Thursday, August 23, 2012

Equality NC new total bullshit Video..

No matter what they say now, we know Amendment One WAS personal. We know members of the North Carolina General Assembly were perfectly willing to throw LGBT North Carolinians under the bus. If you're still angry about Amendment One, give to Equality NC Action Fund's PAYBACK CHALLENGE right now to help us build our political war chest so we can make a real difference for pro-equality candidates during this election year's priority races.

The truth is that we lost because EqualityNC and it many secondary face groups only campaigned in College towns and other cities with large LGBT Population. They completely ignore Eastern NC. They wasted so much money on new offices and equipment.

While ENC was working the college towns our counterparts where working those small urban towns in the East and those in the Mountains..  Our Lost can be directly connect to Gay INC.. Period. 

How we have a new video and a request for money..

To sweeten the pot, a very dedicated group of generous donors will match all gifts to Equality NC Action Fund by 50% now through midnight on September 20—up to $60,000!

Really, why don’t they just give ENC the $60 thou without us giving the same.. This how Gay INC works..

Question has anyone every seen their tax returns??? Yes, where are their 990’s forms???

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