Friday, November 16, 2012

Tweets and Qnotes Editor, and a rant..

First off I have been block (till I give an online apology to few GayIncers), which will never happen, from commenting on Qnotes Website and on Facebook, however this isn’t a big lost.

Recently Matt the editor of Qnotes wrote about a Rally and protest in Charlotte, NC. Who was the Ralliers and who were the Protesters?? It would seen that two local hate groups teamed up for a Rally, the Neo Nazis and the KKK. The Protesters were and is everyone who hate these two groups. The best part of the Protest were the clowns with their WHITE FLOUR rally cry, instead of WHITE POWER.

I tweet the following,

OMFG: really@qnotescarolinas when did it become our job to counter protest every hate group rally#gayinc #kkk #protests

I normally don’t get a reply back from Qnotes at all.. But on this one I did get a reply, Shocking isn’t.. here it is,,

@sickntired08 We didn't protesting. We reported. Many#LGBT ppl were present & the groups are anti-gay. Seems fair game for coverage.

ok so he reply but didn’t reply to what I was really tweating about, I was tweeting about this piece that he wrote,

Lack of local LGBT response questioned after hate groups rally

November 13, 2012 in News by Matt Comer

he reply to this one.

Neo-Nazi, KKK groups to rally in Uptown today

November 10, 2012 in News by Matt Comer

I’m glad that he cover the hate group event, but he basically bitch about that the local LGBT community leaders didn’t know about it or showed up to join in the protest.. of these two groups..

Now Since the Gay Agenda handbook have been lost, and we are just making shit up as we go along.. When and Where did it come to become that we as a community must show up and protest every damn hate group who comes to town??

Now the KKK and Neo Nazis have every right to hold rallies and hate who ever they like, just as we do.

SPLC have listed a bunch of Groups as Hate groups to kiss GayInc’s ass. Now why doesn’t SPLC take the list that they used to see who is a hate group and start judging some of our LGBT Groups.. to see how many fit their definition of a hate group.

I’m sure Matt would agree that I border on the line as a person of hate. Simply because I don’t follow GayINC playbook. Nor will I ever.

I see that we are forcing issues on folks, just like many of these hate groups do. Like the Lesbians who are forcing photographers, and land owner to host and photograph their wedding, Gay couple forcing Private BnB’s to give them a room for the weekend, Bakery to baker their special treats.. I firmly believes these folks sought out these Bakers, photographer, inn owners and caters who they knew that wouldn't take their business.

All so they could force these issues on them.. Making them the bullies now.

I have seen this type of action before and also read about it in the history books..

Our current actions of getting equality is becoming like what the Christians did to so many back in the day. Join us and do as we say or we will destroy you.. lucky so far GayINC has starting killing folks yet.. Well, that we know of..

GayINC via their many groups are slowing destroy our community.. We have Glaad who claim to be watching the media groups, while making under the table deal to look the other way on the actions of a few groups. Then HRC, who claims to be working so hard for us, why they are picking and choosing who to protect in our community.. and which group to throw under the bus to get some protection for the larger group..

But lets not forget my local Equality group here in NC,, i.e. Equality NC, who steal other people ideals and then tries to pass them off as theirs. Who did a postcard campaign to help prevent a vote on a constitutional amendment, but deliver the cards on the morning of the vote, which the senators at the NCGA didn’t get to see those cards from their constituents  at all. which meant it was a complete total waste of time and money.

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