Thursday, April 25, 2013

GayInc is piss at the State Dept, Over a Damn Visa for a Cuban LGBT Activist.

Cuban LGBT rights activist Mariela Castro, the niece of Fidel and daughter of president Raul Castro, has been denied a visa to attend a gay rights forum in Philadelphia.

Equality Forum Executive Director Malcolm Lazin said in a press release that Mariela Castro, executive director of the Cuban National Center for Sex Education (CENESEX,) several months ago accepted an invitation to speak on a panel at the University of the Arts on May 4. She was also scheduled to accept an award at the group’s annual dinner that will take place later that same day at the National Museum of American Jewish History.
Lazin said the State Department issued a visa to Castro that allowed her to attend meetings at the United Nations in New York City. He said the U.S. government refused to allow her to travel to Philadelphia to attend Equality Forum that will highlight Cuba. Lazin told the Washington Blade on Thursday the Cuban government attached Equality Forum’s invitation to its application for a visa that would have allowed her to attend the event.

Yes you read correctly and Gay INc is Pissed..

Disqus Id’er Dagoril had this to say

The State Department should explain itself. The "decline to comment" makes the US look bad.

Are they being petty to her because she's Cuban and not a refugee? Being petty to her because she is related to Castro? Being petty and homophobic generally? Being petty because of sex education that is not just "abstinence only"?

this commenter had this to say Markus Hayden Sutherland ,

Yet Chinese officials and officials from other totalitarian communist countries are allowed to come and go at will and even get red (pardon the pun) carpet treatment. And they're not here to promote any form of human rights.

other commenters are blaming the Cuba in Florida for this..

Yea GayINC get the fuck over it, and move on..

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