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The So-called Dallas Principles

Who are the founders of these Principles,
On May 15-17, 2009 in Dallas, Texas twenty-four thinkers, activists, and donors gathered to discuss the immediate need for full equality for lesbian, gay, bisexual transgender people in the United States.  Collectively they prepared The Dallas Principles. Click here to see the list for yourself.
Juan Ahonen-Jover, Ph.D.  - Miami Beach, FL Ken Ahonen-Jover - Miami Beach, FL John Bare - San Franciso, CA Jarrett Tomás Barrios - Boston, MA Dana Beyer, MD - Montgomery County, MD Jeffrey H. Campagna - New York, NY Mandy Carter - Durham, NC Michael Coe - Washington, DC Jimmy Creech - Raliegh, NC Allison Duncan - San Francisco, CA Michael Guest - Washington, DC Joanne Herman - Boston, MA Donald Hitchcock - Washington, DC Lane Hudson - Washington, DC Charles Merrill - Palm Springs, CA Dixon Osburn, Washington, DC Lisa Polyak, Baltimore, MD Barbra Casbar Siperstein, Edison, NJ Pam Spaulding - Durham, NC Andy Szekeres - Denver, CO Lisa Turner, Virginia Be…

The So-called Dallas Principles

Just a Thought Really

If these two Lawyer who filed the Prop8 lawsuit wins, and Gay Marriage become to all 50 states, would we still need those Org's that didn't want this suit to be filed???

The Pics that Obama is trying to block, ( might show cases of Female rape)

The Telegraphreports on the pictures Obama is trying to keep from the public eye:
At least one picture shows an American soldier apparently raping a female prisoner while another is said to show a male translator raping a male detainee. Further photographs are said to depict sexual assaults on prisoners with objects including a truncheon, wire and a phosphorescent tube. Larisa Alexandrovna recalls that pictures of this sort have already been released and re-posts them.
If this is true them Obama need to take his sorry bi-racial ass out of the white house... If our service member are over then raping then they need to be arrest and throw in jail.. Over there, not here, Ok, Obama its time to release those Photos,, unless you know that they are raping people now over there, no would you claim it would be our men in more harm way...

In April, Mr Obama’s administration said the photographs would be released and it would be “pointless to appeal” against a court judgment in favour of t…

Andrew Sullivan Take on the Lawsuit that Gay Groups don't want

"Make Change, Not Lawsuits"The ACLU, GLAD, Lambda, NCLR, the Equality Federation, Freedom to Marry, GLAAD, HRC and NGLTF are not happy about the Olson lawsuit:
In response to the California Supreme Court decision allowing Prop 8 to stand, four LGBT legal organizations and five other leading national LGBT groups are reminding the LGBT community that ill-timed lawsuits could set the fight for marriage back.  The groups released a new publication, “Why the ballot box and not the courts should be the next step on marriage in California.”  This publication discourages people from bringing premature lawsuits based on the federal Constitution because, without more groundwork, the U.S. Supreme Court likely is not yet ready to rule that same-sex couples cannot be barred from marriage.  The groups also revised “Make Change, Not Lawsuits,” which was released after the California Supreme Court decision ending the ban on marriage for same-sex couples in California.  This publication encou…

Gay Orgs Don't Want Federal Lawsuit , (lawsuit isn't theirs and no way to make money)

Let talk about one reason that they aren't talking about,, this suit wasn't bought by them they didn't have they sticky hands in on it.. If they are not apart of the Lawsuit they can't ask us for money that is the main reason.. Last November Prop8 bought in Millions of dollars for these groups that is what they were hoping for this time again as well..

Former U.S. Solicitor General Theodore B. Olson and David Boies, who represented then-Vice President Al Gore in the contested election, have joined forces to tackle the same-sex marriage issue, which has deeply divided Californians and left 18,000 gay couples married last year in legal isolation. In a project of the American Foundation for Equal Rights, Olson and Boies have united to represent two same-sex couples filing suit after being denied marriage licenses because of Proposition 8. Their suit, to be filed in U.S. District Court in California, calls for an injunction against the proposition, allowing immediate reins…

Sister Unity take on Prop8 ruling

Pam has gotten a very vital Email from a Fruitloop off his/her meds....

