Friday, August 29, 2008

SNT: Golf Tour’s Rule: Speak English to Stay in Play

Published: August 26, 2008
Concerned about its appeal to sponsors, the women’s professional golf tour, which in recent years has been dominated by foreign-born players, has warned its members that they must become conversant in English by 2009 or face suspension.
“We live in a sports-entertainment environment,” said Libba Galloway, the deputy commissioner of the tour, the Ladies Professional Golf Association. “For an athlete to be successful today in the sports entertainment world we live in, they need to be great performers on and off the course, and being able to communicate effectively with sponsors and fans is a big part of this.
“Being a U.S.-based tour, and with the majority of our fan base, pro-am contestants, sponsors and participants being English speaking, we think it is important for our players to effectively communicate in English.”

I love this article, for one reason they aren't afraid to say if you play in American who must Speak the Language. At time I feel I'm in a foreign country. Why must I learn Spanish to work and live in my Country. Once I was a manager in a Fast Food Business, I won't said the name, McDonald's.

I told my manger it wasn't my job to learn to speak Spanish, to be able to work with the new employees. I was born here and live here and from day one was told this country nation language is ENGLISH, not Spanish, French, or German. If they come here to work then they need to learn the LANGUAGE.

If I decide to move to France then it makes sense that I must learn french to communicate with other in France. They shouldn't have to be force to learn english to communicate with me, if I am living and working there.

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