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CRP: Douglas Block Project, was it worth the Money?

The Douglas Block is a public-private redevelopment project that will result in a thriving commercial center in Downtown Rocky Mount. Phase One of the Douglas Block calls for the renovation of six historically significant buildings, all of which comprised the African American business district of the downtown area in the early to mid-1900’s. The $8 million effort to redevelop this site has been financed by a combination of historic tax credits, new market tax credits, a Section 108 HUD Loan, and public investment. This special financing structure allows for unique and remarkable opportunities for locating your business at the Douglas Block.

Today was the so-called grand opening of this Block Happen. There was nice crowd of folks at this event.

Which by the way is noway finish at all. Yes, Most of the buildings are done and sidewalk is down, however No lamp posts are in yet, The road in front on of the Main Douglas Block Building isn't yet finish at all.  Landscaping i…

NAACP Wants Sally to Resign, good luck

I’m afraid that no matter what this Cow will stay in office.
NAACP state president Anthony Douglas wants Kern to resign. “This is an outrage. We're calling for her to go today. She needs to step down now," he said. Under the leadership of Benjamin Todd Jealous, the NAACP has accelerated its support of gay rights and sought to recruit more gay leaders and people from diverse racial backgrounds. Kern apologized for her remarks Thursday. While the speaker of the House Kris Steele said he disagreed with her, he accepted the apology, reports KOCO TV. State representative Mike Shelton said he wants Kern reprimanded. "There is no place for those kind of comments on the floor of the Oklahoma House of Representatives or the Oklahoma State Senate," Sheldon said.
because Sally Kern the Oklahoma legislator said that black people have higher rates of imprisonment because they are lazy.

Its either full free speech or none at all..

Qnotes polls on the matter is getting very interesting.
as you can see the number of those folks whom believe its ok to block certain types of speech is growing.

What speech do these eight folks want to block. Hate speech, which is in itself is very hard to describe, since what is hateful to one may not be hateful to another.

So its either full free speech or none at all. So LGBT community what will it be, since we are just as guilty of hate speech against those whom don’t share our views.. Either we want full free speech or none. We can’t have it both ways, no matter what Gay Inc. Claims…

Comic’s on Notice don’t fuck with the Dykes in Canada…

This post could also be named with the LBGT Community standard be the Death of Free Speech in Canada and USA????

VIA the Advocate, My FoxLA, and Vancouver Sun.

- ((from left) Guy Earle and Lorna Pardy, photo credit to it owners taken from the
Proving that the Canada BC Human Right Tribunal is a full fucking idiots. 
VANCOUVER -- A Toronto comedian and Vancouver restaurant owner were ordered to pay $22,500 by a B.C. Human Rights Tribunal on Thursday after the standup comic hurled a torrent of sexual insults at a woman and her same-sex partner during a comedy show three years ago. Yes, another damn fucking D*ke Bitch who can’t take a joke is suing.

I have to wonder will LGBT Equality Rights be the final cut that Kills Free Speech in North America?? If so then I don’t want equality, I would RATHER HAVE MY FULL RIGHT OF FREE SPEECH, THEN EQUALITY.

The asshole who made the ruling Murray Geiger-Adam, said the following
“His attack showed every sign of being calculated to infli…

Matt Doesn’t like others point of View..

Back in April 2nd  issue, Matt wrote as Editor’s the following column, “Marching backward to the beat of a despotic drum,” that attempts to write discrimination into state constitutions across the nation could.

A guy name Steve posted a comment, click here to see full comment.
Well it would seem this comment has got Matt’s knickers in a knot..

That he had to address this 18 days later on Qnotes, See post here. See Quote from Matt about post
The column was, admittedly, facetious — at least, in part. I’m more optimistic than to think our nation is completely headed to hell; unlike Tea Partiers, Birthers and other similar ilk, I believe our nation is ultimately on the right track, primarily because I still believe in the power of our democracy, the power of people to make change and the power of right to triumph over evil. I’ve often taken Martin Luther King, Jr.’s famous words to heart: “Let us realize the arc of the moral universe is long but it bends toward justice.”So what pissed Matt…

This and That

@ncgovoffice: 37k are losing unemployment b/c of political game played by the #NCGA. 2 real ppl tell their stories:

Republicans repeatedly rejected Dem amendments for clean, standalone bill, that would separate budget & unemployment benefit issues. #ncga

Scott Mooneyham's take on the recent political doings between the #NCGA GOP leadership & #NCGOV Perdue (D)

Higher Power Bills for North Carolinians are Coming!

Drug treatment court, family court targeted by lawmakers seeking budget cuts.

Okay, so who will be the one to attack this as being counterproductive?
… via @youtube

BREAKING: Lakers’ Kobe Bryant fined $100K after GLAAD speaks out.. over at Joes blog I love this quote about the Kobe Bryant issue. Also at Joes; Pete Labarbera is piss about Glaad Award that Joe won.. Which in a strange way is correct.. Glaad has many times shown its double face… 

Just what we need a laz…

Q-The Double Standard??

