Wednesday, April 9, 2014

I think I hit a nerve

There is a little LGBT newspaper here in NC.. Yes it’s still alive..  Well, someone has an ideal for a piece i.e. a story…

from the site,

Not Your Typical Bartender, #1

now the guy who is writing this claims that this isn’t about sex or sex appeal.. after you submit you name and info, it tells you that your entry isn’t complete till  you submit a high-quality, high-resolution (300dpi) photo via email.

now if this little contest was truly about who is the best in Charlotte, then the bartender name and the bar name should be a enough.. Right.. wrong this contest is to help sell ad space for that edition of the paper.. and we all know in Advertising sex sell..

which of the two would you pick as the best bartender..


How we all in the LGBT community bars,, its all about sex appeal, period.

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