Saturday, August 7, 2010

Qnote's Busy Bee hard at work

It would seem after I post my post on the lack of coverage by Qnotes on the NOM Rally, Mr. Comer posted another article the same day, My was posted in the early am of the day.

I do thank him for letting the NC know that even FTM does care about us. They can't get their group here,but can work with ENC by email, fax, videos and other means; but can't show up.
I understand why He told I should work with a group. Activist vs Grassroot group, which one sounds and look better in print... Since most of our so-called Grassroots groups are funded by higher social standing LGBT's.
I can only guess that LGBT rights and causes are becoming like businesses, those with the $$$$$ makes the rules..

This is what I got when I set my counter protest.
Matt Comer commented on your status:

"Freedom to Marry is shadowing NOM's summer tour with their own LGBT and promarriage messages. You should check in with them before planning a protest - they are looking for local folks to help them organize activities. "

WOW, now sole activist now have to check in with major/national groups before planing any events/ protest and so..

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