Friday, March 16, 2012

Amendment 1: emails, tweets, other items


In a recent email from Equality NC they stated the following,

Your investment in the campaign against Amendment One to date has allowed us to mobilize thousands of volunteers, hire staff, open field offices and raise a substantial amount of resources to combat the misinformation from the other side. In short, hundreds of you have raised thousands of dollars to seed a million conversations about the harms of Amendment One.

after they let us know that national forces are mobilizing against us (like we didn’t already know) and they are force to ask for more money.. Which is always on the table and in ask in 90% of all emails.

So, they hire staff and open some offices in NC – not across NC only in high lgbt pop areas.

Going by that I can only guess that the direct mail is how they will be contacting those in the East.

Stuart Campbell mention that they raised over $600,000

My question is where did it go??? I hope that they didn’t spend all that on new offices and supplies, t-shirts, and posters? We may never know where all the money went..

They need money now for what they are planning to over the next three weeks,

We ask for your help today, because over the next three weeks we are making critical decisions regarding staff, television advertising, direct mail, and more. The latest Amendment One poll numbers show a majority of North Carolinians are with us, but we must raise the resources to mobilize these fair-minded folks and get them to the polls on May 8.

Fullscreen capture 3122012 91423 PM.bmp

As you can see in the above screen cap, the offices are in central and western NC, nothing in the east. I have email them many times on this why they refuse to so any thing in Eastern NC.

However as of today it would seem that our bigoted friends are doing work in the East.


Yes, The VoteformarraigeNC is working the churches and one Bible school in the East to spread their Ideology of matter of marriage. So Where is Equality, and their meme groups,protect nc and Race to the Ballot, your guess is just as good as my.

Race to the Ballot did stop in Rocky Mount,NC and at ECU in Greenville, then they went south..



So glad now maybe she and others will shut up about him not claim that he is against this amendment.

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