Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Snowflakes Professors are indoctrinating our Kids

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Western Michigan University maintains a set of guidelines to help students "avoid gender bias in writing," such as avoiding the terms "mothering" and "fathering."

 I thought one when to college to learn and expand their knowledge of the living world. Not to be reprogrammed by bunch of Snowflakes who can't handle life as it is.

Yes I agree some terms should be update since they are no-longer solely done by one gender/sex.. Mankind, to people or Humanity, manpower to workforce or employees fireman to firefighters, but to erase the term Mother and Father, Mothering and Fathering solely because of some gender confuse people is wrong..

They claim these aren't inclusive enough, and will prevent errors in future documents like  birth certificates

All because of this douche bag, Dr. Brian Gogan.. Dr. Brian Gogan is an assistant professor in rhetoric and writing studies in the Department of English at Western Michigan University. 
The Dr is clearly bowing down to GayInc and TransInc..  

He stated, In addition to the common admonitions against terms like “fireman” and “mankind,” the guide also advises that students avoid the words “mothering” and “fathering,” suggesting “caring” or “nurturing” in place of “mothering” and “begetting, creating, [or] fostering” as an alternative to “fathering.”

This clearly a case of indoctrination, pure and simple.. 

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