Equality NC Blocks me, and 6 of ? Vigils

The Vigils so far.. (updated 8/2/2011 @ 7:04pm) (update 8/21 @ 8:22 pm)(8/24 @ 11:03 am) (9/3/2011)
  1. SANDHILLS ALLIANCE Vigil for Equality (Fay-ville)
  2. UNCW PRIDE Vigil For Equality (Wilmington)
  3. Winston-Salem Vigil for Equality
  4. Greensboro Vigil For Equality
  5. Asheville Vigil for Equality
  6. Charlotte Vigil for Equality
  7. Raleigh Vigil for Equality
  8. Duke and Durham Vigil for Equality
  9. Vigil for Equality Greenville
so that leaves four more, going by there Tweet post.. below.
so that mean, Raleigh, Charlotte, Greensboro, and Ashville. Past experience tell me there won’t be one in Eastern NC at all.. ok, a very slim chance of one.. I hope the folks of Greenville will hold one..
As for as being block, please I can see their posts, and follow them,, I know they still see mentions that I post… Just like Matt of Q-note who has block, he still Trolling my twitter account too… Just like how he trolls the bookstore in Charlotte, if not there then it the parks and rest area..
Fullscreen capture 8212011 73450 AM.bmp


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