Pam Should have posted the email address of this sick fuck, but Pam being the lady that she is chose not to..
------- Original Message --------
Subject: Prop 8!
Date: Tue, 26 May 2009 23:41:39 -0700 (PDT)
From: redacted email
To: tips at
Lady...oh excuse me "DYKE!"
I've just spent the last humorous hour reading some of the rubbish on that site of yours. I find it overwhelmingly pleasing to know that the Gay rights agenda, or movement as you'd probably prefer to call it, has such a distasteful hatred for the religious right.
You despicable parasites are just as bigoted as the ones you choose to accuse!
The Prop 8 situation in California is a prime example. You all cry about the rule of law and how you feel that all you freaks are being treated like 2nd class citizens...yet, when Prop 8 comes along and is done in a legal manner by way of the voters of your just cannot agree with it.
The absolute funniest damn part of this whole thing is …

One in a Million- Video Saturday

Bosson- One in a Million

Happy Birthday to ME

Yes I'm another year older, bit wiser, and very tired of it all..

Movie Quote, From which one

I am sick to death of straight people. Tell the truth. Aren't you? There's just too goddamned many of them. I was in a bank the other day. They were everywhere-- writing checks, making deposits. Two of them were applying for a mortgage. It was disgusting They're taking over. No one wants to talk about it, but it's true.

Are Cops the NEW Gangs of Thugs on our street

Cop Charged In Bike Assault Road Rage Incident
Is it illegal to video tape police? Stockton California Police

Gay men and ideals of beauty

Matt over at InterstateQ has post four very informative and intuitive post about our community, click here visit his site. Click here for his other post 1, 2, 3, and 4.

The post I would like to talk about is most recent, called Gay Men and Ideals of Beauty, which I have, which I named my post after. It was written by Devon Hunter; visit his blog by clicking here.

As I sit here writing this post, which is just my personal thoughts on the subject matter, I know that an email will claimed that I have miss the point behind the story. That I have some type of internal homophobia, and that I’m a self-hating fag.

In the post he talks about the armor, we adapt to protect ourselves for rejection.
Beauty, and the pursuit of it, can be inspirational, but it is also the fuel for many destructive fires. Beauty can be dangerous. In fact, very often danger itself is exactly what defines beauty (or at least that which is desirable in some way). We gay men very often burn with desire to possess beauty…

Gay America Wake the Fuck up and Smell the bullshit

From Queeerty,
We told Press Secretary Robert Gibbs last week: Get up to that podium for a press conference and the administration will be quizzed on on its failed pledges to the gay community. Like Don't Ask Don't Tell, which Obama is supposedly repealing. We say "supposedly" because, well, he is not. So "supposedly" actually goes to far. That's because Gibbs, in the above press conference yesterday, keeps saying the president is working with military leaders on an effective way to repeal DADT. Oh, EXCEPT THAT HE ISN'T.
Face it Gay American Obama is fucking lying to us, he fucking used us like Clinton did. He never had any plan on repealing DADT.

Queer as Folk Music Set

Queer As Folk - Shine (Babylon Remix)
QUEER AS FOLK - Proud (Peter Presta Final Mix)
Queer as Folk "It's Raining Men"
Queer as Folk -Brian and Justin- "Take My Breath Away"

Proof that cops abuser and killer with badges...

Birmingham police beating video

more click hereThe five officers have since been fired after a dashboard camera video surfaced this week in court.

The Conspiracy of Facts

How long before some claim this was a hate crime..

from Q-note

Police say Gary Rezendes and the victim met through the “casual encounters” section of Craiglist and decided to meet in person on April 4 at a Vision Rd. Home Depot parking lot. Sgt. Sean Pearson of the Apex Police Department told Q-Notes that Rezendes was carrying a knife, stole $40 from the victim and fled the scene afterward. The victim was unharmed.

