Thursday, April 4, 2013

The HRC Bully has Been name,

So just who was the this female (dyke bitch) who bully a Trans-gender person over a flag at the SCOTUS rally last week,

Her name is Karin Quimby, just because she is a white bitch, the LGb community will give her a free pass on her bullying of a Trans-person.

From the “we own the LGBT movement” HRC,

Karin Quimby joined the Human Rights Campaign in February 2010 as Regional Field Director. She manages the field and political activities in the Southern region of the United States, developing field organizing plans and implementing strategies to elect fair-minded candidates and to pass pro-equality federal, state and local laws. Karin comes to HRC with a strong background in both policy and politics. Prior to joining HRC, Karin was a district representative for a congresswoman and a field director for a congressional campaign. She managed a No on Proposition 8 field office in California and has significant experience in faith-based organizing and in building durable coalitions.
In addition, Karin has served as a board member for the Ventura County Rainbow Alliance, the One National Gay & Lesbian Archives, and the West Hollywood Lesbian and Gay Advisory Board. She also co-founded and co-directed the Environmental Coalition of Faith Communities, Santa Barbara. She has a PhD in English from the University of Southern California and, prior to turning to work in politics full time, taught film, literature and LGBT studies at the university level.
You may contact Karin by calling (202) 216-1584 or by email at wait she a Linked In profile too.

Her Facebook, Her twitter, she doesn’t tweet much her last tweet was on Jun 27, 2012

She has a past of bullying other Gay and Lesbians..

Just another self entitled dyke who thinks her shit don’t stink..

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