Thursday, March 5, 2015

Gayinc Calling for Phone Harassment

This Past Monday Charlotte City Council meet to debate a LGBT protection measure bill, which would protect all LGBT from discrimination in Public accommodations. Which a course brought the fundies out.

VIA Qnotes, “Charlotte rejects LGBT-Inclusive ordinances after more than five hour public comment and debate.”

The vote was very close, but failed by a 6-5 vote , this was the second time in two decades that Charlotte has rejected this type of ordinance.. If it did pass Charlotte would have been the first city in NC to pass LGBT-inclusive public accommodations and other protections. Which would meant that LGBT people couldn’t be deny service in businesses open the public, like restaurants, hotels, bars or movie theaters.

Afterward on FB Tami Fitzgerald (NC Values Coalition) praise God, that it failed,

Now Janice Covington Allison, who is a Transgender person is calling for the LGBT and it allies to harass one the loudest fundie that was here. How you might ask, she public post his phone number on Facebook.

IMG_1700“Flip Benham’s phone number (980) 7XX-XXXX, ( I won’t be apart of this) Give this Bigot Hell. He is the one I got into a fight with in the Lobby. He is the one who called that young Trans a Boy.”

Ok, yes this guy Is a jerk on many levels, but to publicly post his number and asking folks to call and give a piece of their mind is wrong, and if the shoe was on the other foot, Even she would be bitching that is wasn’t polite, and it was/is harassment.. Period..

We can’t have it both ways..

What lead to the above attack on flip Benham, via Qnotes, Flip and Anti-lgbt activist confronted an Transgender teenager at the Government Center bathrooms. (note: Qnotes love to keep throwing up that Flip was once convicted for stalking a local abortion DR..) the young trans-gender person Olivia used the women restroom, which piss Flip off.. He call her a young man who should have used the men’s room. (note: Qnotes didn’t used her last name because of safety reasons..(bullshit) yet is ok to publish the haters info).  the other is that Ms. Allison was also confronted by an anti-lgbt activist on the second floor. (note: qnotes wasn’t able to speak to her about it, but she confirm it via text.)

“one of the most contentious components of the proposed ordinances had been an update to the city public accommodations law. Opponents have claimed it would allow predators to put women and children at harm.. Supporters of the ordinance have called such claims scare tactics and said transgender people are most of the targeted for harassment or violence, not the perpetrators of violence.”

I personally feel it was a set up.. knowing that emotions were running high and that there would be camera everywhere, they used it to make a point or a public show.. which seem to work cause after this they were talking about it at the podium.

I have to wonder if the actions of the local Transgender folks are to blame for this failure..

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