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The Blender incident

A couple of days ago there was a heated discussion over at Pam’s House Blend about Virginia Fox, and Hate crimes laws and free speech.
my first post,
hate crimes is now every crime (0.57 / 7)
see what hate crime laws have started. We have open Pandora's box, now everything will be a hate crime.. 
by: sickntired @ Tue Apr 28, 2009 at 15:04:01 PM EDT
Ok, in that post I post I fail to fully explain my point.  It would now seen that what ever one said to someone can be construed as hate speech and in some cases a hate crime.

The following follower really had a problem with my statement, “Saywhat?”, “Qscribe”. “Bachalon”, to say the least the discuss turn in braw, and Pam stop it. Which was her right, I have know for year that my mouth gets me in to hot water more then once. However during this discuss, one thing was proven that we are very quick to start the name calling, from I’m a “Republican” to “idiot” to a “mental case”, and my favorite “Moron”.
You're a gay republican aren&…

Ok I’m may not always be articulate.

Well one of my points about our community have been proven to night. That we are just the same bitch people as are our counterparts. I might have been wrong, but I’m entitle to my opinions about the LGBT community. We have used the VICTIM card so much that it is now a broken fucking a nice little quote for a fellow faggot,The fact remains that we ARE victims; perhaps not as much as some would have people think, but while DADT, DOMA, and other GLBT specific laws remain, we are victims. And it should come as no surprise that victims of policy easily become victims of violence. these issue isn’t new, they just didn’t pop up out of the fucking blue.DADT, was a complete failure, We have know since the very beginning of the Military that we were not welcome, the marriage issue has been around for a few thousand years, no new there, and GLBT specific laws make up more of victims. What we need to do is to get our lawmakers and local DA to apply those law that are already on the bo…

Hate speech, hate crimes, what is your take?

hate speech is any thing that is said that upset another person. WOW then this means if I don’t like what you say then I can classified it as hate speech, run off to the local magistrate and charge you with a hate crime.. So I guess I can’t call lawyer a bunch of blood sucking leeches, and politicians as a bunch of crooks.Could this also explain why the KKK doesn’t hold public rallies anymore. The one people that seems willing to show off their hate in public is the Phelps Family.. (which is a bunch of lawyers at that).

Same-Sex Marriage

Question of the Day

Why is it in every state where we are allow to marry and in CA where we were once allow to marriage, why does the national press, and local LGBT news and bloggers show pictures of the Lesbians who are marrying.

I can only guess because even in the screw LGBT community women are more important then the men, why else did GLBT got change to LGBT..

WE talk about Equality, when we don’t even have Equality in our own sorry ass community. There is more sexism in our community then in the straight community.
Its all about the Dykes,

while gay men are the perverts of the community..

CNN: CNN Newsroom - Schools Block Gay Web Sites

Glaad need a get a fucking life..CNN interviews high school students from Knoxville, Tenn., on their school's blocking of access to LGBT Web sites and the ACLU's subsequent intervention. First off its the school's computers he was using and they have the right to block what they want. He could have done this search at home on his computer,, ACLU they pick and chose which cases they will take. what a bunch of shit..

WOW, Lets all act surprise by this shall we!!

This is From our Blog Diva Pam’s house blend,Aubrey Sarvis, Servicemembers Legal Defense Network's executive director, calls on the president to live up to his campaign promise to end discrimination in the military in this open letter, "Stand by Your Word Mr. President: End 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell'": President Obama is a brave man. He doesn't hesitate to take great political risks. He asked Congress for billions to save the banking system and more billions to stimulate the economy - and Congress handed them to him. Not everyone looked happily on the trillions we'll be facing in debt, but in a Washington Post-ABC News poll released Sunday he still got a 69 percent approval rating - the highest of any president at the 100-day mark in 20 years - and 72 percent of Americans said they have a favorable impression of him. Not since Ronald Reagan's first 100 days has a president done so well. Obama is not only living up to most Americans' expectati…

My thoughts

from Joe my God site, Same-sex marriage became legal this morning in Iowa and judges waived the three-day waiting period for some couples who wanted to marry immediately. Under the headline Historic Day For Iowa, the Des Moines Register is covering the scene at county recorders' offices all over the state. Anti-gay activists delivered petitions at some state offices demanding that recorders "obey their conscience" and refuse to issue licenses to same-sex couples, but so far there is no report of any state employee refusing to do so.Just who are these special fags and dykes who got this privileged to get marry on the same day after getting their licenses. What did they have to do? Who’s pole got lick and who’s carpet got munched?

Question of the day

If you are gay and trash your community, does that may you are HomoPhobe?????????????


