Thursday, August 16, 2012

Campus Pride goes after Chick-fil-a too.

Why are they,

“The real issue at hand is that the Chick-fil-A corporation funds documented anti-gay hate groups. Campuses have every right to deny doing business with a food vendor, especially vendors that create a divisive, potentially unsafe learning environment. There is no justification for a business operating on campus that directly funds hate group activity toward a population of students represented within the campus community,” said Shane Windmeyer, executive director of Campus Pride.

Campus Pride mission,

Campus Pride, the only national organization for student leaders and campus organizations working to create a safer college environment for LGBT students.

So Shane just how removing Chick-fil-a from College campus’s protecting the LGBT students.

However everyone knows how this crap got started in the first place, via a kept boy in Manhattan New York who spends way too much time on line while hubby is at work..

I don’t see Gay Inc going after other business who don’t support us, where is the outrage over Exxon? They don’t even have policies protection their lgbt employees but gay inc isn’t going after them like they are doing to Chick-fil-a.

Jeremy Hooper who started this crap need to have his internet service cut off and get a fucking real job. I have to wonder who in Gay Inc is paying him to start these little bomb fires?

200px-Davidson_College_(seal)However Gay inc has bullied Davidson College to end their relationship with Chick-fil-a via a petition.

Davidson College has been in the news as a result of the decision. You can read more at Think Progress and the Huffington Post.

Gay Inc is destroying our communities, via groups like Campus Pride.

However is funny that our community can give some much time and money for this type shit, while they can’t support their own local LGBT bookstores. How many LGBT bookstores/community center have close due to lack of support from our community???

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