Wednesday, October 15, 2014

What a disappointment..

While the LGBT Communities of NC celebrates that Gay Marriage has come to NC, Qnotes have been reporting every LGBT marriage they can find, even live streaming one from Charlotte, but in truth they are mainly reporting those in the Charlotte area.

I tweeted the following,

Another LGBT news outlet tweeted this, Still nothing from Qnotes, so this was tweeted, Well They finally got around to it, kind of, it would seem that they only wrote about after getting word from ENC (Equality NC),
Statewide advocacy group Equality North Carolina said Tuesday it will work to ensure all couples have access to legally wed, now a constitutional right. Their moves come after an Eastern North Carolina magistrate refused to marry two men on Monday, the story going viral on Tuesday and landing in national news outlets and blogs.

Why the wait, if you live in Eastern NC you might know, its that Eastern NC doesn’t matter to Qnotes nor ENC, so yes it was shocking that ENC learn about, but how is the question?

To my knowledge VA Pilot News reported it first, I could be wrong, but I do know Qnotes wasn’t. if you are following Qnotes on Facebook this is how they reported it,

N.C. advocates monitoring anti-LGBT marriage discrimination QNotes 32088 n-c-advocates-monitoring-anti-lgbt-marriage-discrimination

see Eastern NC doesn’t matter to them, cause there isn’t a large number of gay and lesbian couples in the area so why bother..

more proof of this can be seen on their FB feed,

N.C. advocates monitoring anti-LGBT marriage discrimination QNotes 32088

see its all about Greensboro, Asheville, Durham, Raleigh, and a course Charlotte all other as elsewhere..

Non of this was shared on Google + at all..

Qnotes are not the only ones who ignore Eastern NC, Equality NC does it too, till they need more support or money.. BTW, Wilmington is not Eastern, its Southern since its almost of the line state line with South Carolina.. Jacksonville is more Eastern than Wilmington..

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