Kate Clinton on Ms CA

Love tgeh comment about the dress, Please Ms K. Clinton, you know damn well you would hit that if you could and if she would have your tired old p*ssy..

R.I.P. Perez Hilton! (Featuring Hilton himself)

I love this youtube video.. Just love it.. Its right to the point...

should it be same-sex or dykes firsts marriage

it seem to me that only the dykes wants to get marry, so bad that they are the first in almost every state that has allow us to marry..DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) — Same-sex couples began applying for marriage licenses at government offices across Iowa on Monday, and at least one lesbian couple tied the knot in a ceremony in Des Moines.Melisa Keeton and Shelley Wolfe were declared "legally married" by pastor Pat Esperanaza during a ceremony in front of Polk County administrative offices in Des Moines. It didn't take long before they were referring to one another as "wife.""It's not very romantic is it?" Melisa Keeton joked about the location and media attention at the ceremony.They will share the last name Keeton.The couple believes they were the first same-sex couple married in Polk County, and possibly the state, since an April 3 Iowa Supreme Court ruling that legalized gay marriage."I didn't think it would be us," said Shelley Keeton, w…

Hate speech vs. Free speech

Hate crimes (also known as bias-motivated crimes) happen when an influential mind targets a victim because of their membership in a certain social group, usually defined by racial group, religion, disability, ethnicity, nationality, age, gender, gender identity, or political affiliation.

A "hate crime" can take two forms: "hate crime" generally refers to criminal acts which are seen to have been motivated by hatred of one or more of the listed conditions. The second kind is hate speech, which is speech defined as crime. While hate crimes are rarely debated, the hate speech concept is controversial, as criminalizing speech can be seen as impugning freedom of speech. Incidents may involve physical assault, damage to property, bullying, harassment, verbal abuse or insults, or offensive graffiti or letters.

The U.S. Supreme Court unanimously found that hate crime statutes which criminalize bias-motivated speech or symbolic speech conflict with free speech rights becaus…
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testing new blog writer

this is only a test, please this is only a test

Welcome to my day


What do you see


Perez is fucking it up

Perez "media whore" Hilton, who wishes he was Paris Hilton is fucking up the marriage issue for all of us.

I can only guess this airhead wasn't getting enough air time of what ever channel was stupid enough to put hiim on air, now he is making the round for gay marriage. Please I know damn well there are better candidates out that to speak on our behalf.

Perez Hilton who claim to be a gay Latin American who is so proud of himself, can't and won't used his real name.

This idiot is making us out as a bunch of petty jilted fags..

More samples of new camera setting


Trying out other setting on my camera

What do you think of these shots?

Perez Readers rack Perez over the coals

NickyToronto says – reply to this
Just because she didn't give your opinion you think shes a stupid bitch. That's stupid Perez.
justbecuz says – reply to this
She was right and you are wrong. Enough said.
Molly :) says – reply to this
Oh grow up Perez. Every single person is entitled to their own opinions. Atleast she was honest and said it in a way that was not meaning to be offensive. You see things so one sided. I fucking hate your site anymore.
Plinkie9 says – reply to this
Comments? Yeah, you are a douche. Get over it Perez. You sicken me.
itellitlikeitis says – reply to this
i think this has been blown out of proportion! discriminating against her bc she doesn't support gay marriage is the same as ppl discriminating gays…. its things like this that prove that there will always be some sort of discrimination no matter what.
l-dub says – reply to this

Perez, get over it! The US is a democracy, people are entitled to their own opinions regarding gay marriage.…

Those who Followthis Media Whore need a

Perez Media Whore Hilton need to get a fucking life, he try Miss America into a fucking joke, then goes on Larry King to bast in his stupidest ..

No self respecting gay male would wearpink boots with that outfit, hell many wouldn't wear the outfit either

Media Whore Perez update his Wikipedia page ASAP

Miss USA 2009Hilton served as a judge for the Miss USA 2009 pageant in Las Vegas, Nevada on April 19, 2009. During the Q&A portion of the contest, Hilton's question came to the Miss California representative, Carrie Prejean. Hilton asked:
“Vermont recently became the fourth state to legalize same-sex marriage. Do you think every state should follow suit? Why or why not?”Prejean responded:
“Well I think it’s great that Americans are able to choose one way or the other. We live in a land where you can choose same-sex marriage or opposite marriage. You know what, in my country, in my family, I do believe that marriage should be between a man and a woman, no offense to anybody out there. But that’s how I was raised and I believe that it should be between a man and a woman. Thank you.”Hilton called the answer “the worst answer in pageant history”. Later on his blog, he remarked "She lost not because she doesn’t believe in gay marriage, she lost because she’s a dumb bitch!"[…

Perez is nothing more than a Media Whore

How nice that Perez Media Whore Hilton, can call MS CA a bitch, when he really wanted to call her a cunt, and he feels its his right, However if she called him a fucking faggot, which he is, we the LGBT Community would be outraged

Faggot Perez should have never ask that question in the first Place. Perez no fucking brains took it upon his own sorry ass to bring the marriage issue in to a place where its wasn't appropriate at all.