“From my interview with [Rezendes], he had stated that the whole purpose of being on [Craiglist] was to commit a robbery, that there was no previous intent of meeting anyone,” Pearson said. “He was on Craigslist initially looking at things to buy and saw the ads in the personals and thought of it as a quick way to make some money by committing a robbery.”
Ok let see how long it take for some in the LGBT community to claim he target gay men to rob. That this is a hate crime as well. Since LGBT swear that every crime against us is a Hate Crime.. So let the Hate Crime Claims start....

Could $cientolgoy be a Domestic terror cell...

Under today's laws would and could $cientology be classified as a domestic terror cell if they did their past operation called "Operation Snow White?" If so just how would Homeland Security handle them today.

So what was Operation Snow White about, it was a mass infiltrations and thefts from 136 government agencies, foreign embassies and consulates, as well as private organizations critical of Scientology.

Under this program, Scientology operatives committed infiltration, wiretapping, and theft of documents in government offices, most notably those of the U.S. Internal Revenue Service. Eleven highly-placed Church executives, including Mary Sue Hubbard (wife of founder L. Ron Hubbard and second-in-command of the organization), pled guilty or were convicted in federal court of obstructing justice, burglary of government offices, and theft of documents and government property. The case was United States vs. Mary Sue Hubbard et al., 493 F. Supp. 209 (D.D.C. 1979).Mary Sue Hub…

Scientology douchebag Complete Liars

No wonder TC, and JT, feel so comfortable at the church

If we are "immortal spiritual" has the founder of Scientology claim then why are we dying??

Its funny that so many member of this church as gay rumors attach to them..(well at least two does)

Just when will Nicole Kidman write a tell all book about her time with the church and TC??

Question to the former Mrs Cruise, Just how many Closets where in your bedroom, and who's were bigger?

Olbermann On Steele: WTF? Now you know why

Keith Olbermann rips apart Michael Steele's claim that gay marriage costs small businesses money.
Proof why black GOP people are in the closet, they are just so stupid.. Steele the GOP puppet, I see the White GOP have found themselves a slave...

love these oxymoron's "gay republicans", "Black republicans".

Obama: Don't Flip Flop On DOMA

Via press release:
The first ever federal lawsuit against Section 3 of DOMA ("Defense Of Marriage Act") was filed on March 3, 2009 by GLAD (Gay & Lesbian Advocates & Defenders) on behalf of eight same-sex married couples and three surviving spouses from Massachusetts who have been denied federal legal protections available to spouses. They served the government with the lawsuit the week of April 27th and now the Department of Justice, under President Obama's authority, has until the week of June 22nd to respond.
President Obama now has a choice -- direct Attorney General Eric Holder and the Justice Department to defend DOMA in court or keep his campaign promise by asking Holder not to defend this unconstitutional law.
A national grassroots effort has been released on May 18, 2009 known as the DOMA Flip Flop campaign. Endorsing organizations include Join The Impact , , Join The Impact MA , and the Cambridge Democratic City Comittee . Organizers are aski…

Cell Phone Sex Advice, get the NCFPC knickers in a knot

North Carolina Family Policy Council president Bill Brooks, who was interviewed for the New York Times article, said that he was concerned about the text line interfering with parental rights. “If I couldn’t control access to this information, I’d turn off the texting service,” Brooks told the New York Times. “When it comes to the Internet, parents are advised to put blockers on their computer and keep it in a central place in the home. But kids can have access to this on their cell phones when they’re away from parental influence—and it can’t be controlled.”That is right the folks over at the NCFPC wants their kids to deaf, dumb and blind. These are the same folk who shit brick when sweet little sue comes home at the age of 16 and tell mommy and daddy that she will soon be a mommy as well.  These are the same jerks who tell their kids to get off once their kids come out. Nice parents rights, these are the folks who kids later in life become bombers and killers.

