Thursday, August 27, 2009

Whats Eating Tami Fitzgerald this Month

Well not her (you fill in),

Tami has gotten her panties in a knot, she is so Mad that NC Court of Appeals has upheld an adoption granted by a Durham judge to state Senator Julia Boseman, But wait this isn't the only thing that in her panties,, She really mad over this one as well..The City of Durham became the third North Carolina city to support same-sex marriage, when its City Council unanimously passed a resolution this week asking the General Assembly to allow gays and lesbians to marry.

I bet Ms Fitzgerald is a wine drinker, because she is mad that wine drinker have to paid 4cent more per bottle,while beer drinkers have pay one cent more, I guess she will have to cut back.

RALEIGH — Less than a penny per can of beer — that’s the effect of North Carolina’s new alcohol excise tax on malt beverages, set to begin Sept. 1.

While wine drinkers will have to cough up an extra 4 cents per bottle and liquor fans an additional 5 percent per drink starting next month, the question remains as to whether the miniscule alcohol tax increases will bring any true benefits to the Tar Heel state, where alcohol-related health care costs total more than $1 billion per year.

Tami please go and buy your self some new batteries.

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