Friday, August 29, 2008

SNT: NY Poster in the Subways ADS

A campaign by the New York City Transit Authority to address a very real problem has been shelved, at least temporarily, for fear it might encourage the very behavior it's warning against.

Anyone female (and yes, many male) regularly riding New York's subways can testify that rush-hour groping is a very real problem. Even if you're trying not to touch someone's backside or privates, it frequently is impossible in the sardine can-like conditions. So if you're someone who gets off on it, it becomes a golden opportunity.

The TA had ads that announced, "Rub up against me and I'll expose you," but put them because, reports The N.Y. Post, they fear they'd provoke deviant behavior.

But were they also afraid of the ads becoming the subject of ridicule? Worth asking.

No matter what this as and campaign are for women only, so they will feel free to report any male that accidently touch them while riding in a very pack full subway train. I'm willy to be that 98% of the complaints will be file by women. just another law to make men into the bad guy and to increase the state sexual offenders list.

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