When Equality NC was planning their Town hall Events,, Qnotes ran a piece with all the info and location, Yet they really didn’t give that much about the Greenville, NC Event. Since we all know that Q-notes don’t care about Eastern Carolina at all.

There is the proof,

How nice, a small tidbit “Another upcoming town hall will include a Greenville event on April 6.” No location given, so this Event happen somewhere in Greenville. Thankfully Equality NC did give more info then Qnotes did.

Which brings me to my current point..

See this post,
S.C. LGBT group to meet with FBI,See South Carolina is more important to Qnotes then Eastern Carolina.

I really have to wonder why Qnotes doesn’t like the EAST??? O, I’m sure the closer we get to first annual gay pride event on the OBX, Qnotes will be a buzz with all the events and activities..

Legislative Forum with Rep. Renee Ellmers

this is a effing outrage,The Rocky Mount Chamber of Commerce is forcing people to pay for the right to meet their Representative.. The cost $20 bucks..From their site..Legislative Forum with US Representative Renee EllmersDate: 4/19/2011
Time: 5:30 PM TO 7:15 PM
Event Description:
Legislative Forum featuring U.S. Representative Renee Ellmers discussing Health Care Reform. FEE: $20 per person or Table of 8 for $150. Check made payable to Rocky Mount Area Chamber of Commerce. CANCELLED!!

Some Just don’t get it: even hateful speech is still free speech, Period, get the F Over it.

This biweekly issue of Qnotes has a very interesting Poll. It deals with free speech. Many feel that their should be limits on it,only if its hateful or disrespectful. Well, folks the truth is on this one, you can’t have it both ways.. Free Speech is not a one way street.

Qnotes: POLL on this

Now some self hating jerk has voted No, on this poll. Well I’m sure this person in the future will not be at any protest or rallies. Cause face it, The right wing claims that gay friendly speech is hateful to them,and we claim their speech is hateful to us.

So who is right and who is wrong???

Wikipedia has this to say about Free Speech,

Freedom of speech in the United States is protected by the First Amendment to the United States Constitution and by many state constitutions and state and federal laws. Criticism of the government and advocacy of unpopular ideas that people may find distasteful or against public policy, such as racism, sexism, and other hate speech are almost always permitted. Th…

This Week this and that..

Local NC items..

The Voter Photo ID Bill being rammed through our legislature is a bad idea.

Despite a total lack of evidence that voter fraud is a problem in North Carolina, Republicans are pushing a bill that would cost North Carolina millions to implement, disenfranchise honest citizens, and make voting a bigger hassle for everyone.

Facebook, Flicker, Picasa, (please respect copyright)

Equality NC this Mouth had held town hall meeting to discuss Anti-Gay marriage amendment, that was recently refiled again this year.  Equality North Carolina held town hall meetings to rally support against a pair of “Defense of Marriage” acts recently introduced in the state legislature. Both acts would amend the state constitution to prohibit recognition of marriage between gay and lesbian couples; the Senate version would also prohibit other forms of relationship recognition such as civil union or domestic partnership.

Las Vegas housemate and former 'gay-for-pay" porn actor Dustin Zito, has a Gay Problem

From the Towleroad,
Real World: Las Vegas housemate and former 'gay-for-pay" porn actor Dustin Zito, expresses disgust over having a gay roommate. “Over the years, you get a level of paranoia. You’re walking and you see a gay person and you get nervous. And some of them approached me and I’m like, dude, you gotta back this up.” Video.

Read more:

I guess since he is not getting pay to get and give blow jobs and get and fuck a guy, he doesn’t want a gay roommate. Could it be that he is really gay in real life and doesn’t want those urges to come up. You know where he might sneak over to his roommate bed and take care of his roommate nocturnal-hards-ons.. One has to wonder, since in my book there is no such thing as gay-for gay,, these gay for pay actors are either bi or in the damn closet..

It all about sex in public parks..

Matt is determine to set the record straight on sex acts in Charlotte Public Parks…
The myth that gay men are predators is nothing new. Most gay or bisexual men hear it at some point in their lives, even from family members or close friends. The prejudiced myth dates back decades, if not centuries. A now-infamous educational film produced in 1958 and released in 1961 is among the most recognizable examples available in the public domain. Produced for the Inglewood, Calif., school district and police department, it cautions teenage boys against the evils of “homosexuals” lurking in public restrooms and parks.
Well, sometimes the truth hurts more then a lie. As much as Matt would like it not to be true, In many parks and restrooms around the country men to meet there for sex. To said that we don’t would be a right out lie.

Just because there isn’t a long list of arrests doesn’t mean that it doesn’t happen there. If one truly seek proof if sex is happening in your local parks, either s…