Saturday, March 17, 2012

Qnotes: It’s still all about Charlotte, Period..


While browsing this bi-weekly  issue of Qnotes I see that nothing has really changed since they got a new editor. It would seem the old one might have left a “do’s and don’t” list for the new editor to follow. I’m sure the first item was everything you print should be about Charlotte first and Eastern NC is a waste of time and money, so don’t worry about whatever happens there.. They are not a part of our LGBT Community.

Point in case, Race to the Ballot stops in Rocky Mount and Greenville North Caroline, the a word or a peep. Its seem that Qnotes couldn’t be bother to mention these events or waste newspaper space..

However Matt did do a piece on “race to the ballot” in Qnotes issue 02.04.2012, then O’Neale mention Race to the Ballot in next issue 02.18.2012 then nothing. Hell nothing about the Race to the ballot finish line in Wilmington, NC.

What is Qnotes issue with Eastern NC? Why does the past and current editor think we are a waste of time and resources? Is it because we don’t have large nite clubs, expressive coffee shops, or the fact that there is no adult type stores in the area.

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