Saturday, September 25, 2010

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It would seem that once again our very own LGBT Org’s have to select someone from another state to be a Keynote speaker at one of our Gala. This year NC Equality has selected Annise Parker simply because she is  Houston first lesbian Mayor… However I’m sure she isn’t the first homosexual to hold this type of office in the US..


Now there is another outrage over a fucking Marriage contest, this one happen to in NC where we don’t have the right to marry… However one again the bitching and whining (acting like a bunch of fucking babies) has paid off now gay couple can enter, however I bet they won’t win… Since we Can’t get Married in NC yet. Simply because no LGBT couples are willing to risk everything by suing for the right to.


I see there is another walk/run event for breast cancer,, Note the American Cancer Society there is more types of cancer in the world beside Breast Cancer, also when was last walk/run event for any type of cancer that effect men only????


Equality Forum has another Icon GLBT history month, where once again many are listed because they are rich and gay period…


From twitter I see the following


More talk about Pastor Eddie Long and sex charge with men, while being anti-gay

Wow a first NAACP leaders reaching out to the LGBT Community


And more Tran’s issue over fucking restroom. This over a school giving a trans (6th grader) a private bathroom.. whatthefuck, also the trans community and child parents are blaming to the school for her depression. Yet if the school allow this boy (too young to have things cut off and added) in the restroom, the rest of the school kids parents would be crying foul for have a boy in the girls rest and locker-room … The school is damned if they do and damned if they don’t. Lets blame the school and not the child fucking parents….who (parents)  n n,m,mm,is to blame in this case…  

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