Monday, September 12, 2011

So what now Matt

I would like to thank you for shooting down my partner David, scheduled rally, which was to be today. He had planned a very supportive gathering, but because of your biased opinion of me, you put your journalistic integrity aside and destroyed his ideas with an opinionated and slanderously unsupported writing.


Just think it could have been our voices that Rep. Marcus Brandon would have heard inside the chambers today’s. Instead it was the collective hateful speeches of the anti-marriage supporters. I hope you are happy with yourself. Good looking out for our so-called community.


I guess, thanks to you, ENC vigils and rallies will now be nothing more than a funeral processions for gay marriage in NC. Stay in Charlotte tomorrow – now you have a reason to not to come to Raleigh. We don’t need any more pallbearers. Beside I was taught at a young age that it is bad karma/respect for the person who causes another’s death to show up at their funeral. We will be attending in black mourning attire.


Now that all is said and done I will be calling for a ban on Qnotes, HRC, and mostly ENC for as much good as they did or more likely didn’t do for any of our causes. They are all useless and did nothing to support our community unless it benefits them in any way. Why would any self respecting gay person in North Carolina support any group that didn’t support them for anything by for monetary gains?


From now to May let the filling of the HRC and ENC other Groups Coffers began. After it was all about the money $$$$$$$$

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