Now Perez is nothing but a low life scum ass, he doesn't want her to be Ms America simply because she doesn't support GAYFUCKINGMARRIAGE, which is her right, we need stop force this fucking issue, because we are now provening Maggie of NOM points that we are forcing this down the throats of everyone in America.

SNT: Media Whore Perez Hilton at Miss America

I truly believe that Media Whore Perez play right into NOM Hands at Miss America, The question that he asked had no place there. It only go to show that we are forcing this issue on people, just like NOM has said in their Gathering Storm Ad.

I would like to know who in the fucking hell pick him to a fucking judge in the first place, cause they need to get their f-ing head checked.

I said that Ms California was set up by the host, to get Perez as the judge who would ask her one of the finial question.

I bet Meggie will us that question to fullest in the months to come..

Thanks Perez (fucking loser) Hilton Cel-wanna asshole media whore. I bet he no longer writes at his blog.

Flying Free


Itune Nite

(Hello lover) (Hello lover) (Hello lover) (Hello lover) Have you noticed, that people are still having sex All the denouncement had absolutely no effect Parents and councelors constantly scorn them but people are still having sex and nothing seems to stop them (Hello lover) (Hello lover) Do you realise, that people are still having sex they’ve been told not to, perhaps they are perplexed When you see them holding hands they’re making future plans to engage in the activity, do you understand me? People are still having sex, lust keeps on lurking Nothing makes them stop, this AIDS thing’s not working People are still having sex, it’s been going on for quite a while Perhaps it’s quite fashionable, it’s hasn’t got enough style (giggle) (Hello lover) (Hello lover) (Hello lover) (Hello lover) (Hello lover) (Hello lover) It’s a fact that people are still having sex It’s rather obvious, it’s just what one expects The evidence is all around that everyone in every town has had it one t…

What is the deal using sex to raise money??

Do we need sex to sell our benefits?

Are we a group so shallow that we need sex appeal to raise money? I ask this question for a reason, I understand that Cystic Fibrosis is a painful disease, but do we need a bunch of men in under at a bar in order to raise money for this cause.

Aren’t we saying that we don’t care about this, unless we can get to see a bunch of washboard abs and huge packages.

Just how shallow have we become as a group? That we don't care about a cause unless they use half naked men to get our attention. So lets see regular fund raise = low funds, while using half naked men to almost completely naked men = large funds raised.

I wonder

Just how much is Bush's Debt

Slide Show of the Goldsboro, NC Tea Rally

Wow What a Sign


I d on't get this one

Is Obama planning to take our guns away???????

Tax Day Teaparty @ Goldsboro, NC

Though I'm a Republican I had to wonder if I was attending a Rally or a Church sermon. I agree with many the politic statement, but not with interjecting GOD into the problems.

They failed to mention the Bush did the First Bailout. That the election in Minnesota was stolen from the Republicans. So much bitching about what the Democrats are doing wrong, that they never mention what the Republicans have done to us.

To make some of the their bullshit points they had to used a child what was his is parents.

yes There some great signs there as well.

I got the info pack, but forgot to get the list of speakers, damn. The info pack was from the John Locke Foundation "Carolina Freedom Club."

I love this little fast fact card there had included. Unemplyment rate for Feb 2009 is 10.7% up from last year of 5.2%, wow what an increase, and wasn't a rep in office in 2008.

Here is one better for you we the people tax rate is higher then Corporate Income tax. Our rate is 7.75% and …

Its bright and clear, after the storm


The Storm is in NC, and I'm afraid


Caption This


What an Idiot, Joel Osteen

What an Idiot, if he truly wants God's best then he need to give up all his money that he is taking from his flock, and live like jesus, and that wife of his' fits every blond joke there is.

"I just don't know where its going"Its going in your bank accounts and your pocket.

His sermons and writings are sometimes reproached for their use of the concept of the prosperity gospel, a belief that wealth and power are rewards for pious Christians.Yes the only true God he worship is the color of money,, wealth,, and for the blonde sidekick diamonds and gold rings.. and Hair appointments.

SNT: NOM Responds to HRC Attack!

