Wednesday, August 5, 2009

This is now happening over here, no longer in England..

According to the group’s website:
We are proud to announce the formation of a new campaign for photographers’ rights – I’m a Photographer, Not a Terrorist!
Photography is under attack. Across the country anyone with a camera is targeted as a potential terrorist. This campaign is for everyone who values visual imagery and press freedom.
This campaign will co-ordinate a collective response to the restrictions on photography across the country. We will be organising events where photography is restricted to show how pointless these restrictions are. It will also be an information resource for photographers’ rights and will map areas where photography is restricted.
Come to the launch party for this new campaign on Saturday the 8th of August at The Foundry in East London from 6pm till late. We’ll have:
* Good Cop – Bad Cop slideshow
* Interactive self portrait photo-booth
* Screening of a ‘Silly Season’ slideshow and other delights at 8pm
* And a guest appearance from the ‘Hackney Secular Singers’

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