NC isn’t just left out by the groups or org’s, hell our very own NC LGBT Newspaper can’t be bothered, in the Editor eyes, and yes I’m paraphrasing, “Eastern NC is a waste of time and resources,” simple because we don’t have the numbers like Raleigh, Durham, Greensboro and Charlotte.

Now I found this little bit of info,

Equality North Carolina, Human Rights Campaign, and other major backers and fund-raisers have already determined which voters they need to contact. The business community is arguing that discrimination will drive away top talent. Progressive faith leaders are rallying to counteract the religious right. And organizers are fanning out to urban centers and the 16 state university campuses, where they know votes in their favor exist.

So I guess these are the Colleges that are focusing on,

  1. Appalachian State University
  2. East Carolina University
  3. Elizabeth City State University
  4. Fayetteville State University
  5. North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University
  6. North Carolina Central University
  7. North Carolina State University
  8. University of North Carolina at Asheville
  9. University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
  10. University of North Carolina at Charlotte
  11. University of North Carolina at Greensboro
  12. University of North Carolina at Pembroke
  13. University of North Carolina at Wilmington (UNCW)
  14. University of North Carolina School of the Arts
  15. Western Carolina University
  16. Winston-Salem State University

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Qnotes Editor to Step down

Q-Notes shared a link.

QNotes editor Matt Comer to step down « QNotes - Carolina LGBT arts, entertainment, news, views

CHARLOTTE — On Tuesday, QNotes announced the resignation of editor Matt Comer, who will be stepping down from his position on Jan. 20, 2012, to pursue new opportunities with local, statewide and national LGBT communities.

Yes it is true. Matt is stepping down after four years of making Qnotes only about Charlotte and his personal interests. I’m sure there will be many who will miss him, however I’m not one of them.

From the owner of Qnotes:

“As with any transition in life or business, saying goodbye can often be bittersweet,” said Jim Yarbrough, publisher of QNotes. “While we are sad to see Matt leave, we wish him well on his future endeavors and are excited to tackle the transition process as we look for a new editor.”

From Matt:

“I’m proud to have helped develop QNotes’ new media successes and humbled to have worked with such a brilliant team of staff and contributing writers. I’ll remember fondly the memories I’ve made here and cherish them.”

Comer added, “Though I am departing QNotes, I will remain a committed advocate for the LGBT communities of Charlotte and North Carolina. I’m looking forward to my continued community involvement in the Queen City and in this great state, especially as our community faces the anti-LGBT constitutional amendment in May.”

So Matt, don’t let the door hit you on your way out.. Maybe the New Editor will finally reach out to the Eastern Carolina… and make them feel apart of the NC LGBT Community..

Race to Ballots.. Events So Far..

373685_234978679905423_1096772766_nRace To The Ballot-Winston Salem

Public Event for Salem College Against NC Amendment 1 · By Keren Salim and Sammi Kiley


Public Event · By Neighbors for Equality

Race to the Ballot Boone

Public Event · By Jocelyn Hunt

Race to the Ballot - Chapel Hill

Public Event · By Stephen Bishop

Race to the Ballot Kick-off!!!

Public Event · By Andrew Thomas Capatino and Zachery Nacho Reedy

Fail: Protect NC Families

just a website that is recycling information, which can be any other website, they ask for your email to keep you up date. I have been on the roll sometime and haven’t got shit.. Yes, I have check my spam box. They ask for volunteers,,, and of course they want your Donates too$$$$$$.

This is the site.. I guess they did have need Donations to make it Bop..

Protect NC Families - Vote Against the Amendment_1325606639924.png

Children should't be subject to life long medical choices

Very interesting statement, which I'm sure the #transinc community will claim to be Transphobic.. in natural. There is nothing bias ...