Latter Days Meet Lilies

Over at Pam’s House Blend there this little post. CAMBRIDGE -- A fire broke out this morning during a meeting at the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints outside Harvard Square in Cambridge, sending members spilling out onto the street. The blaze, which hit three alarms, began at 10:37 a.m. in the church at at 4 Longfellow Park, off Brattle Street, according to Cambridge Fire Department Supervisor Kirk Warner. No injuries have been reported. According to Cambridge Fire Chief Gerald Reardon, the fire, which was fought with 22 engines, seven ladder companies, and about 80 firefighters, was brought under control sometime after noon. Reardon said the fire started in the attic, but he did not know the cause.Yes the two shall meet in the middle. Latter days boys meet the boys of Lilies in the attic of love.. Instead of Christian and Aaron, we have Simon and Vallier meeting in the attic of their church/school for some personal RR. This is where they were when Bilodeau confess his love…

Charlotte pride vs. Black Pride

I was fortunate enough to perform at Pride Charlotte 2008 and events for Charlotte NC Black Gay Pride 2008, giving me the opportunity to see for myself what each celebration had to offer. Pride Charlotte welcomes a diverse crowd, however, fails to embrace the forms of creative expression developed by and typically found in the black/Latino community (ball culture, for example). [Ed. Note -- Members of Charlotte's local ball community have performed at past Pride Charlotte festivals.]
I just don’t know about that at all.I personally feel black community simply don’t want to share the event with us. I can tell you if we really did a pride event with no blacks at you know what we would be call..

The so-called ball culture is nothing more then an over the top drag gang shows. Yes this type of show doesn’t really have a place in a family oriented pride, then again neither have a float with half naked men dancing in briefs or g-strings. so lets call it a draw on that issue.

cultural dif…

Video Saturday

Europe-The Finial Countdown
Madonna - Don't cry for me argentina
Madonna - You'll See

Summer LGBT Events

I see its time for our annual summer events here in NC, which in itself is so damn depressing that it's not funny. I have been a fully blown critic of our community for sometime and it not going to stop anytime soon. Lets look at some our Local LGBT events gong up this summer/fall shall we.

First we have the Triad Pride Festival, follow by two events, one is Boone Pride and the other is Wilmington Pride, and Equality NC 2009 Conference and Gala that will be held in November in Greensboro. I see the only event east of interstate 95 is Wilmington, which is really southeast of 95. Let's not forget our state pride weekend that will be held again this year in Durham, I love the way they throw Raleigh into the title to make people think the Pride events are in Raleigh which they are not, but in Durham.

Hundreds even maybe thousands of LGBT people from NC other state will attend the 2009 Pride events in our state. I still have to wonder why is every damn LGBT event west of 95; I mea…

Dan Choi, bitching and whining about being discharged, He came Out..

LT Dan Choi, West Point graduate and officer in the New York Army National Guard, has written a letter to his Commander-in-Chief, Barack Obama, and to Congressional leadership, begging to not be discharged. This patriot loves his country, loves his teammates, and does not want to be sent away. His company does not want him sent away. The Knights Out website has the full text of LT Choi's letter.

Lets recap, he knows about DADT, He chose to go on National TV and come out, and now because of his own actions, he wants everyone to feel sorry for his stupid ass, He is the one would told everyone that he was gay, it wasn’t like he was outed by someone else, This jerk need to take responsible for getting his gay ass kicked out.

O’ Choi cry me a fucking river, you damn douche bag....

National News: GLAAD-Trained Iowa Lesbian Couple on Oprah

5/4/2009GLAAD-trained Iowa couple Maryfrances and Stephanie Evans were featured on “Oprah.” They shared the heartwarming commitment to each other and spoke about their wedding, which took place right after the show. Maryfrances and Stephanie participated in a GLAAD media spokesperson training in the week following the Iowa Supreme Court’s unanimous decision extending marriage equality. The couple worked with One Iowa, GLAAD, and Lambda Legal to be featured in a variety of news outlets over the past two weeks to share their story.
Oprah segment:,Sorry the video have been report due to a copyright claim,

What I want to know is why would GLAAD need to trained a couple to go to the Oprah show,, I know they might have been members of GLAAD sick little group, however training to go on to a talk show to make sure we look good for the America Public.. To make sure they say the right thing, make su…

Glaad’s undie’s in a Knot over fake bi-teens... on Dr Phil Show.

