Friday, June 11, 2010

What our community doesn't need

If the only way this company can sell it's ugly sun glasses then they need to crash and burn..
This ad make us out to sex addicts. That every thing we do must include a cock.


Sir Vaughn Releases “Gay Sex Sells” 2010 Ad Campaign.

[NYC, New York, June 7th, 2010] – Sir Vaughn, ( an online store dedicated to selling custom made sunglasses, and accessories, has released an ad campaign directed toward its target market: Gay men ages 18-35.

About the Ad Campaign: The “Gay Sex Sells” 2010 Ad Campaign features one man, performing oral sex on another man, while wearing “Rockstar Warrior” Sunglasses from the Summer 2010 Sir Vaughn Collection. “The idea behind the campaign is to remind the viewer that although they, and their partner may look attractive to one another naked, and during sex; they’d look much better with Sir Vaughn sunglasses on”, said Fashion Photographer Giana Evolee, who shot the Ad Campaign. Genitals were tastefully blurred out so that the ad campaign may reach a broader audience.

A similar ad campaign featuring a heterosexual couple will be released later this month.

For more information, please email us, or visit

I hate to see the so call str8 ad, what will be a women giving the bj, or a guy licking some boobs.. I notice they have come out with one for our gay sisters..

I recieved this in my email, it won't be move at all..

Better yet, I'll make sure we add you to the top of our mailing list.

-Geo Vaughn
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Crap like is not what our community needs… and don’t ever spam me again

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