Sunday, June 5, 2011

Qnotes Story of the week

q-notes2Via Qcloset,

Matt quoted the N&O editorial Called Disruption,

the Quote from N&O,

They also escalated a tactic that’s been used before in the current legislative session. Twice, protesters in the visitors galleries have interrupted business on the floor. One of those incidents, late last month, led to the arrest of the NAACP’s state president. Taking protests to the chamber floor intensifies the potential for confrontation. It vents anger and frustration but otherwise accomplishes nothing.

There are countless reasons why many North Carolinians are upset with the current, Republican-controlled General Assembly. GOP-backed bills calling for a constitutional amendment to bar gay marriage or domestic partnerships certainly rank near the top of that list. Such an amendment, limiting citizens’ rights, would be unwise and unhelpful. But if it is to be defeated, it will have to be by winning arguments and gaining votes, not by outshouting people or shutting down the legislative process.

Now is the problem, I have been officially block by Matt from Commenting  on any story, no matter if my comment is neg or pos,

but I just love this comment

N&O- Disruption at legislature unhelpful « QNotes - Carolina LGBT arts, entertainment, news, views_1307313651466

Now If I wrote this it would have been block or removed..

So Appellation calls GetEqual Pathetic, Where was Appellation, Was he at the Rally, or the bookstores or the parks tearooms????

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