Wednesday, June 27, 2012

This and That from the LGBT Community…

Well I guess we sure start off with my favorite site, Q-notes. 2012-6-27

Qnotes every two week release it new Newspaper/e-paper or e-mag. Some time back they start releasing this paper on another site. They used to have a download link, where you could download a current issue as a pdf. However site the new editor and the returning editor could never get the link to work right on the day of the release it would seem that Matt the returning editor has decided to do away with the link.

The GA Voice is reporting the following, 2012-6-27

LGBT activists say they are planning a protest of Sharon Needles' appearance in Atlanta on Wednesday, claiming the winner of "RuPaul's Drag Race" is guilty of racist and bigoted comments. But Needles has defended her work and the host of her Atlanta appearance said he has not been able to document instances of offensive behavior.

God forbid is you don’t do as Gay Inc say or approve of you actions. They will send their minions to protest you and in general fuck up your livelihood.  

Recently there was LGBT reception at the Whitehouse, where some of our so called LGBT thought it was funny giving the Middle finger to Reagan gay activists white house_thumb[4]

Three LGBT activists,  Mark Segal, Matthew “Matty” Hart and  Zoe Strauss, are under fire today for posting photographs of themselves on Facebook giving the middle finger to President Ronald Reagan’s official portrait while attending the LGBT Pride Reception at the White House.

these are the people who is representing us as a community, Really bitches Please. More Gay INCers acting like complete faggots and cunts in public.

Here is another Local well known Gay Activist making us all look bad and as pedophiles,

Veteran LGBT rights activist Larry Brinkin was arrested on Friday for the possession of child pornography. Brinkin is a former member of the San Francisco Human Rights Commission.

LarryBrinklinPolice say that Brinkin had pornographic images, some that appear to show children as young as 1 and 2 or 3 years old being sodomized and performing oral sex on adult men, in e-mail attachments linked to his account, according to a search warrant served by San Francisco police. Representatives of America Online contacted authorities after coming across e-mail attachments from one of its subscriber's accounts containing what they believed to be child pornography. The Los Angeles Police Department, which was assigned to the case, traced the IP address associated with the account,, to Brinkin, a San Francisco resident, according to court records. Los Angeles police forwarded the case to San Francisco police. San Francisco investigators say the account was registered to Brinkin, and that he paid for the e-mail service with his credit card. Police provided two examples of e-mail messages from last year in which Zack3737 provides disturbing descriptions of the exploitive sexual acts.

naturally Fundie Bryan Fisher didn’t waste anytime tweeting his thoughts.


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