Friday, August 19, 2011

Remember this

frontpage_smEastern NC Doesn’t matter to Qnotes nor Equality NC..mattcomer

Matt the Editor of the Q-notes said so.

Eastern NC is a waste of time and money, and yes I’m paraphrasing. They have limit resources and since Eastern NC is as large as Charlotte, Ashville, Greensboro, Durham, Raleigh or Chapel Hill, we are not worthy to be included in theirs newspaper.

However we might for the next two to three issues,, (more on that later), wait they did a few pieces on the first ever Outer Bank Pride fest.. Crumbs at best..

No at Qnotes goes out of their to do stories about the East, hell when the housing market failure, they make a lot of calls to real estate agents in Charlotte and the surrounding area, even Raleigh, but they just could bring themselves to call or email any Agents in the East. I can only guess that their computer crash, and the phones were cut, and their cell were being jammed..

Now Matty, attacks me thru my partner,, just how lame is that. He is to much a fucking coward that he couldn’t attack me directly..

49135_739060029_60629_nYes I went off after I found out that Equality Marriage Rally being held the following Day. Just who ideal was it, to hold it the very following day??

This douchebag, Alex Miller the new intern director which I’m the ENC Group will make give him the full job very soon..

Yes I said I hope that bills 777 and 106 passes and are voted into law.. Why, simple ENC and other group have fail LGBT Community in NC, not one fucking equality group ever try to sue to over turn the state law that states what marriage is and between who.. ENC sat around and did almost nothing for year, except give us galas, days of action, post cards and a stupid ass Fruit loop campaign..

Yes I said that I hope any car pools and buses get double flats  on their way there.. I hope that it will storm like hell..

I also hope that Every anti-gay person shows up too. Yes over all I hope the Rally and Vigils fail..

ENC is only trying to protect those jobs that are there.. ENC is now officially apart of GAY Inc..

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