"HRC's record of truth and honesty about their intentions is not that impressive. They once said marriage amendments weren't necessary because there were no federal court cases. Now there is one."

"They called us liars when we said public schools will teach about gay marriage if its the law--but they do in Massachusetts. Serious religious liberty scholars from Eugene Volokh to Doug Laycock to Robin Wilson acknowledge the central driving idea behind gay marriage--there is no difference between same-sex and opposite sex unions and supporters of marriage are engaging in discrimination if they think differently--will have consequences for the freedoms of traditional faith communities. To pretend otherwise is to be profoundly unserious--if not deceptive--about what gay marriage means."

Maggie Gallagher
President, National Organization for Marriage
Poor Maggie, she just don't get it, does she.

I can only hope that one or both of her children turn out to be gay…

Something to think about

I did a twitter post where I said that a few members of the First Baptist Church of Rocky Mount, NC were on the dl(down low or in the closet). A friend on twitter sent me the following to me,

if they are on the DL and are openly for NC4Marriage should they be outed? ethics and other considerations to think about..
I agree that they should be outed if they do fully support NC4Marriage group, however if they are just basic members of the church then its not my job. These men have wives and kids which I will not tear about.

One might ask how I know this about them, well in my early days (18-21 years of age)i was really a go getter in the bar and fun scene, (battle park), this park was raid several times in the early 90's which you can find in the achieves of the News and Observer newspapers.

Now like many of the older lgbt community who was once marry to the opposite sex, they grow in a different time, where they had to hide who they truly were. I will not be apart that will destr…

G-A-Y counter Video

Question for the bible beaters

The following passage shows that slaves are clearly property to be bought and sold like livestock.
However, you may purchase male or female slaves from among the foreigners who live among you.  You may also purchase the children of such resident foreigners, including those who have been born in your land.  You may treat them as your property, passing them on to your children as a permanent inheritance.  You may treat your slaves like this, but the people of Israel, your relatives, must never be treated this way.  (Leviticus 25:44-46 NLT)     The following passage describes how the Hebrew slaves are to be treated. If you buy a Hebrew slave, he is to serve for only six years.  Set him free in the seventh year, and he will owe you nothing for his freedom.  If he was single when he became your slave and then married afterward, only he will go free in the seventh year.  But if he was married before he became a slave, then his wife will be freed with him.  If his master gave him a…

NC4Marriage Bigots

NC4Marriage Bigots are up in arm over the Vermont Leislature that over ride the Veto of Same Sex Marriage.
The legalization of homosexual "marriage" in Iowa and Vermont adds fuel to the fire of the argument that the North Carolina General Assembly needs to pass the Defense of Marriage Act which will allow the voters of North Carolina the right to vote on a Marriage Protection Amendment to our Constitution. Without protection in our State Constitution for the definition of marriage, North Carolina's marriage laws could be subject to the same type of judicial activism or legislative redefinition that has occurred in Iowa and Vermont. It is the people of North Carolina that deserve to make the decision about what relationships the law will recognize as "marriage."
If that wasn't bad enough they even add the following,

Politicians should never impose a system that intentionally deprives a child of a mother and father. The state should do everything necessary to e…

Mommy Duck and her Ducklings


Out's Power Fifty

50. Urvashi Vaid Glad to she her back in the spotlight
49. Simon Halls and Stephen Huvane/Previously 37th
48. Jim Nelson/Previously 33rd
47. Greg Berlanti/Previously 19th
46. Hilary Rosen
45. Tim Gunn/Previously 28th wow still going on, can't wait for the new Project Runway
44. Jason Wu Wow, make a dress and get the new first lady to wear and you are in. NOT 43. Perez Hilton/Previously 16th WTF, why why why, no f'ing comment here
42. Rosie O'Donnell/Previously 31st She need to get back in the game, she should redo her talk show. I miss her
41. Nate Berkus/Previously 21st
40. Nancy Sutley
39. Ron Huberman
38. Tom Ford/Previously 25th
37. Adam Moss/Previously 29th
36. Jodie Foster/Previously 13th
35. Wanda Sykes/
34. Nick Denton/Previously 22nd
33. Martha Nelson/Previously 17th
32. Chris Hughes
31. Jeremy Bernard and Rufus Gifford/Previously 32nd
30. Brian Graden/Previously 15th
29. Michael Patrick King
28. Neil Patrick Harris
27. Christine Quinn/Previously 18th
26. Bryan Lour…

Just a Thought

When I snap this shot I had to wonder if we as gays and lesbians we every be this free to show this type of affection in public.

Do you ever think we will be this free?