From Queers United Blog,
UPDATE: 5/09/09: It appears our efforts have been successful! GLAAD is reporting that the Dr. Phil show is giving up on their search for "fake bisexuals", at least for now.

When GLAAD called about concerns over the show, the response was:

"We are not planning on doing a show like this right now or in May sweeps. We are going into hiatus next week and will not be taping for a while. We have many plugs up because we are always looking for interesting stories. If a story like this should come to fruition we will attempt to contact you."

The last thing they want anyone to know is that they were pressured by activists. I truly believe it is our efforts that have led to this show not airing. If they do try and bring up a similar show in the future, we will definitely call them out on it. Thanks for all of your letters to "Dr" Phil McGraw.
4/30/09 In an upcoming show called "Teen Pretending to be Bisexual?" The show is asking fo…

Are These Kids Lives more important then other’s Kids lives

Jessie’s Law- Jessica Lunsford Act.-The law is named after Jessica Lunsford, a young Florida girl who was raped and murdered in February 2005 by John Couey, a previously convicted sex offender. Public outrage over this case spurred Florida officials to introduce this legislation. Among the key provisions of the law are a mandatory minimum sentence of 25 years in prison and lifetime electronic monitoring  of adults convicted of lewd or lascivious acts against a victim less than 12 years old. In Florida, sexual battery or rape of a child less than twelve years old is punishable only by life imprisonment with no chance of parole.

Meghan’s Law- is an informal name for laws in the United States requiring law enforcement authorities to make information available to the public regarding registered sex offenders. Individual states decide what information will be made available and how it should be disseminated. Commonly included information includes the offender's name, picture, address, …

Pat Robertson at it again with this Pedophilia

Interesting Headlines

Peru: Police cadets fight dismissal due to gay rumors  »  Blabbeando

I've certainly been burning that 'annotations' function over at YouTube as of late and here's another video which I've used the function to translate what's being said on-screen to English.In this case, the news report is about a couple of police academy cadets who were dismissed from school in 2003 based on rumors that they were gay. As Diario de Lima reports, Peru's constitution bans discrimination based on sexual orientation, but what if they neither man identifies themselves as gay?Well, the Peruvian Constitutional Court has already ruled that one of the students was unfairly dismissed, and a Constitutional Court

Matt, we've addressed your fallacies countless times. Now we're gonna a-dress ya, buddy.  »  Good As You

Senate sponsors and liberal activist proponents of the federal “hate crimes” bill, S. 909, have been caught in a series of bald-faced lies. So confident am I of this…

My fav weekly round items


Shock but I have to agree with NOM on this one

Copyright Experts Blast Hilton Claims Against NOM AdMay 6, 2009 – 2:41 pmCopyright bloggers aren’t looking too favorably at Perez Hilton’s attempt to silence NOM’s “No Offense” TV ad. As one copyright expert said, Hilton “ignor[es] the fair use elephant in the room.”From Ben Sheffner at Copyrights & Campaigns:Rubenstein’s letter simply ignores the elephant in the room: fair use. Often a letter like this will include a section saying something like, “We expect that you will claim that your conduct is protected under the fair use doctrine. But that is incorrect, for the following reasons…” Here, the fair use defense is so strong that I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that Lavandeira’s attorneys can’t even muster up an argument why it doesn’t apply.And Sam Bayard at the Citizen Media Law Project agreed:The blogosphere is buzzing about Perez Hilton’s recent foray into copyright bullying. Last week, the celebrity blogger, whose real name is Mario Lavandeira, sent a DMCA takedown notice …

HRC lays off 13 staffers

Cites ‘economic conditions’ as reason for cuts
By CHRIS JOHNSON, Washington Blade | May 7 2009, 12:49 PMThe Human Rights Campaign announced Thursday the layoffs of 13 employees, a cut that reduces its workforce by about 9 percent.HRC President Joe Solmonese attributed the layoffs to a challenging economic climate."The Human Rights Campaign, like so many other non-profits in this economy, has had to adjust its budget to comport with economic conditions," he said in a statement to the Blade. "We have undertaken a number of steps to achieve savings in all areas of the organization, however we cannot avoid reducing personnel costs."Solmonese said the cuts came from staff involved with operations, development and communications. He noted that, "it is our hope that no further reduction will be necessary."Brad Luna, an HRC spokesperson, said 11 of the 13 who lost their jobs were unionized employees and one of the employees held a management position. Luna d…


The first gay synagogue,Beth Chayim Chadashim in Los Angeles, founded in 1972. The synagogue was formed after two gay men and two lesbians attending a rap session at the Los Angeles Metropolitan Community Church  in April 1972 discovered they were all Jewish and decided to form a Temple of their own. Continuing to meet at MCC till it burned,, they held their first service in July 1972 and were chartered two years later by the Union of American Hebrew Congregations. In 1977 the congregation acquired its own building, dedicated in 1981
The Largest Gay SynagogueCongregation Beth Simchat Torah in New York. Founded in 1973, this the second gay synagogue in the US., is the largest in the world with more than a thousand members

Duh, No shit, Really, Damn didn’t see that coming

WOW what can I say

As a follow-up, Sick... I went through the past five issues of Q-Notes and counted and tallied our news coverage by geographic area. I thought you should know that only 29% of news and features coverage focused on Charlotte. The overwhelming majority (71%) of news coverage was from areas outside Charlotte Metro.
I didn’t mean to add to  your work load, however If I’m wrong so be it, that doesn’t change the fact the communities east of 95 gets very little mention. Yes I know that there is no LGBT Communities Centers east of 95 and that in those communities its a peer to peer network connecting by Facebook and yahoogroups and googlegroups. That doesn’t mean that they don’t exist. Greenville has a small LGBT community, true most are so far in the damn closet its not funny. however, there is a community there. I also know that in there is a small LGBT in East of NC, those counties are Chowan County, Currituck County, Pasquotank County, Perquimans County, Camden County, Edgecombe County, H…

This Proves my point about same sex Marriage

“Lesbians to attempt first gay marriage in Russia”Reuters: “A lesbian couple will try to defy deep-rooted Russian homophobia next week in the first attempt at a gay marriage even though rights activists say it will be rejected outright.”

Two Lesbians getting to get marry in a land where they won't even allow a gay pride march,MMMM. Who wants to bet that these two ladies are going to get attacked...

Just a thought, who is really behind same sex marriage any way?? It seems that Lesbians are the real ones would want this.. so it same-sex or Lesbian Marriage???

Is there Life east of 95

UPDATE 5/4/09 @ 1:24 PM
I often feel that LGBT community east of Instate 95 is being left out. I know there gays and Lesbians east of 95 that don’t let themselves be known. They want to live a simple life, not drawing much attention to themselves most of the time.

I often think the reason behind this is because they are left out.

Every LGBT Event is either held west of 95 in Raleigh,  Greensboro, Charlotte and Ashville. Pride is always held in Charlotte and Durham and some times in Raleigh. HRC hold their events in Raleigh and Charlotte. Nothing is ever held east of 95. Why is that?

When I move to NC back in winter of 91 I remember there was three LGBT Newspapers, (at this time i can only name two) Q-notes, and the Front page.

Q-Notes is a lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) newspaper serving North Carolina and South Carolina. It is based in Charlotte, N.C., and publishes every other week. The paper was originally started in 1983 as the monthly newsletter of Queen City Qu…


Dozens of out-of-state same-sex couples have flocked to Iowa since it legalized gay marriage. More than half the same-sex couples who applied to be married in Pottawattamie (pah-tuh-WAH’-tah-mee) County in western Iowa came from Nebraska, one of four neighboring states with constitutional amendments banning gay marriage. …Read the full story from The Associated Press.Yes let all run to a state that allow us to get marry then go back home where its not worth anything,,